House Call

March 04, 2015: Columbia stops by Rescue, Inc to ask a few questions.

Rescue, Inc

The Rescue, Inc offices are set in a converted cab office. Plenty of room now after the rennovation and lots of space for the helicopters.



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Rescue, Inc is now staffed 24/7. During day hours it's both medic crews and pilots. At night, as it presently is, it's one crew and one on call. Nicholas is the medic on duty tonight which is kind of double duty since he also does administrative things on the business end. The place is small right now, but he hopes that it'll grow. It'll help once the new ambulances are in from Stark. Pepper had said a few weeks.

He's the only one up right now, relaxing on the lower floor. The pilots and co pilot and flight nurse have gone to bed. Leaving just a werewolf and Xenopon's Anabasis.


An orange - haired giant of a woman who is well - known for her own work on behalf of Metropolis Fire and Rescue has heard of the new start - up and has decided to drop by. It's not a Department, for sure, though it might be able to help out with overflow or extreme cases.

To Cameron Tenoaks, this almost reeks of prostitution of the charge that emergency care providers should do for the public benefit. She makes her way to the front door, trench coat and hoodie up to help cut down on at least some of the onlooker gaping. Rather than risk the button for the doorbell, she gives a few firm taps to the door.



The person who answers the door is a large brown furred werewolf. He cants his head slightly at the person on the other side. "Hey there. Come on in." The Werewolf of Chicago may be recognizable from the few (small) stories that were done on him, but he's certainly not very forgettable. "Can I help you miss….?"


Cameron is from Metropolis. Between the newly empowered, the generational heroes, and the number of experimental folks running around, a werewolf… is actually rather basic to her. Almost immediately trained grey green eyes appraise the lupine paramed, not just for combat capability, but also where critical injuries may occur, and how much time she'd have to apply life - saving skills to the patient.

This is a mental exercise for her, for the unusual folks, at any rate.

She will make her way in after he offers and straighten her shoulders slightly. "Tenoaks. Cameron Tenoaks."

She has a much broader claim to fame, though it is largely centered in Metropolis. Good person, keeps an eye out for her fellow paramedics, though.. socially she's known to be somewhat reclusive.

"Not bustin' chops, maybe a walk 'round?"

If not, well, maybe the two can talk.


Nicholas flicks his ears. Those seem rather… expressive. "Sure. Just not too loud. Flight crew's sleeping." He waves the tall woman in. Not exactly the ten cent tour but there's not much to show on the inside. Desks, offices. A rec area outside and the kitchen. Sleeping quarters are upstairs. "Tenoaks… I know that name. Ah, that's right. You work for MetFD. I've seen the news reports." They're pretty frequent, even when the woman isn't saving lives. She's got a pedigree after all. "Can I offer you something to drink?"


If there's one thing that Cameron is good at, it's keeping quiet in the station when other folks are sleeping off - rotation. If there is one thing that is a universal constant in emergency services, private or public, it is that sleep is a commodity rarer than gold and more treasured than the world's greatest diamonds. She follows along on the brief tour… that's what she was expecting, in all honesty. And part of the reason she came late at night. Aside from beating away paparazzi, it's also a much more candid time.

"Yes. And sure. No bleach, though. Swore that off last week."

That smirk seems to be her equivalent of a joking smile.


"How about Coke, then?" Nicholas chuckles and gets too cans. There's diet if she's worried about it. He doubts it somehow. Most heroic types seem blessed with a rather enviable metabolism. "So what brings you by tonight Miss Tenoaks?"


"Coke's fine." She shrugs a bit. And she's not worried about diets. If anything, her diet is the consumption of far more calories than a normal person could handle in a single day to avoid starvation. She tried cutting back one day. And it was such excrutiating pain that yes, eating well and hearty is very much a thing for her now. Even with her budget.

"Figured 'd check it out. See what you're about?"

The tone isn't one of jealously, but of thoughtful curiosity.

"Maybe get an idea or two for the Department?"


Nicholas nods. Hey, it'd be a good idea. He's not sure it'll ever fly - no pun intended - in the government sector. Governments are by nature risk averse. They have to be. Rescue's job is to do the jobs too risky to send a regular crew into. It's not that Fire Department's can't. If they wanted to make the deals and spend the money, they could. It's generally that they won't. Send firefighters into metahuman warzones? You'd have to be insane.

Maybe he is.

"Well I can show you around if you like. We're still tooling up. Got some things coming down the pipe to make stuff easier and safer for us. Hopefully. No one's ever tried to do this before so we're kind of putting it together as we go."


"Y'might want to touch base with MetFireResc. They might have some gear on rotation that you could pick up on the cheap. Solid stuff, just at the end of contract life. And how much body armor you got for your teams?"

That was the first thing Cameron picked up on before her time as a bona fide heroine — a ballistic vest was an amazing deterrent in the Suicide Slums. No one shot at paramedics wearing them. Those that went without, though, they'd end up needing their own services sometimes. And yes, MetFireResc DOES go into metahuman warzones. They have a whole Wall of Honor that includes those that were fatalities during super-brawls.

She'll follow for any further additional items, then considers.

"How many reserve shifts do you have?"


"Picked up some old IBA's from the last DOD dump." Nick smiles. The DOD dumps some rather shocking things to the right organizations. "And we're on a modified Kelly schedule. Six shifts total, two on reserve and one on call at any given time. They rotate." Staffing an operation 24/7 means really having a lot more people than your equipment suggests, and requires special allowances for things like sick days and vacations. Just some of the joys of administration Wolf Cub has had to learn.


Metropolis runs a three - shift, so it's not really a shocker to Cameron as Nick describes the rotation. She nods with quiet approval as the description goes on.

"'m tied myself, but you might get some to help pad on the call - ups when they're not on duty? Maybe get some of them extra money?

"What's your title?"


"Nicholas." The werewolf chuckles. "I mean, sure technically I'm the CEO and Chief of Field Operations and also, at least at present the Chief Medical Officer." Since Nick is a PA and not just a 'medic. "Though that last will probably change." And isn't super, super relevant since a lot of the medic's field direction comes from base hospital. It does mean though that he can oversee field ops in the absence of an actual doctor. Ah the wonders of having an actual license.

"But we'll be tooling up and yeah, so long as there's no trouble with a moonlighting clause or something I'd be happy to take on additional already-trained hands. Provided they know what they're getting into." It's not regular fire work, for sure. But then the company doesn't make any bones about that. As an added benefit, Stark's tech will get some serious field testing by folks who can, you know, talk about it back at the station. Mmmm… though Nick may have to check with Pepper to make sure there aren't any legal issues.


Cameron's ALS certified and that was ten shades of hell to get through. So having someone who is a PA is even a bigger step up, for many of the reasons that Nic mentioned.

"Put the word out in Metropolis when things settle down. Think you'll get some bites." The tall woman seems pretty confident of that, even as she considers. "You think I could get your freq? 'll add it to my phone, keep an ear out if you get into something hot and I'm avail?"


"Sure." That's one thing that Nick's quite happy to get out and they usually work off standard fire and rescue frequencies for the most part. Though when the Stark ambulances come in they'll switch to a more frequency agile radio set. He's also had to give some thought to the legalities of working along side other unaligned metas. Cameron's easy though. She actually has a job where she does this. "Before you leave, of course." They don't have any Met contracts yet though Nick does expect that to change. So it'd really at present be largely New York work. Still, help is help. "That's mighty decent of you."


"You worked the job. You know the ropes. You're not a corporate hack coming in trying to milk a place, right? Folks like that need a break where they can get one."

And that unheard scream is probably Cameron's mom going ballistic that yet again her daughter completely undercut any dream of a future empire she might have.

"I get lucky because I can heal. Can't imagine what it's like to just be using raw skill anymore. That's gotta be insane."

She finishes her Coke, and then for grins turns the thing into one heck of a compressed chunk of aluminum before handing it to Nic.

"Thanks for the soda and the tour. One of these days if you want I'll return the favor at the station?"


"I'd love it one of these days." Nick crushes his can, carefully. Those claws are a bit inconvenient sometimes, and tosses it in the recycle bin. "When things are abit less crazy. I live for the actual rescues but someone's got to keep the lights on and getting this off the ground is a lot of work." Cameron can look Nick up if she wants. The news clippings are there. He was never huge news, but he was there.


The orange - haired woman will make her way out after a bit, then take off into the night sky. All in all, a much better feeling in her gut about this guy and the program he was trying to pull off. Time would tell, though.

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