Echoes of Other Oceans

March 03 2015: Rowan drops by to visit Aspen and DMD. Namor does the same, at the same time.

Deep Marine Discovery

Deep Marine Discovery Labs are supposed to be secret, but it's hard to be secret when someone can just swim up to the door.



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Rowan has been working with Aspen Matthews as the latter discovers her aquatic heritage. He's been impressed, honestly. On their first lession she began to use her hydrokinetic powers and subsequent meetings have indicated that even without much practice, water seems to unconsciously bend and leap to her needs. He's quite curious how it's going to go when she realizes she can direct it consciously.

Namor himself the Blue has not heard much from after being advised to steer clear of the fleet while some womenfolk were calmed down. He's got no idea if that was a joke… he kind of hopes so, but knowing Atlanteans he's starting to suspect not. Either way, the Sub-Mariner has been off his sonar for a little while. The waters are still tense but have seemed safe-ish enough that Rowan has decided to risk a swim in the Atlantic well clear of Atlantis' borders proper. It's no coincidence the Blue is now diving down toward DMD, literally a bit blue as his current Water aspect leaves him tinted slightly.


There's only so long that people can stay in a panic. Also, there's only so long that a business is willing to stay closed when a potential crisis keeps being… potential.

The DMD staff were recalled despite the Atlanteans being.. testy. The facility itself hasn't gotten any sort of adverse attention and so they've quitely restarted their research on the ocean floor.

Aspen Matthews is one of said staff. She currently has her eyes pressed to a microscope, jotting messy notes off to the side, oblivious to the word around her. Ahhh. Scientists.


"Rowan." Namor's telepathic voice audible in approach, "A fortuitous coincidence we should encounter one another or are you seeking me out?" The muscular bodied form of the Atlantean/Mutant hybrid visible now as he emerges from the darkness - apparently he has the same destination, the Deep Marine Discovery base.
The Sub-Mariner is alone for once, no gaurds, no entourage, no advisors, not even his Fleet within sonar capable ranges.


Rowan's head turns in the direction of Namor's 'voice', curious. "I'm visiting a friend. Also this place is under my protection." DMD may or may not be aware of that. Certainly the Blue offered to cover their evacuation and a dragon does make for a hell of a deterrant… but it's not like he asked anyone if they wanted his protection. He just… decided.

The muddy haired currently literally blue young man gives the Prince of New Atlantis a 'join me?' gesture as he swims over the lab, no doubt startling a few scientists before he finds the one he's looking for. Tap-ta-ta-tap-tap. He knocks on the dome above the science engrossed Doctor Matthews.

"Hello Aspen. Would you like to join us, or shall we come inside?" He knows that the scientists would no doubt love to get better looks at he and Namor. But he also knows Namor was curious about meeting them too.


It… takes a few taps before Aspen's head comes up. And even then, that's from a slack-jawed colleague elbowing her in the side.

"Hmm?" Pause. "Yeah?" The labcoated man pokes her again. "Stan, wha—?" As her head comes up she catches sight of Rowan and Namor outside and sort of blinks. "Oh!"

The darkhaired woman smiles then, and it lights her blue-green eyes. "Why don't you guys come inside." Because her transitions between air and water breathing still occasionally invoke embarassing coughing fits. Leaving her notes aside, she heads to one of the airlocks so she can let them in.


Not every day your underwater science lab gets Atlanteans smeared against the glass. Namor floats with arms akimbo, fists tucked in to his biceps.
"Protection required in such times. Those who call Poseidonis home have become an unruly lot of late." Amusement in his words his obvious, the man does not wish harm on fellow Atlanteans but when he sees the rest of the kingdoms suffering as his has, it's of course got it's entertainment factors.
"It is why I am here, I needed some a deferment from my own responsibilities."


"This is a good place for that." Rowan says to the Avenging Son as he makes for the nearest airlock. "The surfacers are friendly enough here. Curious. Sometimes overly so, but they mean well."

The airlock opens, full of water, and slowly drains and preasurizes. When it opens, with security and a couple scientists other than Aspen on the other side, Rowan is in the process of releasing Water. The effects are rather… ILM. The blue tint literally wafts off his skin in something that looks for all the world like glassy, pixilated smoke. Magic being released back into the Aether.

"Hello again…" He greets the other surfacers. "Hello Aspen. You remember his Majesty yes?" The blue steps inside, completely at ease. The same can't quite be said of the guards but they do at least know him from his initial stay here.


Americans. Always at something of a loss when presented with 'royalty'. Aspen is caught inbetween trying to nod and bow and offer him her hand all at once. She flushes a bit, finally tucking her hair behind her ear and gesturing them inside. "Hard to forget." She says with an embarassed smile. "What ah, brings you two by today?" Security will trail them, but half of that is because they're curious themselves. The other half being it is a secure facility and they should do that, right? It's not like they get many impromptu visitors. They're far more curious than suspicious.


"Aspen." Namor greets polite enough upon entry.
A causal look is obviously a ruse, he is more than curious he has been since discovery of this place and has just been waiting for any excuse to get inside but composure is key, especially when introduced as royalty.
Beyond Aspen none of the others are greeted, he does not share Rowan's manners and considers them little more than grey faces in the background. That is not to say he intends to harm them he simply cares about them as much as most people would a houseplant when they enter anothers home.
"I am here on behalf of my curiousity. I had intended to come beforehand but… there have been distractions. I cannot speak for my companion."
The Atlantean Prince is looking at an object laid out upon a table, a fingertip prodding at the innards of what appears to be a deep dwelling starfish. "This delicacy is skewered." A passing remark.


Rowan is familiar with the curiosity of surfacers. It takes many forms and even on his own world it was endlessly true if not always good. He doesn't mind the curiosity of the guards. The guards only ask questions. Sometimes. The scientists… now they'll poke you. And ask for blood samples. And run tests. If one lets them.

"I came to look in on you and make sure the Lab was well." Rowan says with a smile and a shrug. "Though I was also going to discuss some… recent developments underwater. It's rather fortunate that you came, your Majesty."

He takes a deep breath and lets it go. Several things of importance to discuss but the big sperm whale in the room is… "Arthur Curry is alive."


DMD keeps a low profile. It's not publicly known but one can't really get upset that you've been 'found out' when you're in someone's back yard. Which is the case for the aquatic folks. When Arthur, Mera and Rowan ran into the place (literally, in Rowan's case), the facility had to make some new rules on uninvited guests.

Aspen blinks at Namor. "You eat that?" She mentally kicks herself, thinking she needs better filters. "Sorry. Right. It's uh…" Her brow furrows. This isn't her lab. She's not actually sure what kind of research they're doing.

The scientist nearby says helpfully. "Studying it's regenerative properties." Aspen gives him a grateful smile. "Right!" She continues to lead them to one of the observation decks and blinks (again) at the news. "He is?"


"Parts of it. Yes. One of Neptune's many gifts is an abundance of food." Starvation has never been a concern for Atlanteans. The scientist that is not recognized as his hostess or someone of importance speaking to Namor gets an arched brow, "I am King Namor of New Atlantis and not to be spoken to as though we are familiar with one another, surfacer peasant. You will speak to me only if I address you." Snub. A B convo C yourself out pink monkey!
The tall Hybrid turns enough on his heel so the man is to behind him and he is facing only Rowan and Aspen, "Then it is confirmed. Have you seen him with your own eyes?"


Rowan gives Namor a flat look. The man's royalty though and he's quite sure he's immune to a simple Centurion's disapproval. Then again, Rowan's from a very different background. The military is strictly heiachical, true, but special operations always have wider lattitude and the Blue is used to working with surfacer allies that were without exception far less regimented.

Aspen gets an apologetic look. He can only hope the Blue here are less medieval. "I have seen him yes. But at present Orm is still in charge. Arthur needed time to recover. In secret. Which makes me think all is not well." Really not well. Vulko had been prepared to kill over the secret. It's a good thing he didn't. He doubts Arthur would have taken Mera's death well.

"Regeneration? Do your people hope to mimic a starfish's…" Now he's sounding like the scientist. "Er, never mind. You can tell me later. The trouble in Atlantis, or Posidonis as Namor calls it, brings up the next point of news. Namor may have already heard, but the Blue have cut diplomatic ties with Atlantis and closed the Pacific to all Atlantean trade and official traffic." This is particularly pertinent for Aspen since she is Blue even if she doesn't identify as such and if there's backlash it may concern her whether she likes it or not.


Aspen Matthews is pretty clueless about Atlantean politics. "Who is Orm again?" It doesn't help being at the bottom of the ocean with a bunch of other scientists who can forget to eat because they're wrapped up in work. While they can get current events they often… forget. To look. They're living in a sort of literal fishbowl, often oblvious to the rest of the world. "I think I need a scorecard to keep up with who's who here." She says with furrowed brow. Namor's a king, isn' the? Or prince? Then why is this other guy in charge??


The dissapproving look is either ignored or goes unseen and the scientist who spoke out of turn (in Namor's mind) is just as quickly forgotten. Namor is aware of his abrasive attitude and generally cares not, the man is all charm.
"I see." The reponse given in regards to Aquaman's survival. "A calculated action and one that should have been ploy enough to bring his enemies to the forefront." A fingertip lifts up in the air and traces along his own jawline, "Orm is the usurper's sibling though my information claims Mera of Xebel was in command."
That fingertip swipes away and his arms are once more folded over his chest, "The Blue have closed the Pacific to all Atlantean trade and traffic? That is unwise. The Lemurians will not stand for this action and it will be seen as an act of war. The Blue will bring the ire of Attuma the Barbarian and his hordes as well with such a course." A frown descends upon Namor's features, not one of anger but consideration, deep focus and possibly even worry. "Action is required before all of the Seven Seas are red with the blood of Neptune's children. This war with the surface is a grave mistake and more than I have been swept up in this… blind… action…" A vein is appearing along the man's forehead, a large pulsing one.


"The Kingdom of Atlantis is not monolithic." Rowan mentions to Aspen. "His Majesty's people, for example, answer to his throne and not the one in Atlantis. So it is with many other cities and peoples. The influence of the Atlantic Throne is felt throughout this ocean, but it wanes elsewhere."

Namor's concerns are quite valid. "I do not know, Majesty, whom they are excluding. Your own people may have reports but if I know mine…" And he does, even here the similarities are eerie. "… then they will not want to needlessly antagonize others. I suspect the flag of the Throne is the only one being kept away." Military traffic and royal trade. Or at least, that's how he'd do it if he were in charge. It makes sense. Make a point strong enough to be heard an ocean away, and prepare for either a conciliatory or aggressive response. "Still, you are not wrong. Action is required." He pauses for a moment. "I am planning to seek my people out in their home waters soon. Well, soon as I'm convinced the danger of outright war with the surface is passed. Perhaps you should as well, Majesty." He turns to Aspen now. "I think, perhaps, it might do you good as well." With a small smile he adds, as an afterthought. "I'm sure there are possibilities for… other stations and collaborations in other oceans, should your employers need a reason to let you go." Certainly, vouched for by a Blue, even one long away, such a thing might be easier.


"You sure you're not a part-time politician?" Aspen teases Rowan just a bit while still looking concerned. "I shouldn't have a problem getting away. I don't exactly burn up a lot of my vacation time."

The news of how Atlantis, or is it the Atlantises? Atlantesi? works has her own head aching a bit. "Sounds like I need an Atlantean gradeschool primer on 'world' history. She notes. Namor is looked at with some concern, and she leans over towards Rowan. "Is he… going to be OK? Should I get a doctor?" You can almost imagine the number of doctors down here that would jump at the chance to give Namor a look-over.

Not all of them would have medical doctorates. Or even biology doctorates.


"Karthon, Quester of the Lemurians is a wise and noble ruler but his wrath is great if required. I would suggest your Blue seek audience with him in this matter if their reasons are just he may very well aid them in this course. I can even speak to him if required." A thoughtful sound escapes Namor, "My people are at ease for the moment and will remain so until I command otherwise, you are aware of my cousin and Warlord Krang's desertion. I am awaiting word on their whereabouts but I suspect they have sought sanctuary in Arthur's court. Depending on what comes of that is where my hand will sway."
"But a journey of my own with you, this I can accomodate as my supporters will maintain my order while I am away." A shift of his attention from Rowan towards Aspen, "I can hear quite well." The woman is informed, "You speak of the wounds? I am well. Minor wounds that will pass before the moon shifts."


"Rather not." Rowan says in a sotto voice to Aspen knowing full well Namor can hear them. He's grinning, also knowing what kind of attention Namor would get from the 'doctors' here. "However, I think if they're willing to indulge his curiosity while they sate theirs, he may well like to meet some of them." Maybe. Depends on the mood the Son of the Tides is in.

Trouble in Namor's court is…. troubling since it's more instability in an already unstable mix. But at least he's thinking of talking and not fighting. "I shall be in touch then, with regards to that." Hopefully all will still be well when he's ready. Or well ish.

"Meantime, how have things been down here Aspen? No trouble, I'm hoping?" He keeps an eye out but he can't be here even close to all the time.


Aspen Matthews meant more that throbbing vein in his head but she's not going to correct the rather touchy monarch. "Oh, yeah, we're just fine. Luckily it looks like everyone decided to just leave the geeks alone." She says with a self-depreciating laugh. "And yeah, I'm sure folks will line up to answer questions for you." In the hopes of getting some of their own answered. Hopefully Namor has more patience than his manner might suggest.

"I have no idea what kind of political situation this makes for? Is it like, Cold-War era stuff? Should we be running drills where we hide under our desks?" Aspen asks, trying to be joking but more than a bit concerned. She's learned she can survive if DMD's integrity is compromised. Not so the rest of the staff. They wouldn't even need to attack the people, just the facility.


The talk of doctors is paid no mind but Aspen's comment about drills gets a simple, "It would not matter. Should they wish you harm your sealab and it's inhabitants would be slaughtered. Fortunately you have a Dragon and and the entire Qautro Flotilla between you and the rest of Atlantis. Warlord Jian monitors these waters for me while my Fleet is near. They are under orders to aid Rowan should he call for it."
A stretch of his shoulders and an obvious bruise is visible running along Sub-Mariner's ribs. "I will prepare a Cetaceo for this voyage. It will travel swifter and more comfortably for all of us, especially if Aspen will be joining. I will do this and hold council with my people until then, Rowan, we are located at near Smoker's Trench. " A pause and he does light nod of his head towards Aspen, "We will speak again soon."
Retreating from the duo and on his way out Namor pauses by the scientist he was rude towards earlier, a glance given back towards his companian and their host before he pulls something out of a small pouch hanging off his belt, a thumb pad sized slug, "It is quite delicious. You will thank me later." That done and his manners no longer in question (at least in his mind) he departs through one of the portals back in to the Atlantic Ocean.


"Royals." Rowan's tone is amused rather than derisive. He knows full well that the Southern Atlantean ideal of hospitality is… well as shown. Old Fashioned. The man can't be blamed for being a product of his people.

He is a bit abrasive, though, the Blue has noticed.

"I do hope I'm not interrupting anything important." Namor did just out the fact that Rowan is in the area far, far more often than he drops by. Protection, as he said outside. "At any rate, I do not believe your people are in immediate danger. Were it so I would have warned you."

He's read of this 'Cold War'. It's confused him. Since some of it seems to have taken place in the summer. "The situation is tense. Our people do not wish to be drawn into conflict with the surface against their will and the lack of clear leadership in Atlantis has made them nervous and displeased at the same time. Or so I was told. I'm not exactly 'in the know' in these matters and there's no one left in these waters to ask."


How the world's managed to go oblivious to the goings-on below the sea is really a mystery. Aspen nods, still looking concerned. "Right. But you think they'll be OK with us coming to see what's up, right?" Seems like she is planning to join him in his little jaunt. "And no." She assures him with a smile. "I mean… yes, I was doing something important but no, you're not really interrupting. It's not time sensitive." Which can't be said for a lot of the experiments going on down here. But Aspen's specialty is marine propulsion. Less finicky.


"I plan to contact them before we go." Rowan's working on a way to get their attention. The Blue are, after all, rather retiring when it comes down to it. "But between the mystery of a powerful Blue lost for years and raised by the surface and at least one visiting dignitary, I suspect we won't have too much of a problem." What kind of welcome they'll get he's not sure. He's not of this world and as creepily alike as this one and that can be at times, these Blue don't know him. And she's… a prodigal daughter in many ways. Unwilling, but also unknown. So yes, the welcome is in question, but he's confident they'll be able to go.

"May I ask what you were looking at? You seemed quite intent when I arrived."


Aspen Matthews flushes a bit, ducking her head. "Oh. Uhm watching some microscopic creatures and how they move in different elements. I work with hydro propulsion." She explains. "And nature usually manages some pretty cool designs." She clears her throat. "Anyway, when are we likely to be looking at this trip? I need to make sure I put in for time off." The downsides to a steady paycheck.


Rowan's not sure at all that the Blue will be willing to part with any of the secrets of getting around under water, and even if they were he's also not sure that they could be understood by the surface at it's present level of scientific understanding buuuut…

"In a few weeks, I think. Perhaps a bit sooner if tensions die down as Arthur makes his presence known." Rowan's spent the last several months working with oceanographers and gets a sly kind of grin. "Perhaps it might be beneficial to work up a proposal for an additional research station. And a grant proposal or two, or one to whomever funds this lab." Yes, he's picked up a few things. "If things go well, there might be opportunities in the Pacific. And it would let you be 'working' for at least some of your trip, rather than using up your personal time."

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