Sins of the Future #5: Reunion

March 5th, 2016: Alex Summers and Scott Summers are reunited finally and to boot, Scott also gets a flying car. Mike, Lorna, Rachel and Calvin also discuss 'The Sisterhood'.

Xavier Institute

Scott Summer's Office.



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It had been close to a week since Alex Summers had been nearly used as a bomb to wipe out the entire Eastern Seaboard; in that period he had been recovering on Cable's ship Greymalkin, the excess energy his body had absorbed being siphoned off safely.

Now that he was fit to be around people and not explode (hopefully?), Rachel had brought Cable back to the Mansion in secret.

Scott had got a call from Rachel, rather than some freaky telepathic summons, telling him there was a surprise waiting for him in the mansion. She wasn't sure at all how things would play out, so she had asked Nate if he could be around to. Better to explain the whole family situation after the two brothers were reunited.

Offering Alex a brief smile, Rachel tells him, "Try not to blow up on Dad or anyone else, alright?"

Nate got asked to be around, so he was in the underground complex learning about the basic X-Men protocols (something which he has been delaying doing it for a month) when he sensed Rachel was back to the mansion. He heads back quickly, curious to know what mysterious business Rachel is up to.

A busy week, indeed. The X-Men had been put on high alert, dispatched to locations across the globe in preparation for a HYDRA attack. Ironically, the attack came close to home, hitting New York City. Their members had all returned home safe and sound, but the damage HYDRA had done while taking over a SHIELD Helicarrier had been… intense.

"I'll have a talk with Roberto about offering some humanitarian aid in the reconstruction efforts," he was telling Professor Xavier, when the phone call came in. "The damage to the Bronx was… oh, hold on a moment. It's Rachel."

The phone was answered, and Scott agreed to meet her in his office.

Dressed in his usual work clothes; slacks, loafers, a burgundy collared shirt and tie combo, he walks into the office wearing his ruby glasses once more. At some point in the past few days, the headaches simply became too difficult to control. He knew, at any moment, his control would wane, and he didn't want to expose anyone to the destruction that would come afterwards.

The past week had been a doozy for Alex, who had not only learned about the location of his brother after being used in an explosive plot, but also that he had several nieces and nephews from different points in time who already referred to him as Uncle. As strange as it may have been, Alex appeared to be in good spirits as he stood near Rachel.

Alex's attention wavers from decoration to decoration as he waits for whatever may unfold. Rachel's commentary draws a narrowed brow, "Well, I don't plan on it. These gauntlets seem to be working well enough.." His blue gaze falls to his hands, which are encased in large metallic gauntlets, whirring and humming due to the massive amount of energy it is regulating.

Lorna's been hanging around the Institute a lot lately, since it seems like every time she leaves she either ends up in the Savage Land or meeting Magneto for dinner… and it's hard to say which of those has been the weirder experience for her. The only trouble with intentionally making herself housebound? Boredom. So when Scott goes past on the phone, her ears prick up. "Is that Rachel? Remind her she stood me up for coffee!" Lorna told him, since catching up with the time-lost Summers had been one of the more normal items on her list. Whether Scott took any notice of her at all, she inevitably ended up trailing after him into his office.

Rachel lead Alex towards Scott's Office, sending out a telepathic calling to Nate rather than seeking him out. «We're heading to Dad's Office, Uncle Alex and I.»

"I'm glad, because for a minute I thought I was going to die when Nathan and I were keeping you held together." She doesn't seem to be joking at all, her tone utterly serious, "The gauntlets look good on you though, makes you look tougher."

Stepping into the office she spots Lorna, remembering their missed coffee date and she suddenly feels just a little emberassed, "Hey Lorna."

Approaching Scott she gives him a hug before gesturing towards the door, "Hey Dad? Someone here to meet you and I /promise/ he's not from the future or an alternate reality."

« Uncle Alex? » It takes Nate a moment. He is not used to the familiarity Rachel uses with the… people that would be family in some other universe. « You mean Havok? Well, sure. I'll be there in a minute. » The importance of the meeting escapes him, and in truth he barely knows anything about Alex Summers. But Nate is always up to meet new people.

"Tell her yourself," Scott says after Lorna. "She'll be in my office any minute now."

In short? Come along, Lorna Dane.

As soon as Rachel shows up. Scott is all smiles. "Hey, Rachel." He hooks an arm around her and laughs a bit. "I hear you led the charge with that HYDRA mess." Oh, he's well aware of the others and their important contributions to shutting down that debacle, but a part of him wants to see just how much credit she's going to take for it.

Regardless, an eyebrow hooks upward from beneath his glasses. "Don't tell me it's a boyfriend," he mutters, while turning to follow along. "I think I'd rather have another time-displaced family member," he quips sarcastically.

It had been well over twenty years since Scott and Alex had been in the same room. In-fact, it had been the night of their parents deadly plane-crash that the two had been cruelly separated. Alex had very few memories, but he always remembered the face of his big bro-bro.

When Scott speaks of boyfriends, Alex can't help but offer a large grin with a singular tear strolling down his cheek. Should this story ever be retold, he would deny any of this and state that he had dust in his eyes, "Ehrm.. Hi Scott.. long time no see.."

Weary of wether or not Scott recognized him, Alex raises a finger, "One sec.." The blonde-haired man reaches into his back pocket where he retrieves an old leather wallet. Alex fumbles about inside the wallet for an awkwardly long period of time before pulling out a very old, folded picture. Unfolding it, Alex looks at it with a sad smile, before handing it over to Scott. It was a picture of the the two of them and their parents, taken a few months before the crash. It was old and faded, with tattered edges, but the faces were as clear as day..

"My name is Alexander.. Alexander Summers.. and that is me.." Alex points to the youngest of the four in the picture. "If you're still wondering who those other three people are.. i'll give you another hint.." He pauses before pointing to Scott's picture, "That is you.."

A slight look of surprise flits across Lorna's face at Scott's answer - perhaps she'd expected her comment to be ignored - but then she smirks a bit, shrugs to herself, and falls in behind him, obediently coming along.

Slipping into the office behind Scott, Lorna takes up a position out of the way and leans up against the nearest wall. Rachel's faintly embarrassed greeting gets a grin. "You. Me. Coffee." Lorna tells her, before her grin broadens a bit more. "Later." She adds, getting out of the way of the reunion. After all, anything that can get Scott to smile that much deserves not to be interfered with.

Catching Scott's muttered reference to a boyfriend, Lorna snorts in amusement before she can stop herself, then holds up a hand with an apologetic expression. "Sorry." She says, though her tone doesn't match the look on her face.

But then things get a bit serious. Lorna's eyes widen as Alex introduces himself, then turn toward Scott. After learning Magneto's her father, there's plenty she could say about unexpected family members - all of which would be inappropriate at best. She bites her tongue.

Rachel grins back at Lorna, "Definitely and I promise I won't forget." She had an excuse! Trying to reunite family members was tough and forgetful work, especially when one of them had been a ticking time bomb until recently.

She stays near her father for moral support, not unhooking his arm from her just yet but she imagined the two men would need to shake hands or hug; she really wasn't sure.

Lorna and Nate hear a telepathic voice faintly, a link establishing so Lorna can chat with them with her thoughts if she likes.

«Sorry, I didn't want to interrupt them. They haven't seen each other since they were kids.»

Nate gets to the door of Scott's office just in time to hear him talking about Rachel having a boyfriend. So he is snickering as he sneaks in, but loses the smirk when the redhead tells him about Scott and Alex. « What? Why not? » And maybe Rachel should have warned Scott about all this.

And then, there is Lorna. Nate glances at the green-haired woman and arches an eyebrow. What is her role in this? Could be she be just an innocent bystander? Unlikely! Still he steps closer and offers his hand, "Nate Grey," he says quietly. "Summer family business. Doomed to be weird. Forever."

It's been almost two weeks since Scott's been forced back behind his ruby quartz glasses. Seeing everything with that red hue… he'd forgotten how difficult it was. He'd get used to it again.

This, however, staves some of the recognition that might have happened. When Alex first greets him, his eyebrow shoots upward again. Still not completely setting in, for Scott isn't expecting anything like this.

Reaching out, he accepts the photograph. It's unfolded and held up so that he can see, and for a few moments, he seems to do nothing more than stare at it.

Behind the glasses, however, his eyes drift from the photo to the visitor, then back and forth again. His lips part just so, the onset of shock, surprise, even a touch of denial. The telepaths might pick up on it, but for the next few moments, Scott Summers is the definition of statuesque.

A memory flashes through Scott's mind. The screaming of engines. Rushing wind. Fire. Sickness. A parachute between he and Alexander as they plummeted to the earth, terrified and facing death.

His hand reaches out to rest against the desk for support.

"I… know… who they were." Scott looks up, sets the photograph down, brows furrowed.

"Alex? Alexander??"

There are a few moments of furthering doubt and suspicion, when it finally clicks. The face, the eyes, the hair. Even that tone of voice that little brothers seem to carry around their older siblings. Scott bursts forward and grabs Alex by the shoulders, embracing him.

Those few moments that Scott articulates his thoughts and memories were an absolute nightmare for Alex. Would he remember Alex and accept him, or sum everything up to semantics? Years in the military had hardened the younger Summers brother, but there was still a look of childish youth present while looking upon his old best-friend. He was holding back twenty years of repressed emotions, and it weighed on his soul so heavy that it had formed a head and had sprung a leak.

The proverbial volcano of emotion bursts when Scott finally remembers, and Alex counters the embrace with his own, despite the clunky gauntlets. Tears are freely flowing down his face at this point.. it was definitely some cedar in the air.. allergies for sure, "I thought you were dead.. they never told me anything about you.. ever. I saw you on TV.. and knew it was you.." It was quite the kodak moment.. god forbid someone snaps a picture.

Lorna's had telepaths in her mind before, it's an occupational hazard for an X-Man. Rachel's voice nudging its way into her thoughts isn't enough to make her jump. The unfamiliar male voice that joins it makes her frown lightly in curiosity, but it's pretty clear who's the source of the extra voice in her head when Nate introduces himself. The frown clears from Lorna's expression and she takes his offered hand. "Lorna Dane." She says in a quiet voice, not wanting to disturb the moment that the brothers are having. But her lips do curve up a bit at Nate's long-suffering remark, and she looks around at the others deliberately before returning her gaze to Nate and Rachel. "Guess so. I feel outnumbered." Because someone has to not get misty-eyed, here.

Rachel distances herself towards Nate and Lorna, allowing Scott and Alex to have their heartfelt reunion they so very deserved, "Isn't it amazing? We find each other through alternate realities and the future but these two take nearly a decade to reunite." AND they needed help to boot.

Didn't Mike have a dagger to investigate? Who better to investigate it then people with psychometry; likely Mike had been sent as a member of Red Team to bring the strange weapon they had found in New York to be investigated with some psychometry by Nate or Rachel.

Calvin may have even gotten a message to come by and take a look at the dagger and see if he had encountered anything like it before, given his experience with other realities.

The little red sportscar that approaches the mansion gates is driven by a rather normal looking guy, until it gets off the highway and onto Greymalkin, and then past the gate (without a problem from officious machines this time) and onto the long drive east to the Xavier School - but the road is clear, so the driver turns off the sound-sim and pushes the accelerator forward to halfway. The car surges forward, only the sound of the tires on the road letting anyone know it's coming… well. That and the cameras and possibly anyone who can sense the odd magnetic field of the mass driver unit that moves the car along. Then there's the glee from the driver's mind as he feels out how well the car is working. And adjusts it on the fly, as it moves.

"Drakos to Summers, call please," the driver says to the computer that's listening to the cell and comm transponders. "Hey Scotty, I have your new toy. Sorry it's late, I had a few interruptions."

Cal has indeed seen many things in his travels: many of which he'd like to forget. No specific dagger springs to mind when Rachel mentions one but perhaps seeing it will make a difference so he heads to Scott's office. "So what's this about a dagger, Rachel?" he asks when he arrives. Scott, Lorna and Nate all get a nod of greeting. Alex gets a small double take and a searching gaze. "Havok." He'd wondered where the other Summers brother had been but some things you don't ask out of the blue.

"But you cheated, Ray," notes Nate. Someone has to defend the older generation, right? "You knew about them, didn't you?" He is edging towards the door, since it looks like Alex and Scott could use a few minutes of illusory privacy. Illusory because, y'know, telepaths. And they are projecting strongly.

He opens the door and almost runs into Calvin. "Oh, hey man. Give Scott a minute, he just met a brother that has been lost twenty years. It happens." And then the cellphone goes off. "Or maybe not." Because the Summers never get that minute.

Alex's words echo those thoughts that find themselves zapping about Scott's head like rabid wolves. He holds on for a long time, eventually dropping his face into Alexander's neck and grabbing him by the hair, scruffing it up like big brothers are wont to do.

A mixture of laughter and sobbing is let loose, that kind of laugh that's shaking and wobbling as it comes out. "Those bastards," he echoes, "trying to keep us apart like that." He knew better, of course; the state has a terrible track record at handling estranged, orphaned siblings. Lack of funding, a general 'who gives a damn', and a severe lack of media attention to a decades old problem. Scott knows better… but sometimes, it's nice to just throw some irrational blame around.

When Scott finally pulls away, there are tears on his own cheeks, with fresh ones piling up at the edge of his glasses. He grabs Alex by the shoulders, looking him up and down. "Guess I can't call you 'squirt' any more, huh?" he asks.

Sidebar… Alex saw Scott on TV? It's fortunate that Scott is too emotionally overwhelmed to react to that one. It would be a buzz kill.

Now, with a frown, he drops his hands to touch Alexander's gauntlets. "What—" he starts to ask, before wincing and whipping his hands away. "Ow!"

As for that cell phone? Sorry, Mike; this time, Scott's ignoring his damn phone.

Alex had tears of his own, and no glasses to cover those red-eyes of his. In most cases, the blonde-haired vet may attempt to hide his tears in shame, but there was nothing to be ashamed about.

For the first time in years, Alex let's out a muffled laugh from within the embrace of his slightly taller sibling. After pulling away, Alex begins to explai, "God Scott… They sent me to Texas to live with the worst family ever. I joined the military as soon as I could to get away from those people.. and to follow in dad's foot-steps.." By now, it would be obvious that his accent is a muddled mixture of a Texas drawl, and an accent forged by nearly a decade of traveling the world as a soldier. A grin is given at Scott's later statement, "I think I could let it slide."

Alex winces when Scott sizzles his hand, "I.. developed an.. ability while over-seas. It's been more of an issue of late actually." He scoffs at the absurdity of his own understatement, rolling his eyes, "Someone tried to use me as a bomb to take out the entire east-coast.." He clinks his gauntlets together, "This is the closest thing to control I've been able to achieve.."

"Admit nothing, Rachel." Lorna advises, on the heels of Nate's accusation of cheating by the redhead. She's still smirking, though, which only goes to show that she's pretty sure that Rachel cheated, too. Even if it's definitely in a very good cause. Before she can say much else, though, Mike and Cal arrive, and while she's returning greetings and trying to think of a quick explanation for what's going on - Nate fills that gap for her. She gives Nate a look, then shrugs. "OK, I couldn't have put that any better." Blunt definitely wins, this time. Realising just how crowded the office is becoming, Lorna hesitates, then moves to slip out of the door as well. "Nice work." She tells Rachel, nodding toward the Summers brothers as if she could be talking about anything else. "I'll catch you later." Unable to resist, she adds, "Someone should get a picture." And then sneaks out.

"It wasn't cheating, it was a convenient and perhaps destined encounter!" When Lorna departs Rachel offers a wave, "See you for Coffee, I won't forget I promise!" She's mostly ready to tear up at the sight of her father and uncle reuniting again but when Cal arrives she tells him, "Apparently Berto was supposed to be sending it to the mansion. They found it in New York after dealing with a cult, the same cult that tried to make Alex into a bomb."

"Ah, they only just reunited?" Cal asks Nate, nodding now that the unfolding scene makes sense. "And he's untrained it seems. Well, that's what we're here for." And an out of control Havok is better than an evil one. He turns to listen to Rachel, frowning a bit. "Do you have some reason to think they are from another reality? Or did you just want to get an alternate point of view?" So to speak.

"Yeah, the knife, the other reason I'm here," Mike says from behind Cal. He has the knife - in a box made of metal that works as a Faraday shield. He's looked at it, sniffed at the tech without waking it up, and used his power to convince the bits of floor that were intermingled into it that they didn't belong. He can tell that there are bands of wrongness in the structure where crystal structures of metal were deranged, and for the moment he's left that alone.

"The majority of the technology in that basement felt like, how you say, more advanced versions of what we have now. Some alien stuff, too, but with the chronoton flux in the area, I am guessing time travel."

"Seems so," confirms Nate to Cal's words. "Untrained? He said he has been in the army for years," adds the young man. Are they talking about daggers from other dimension. Ah, the X-Men business, never a dull moment. "Can I see that thing?"

"Nebraska." a That's where they'd sent Scott. "Omaha, fortunately." Alex's mention of their father, Christopher, earns him a rueful look. "So have you learned to fly yet?" If not, Scott's got that covered.

The gauntlets are given another look. "An ability. Kind of like…" Like shooting lasers out of your eyes? Scott will go over that later. He reaches up to wipe the tears from his face with a shirt cuff. "I know all about that."

A look is given to Lorna when she departs, which leads Scott to finally recognize Cal and Mike's arrival. They are acknowledged with a nod, and then, he clears his throat. "Well. Ahhh, let's see here. Calvin Rankin, Mike Drakos, meet… Alex Summers. My brother." He gestures towards all three, though a passing look is given to Nate. That one… will take some explanation.

Rather than jump into that, Scott glances toward Rachel. "How much did she tell you about this place?" he asks Alex.

Alex can't help but laugh again at the situation he had found himself in. It had felt as if this day would never come, yet here it was. Following suit on wiping the tears from his cheeks, Alex takes a deep breath and nods, "I had hoped to be a pilot, but they put me in as a Ranger. I did manage to get enough logged civilian hours to get my license though. I can pilot small planes and helicopters. A cargo plane at best.."

Those gauntlets are given another look by the blonde-haired summers, "I basically.. absorb energy.. and then.. explode. Or.. at least, that's what's happened so far.." There's a look of disappointment in his own abilities for a split second before his attention is drawn to the crowd that suddenly appeared. "Ahem!" He clears his throat in surprise, and offers a nod in reply, a gauntleted hand being waved in their direction, "Howdy, pleasure to meet y'all.."

Leaning against the desk now, Alex ponders his brothers question for a moment, "Nothing much.. I've only just recently started picking my memories of the past week back up honestly." The ex-soldier shifts his weight while looking back towards the group, "I'm still trying to process how she knows me.."

Rachel grins a little at Cal, "They've been apart since they were just kids, I wonder how long until they start arguing again?" She shares her speculation on the group when asked, "Considering they already seem to know who some of us are and are targeting our families, I wouldn't doubt it. Not to mention, they look suspiciously like the group that was watching me get tortured way way in the future before Cable rescued me."

She hadn't yet seen the dagger herself, "They also were using Alex, considering none of us knew where he was before they're definitely a step ahead of us."

Of course, she had been wanting to reply to her Dad about the helicarrier thing but he was busy with Alex and she didn't want to interrupt what was a long overdue reunion.

"OH! You're the bomb guy, right. I was kinda busy being the wrong robot for the job," Mike says as if that explains everything. "Good to see you survived, some of us were kinda wondering how that came out."

No, he didn't ask, he didn't have time to ask. He barely had time to get Scott's new car put together before some Hydra ass-hats made him use his Giant Robot set that he was going to totally punk Madison Jeffries with. And now they're garbage. And in SHIELD's techie snooping-yard to boot. Wait til they try to figure them out. And then of course, fixing the Bronx. Mike is wondering if he should start a company for that kind of thing. Nah, Red Team is already eating into his own time bad enough.

Cal looks past Alex to Scott. "I can help train him to gain better control. I'm familiar with his power." Seems Rachel isn't the only one who knows Alex. He's not only fought alongside an Alex, he's fought an Alex. "You two should be immune to each others' powers but you'll want to test that carefully before going full power." Realities do have differences. Mike gets a nod. "Time travel is a simpler explanation than hopping realities. It's easier. If there's alien tech, it might be Kree or Shi'ar. That's just a guess though." But then Rachel throws in some more info. "What group is that? Show me what they looked like?"

Nate hrms. That is quite the information dump he got just by listening. "There is a group of… likely time travelers trying to destroy a chunk of the East Coast? Any clue why?" It would take out many of the world most important heroes. That is a good reason for many of the super-villains out there. It is still destruction at a scale few would even consider. "Can I get a quick summary, Ray?"

Well. Scott sure has a surprise for Alex in the form of a Blackbird, but that will have to wait. "Ranger, huh? That explains the bulk."

Scott never went military, but… one might have guessed, considering his own bulk and the way he drills the X-Men in the Danger Room.

Alex's gauntlets and the ability he possesses is mulled over for a moment. He must meet the Professor, and Doctor McCoy. Again… it must wait, for talk of those sisters who were hunting the Summers and Grey lineage has him frowning a bit.

Scott shares a look with Mike, Calvin, and Nate when each one speaks, and he's forced to fight off a small scowl; he's just been reunited with his long lost brother, but the pressing needs of the X-Men are never far behind.

"Calvin here can hop through dimensions and time," he explains, for Alex's benefit. "He's familiar with both of us, from his future. I trust him. But, hold on. You got a place? If not, I'll set you up. This is a school. Headmaster is Professor Charles Xavier, and I can set you up with a guest room in his estate. It's not far."

Given what he knows, Scott isn't about to let Alexander out of his sight.

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"Good to see that everyone didn't die in a fiery explosion!" Alex responds to the robot-guy who was apparently there to see him tied up like a science-project. There was a certain amount of humor to his tone, but he was mostly serious.

Alex nods to Scott as he explains Calvin. "This whole time-travel thing is very confusing. Mind-boggling really.." Alex pauses for a long moment, thinking. Of course he had a place to stay. Did he want to go back to it now that he found his brother? Of course not. "Mmm. Not really no. Nothing too permanent anyways." Nevermind the big luxurious apartment that the government pays for. "A school eh? Like, for mutants? Where do I sign up? I don't.. want to be out of control ever again."

Rachel projects a telepathic image of a woman wearing dark black robes for Cal in response to him asking what they look like, "They all seem to wear black robes, some are mutants some aren't. When I was mind reading them, I didn't get much except a feeling of blind devotion to someone called 'Mother'.".

When Nate asks to know more, she sort of shrugs, "That's pretty much all we know about them. I wish I had more information to share, the Red Team might be able to tell you more if you talk to them."

The Dagger if Nate is inspecting it is decidedly futuristic looking with a curved crystalline blade and a strange LED display on the hilt.

"Nope, between Berto and me, the big kabooms went off safely distant. Apparently some astronomers think their really big bomb was some kind of asteroid, because asteroids explode like nukes. I smell cover-up, that just makes no sense. Anyway I wish we'd caught Stabitha." Not that the gold-skinned robot guy can say what they would have done with her — the fact that he's had to even think about her is just annoying. He'd much rather be working on a new engine. Which reminds him.

"Scotty. Instruction manual is in the glovebox. Read it before you use anything that doesn't look like a normal car control," Mike says, tossing a set of keys to the man with the ruby quartz fancy sunglasses.

"Oh, sorry," he says. The box holding the dagger floats over to hover between Cal and Nate, unlatching. Distract-a-bot was successful! Almost. There's the thing.

"Actually…" Cal tells Alex. "I can't hop through dimensions or time. I used to hop through realities but that's different and wasn't really my idea. It's complicated." So no surprised Scott got it wrong. Hank's probably the only one who really understands it. Once he receives Rachel's image, he frowns and shakes his head. "They don't ring any bells. Nor does the dagger." he adds once it floats over.

Nate is inspecting the dagger, yes. But he shakes his head. "I had never seen anything like this before," he admits. They definitely should ask Cable, since he is the one that knows more about time travel. "I still got to meet the Red Team, present members excluded. I am pretty sure I know a couple of from… other places. Heh, that is always disorienting."

Behind the glasses, Scott is, in fact, rolling his eyes. Time travel and dimensions and alternate realities? Definitely not his forte.

He snatches the keys out of the air and gives Mike a dubious look. "Should I thank you?" he asks, before taking the photo from his desk and handing it back to Alex. "I got one, buddy," he murmurs, then smiles as he squeezes the younger brother's shoulder.

"I'll bring this all to Professor Xavier's attention. Meanwhile?" A finger gets leveled toward Alex. "Don't leave this school 'til I catch up with you."

Alex takes the photo and returns it to it's rightful place in his wallet before nodding back towards Calvin, looking even more confused with the idea of realities being thrown in the mix.. "OH.. ook. Interesting."

Alex gives Scott a card, "Here's my contact information. Cell number, email. I'm not going to lose you again!" Usually being told what to do by Scott would've got some kind of rouse out of Alex, but he couldn't be more happy to agree to the terms. "Roger that!"

"You can thank me for the flying car by pranking the hell out of Roberto with it," Mike answers. He closes the case again, since none of the others recognizes it. Still need to get together with Doug to see if they can get it to talk, it has a display after all.

Rachel seems curious about the dagger and of course the threat of 'The Sisterhood' is looming but she was really distracted by the family reunion. Linking arms with Alex she offers, "Let me show you around Uncle Alex, you will love the place especially The Blackbird since you were in the military."

To the others she offers a wave, "I'll catch you all later unless you want to join us. "

"I'll pass." Cal tells Rachel. "I have some things to take care of. I'm just a thought away though if need be. And you're welcome to call me if you need something." he tells Alex. "I'd like to get started on the training and evaluate your current power level and ability to control it."

Nate gives the dagger back and nods to Rachel, "have fun, Ray. I am going back to New York, I'll be back tonight." To the others he nods, "see you around, let me know if you find more about this Sisterhood people," and he wanders away.

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