Fight Fire with Fire

March 4th, 2016: Wonder Woman & Supergirl sit down to chat for the first time. Fenris arrives fighting Cthulhu's younger brother. Kate arrives a second too late to help dispatch the Cthulhoid.


Russia. Cold. Wasteland.



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At the hook by the bunkers door, Wonder Woman had gathered her fur lined cloak. It almost looked unfitting for the era and place, but the woman knows harsh landscapes in the winter, and the outfitting of old has never failed her before. Dropping it over her shoulderss she glanced back at the creature and the rest, removing Shayera with her to let them handle the being that had already caused a defensive leap.

Ever the peacekeeper, and trying to explain to one like Shayera the customs of ask first hit later was more up Diana's alley, having to learn this on her own for years. Hence why her trickery was pushed to bring her here instead of one of her sisters. Disaster averted.

Kara, in turn did not mean to be seemingly ignored, cerulean gaze lingers on the other young woman and a dip of her chin does pass her acknowledgement before she steps out into the winter of Russia. Shayera takes flight, not fitting for the role of roaming within the town of people, but she scouts, watches from above and enjoys her own time in the open skies where Diana is below and on foot, trudging through the snow to stand on the top of a hill, overlooking the village and debating her approach to a long opressed and very fearful people.

Kara had almost wondered if Wonder Woman had heard her or not before bamfing ninjas interrupted their little briefing, but she wasn't the type to take it personally. Having heard from another members of the team where she might find the legendary hero she approaches, "Wonder Woman? I'm sorry we didn't get a chance to speak more the other night. I've heard a lot about you from Clint and the others."

She extends a hand, "I'm Kara Zor-El, but please don't call me Supergirl."

Even a Princess of Themyscira can only handle so much. The urge to answer an unannounced intrusion is normally violence, but the space was too closed and there was something underlying she did not seem clued in to. It was being handled and she handled her end, extending the offer silently through words for others to join in the team split of needed action here.

A lift of chin as the wintery wind tugs ebon strands loose from the large hood, lashing them outward to dance upon the wind and in the direction of the town. A sunconcious pull… Stopped by the approach of another that has her tilting her head to the blonde, her own gloved hand extending, bracers flashing beneath the cuffs.

"Wonder Woman, or Diana." A small quirk of lips at her request, nodding slowly. "I did not take you for a girl before now, so it makes sense. Why would I?"

Diana had seen footage, even came to this country on report of the odd landing of unknown craft, but arriving too late to see much other then the burnout and fragments. Not yet typing them utterly together save for the timing and appearance. "I have seen some of your actions. Duties home have pulled me away but not my attention." A glimpse away from her and then back, now focusing in, giving all of her attention to Kara. No need to ask what she has heard, face to face is the best impression.

"Thanks Diana, it's great to finally meet you. Sorry, the Supergirl thing is what a lot of people like to call me because of well Superman." Kara opens the parka up she is wearing at the chest to show the obvious S symbol of the House of El for Diana to see.

She seemed a bit nervous, this was Wonder Woman after-all! Rubbing her feet into the ground a moment she finally says, "My apologies if I intruded on you, I didn't mean to. I've seen some footage of you in action, mostly from the JL:A archives and I've been dying to learn how to fight like you. I'm strong but I don't have the kind of skill and experience you do."

Kara was definitely in awe.

Hearing the name of Superman something in Diana's gaze softens, lingering upon the symbol she had seen Kara sporting in videos and even now. There are memories there, fond in all apparent demeanors writ upon her features. Even a small smile dares to form at the corners of lips, remaining as eyes rise back up to Kara.

"You should not be concerned, least of all things disturbing me when we come here for the same purpose. To help." A small gesture of her hand gesturing out towards the village and the landscape. "You should be concerned with the legacy you carry. I know what it is like to be here fresh trying to fill the shoes of a predecessor." The memory of Namor mentioning her mother draws an exhale that plumes breath in a light fog before her, but this does not even seem to wear her down her shoulders remain squared and spine straight.

"I would be glad to have you to my House to practice. Shayera, my Sisters, and I always welcome new blood to the arena." Looking over Kara's body language Diana smiles reaching a hand out to capture her shoulder in an almost sisterly embrace, and yet something you see warriors do to eachother in greeting. "It takes time, but the first thing to always do is never think little of what you -do- know already. Use it instead."

Pausing her hand falls away. "What do you like about being a part of this team? What have you learned, so far?"

Kara seems to feel emboldened at Diana's words and sisterly embrace if it could be called that, "Thank you, I would love that. I haven't had a chance to get to know Shayera either, but I've only really run into the members who live at the Lakehouse."

Thinking on the question asked of her, she replies, "The team has been the closest thing I've had to a family since losing my homeworld, the fact that we're all there for each other and for everyone else who needs our help is an almost indescribably good feeling. Kate and the others without any powers have probably taught me the most though, the fact that they do what they do with nothing other than their strength of will and determination is amazing. It really puts into perspective all the good that can be accomplished by so few."

From their place on the hilltop Diana keeps her attention on Kara while also watching the town go about its daily business, which is sparse surprisingly, and yet not due to the fcat of recent events and the superstition that comes borne on fog. "We tend to stay between my home, the Embassy, or that of the Hall of Justice. It is the original structure for the founders of Justice League. Superman, Batman, and myself… Years ago." But things changed and a new initiative was seen as necessary, though not allowed to lay complete claim. Memories and meanings cannot be lost.

"You do not need powers to do great things, an old founding member proved that to me years ago. Will overcomes even that of blessings." Another fond smile, though that one is backed by a determination even expressed in words and tone. "Family can be found in the most unlikely of places for those like us, unexpected but heartening. What do you seek to gain?"

That final question has far more meaning then the surface can scratch, but Diana does not seem to hold doubt in the young woman from the house of El.

"Nothing more than I have already. At one point I would have given anything to have Krypton returned to me but since Clint and the others took me in, I've realized that Krypton will never be back. Earth is my home and all I want is to see that it is kept safe, so that it does not become a second Krypton." Kara smiles at Diana, "I could not stand to lose my home again nor my new family."

She stares out at the little town, wondering what life must be like for these people; was it better or worse being out here so ignorant of the world?

The God-Wolf, Fenris, regularly deals with problems of a… existential nature. Kara has witnessed this after a fashion in the not too distant past. But not all problems are as easily dealt with as shambling zombies.

There's pulse of power and then, in the distance, the cracking of trees. Not near, but close enough that both superpowered women can hear it. Probably a few miles. Might as well be a few feet away for the likes of Diana and Kara Jor-El.

An enormous wolf with midnight black fur and ember-red eyes emerges from a portal with a cthulhoid monster. Both are easily the size of a semi-truck. Both are a mess of wounds. Trees snap and crack as the two thrash and lunge and bite, locked in combat.

There are some things that the cloak cannot shield from. An updraft of snow, and the /feel/ of energy. Diana's skin prickles with the sensation that comes borne on a different air, one that comes with a sound of shattering gateways.

Kara had been heard, lips parting in a response with a slowly reforming smile, but it all paused and the moment is shattered and replaced with stoicism. A knowing look is passed to Kara and in a cloud of white snow that is disturbed by the sudden thrust Wonder Woman is airborne, passing over the village and heading for the battle that to her ears and senses is anything but truly 'earthly'.

Coming upon the scene, Diana casts aside her cloak and plummets towards the duo quicker then the fabric of hide could, calling back towards Kara. "You get one, I get the other. We have to keep this from reaching the village or the peoples attention." They were spooked enough and this was no way to introduce.

("Hi my name is Diana, Ambassador of Themyscira, this is my alien ally Kara Zor-El, and we come in peace but with HR Giger nightmares on our heels!") Yeaahh. No.

The wolf and the cthulhoid monster distract Kara from the immediate conversation for the moment, although something about the wolf didn't seem hostile to her; it was fighting the nastier looking monster after-all.

Kara doesn't toss aside her winter clothing, not that she needed it as she races towards the fighting pair of 'monsters', "Sure, I'll take the wolf. I've had my fair share of tentacle monsters lately."

Trying a diplomatic approach first, she calls out to the wolf, "HEY! Either of you friendly before I start punching like crazy?"

"I am." The wolf's voice is deep and snarly. Its rather busy so it can perhaps be forgiven for being short. Its also bleeding from a number of deep cuts and its fur is matted. This has apparently been a long fight. "That one isnt. Don't let it get away…"

The two combatants seem evenly matched. It'll take someone new to break the stalemate. Or this could go quite some time.

Hearing who is who in this does not deter Wonder Woman. Very much a villin move to point the finger the other way and sprout a halo from horns. Though, when she gets closer the air carries the copper smell of blood so heavily it can almost be tasted before seen matting the coat of the large wolf. When Kara lays her claim Diana nods and closes in.

In one sweep of motion her hands grip one of the beasts tentacles and twist backwards, even adding a bit of a pained stretch to it by rolling and literaly /twisting/ the appendage, only landing when she feels there is no further distance to be gained and resistance forms - planting her feet into the snow layered ground.

All it would take was a better visual to ensure ripping it free would do no further harm to Fenris and she would act. "What will the damage be if I apply more pressure?" Diana yells for Kara before she really digs in..

Whether or not the wolf turned out to be the bad guy later, didn't seem to bug Kara; it just meant one less enemy at a time to fight. There's that sense of familiarity though and she tunes in her hearing to the gigantic wolf's heartbeat trying to see if it might be someone she knows; she had met some downright weird people in her time on Earth!

"Ugh, why is it always gigantic monsters. At least this one didn't come from the ocean." Kara's eyes glow red and she begins to blast searing red beams of energy directly into the cthulhoid beast in an attempt to start slicing off some of those limbs and give Diana and Fenris an opening.

Fenris takes that opening, lunging forward to grab the thing's leg in vise-tight jaws. Well, if vises had fangs, anyway. The horror screams and rumbles as it's assaulted from three quarters, burned by Kara's glare and stretched between the big black wolf and Wonder Woman. It's vulnable now.

"Finish it!" Fenris growls around a mouthful of cthonic leg.

As Kara listens… there is something. The heartbeat is off, somehow. As if it was only mimicing actual biological function. Which, if she was paying attention a while ago, does sound like a tall, lean man she met by the sea. With zombies.

Truth is one thing that is an omnipresent aura on Wonder Woman, eminating from the lasso that hangs upon her hip, and while listening, watching the wolf, his actions and the wounds that have been opened during this battle her dicision is made. No one likes things with tentacles anyway, right?

The single appendage she held wrenched and anchored is used as the pulley, planted feet now pushing back off the ground to rise into the air as each limb severed by Kara makes its hold of Fenris looser and looser and when the final slice removing tentacle from beast rants the final loosening she moves sharply, a sudden burst of speed and flight dragging it after her - ripping Fenris completely free.

Momentum in flight ends just as quickly as it began, her grip shifting to whip it up and over her body, launching it back towards terra firma in a great speed that /should/ end in something quite similar to the bug on a windshield.

Kara wipes her hands off on her parka as Wonder Woman tosses the creature up up and away. She smiles at the gigantic wolf, recognizing who he might be now, "I can't offer to take you for pancakes but there's some weird dried meat and stale bread back at our base and you're welcome to my share of it."

She then says to Diana, "The giant wolf isn't an enemy, he's a friend of mine. He seems to run into these kind of things far too much for his own safety."

Fenris says, "Also, it's name was Olaf and… you finish that sentence. ;) Yes, a bit hairy."

"Well, that was gross." Kate's timing is less than perfect as she joins the group just in time to see things go splat. She has an arrow set to the string, the tip blinking in an ominous manner that suggests it's more than just pointy. Aside from the tips of her fingers on bow and string, though, she's pretty much entirely bundled up, even down to purple sunglasses and a white scarf across the lower part of her face. Side effect of being a normal human.

"Hey, Fenris," she greets the wolf with grin behind the scarf. "I doubt you can get mouthwash for that in town, but I'm pretty sure there's vodka."

The elder beast hits the ground with a sound like a thousand tennis balls being dropped onto a wet court. There's a great deal of blueish goop that goes everywhere. Powerful the spawn of the Old Gods are, but there isn't a one that Fenris has seen yet that can defeat Sir Isaac Newton, especially when given a boost by the world's premier Amazon.
"Yuck." The big wolf rumbles. "Elder slime." He shakes himself off, the semi-sized wolf and lets out a sigh, still bleeding from a number of cuts. The voices of his friends though gets a smile. "Hello Kate. Hello Kara. I'd not expected to see either of you here today." He takes a moment to figure out where 'here' is. Ah. Russia.

"Interesting company you keep?" He says glancing up to where Wonder Woman is, presumably, comeing back down to earth. "Greetings Daughter of Hippolyta. A moment, please."

The wolf's form shimmers and returns to that of a (normal sized) human man, tall and lean faced with his customary long coat. He's still hurt but the injuries are mostly hidden by his clothing. "So what dire chance is it that brings three such powerful heroines together?" Yes, Kate counts among that number in Fenris' mind.

Kara isn't sure if she's supposed to be revealing JL:A business even to someone they all seem to know so instead she defers any explanations to the others who are more senior than her, "Oh you know, just hanging out, enjoying the Russian wasteland. Fighting tentacle beasts brought here through portals by giant wolves."

She looks at the arrow on Kate's bow, "Wait, is that an exploding arrow or something?" She had no idea archers had so many types of arrows.

All it took was a touch and Wonder Woman knew the creatures true intent. It had no intentions of letting things stop here and now, let alone with the wolf. The village was her concern, the people there already living in fear needed no more reasons. Typically a hand extended in peace set final move of a cthulu stew cratered into the Russian countryside. Better here.

Slowly she descends upon it, Kara's affitmations and attesting for the wolf ease her only slightly, touching down and gathering her discarded cloak in passing to head back to the small group where another appears with bow in hand. Recognizing Kate from their briefing and footage held in the Hall of Justice the woman is given a nod of greeting.

That is all managed to come forth before Fenris is speaking and shifting, speaking words of familiarity like Namor had. Her mother. It is either that or the transformation before her that get those cerulean eyes to remain and her chin to rise even more. "Greetings, child of Lycaon." Asiding with Kara's story. "Same thing that brings you here." It is no lie! Mythical possibilities.

"Yep," Kate answers Kara, easing up on the bow and hitting a button on the tip before settling it back into her quiver. "Something that size, anything less would be like if you stepped on a pin. It might be distracting, but it wouldn't stop you. Not that it would stop you anyhow. Not the point," she chuckles, folding the mitten-tops of her gloves back over her fingers once bow and arrow are in place on her back.

"We're looking into some stuff," she answers Fenris. "Might be nothing, might be something." She shrugs, then trudges through the snow to get closer. "Sorry, introductions! It looks like you know Kara, and this is obviously Wonder Woman. This is Fenris, though he goes by Jeremiah Wolfson, sometimes. He's from Asgard, but he helps keep watch on things. Usually things that don't belong here."

'Jeremiah' nods his thanks to Kate for the introduction with a smile and bows - a bit stiffly from the injury - to Wonder Woman. "Older than he, but my thinks, Princess." In this case, that's an honoriffic and not a slight. "It's a pleasure to meet you, though I'm sorry it had to be in such a…" A glance around the ruined glade filled with blue goops. "… slimey fashion."

Kara gets a smile as well. "A kind offer, Kara… though a shower would not go amiss instead. This stuff stinks worse to me than to most."

"So, you are also here fighting elder monstrosities? The norns have a sense of humor."

Kara laughs and nods, "Why do you think I let you do all the dirty work? I could smell that thing from back here. We have showers to, you're welcome to use them." The bow and arrow of Kate is given a look before she asks, "What's the biggest target you've taken down with your bow?"

"Fenris, then." Diana states as she is introduced by another, a light tilt of her head towards Kate as she continues speaking and then nods, passing her attention back to Fenris with his rigid movements. "A shower and perhaps someone to tend to your wounds." The offer is there and extended though beings as old to be legends and tales did not get there by waiting on another to disinfect their battle injuries - if they even lasted long.

"I don't think elder monstrosities is all we will have thrown our way. It's not been that way in the past." Diana states, pausing for a moment. "Though whatever the sulfuric smelling furball was in the bunker is definitely not from here and also bears an odd odor akin to something from Hades, but definitely not." Or most would already be gone. A questioning look to Kate, since she lingered where they had left, unknowing the root of that one. Perhaps she found out.

"I didn't get the whole story on those," Kate shakes her head to Diana. "Though between the smell and the fur, I think it's connected to the X-Men somewhere along the line. I know I've seen at least one who was blue and furry, and Illyana - Magik - has some ties to things that teleport and come from hell-adjacent places. And it seemed to recognize her name. So…that's as much of a tie as I can see there."

At Kara's question, she grins again. "I don't really keep track. Size-wise, there were some giant worm things in the park once, but I had a lot of help. The dragon at the shelter pretty much took itself out. I think it was crashing, actually." She tugs her hood closer around her face, glancing to Fenris. "Power-wise, Fenris and I took on the Wild Hunt once. That was pretty cool."

"Those don't belong to the Queen of Limbo." Fenris seems quite certain of that. Possible, that he's been there before.

Dianna's explanation makes the Old Wolf look thoughtful. "Mmmm. A quest then." He glances about from Kate to Kara to Diana. "You seem to have gathered a great deal of power to deal with whatever problems you've found, so I do not know that you need the help, but I offer it all the same. It's the least I can do to thank you for the help and use of your showers." At the least, he can offer teleportation to make things a bit easier. "My wounds will mend. It's just the way of these things, but I do thank you for the offer."

Fenris seems to relax. If Kara is familiar with the name Diana gave she may know of stories of a wolf that is fated to slay the father of the gods at the end of all things, and eat the sun, drowning the world in night. "If it's not too much trouble, shall we walk a ways? The stench of these things is worse than their claws. Or, as a wise heroine once said 'And I thought they smelled bad on the outside.'"

Why yes. Yes he did just quote Star Wars.

Kate's recollection of the Wild Hunt gets another grin. "She did ride a god into battle, so there is that." He relates to Kara. That god being him, though he doesn't quite spell it out like that.

"The Dragon?" Kara remembers stories on Krypton about Dragons, it was amazing to hear Earth had them as well, "You will need to tell me about that sometime. I've no idea what a Wild Hunt is though…"

"They said this is what you do." Diana states as she gestures to the large, very smeared cthulubeast and turns to oblige the request, walking away from the mass and back towards the village, ensuring they are leaving it downwind of their path. "If you fight to keep things like this from bringing harm and destruction, power level does not matter." A rise of gloved fingers and she taps two fingers upon her temple and then looks to them all.

Nothing more is needed to be said, Kara and her just discussed it when it came to the meaning and by actions observed Kate is right there as well. Fenris… When it comes to beings of old and war - you're in it for what you believe in with your comrades to the bitter(sweet) end.

Kate's information and Fenris' correction on the sulfuric tribble does not really help her feelings on that matter much, none the less she left it alone as she did not come running and screaming over it, so it did not turn from a gizmo into a gremlin… But it was eating cheese..

"What can I say? I like a classic ride." Kate winks at Fenris behind the sunglasses, starting to trudge back through the snow. "The Wild Hunt is…an old thing. Fenris can probably explain it better than I can," she nods to the wolf in mens clothing as she shoves her hands deep into her pockets. "I never did quite figure out what was going on with the dragon, though. So if they're not with Illyana's people, maybe they're just some sort of imp? I guess I didn't think about the Queen of Limbo part. Just because they know her name doesn't mean they're connected."

"There are quite a few hells and other places that are not hell but like it. We can save that for one of our lessons, though, if you like. It's a long discussion." Fenris, gratefully turns away from the ruined horrorspawn and it's awful smell with the rest of them.

"Wild Hunts are complicated, Kara. There are several. That one was the Erlking's. But in brief they're feral terrors that rip through areas making prey of whatever is not itself a hunter." He shakes his head.

"This is, yes, what I do, Princess. I like this world and I do not wish to have to find another any time soon." A small smile. "All my stuff's here anyway." Which turns a bit more serious. "And my friends, what of them I have. You know something of this, I think." They may talk more of it before he departs. For now, he's looking forward with to a shower.

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