To The Moon!

March 02, 2016: Rachel meets Nate's girlfriend Rose and the three of them discuss a trip to the moon.

Blackbird Hangar, X-Mansion

The hangar where the Blackbird is located.



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The X-Men base is underground and some miles from the school and the mansion. Nate is not familiar with this kind of layout, so some exploring is due, right? He convinced Rose this was a good idea, and somehow they made it to the Blackbird hangar without breaking anything important. Nate is also telling Rose about last day adventures on board of a demonized helicarrier.

Rachel had been working on the Blackbird after the adventures it had been in the day prior, the same ones Nate was talking about! Sensing the presence of her brother and someone else entering the area she quickly reached out to offer Nate a quick telepathic hello.

The mechanics overalls she was wearing changed into more comfortable clothing with little more than the power of her mind, she approaches the pair with a smile, "Hey Nate and Nate's Friend."

Rose had other business to attend to, and while she was gone apparently she missed all the fun. But she had her own shits-and-giggles that resulted in a fistful of wadded green. Part and parcel to those leather pants held upon legs with glimpses of stripes of flesh at the thighs where buckles and belts held the fabric in place, the same around calves to where it almost melded with heavy boots. Over torso a black 'poncho' like top hung off one pale and scarred shoulder, leather straps dangling off the end of the 'sateen' fabric to slap over pants in effigy of a darker whisper.

Not saying she did not want to be there, she likely would have preferred it but you cannot pre-plan a phone call or demonically posessed occurances. When they come into the hangar and are approached by an unknown face her single cold gaze snaps towards the woman, and some resemblances bring it to narrow. "Hi." eye snaps from to to head and back, a sizing up gesture.

Ohh, score one for the social butterfly!

"Hey, Ray," greets Nate when he spots the redhead, the previous telepathic hello barely acknowledged. "Rose, this is Rachel, who goes by the unfortunate codename Marvel Girl, despite being… I suspect, over twenty." Yes, Nate is not going to let Rachel live it down. "Ray, this is Rose, the most interesting girl in this world or any parallel I know about. What are you doing with the Blackbird?" Glance to Rose, "the aircraft is the Blackbird, I think a decade or three ago it was a SR-71, but several mutant engineers have been doing crazy stuff with it and now it is much larger, much meaner and only looks like a SR-71 if one doesn't pry too closely."

Rachel looks between the pair and Nate's gushy description, "It's nice to meet you Rose, Nate's told me a lot about you whether he realizes it or not." Had she really pried about that kind of stuff or was she joking? Her own way of getting him back for the Marvel Girl comment.

"I was just doing a few repairs to the Blackbird and updating the computer systems with a few tricks I learned in the future." Was she supposed to do that? It really didn't matter in the long run.

The unobscured brow rises, her patched eye is covered by the side mohawk her hair is viking-esque style, braided into, forcing it up and over in a cascade of white, only forming a gauzy veil over the trademark injury. "I thought she bore similiarities to the other nosey brain ginger." Rose murmurs and it can be felt, an obvious slamming of sheer will built brick walls to guard her mind. Two (top) things she hates: White shiny labs/hospitals, and people who thriftily shuffle through her brain without permission. Jean made the latter come into play.


It's hard to tell in the placid stoicism if Rose is being serious or not, but one corner of her lips quivers in a swift rise and fall just before she looks at the Blackbird and tilts her head. "As long as you don't know what size bra I wear, we're good." Pause. "What kind of upgrades does an aireborne ninja need?

Nate pokes the grumpy Rose under the ribs gently, "I only told her I love you, Rosie. Rachel is family, I am pretty sure you had heard of her." As for the Blackbird, "well, this thing is able to vertical take-off and landing, and I think it is even faster than the original." He glances Rachel, "right?"

Rachel would never admit it, but she loved when telepathic abilities made others just a little nervous, "Awwww, thanks." Being called similar to her mom was always a compliment. When Nate explains some of the Blackbird's capabilities she replies, "Better armor, weapon systems and some little tricks that the X-Men usually save for emergency situations. Definitely faster than the original SR-71 and it's possibly capable of flying to the moon, you never know." Was she kidding?

Nervous? Volatile was more like it. Rose has a couple emotions.

Stab. Shoot. Blow it up. Expletive.

Okay so that's a lie but it is not an easy surface to scratch and when Nate prods her physically and then with his admittance you see that squared shoulder and spine straightened tension falter. Maybe it was the fcat he was calling her /Rosie/ in public. Ish.

"Just because they were nice before doesn't mean they will be /here/." Pointed glare at Rachel with another up-down scan and a sharp chin dipping nod of greeting and acknowledgement. "At least you like to get your hands dirty." Gasp! A compliment.

"So we're from parallel, you're from the future… What's it like?"

"To the moon, hmm? Wanna try next Sunday, red?" Yes, this is a dare to you, Rachel. Nate has never been in the moon. Nate floats up to stand on the wing of the Blackbird, and offers his hand to Rose to climb up. "Scott doesn't need to know, we can tell him we are testing your improvements, right?"

Rachel can't help but laugh at her brother's dare, "We'll see, I'm not sure he would forgive us if anything happened to it." She smiles a little at Rose's compliment before ducking her head back into the bottom of the Blackbird, "Let me finish cleaning up in here and I'll be right back out."

Rose accepts Nate's hand up once her own ascending of parcour movements brings her to a squeaking halt, sliding down the polished ebon side of the aircraft. Pushing off andjumping se catches the hand that brings her fully planted onto the wing, walking along the length to drop down on the tip and dangle feet off it, palms planted between parted thighs. Leanin forward she looks along the craft in her own speculation.

Seeing as she did not get an answer about the future she simply finds amusement in Nate's desire to 'borrow' an aircraft for a little spin to the moon and back under 'daddys' nose. If she comes back to them both noses in a corner and a mans eyes lasering the drapes into flames she'll take pictures, because that would be one hell of a kodak moment.

Rose is a bad influence. "I'm so down. Shotgun."

"Hey, nothing will happen, it is not as if we can pick a fight with anyone in the moon," notes Nate. Because there is no one in the moon, right? Wait. "There is no one in the moon, right?" He asks Rachel. It is better not to make assumption. "I need to learn to pilot it, anyway, so you can even give me some lessons along the way."

"I wont be fighting with anyone on the moon, those moonboots and suits do not look particularly… Flexible." Hello! More human than human here. Just because there's some tidbits does not mean she can breathe in space. There's limits. "I'll mkae moonwalking look epic?" Rose states with a small smile and a light shrug of her shoulders. But hey, how often does one get to say they went to the moon, literally?

"Hmm, pretty sure there must be better spacesuits than those," considers Nate. "But I don't know if we can leave the Blackbird." Glance to Rachel. Yeah, she will delegate all the logistics on the redhead. Good plan. He can take care of the drinks. Rose can be in charge of… the soundtrack.

Rachel looks amused at all of the planning, explaining to Nate, "You don't need a spacesuit, you can use TK if you needed to. Fly through space, whatever you need." Apparently, she was a touch well travelled than her younger brother. "Have you ever been in space Rose?"

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