Roof Top Dinner

March 5, 2015: Zee buys dinner for The Fox and shares it on a roof top

China Town - Gotham



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It's late a night and Zee is back in Gotham again, sitting on a roof top overlooking Chinatown, a bag of takeaway from the Golden Dragon in her hand. She seems to be waiting for someone…

Dressed in figure hugging blue jeans, knee high boots and short bomber jacket, the Mistress of Magic still wears the diamond encrusted collar.

"You know I don't always take the same patrol route." The Fox's voice comes from behind Zee as he approaches on his elk over the rooftops. "Some variation night by night is necessary." It may be a moot point though, because here he is.

"No, I didn't suppose you did." Zee looks over her shoulder and flashes The Fox a big smile "But… you did say you checked Chinatown most nights and I took the gamble." Shaking the bag in her hand, she grins impishly "I did bring hot food though… Care to share?"

"I think I've got time, sure." The Fox dismounts and sends his elk Elsewhere. "Been an interesting night so far. Are you just here waiting for me or did you happen to have other business in Gotham tonight?"

"Excellent, then I haven't wasted my time." Opening the bag, Zee hands over a container and fork and takes one for herself "Interesting… how so, Fox?" There's room to sit next to her. The young magi shrugs at the question "I might have been waiting for you…"

"I've been following up on the Ton Ton Macoute. They've been… quiet. Too quiet. The Syndicate is convinced they've made a deal with HYDRA and if that's true they need to be taken down a peg. I don't dare go to the police with this. Not with criminal still disappearing from their watch. The means either working with the Bats or working with the Syndicate. Or both. The Macoute's too organized for me to take on solo. Working with the Syndicate is problematic too. They don't want to sign on with Hydra, but taking out their competition isn't going to be good for regular people long term." He sighs. "Though it might not be avoidable."

Zee's gaze settles on the Fox, the smile disappearing "HYDRA… that" she sighs "is not good news at all." Taking a mouthful of food, she considers as she eats "What's wrong with working with the Bats? You really can't take them on alone… " and she should know.

"I'm not sure they'll do it." Is The Fox's answer. He sits down to take a bite of food. It is quite delicious. And hot. "And if they do I'm not sure they won't want to turn the perps over to the police which… may only make things worse the way they are."

"Sounds to me, Fox, like you haven't asked," Zee cants her head "and that just seems to be inviting trouble before you need to." Nudging the man sitting next to her, the young magician grins a little "You really should try the talking thing first, I think… you might be surprised." Seeing him enjoying the food, she bobs her head "Glad you like the food, Fox."

"I always enjoy food." The Fox chuckles. "Particularly on patrol. Thank you." The other topic… just gets a sigh. "I'll approach Oracle. Maybe she knows folks who want to help."

Zee nods again "Maybe Oracle will, they seem to be pretty well connected. I mean, they work with the Titans a bit…" Eating slowly, the young magician grins "Well, I'll be sure to bring food each time I visit then… "

Blowing out a breath, Zee casts a sidelong glance at The Fox "You once told me you've been doing this work on your for two years… Can I ask what happened to cause that?"

"My circle died." The Fox says rather simply. Almost as if it's not a subject he enjoys. Which probably won't come as any surprise to Zee.

Canting her head, Zee looks over at The Fox "Sorry, I didn't mean to pry. If you'd rather discuss something different…" she murmurs and becomes very interested in her food.

"It's not something I really enjoy recounting the details for." Reliving the details is more like it. Every time… frequently at night as well. It's… it's hard, having watched the only friends you had die in front of you.

"Then don't…and I'm sorry for raising it…" Zee offers a small smile to The Fox, regarding him carefully "I… just would like to know you better." And that seems to be a big part of his life. Looking back to her takeout, she grows quiet.

"What about you?" The silence is just threatening to get awkward. "You do magic. It's really all I've ever seen you do. It must be a big part of who you are. What made you take it to the streets of Gotham?"

"It is, Magic that is. As a Homo-Magi, it's exactly what I am…" Zee looks over again… "I'm not a super, I'm just… magical." Zee shrugs "And it's not just Gotham either, it's the tri-cities." A benefit of being able to teleport, really. "Growing up, my Dad… was as much an investigator as he was a Stage Magician, I guess I caught the bug from him." She smiles a little, remembering "And meeting Constantine when I was 16, he taught me a bit about demonology… and I knew I wanted to do more than just perform." No mention of her Mother.

"I see." The Fox nods. "And now you perform and do this on the side? Or is it the other way around?" Or a bit of neither, perhaps. The druid finishes the takeout meal up. It's quite delicious.

"Not lately…" Zee smiles faintly "I do this more than I perform." She shrugs "I do the occassional show for the Hotels, appear for charity galas, but this…" she gestures with a hand "is becoming my life, really. And I find I don't mind."

"Doing this…" Zee's smile grows a little "I get to meet all sorts of interesting people. You are a good example of that." She raises a shoulder "I do have to perform though, it's how I fund everything. What about you, Fox? Is this the sideline, or the main attraction?"

"If you mean, is this how I make a living, no not really. Can't make money like this." The Fox shrugs. "I have a business. But this does take up a lot of time. Not many people do this. Too many things slip through the cracks. Who keeps an eye on this if I don't?" Generally speaking… no one.

"Oh, I know you don't make a living this way." Zee cants her head as she looks at The Fox "I won't ask what the business is… you wear that mask for a reason." Zee's meal is finished as well and she puts the rubbish back in the bag, holding it open so The Fox can do the same thing. Making no attempt to stand, she sighs slightly "I suppose it's back to patrol time…"

The Fox glances out toward the city. "Plenty of night left, so it does seem that way." And really the monsters don't take a night off. Kane does, sometimes, for his sanity. He has to. But he doesn't take many.

"You could play hookey, and keep me company…" Zee teases, as she looks to The Fox "We could go trip the light fantastic or something like that… Or, if you like, I can come and keep you company…"

"Tripping doesn't sound very fun. Falling down, going boom." THe Fox teases back as he stands. "Perhaps on a day I'm not patrolling. Though that might require you knowing who I am so…" He'll see. Being secret is kind of a necessary evil in this business. "Though I won' turn down the company."

Laughing as she stands, Zee packs up the rug in the bag she has "I'm sure I could find a masquerade party, then you can keep your mask, Fox." Turning to face him, Zee frowns slightly "You know that I like you, right? And I wouldn't ever betray that type of trust… knowing who you are…." She's ready to go, when he is.

"I don't expect people to betray me, but plenty of things can go wrong without anyone meaning me harm. Sometimes all it takes is being in the wrong place." And because Kane deals in magical enemies, he has to be a lot more careful than usual.

"No comment of the fact that I like you, Fox?" Zee nods as The Fox explains "I get it, really… I was sort of teasing" and sort of not. If Kane really thought about how she locates him… he may be a little concerned.

He tries not to think about him. The Fox chuckles calls his elk. "I figured you might like me just a little. That or you really don't trust me. I was hoping for the former, honestly. Seems better." What he also knows is that she doesn't really know him. Just seen him fight a few times and run into him doing magic, really. Though he's curious to be sure.

"If I didn't trust you, Fox" Zee grins over "I wouldn't be buying you dinner" Twice now… "or offering to help you patrol… and… as I said, I want to get to know you better." Seeing him call, Zee raises an eyebrow "Elk or Bird, tonight?"

"Elk. I'm planning on going to a rodeo." Clearly there's someone Kane expects to find… and drag off. Zee's seen him use that move before. IT's good when you want someone to question later.

"Sounds like fun…" Zee smirks a little "At least tonight, I'm not wearing a dress…" Moving closer to The Fox, Zee flashes a smile "You do so neatly avoid my comments, you know…" she's clearly amused by the fact. "Tell me more about what you're chasing then… I would like to be prepared."

"In this case, a sorcerer. A Bokor named Saul. Criminal. Black mage. All around not a nice guy. And I need to ask him some rather pointed questions." He holds the Elk, waiting for Zee to get up on it if she's coming.

"Well, I'm sure I can help you there … and you might not need the rodeo either." Zee gets on, of course, and sits in front of The Fox. "You'll get used to me Fox, I promise."

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