Coyote Meet Coyote

March 6, 2015: Zee visits the Titans to introduce Jesana, and Jericho turns up with unwelcome news

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Gar has been training all morning. Not powers training, no, he had enough of that with "help repair the Bronx" … no, he's been doing his stretching, then swimming, then martial arts practice, then the newly configured Robin Room, which is a combination of rings, pedestals, barricades, and ocassional deathtraps hazards that has to be navigated. And he's been doing it in his native human form, not tweaking, not using animal powers. His time is not as good as Robin's — nor as good as former-Robin-now-Nightwing's on a similar practice room. But it's under three minutes.

Keith is in the console room overlooking the Robin Room, monitoring Gar's progress- the system has emergency safeguards, of course, but it never hurts to add an extra pair of eyes. That, and he's also taking Gar's time.

The redhead leans into the microphone with a smirk and says, "And you expect me to do this in my human form?" he says, sounding terribly amused- and impressed, it had to be said, watching Gar go through the Bat-Training-of-Death.

After everything that's been going, Zee has finally made time to bring Jes to meet her fellow Titans. The raven haired mage has let them in and is currently heading to the lounge area. "The Titans are my friends and really good people. Gar and Keith can both change forms… the others teleport and other stuff." Smiling back to Jes "I think you're really going to like them."

Jes smiles at Zee and nods. She's wearing her best to meet Zee's friends, a long grey peasant style tunic that ends past her knees and is belted around the waist with brown leather. Her slip on sandals are the same color and her long dark hair is braided and trailing down her back. While she seems drawn and distracted, she looks around with a bit of interest.

People arriving triggers … The Guest Alarm! Gar turns into a bright green falcon, diving into the water hazard/pool, and is a fish the moment he hits - a flying fish even. He turns back from flying fish into a green monkey to land on Keith's shoulder.

"To the upstairs, rabbit hole guy!"

"But I-" Keith begins to protest at the monkey, and then sighs. "Fine, fine. One change, coming right up…" The redhead digs out his small portable mirror from his jacket and says- "We're All Mad Here!" while staring at his reflected eyes. In the space of a heartbeat a purple humanoid cheshire cat now sits where Keith O'Neil was, and he puts the mirror away into one of the hidden pockets of his uniformn. "One Rabbit Hole, coming up!"

The tear in reality opens up, leading to the upper floor of the castle- "Apres vous, mon cher Sange." Vorpal has learned to say 'monkey' in at least three languages now. It's the forn that Gar's fans ask for the most. Everybody loves the monkey.

Well Charlie is in her costume, playing video games on the big lounge console TV. She is totally kicking a bunch of guys butts in a hardcore first person shooter "Thats right… eat dark vengeance you jerkface camper snots!" that would be Misfit yelling into the headset microphone as she plays. It can be heard on the approach to the lounge.

The yelling from Misfit, causes Zee to laugh "I think we're headed the right way…." As they enter the lounge area, Gar and Vorpal appear "Well, here's three of them at least. The purple cheshire is Vorpal, the green Monkey is Changeling and rather passionate young woman on the headset is Misfit." They can introduce their 'other' names.

Jes gets a reassuring smile "This here is Jes, I met her the other night, we've been staying at Shadowcrest for a while." That might tell the others that Zee thought they needed the extra security.

Jes manages, barely, not to stare. That guy is purple and the one is a …a green monkey? If it weren't for Zee's introductions she'd assume she got into the wrong tea this morning. "Hello." The young native american smiles and straightens with determintation. Zee's friends. She's going to be on her best behavoir this time.

Zee's door opens and out walks… yeah. It's him again. Only this time he looks ever so slightly confused. "Um. I think you have a weakness in your room, Zee." Makes sense. Dimensional portals open up there a lot and he's guessing Zee teleports a lot from there. So… stepping disks. Yeah. He had been looking for Jes and Zee. Well thinking about looking for them. Apparently that counted for something.

Gar is in fact a green monkey riding on the purple cat-man's shoulder, a green monkey with a tail, similar to a Japanese monkey in face, but with longer arms, and the green is actually typical of the species… they're weird, it's a lichen in their fur.

"And, HI!" Gar says, peering at the new person. He sniffs the air with his monkey nose and jumps down, landing on the ground as a green coyote, trotting over to sit in front of Jes.

"HI! Do you know a coyote? You smell like you know a coyote."

And then he growls a little as Jericho comes down the stairs from the rooms up above.

"Man, this is not cool, a team's castle should be its castle, you know, and you keep just arriving from nowhere."

Coyote-Gar is a having some sort of territorial instinct thing. He probably won't bite.

"Down, boy," says the cat to the coyote. Man, things get weird around the Titans. Zee's friend is lucky- the third animal-themed Titan, Raven, is back in Azarath for the time being probably trying to recharge her Creepy Battery. Otherwise the pale young woman would probably have stared at them from the top of the tower as they arrived to the castle.

She probably wouldn't have eaten souls. Probably.

"Hello, Jes, I'm Keith," Vorpal says- he hsa no need for secret identities since he is publicly dating the very hard to hide green guy, which would be the death blow of any secret identity anyways, "Shadowcrest, you say? My my, I haven't been to Shadowcrest. Zee must like you a lot." The extra security implication isn't lost on Keith, but he wants to let Zee address whatever she thinks is best to address in public, "And Misfit is over there currently trying to defend the earth from voxels… and that one, over there, I think is Zee's pet. At least I think he is. He keeps coming out of her room. I assume he's installed his litterbox there by now." He smirks.

Misfit has headphones and headset gear on. For a bat looking themed heroine she is not Robin or Batgirl, oh no. Floppy ear. Off color pallette. Still batgear though. Definitely not a ninja detective because she doesn't realize she isn't alone right away.

The match Misfit is in ends and she woots "And score you lameZos!" she is up on her feet dancing with the controller "In all your gamergate noob faces… schooled by a GRRRRL!" it is mid dancing that she turns and spots.. well everyone.. and goes very still.

Jes is a little bit losing her ability not to stare. The green monkey turned into a coyote. And he's still talking. So is the purple guy. And the girl in the other room is..Oh, she's noticed them. Jes gives her a hesitant wave and inches ever so slightly behind Zee. Jericho's voice finally filters past the weirdness and Jes looks upstairs. "Oh. That's not going to be good news, is it?" She whispers to Zee.

"Sorry. I didn't do it on purpose this time." Jericho shrugs. "Though it's a good thing I found these two." He gestures to Zee and Jes. The other three present Titans get polite nods as the hacker halts, blade case swaying behind him. Vorpal and Gar he's familiar with in passing and he's seen them on the news from time to time. Misfit he knows only as someone who told him the Bats were territorial. Which is something he'd known.

Zee steps closer to Jes, reassuring the woman by her presence "Staring's ok, in this company…" and then blinks as Jericho appears "Well, according to girlfriend scarimundus, Jericho, it's a sympathetic connection" she quips "Thinking of me, again, were you?" In an aside to Jes "I don't know, Jericho and I seem to have a connection. It may or may not be." Misfit's silence has Zee peering at her and she waves brightly.

OK, fine, Gar thinks. I'll go ask Raven to come up with a no-teleport-in-without-password spell.

Hey, dimensional magics, if anyone can do it the Azaratheans can. Azarathites? Azarathenes? Whatever. So, the woman who smells like a coyote didn't say hi, and Misfit is over there spazzing out a bit, which is rather cute. Gar feels the need to comfort her.

Why, yes, certain forms DO have stronger instinct cues than others, and Gar's had some busy, stressful days, so his control isn't as strict as usual.

The green coyote bounds over to the Batlike person and puts his front paws one to a shoulder and begins delivering Doge Kisses. SLURP SLARP SLURP SLURP Cheer up, you seem unhappy, SLURP SLURP SLARP!

The cheshire cat looks at the Slurpdog attack and rolls his eyes with a little smirk. He turns his attention to Jes and Zatanna and says, "So what brings you to our humble abode?" Green dog licking Off-color Dark Vengeance Batwoman. Nothing out of the ordinary to see here, folks.

Charlie is locked being embarrassed in front of her teammates, the demon guy from Limbo, and some girl she doesn't know. Of course then there is a charging green coyote "Whaa…" and she is lept upon and slobbered upon. There are flailing arms…. and she ends up on her ass as she is 'mauled' by the yote "aahhhee" she manages laughing.

"They're good people, Jes." Zee says again and laughs as coyote-Gar gives Misfits doge-kisses. "How you doing there, Misfit?" Looking between Gar and Vorpal, Zee smiles and indicates the lounge "Let's sit and I'll tell you why we're staying at Shadowcrest." Jericho gets a raised eyebrow "More of the same?" He knows what she means…

As she moves to the lounge to take up a seat, Zee grimaces "I met Jes, a few nights ago, when I helped take out some HYDRA hired contractors, with Jericho here."

"We also discovered some bad news about her fa-" Jericho cuts off as Gar 'comforts' Misfit and he brings a hand up to cover his face and hide the fact that he's smirking. He can't hide the way his eyes start to gleam in amusement though. Nor the slight shake to his shoulders. "Er. Hi Jes. Settling in?" Is what he setles for as he gives Vorpal and Zee a questioning look.

Jes murmurs a soft Hello to Vorpal while watching Misfit and the green coyote. She manages a tiny smile at their antics while politely pulling Zee's chair out for her. Jes turns the chair next to Zee around so its back is facing the table and then sits, resting her folded arms on the chair back and her chin atop her hands. Her mismatched eyes move to Jericho and her smile brightens a bit. "I definitely understand why Zee wasn't freaked out about me now."

Gar steps back, satisfied that his victim teammate is now properly unstuck, but (having removed her headphones in the slurp attack) he whispers, "we need to get you some headphones that don't block room noises."

Yes. He whispered that. How a coyote can whisper, much less talk, is a conjecture for another time, as he delivers one last SLURP and then trots over to sit smugly next to Vorpal; Cat and Dog living together… Well, really, with the weather spells and the giant kaijuu and the vampire in Gotham, the end times might already be here.

"HYDRA again?" Vorpal huffs, "Alright, dish, Zee, tell us everything." He sits down on the floor next to the coyote. He'd give Gar a Scooby Snax, but they've run out.

Charlie just lays there "Thank.. god for batgoggles… " she notes very pleased about the whole setup. She then sits up and starts to wipe the coyote drool off herself and she manages a sheepish wave over to the rest of the room "Uh hi there… how is everyone.. good I hope?"

"Still…" Zee says quietly to Vorpal and Gar "I'll let Jes and Jericho give the details…" she shakes her head "But the upshot is she needed somewhere safe to stay, and because I hadn't introduced her to you, we went to Shadowcrest instead. Nothing" and Zee gives Jericho a mock arch look "can get in there…" Smiling over to Jes, Zee bobs her head "It would be better if we could stay here though, getting in and out of Shadowcrest …. requires me."

Misfits question gets a bright smile "Good, I suppose Misfit… " The chaos muppet looks quite cute covered in Coyote drool.

"Alive." Jericho responds. That's good for him these days, considering how dangerous things are getting. "Jesana, like Zee here, is being targetted though I'm a bit less clear on why. My suspicion is that it's more divination at work though… she seems to have some family history with Hydra… on the Employee side. I'm looking into that in connection to their recent activities in Gotham." And he means to burn them out. Soon.

Okay the green dog's pretty hilarious.

"I'm going to help them. And if my other dad's invovled then I'm going to kill him." Jes says matter of factly. Her expression is hard to read. Blank really. Her voice however is low and sure. Selling her out to HYDRA isn't something she'll forget and forgive. "And, these people really suck from what I've heard."

"Yeah, the most evil people I ever met in my life wouldn't work with them," Gar-yote says. "That would be Monsieur Mallah and the Brain, in case you didn't know that."

It says something about Hydra that a disembodied brain in a dalek-style tank, and a giant gorilla mercenary, won't work for them. Probably, it says that they had a don't ask, don't get killed policy. They're Nazi-flavored fascists, after all.

"HYDRA is decidedly awful," Vorpal agrees, looking at Jes. "And it looks like they're getting cockier by the minute. Sounds like we need to get a plan in action and show them who is boss around here, I'd say. Who's up for some Titanic justice? Or, in Misfit's case, Dark Vengeance?"

Misfit takes off her goggles long enough to really get them wiped clean on the outside. Sensitive electronics were safely protected on the inside at least. Blue eyes under the yellow goggle glass not green it seems. "Awww yisss Dark Vengeance." she looks up and grins. "I've not met Hydra yet but they definitely sound like people I should punch in the kidneys."

Zee looks over to Jes as she speaks, nodding slowly "Yes, you are going to help us… and yes Gar, HYDRA are more than just evil." Keith and Misfits comments get a considered look "I'm interested of course." Canting her head at Jericho, "Why were you looking for us?"

"Because I got more on her father." Jericho says quietly. He doesn't want to say more if Jesana doesn't want to talk about it, especially here, but her father is into some bad, bad things. She needs to know, especially if she decides to come with them to confront him when they make a move on the Ironworks.

Jes stares at Jericho for a long moment before sitting up straight and sighing. She would rather hear this alone or at least with just Zee but the others all seem ready to go after HYDRA too. And Zee trusts them.. and she knows this isn't something she's likely to accomplish alone. "What did you find out?" Jes's tone is neutral but she reaches for Zee's hand as she asks.

There's a lot of people staring at Jericho Trent now. Also a green coyote. That "Rin-Tin-Tin" intelligent expression? That's cause ol' Rinty was part coyote a few generations back. It put a certain spark back in behind the eyes of the Attractive But Kinda Dumb shepherd breed.

Vorpal says nothing, and instead pets GarTinTin, giving Misfit a glance. Zatanna's friend has personal history with HYDRA, and that can't be good- nor pleasant to air out. To minimize the discomfort, the cheshire stands up. "I'll get us all some coffee, yes. Carry on."

It is said that cats are unaware of tact. This is not true- they simply choose to ignore it most of the time. Every blue moon or so, though, a situation arises that requires the judicious application of it. Decreasing the number of people to whom you're about to air your dirty laundry is one way to minimize discomfort, and it's easily done. Coffee takes a while to brew- long enough for it to be ready after the airing of embarrassing details.

Vorpal can, then get the details from Gar Tin Tin afterwards. The end result is the same- the same amount of people know- but emotions are funny that way, the immediate exposure sample being smaller does make a difference.

Charlie on the other hand has no tact. No sir. None. She shifts and leans foreward obviously really interested in the news Jericho may have. Why would people not want to know about Hydra and familial connections to such.

Zee squeezes Jes' hand "That would be lovely Vorpal… " accepting the offer of coffee. Looking to Jericho, Zee nods slowly, it's Jes' decision and she wants to know.

"He's responsible for handing over a deal of the tribe's… medicine. I mean that in the traditional sense and not the modern one." So he turned over a lot of magic to HYDRA. "I'm suspecting that includes you. Or was supposed to. You went and made it difficult by leaving so they had to contract the work out." The hacker shakes his head. The things people do for power.

Zee and Gar get another curious look. "Is he often an animal of some description?"

Jes stands and starts pacing. She's muttering to herself but in the blackfeet tongue. After a few minutes of this she abruptly stops and looks at Jericho. "I need you to find out something for me. It's important. If he meant to turn me over to them..then..I don't think he knows, but if he does.. then..I've got I have to go back. I have to.." She's rambling and begining to tremble. Something about what Jericho said has seriously freaked her out.

Gar looks up at Jericho. "He's right here and does understand English and a few other languages."

He walks over and nudges Jes, nose into hand.

"What's up? You need to protect someone? You can tell us. We'll help protect you and anyone else."

Big promises there, green.

Misfit chimes up now "Well yeaaaah we can protect the stuffing out of people… or beat the stuffing out of bad guys… like Hydra." she pauses "Why would they hand over medicine though… and can't they just get more medicine.. this is the 21st century?"

Zee sits quietly and watches Jes, waiting for the young woman to look at her. Gar seems to have the comfort thing down, Zee is concerned but won't crowd her. "What else did you find out, Jericho?" Zee frowns at the question he posed "Um, yeah, I guess so… "

"A few details about the Ironworks." Jericho responds to Zee. "We can go over them later." His attention shifts to Jes. "What is it you need me to find out? And these people are… pretty good on the protecting front." Though be careful… Hydra doens't mess around as evidenced recently.

It's a mark of how worried Jes is that she doesn't even notice the green coyote nosing her palm and trying to comfort her. Her eyes dart to the door as she considers making a run for it. Too many people between her and the way out. She backs up a couple steps, looking frantic. Her eyes finally fall on Zee and Jes blinks and pauses. "Zee?" It's a plea for help and direction. She just doesn't know what to do.

Time to pull out the stops? No, any kind of restraint, even a gentle tug on the sleeve, would mess this up. Gar can practically FEEL the flight-reflex coming off this girl in waves.

"Zee, why don't you take her to Shadowcrest. It's safer there, fewer strangers, and maybe she can explain what's got her worried," the green coyote suggests. He doesn't think that running away outside is going to help much - yeah, it's virgin forest, well, re-virginalized forest, back for a couple miles, but it's still not a safe area to wander unless you're trained for it.

Right, no one ever answers Charlie's questions. Swear. She eyes everyone as they talk about bailing. She also doesn't really get the whole panic signals coming off Jes either. Anyhow she keeps quiet for the moment.

"Yeah, I will Gar." Zee gets up and walks to Zee, offering the woman a hug "Jes, I have your back, as does Jericho and the rest of the team here. Sorry Misfit, I have no idea. I'll speak with Jericho and let you know, ok?"

Jes hugs Zee very tightly but stays quiet. There are too many racing thoughts and questions in her mind for her to manage a response anyway. Zee can feel her trembling with pent up emotion. She may be getting the feeling that there was something Jes held back when she spoke of her family before.

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