Tides of Blood: The Star Sapphire

March 6th, 2015: The Origin of Star Sapphire during a vicious battle between Atlantis and the Surface, including Iron Fist, Hawkeye, Hawkeye (Kate), Loki, Jesana, annataZ, Green Lantern & Coyote!


The Atlantean Invasion of March 6th, 2015.

(see The Tides of Blood: Atlantean Attack - this backdated scene was run March 11, 2015)



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Metropolis Shoreline

March 6th, 2016 9:30am (Roughly 5 days ago)

Suddenly and without warning the final Atlantean invasion forces had made their push across coastal cities; intending to invade the surface world without the wisdom and guidance of their strong leader King Arthur (Also known as AQUAMAN).

A half dozen whale like creatures only much larger, the size of a SHIELD Helicarriers and a massive crab-like mobile fortress along with untold numbers of ground troops were forming the main flank of the invasion; dozens of heroes already there fighting against the onslaught.

Not far from the main battle, some Atlantean forces had already begun to break through into the city, including one of the massive Atlantean whale-carriers that seemed to be serving as a command ship for the forces breaching the city.

Ground soldiers were presently deploying by the dozens, attacking civilians with reckless abandon but curiously making a point to spare the children under the orders of their mysterious leader.

A handful of MPD and National Guard units were currently making a stand against the oncoming tide, but they would need help.

A battle? And here, Loki was just hoping to spend a quiet day at the beach. In Metropolis. Far from where he's currently staying in New York, but travel has never really been a problem for the god. Sure, he heard about the battles — after all he was there when the Atlantean was assassinated. He didn't really seem to get involved before, however.

Maybe he was bored.

Maybe he just wanted to watch the battle. After all, Asgardians seemed to be interested in battles, although Loki hasn't been one of the more bloodthirsty ones. It could be an interesting show, however…seeing these humans battling giant sea creatures. How often does one get that in the Theater of War? Maybe he'll even help if the mood strikes him.

Kate doesn't fly. Not on her own power, and not quinjets or any of the other fun things that other people can fly. She can drive, but traffic just isn't that great when things are in a state of disaster. Which means she's left to deal with the stragglers who've made it off the beach, climbing up to a rooftop to get a better look at…Well.

"Guys, seriously, you would not believe what I'm seeing here," she says over the JLA comms, unaware that others are seeing things that are even more crazy. "There's a flying whale."

Well hey stuff like attacking soldiers and stuff is never good. It also really makes any hero that is in the area look bad that you know they didn't do anything to stop it. And such here is Iron Fist, well actually it's not Iron Fist, not yet. Here is Danny Rand, billionaire, who was out looking for a spot to possibly expand his dojo. But of course all this stuff happening puts a damper on charity work stuff, dang silly Atlanteans attacking the surface.

But hey, at least he has a limo handy for when the word gets out about the attack. Limos are very convenient places to change you know, unlike say phone booths. So he changes into the hero outfit, cause you never leave home without those you know. And just starts heading towards the attacking fish people, "Man if they spot a Joe's Crab Shack or Red Lobster are they going to be pissed…"

Jes had accompanied Zee and Kara to Metropolis but chosen not to go out with them. She'd been idly wandering around the city when she stumbled onto the scene. For several moments she just stares in shock and bewilderment. Her isolated upbringing has left her rather unprepared for the world she's now in. She has never even heard of an Atlantean before..what ever is going on is so weird and freakish she's almost sure she's having some kind of nightmare. Maybe she got the wrong herbs in her morning tea…but no, the scents of battle are real. So Jes pulls out her phone and texts Zee. Zee will know what to do.

Zee's kind of busy at the moment… fighting the Atlantean troops at the main invasion site and supporting Supergirl. Orm… is proving to be quite difficult to defeat.

Sparing a glance at text message, the tone tells her it's Jes, her eyes widen in fear and shock. She can't leave Jes there alone, not her friend! She really, really needs to be in two places at once …. Kara needs support and so does Jes.

The problem with magic, is that it requires intent and willpower… and Zee's pretty intent of helping her friends. As she bites her bottom lip, considering how she can be in two places at once… a duplicate of Zee appears in front of …. Zee…. That's never happened before.

The duplicate tips her hat at the original and disappears from sight, appearing beside Jes in a heartbeat.

Original Zee blinks momentarily in surprise "Oh dear…. that's probably going to cost me later today," and turns her attention back to Orm on the beach.

Duplicate Zee smiles at Jes "Let's go do this, stick by me and I'll try to protect you."

"That's it. You're cut off from milk and cookies at the end of the day," comes back over the JLA coms. "And I'm setting a curfew." Uh huh. Clint's not far, he's never far from anything, really. He gets intel from all walks of life; a leftover from when he worked the other side of the street, as it were.

He may sound a touch winded through the com as the figure leaps from one fire escape to another, finding handholds on the sides of drainpipes, and now that his bullet hole is mended, he can actually pull himself up. One story, a second story, and a leap brings him to a rooftop in time to see the beast blot out the light behind and above. "Man, that thing could light an entire Eskimo village for a year."

The police are doing what they should be; cordoning off the area. Yes, they do need help, but what they do need is for someone to help with getting rid of the -reason- they're needing help. "When that thing comes down, let's not put it on a city street?"

A group of Atlanteans begin firing high powered energy weaponry towards Iron Fist, he was an obvious target since he wasn't running away from them like everyone else. A larger than normal armored figure stands at the center of the group of soldiers with a massive trident, he says to his people in their own language, "<This one is mine>." He points the trident at Iron Fist and charges once the barrage of weapons had ended.

From her rooftop perch Kate can see the beleaguered National Guard and Metro Police doing what they can to fight against the Atlanteans. An armored vehicle is moving down a side-street across from Iron Fist and it's about to open fire with a sonic cannon before it's destroyed by a squad of soldiers who are moving in to take down the survivors trying to escape the doomed vehicle.

Not far from Jesana and annataZ they can see a family of five: a grandfather, mother, father and two children being corned into an alley by a pair of vicious looking Atlantean soldiers without as heavy armor as the rest. They were eager to spill some surface blood.

The massive ship is moving further towards the bigger buildings, weapons fire streaming out around it in support of the ground soldiers; a particularly nasty blast obliterating the police checkpoint that Clint had been observing. A handful of survivors are attempting to crawl out when six Atlantean soldiers begin to move towards them.

The sound of military fighter jets could be heard like sweet music to the ears of those fighting down below, in the distance a flight of F-18s could be seen making an approach towards the massive helicarrier; the distinctive controls of missiles firing.

"This is Captain Ferris to National Guard forces on the ground. Confirm the area has been evacuated?" There would likely be a discarded radio or two this could be heard from or even with hacked communication lines such as the JL:A may have access to.

Meanwhile on the distant world of Zamoran

A group of mysterious warrior women were standing over the body of their Queen as the last breaths escaped her body.

A small purple ring flew off of her finger.

<Ring Status Report. Star Sapphire 01 Deceased.>

<Priority Directive Located>

<Suitable Ring Replacement Found>

<Proceed to Space Sector 2814>

Sector 2814 was better known as the Sector of the galaxy that Earth was located in.

Well, this does seem to be a predicament. Loki notes the arrival of some familiar faces as well as some new ones. All of them against these 'soldiers'? Interesting.

Whether or not he understands what is said by the large, armored man, there's a thoughtful expression on his face. He disappears from his one spot and reappears somewhere near Iron Fist. The other is given a nod before he just aims his staff at the Armored Man and sends a blast of energy directly at him.

No one said he ever played by the rules. Besides, the guy looked to be in charge and he's curious about that trident.

"Hey, I didn't invite the flying whale," Kate protests at the talk of curfews. "And sadly, I did not hallucinate it from experimental drugs, either." For once, Kate is at something of a loss. Small groups of soldiers are one thing. But this…this is an invading army. An invading Atlantean army. Where does she even start?

Hitting them is probably counterproductive. But stopping them…After a moment, she pulls out a trio of goop arrows, aiming at the street just in front of a group of soldiers. "Watch your step, boys and girls!"

Well hey they are using energy weapons, man does Danny hate those freaking energy weapons. They are just super tough to dodge and stuff. Of course it doesn't help when one gets distracted by the Asgardian appearing right next to you. So once Loki appears and gives him a nod, is the moment Danny gets distracted and gets hit.

Luckily for him the guys aim was a little off, it's not a fatal shot at least. But well hey it makes the guy yell out in pain. Damnit, was hoping he would have the Chi to actually use the iron fist in the fight. Instead he ends up taking his Chi reserve and starts focusing it on his healing.

Jes kinda goggles at the Zee that appears. Something is so weird there. But it is her, kind of. And there's other things to be worried about..like those kids huddling behind their parents who about to be cut down by those, "What the hell are they?!" Jes blurts at she scrambles out of her clothes. She doesn't seem concerned about her sudden nudity at all, and its not like anyone is looking at her anyway. Besides..its only a second later that she's shifted into Coyote Jes and is running towards the..whatever they are. She knows she's not likely to be perceived as a threat at first. Who cares about a dumb dog, or wild animal. But Jes is jes, whether human or coyote and she isn't relying on animal instinct. She darts under the legs of one of the Atlanteans and goes straight for an exposed bit of skin, her teeth looking for a major artery.

annataZ smiles grimly "Atlanteans, they are incredibly tough. Be careful…" Her speech, seems clipped as she strides closer to the alleyway, but not too close. Seeing an open dumpster down the alleyway, annataZ chews her bottom lip

~~ snaetnaltA nI ehT retspmuD dnA esolC ehT diL ~~

Meanwhile, back on the beach, Zee frowns slightly as she sways. Her magic is being divided between the two Zees.

Clint looks up at the flying whale, down at the soldiers, up at the whale, and down again at the soldiers. "Sadly? This wouldn't be considered a good trip, Katie." Arrows are pulled from his quiver, set upon the string and released, one after another after another in a volley. Sharp, barbed hunter tips; the kind that cause a great deal more damage to pull out than push through. Flying harpoons!

It's that last arrow in the volley that Clint cants his bow high, and takes the shot towards the flying side of a barn with a grapple arrow. "Going higher. Need to take out the guns." Clint's ready to be pulled off his feet the moment the arrow lands.

The frequency is easily unscrambled, and as Clint does his 'thing', he calls out to Kate, "See if you can't help the evac, Hawkeye!"

The large Atlantean Commander that had been charging Iron Fist is promptly dispatched by Loki and his blast of energy; the trident clatters to the ground. The squad of soldiers that was behind him all pull wicked looking melee weapons from their belts and begin to charge forth and avenge their fallen leader.

A brave Metro Police Officer is ducked down by some rubble near Loki and he pops up to fire off a few shots, telling Loki, "No clue who you are Mister but good work." There's no way he would survive that Atlantean charge.

Kate's goop arrow manages to fasten a group of Atlanteans in place; giving the men inside of the downed armor vehicle a chance to make their escape, leaving the Atlanteans to fire frustrated up towards Kate who was fairly safe.

By the time Danny starts to recover he can see that the approaching tide of Atlanteans is almost upon him, a handful of National Guard soldiers moving out of a near-by alley and setting up a 50 caliber machine gun. By the looks of it none of them were checking their radios but one man says to Danny as he hands him a pistol, "Sir, if you're gonna fight, you should have a weapon."

The Atlanteans do not seem concerned with JesPoochWolf who seems to be running towards them just thinking it to be some random wild animal. Then one of the Atlanteans takes a bit to a definite major artery by Jes who is under his legs.

As the Atlantean is screaming out in pain, him and his comrades find themselves teleported into a dumpster packed in like SARDINES. The little who had just been rescued points at Jesana and calls out, "Look mummy, nice doggie!" The family can't believe their luck but the children are grabbed and they begin to rush to safety.

Clint is a master archer and the group of Atlanteans heading towards the soldiers are dispatched with ease; each of his arrows finding a chink in their armor or a weak spot.

The missiles from the F-18s were mostly shot-down by the point defense systems of the massive Atlantean carrier that continued to head towards the city without any proper resistance. The F-18s have its attention now and a firestorm of weapons fire erupts towards them.

Three of the eight fighters are hit in the first volleys of the attack, two of the fighters obliterated with mid-air explosions; no sign of the pilots ejecting based on the severity of the explosions. The other fighter that is hit begins to crash, careening in a spiral towards the streets of Metropolis as the pilot ejects.

While you can't see it from your area of the fighting, another faction of underwater dwellers has joined combat against the Atlanteans in the pivotal part of the battlefield.

Charging Atlanteans? Well, it's really not surprising. Loki takes only a moment before he looks to Iron Fist and gives a grin, "Aim well." He then claps a hand on the officer's shoulder and teleports the two of them out of the immediate charge.

For some reason, that officer gets to live a little longer.

Hisnother 'Loki' then moves towards the trident and picks it up before disappearing out of the fray as well. It then reappears in Loki's other hand and he looks at it for a moment before he hands it to the officer. "It might be better against them than your silly guns." If it's not magical, he's not interested. That was a waste.

From the edges, he them begins to pick off Atlanteans in the charge with more blasts of energy from the staff.

It's like shooting fish in a barrel.

"You're boarding the flying whale?!?!" Kate exclaims as Clint takes off. "Clint Barton, I am not going to be the only one grounded if you go all Jonah on me!" She's in a relatively safe spot right now, and without knowing more about their opponents, she's going to avoid going down there and getting hurt. Instead, she uses arrows to start clearing a path for evacuation. "This way, people!" Flares go in a line along the best path, while smoke bombs block off Atlantean approaches and dangerous areas. Any Atlanteans who get in the way get more goop or riot foam.

Danny shakes his head as he is offered the gun, "Uhm I don't use guns." Hey martial artists have to have some pride. Plus Gun Fu wasn't one of the K'un-Lun lessons, but dang it, it should have been! So anyway Danny ends up handing the gun back to the guy, "Yeah I'll just stick with the fists and the feet." Damnit he needs to start carrying a sword or something, those are totally allowed and are martial arts weapons!

But well now that he's all healed up, (Yay for Dragon Chi), Danny just jumps back into the fight. "Man why don't any attackers bother to learn how to fight hand to hand anymore, that would make my life a lot easier you now." Of course as that's said he's aiming a kick at the nearest Atlantean's face, beware the power of the YELLOW BOOTIES!

Jes's tail wags at being called 'nice doggie'. She looks at the dumpster now packed with Atlanteans and shakes herself off and darts back over to annataZ side with a yipping coyote battle cry. She doesn't have any idea what the hell is going on but her job is clear, keep this version of Zee safe as she would her Zee.

The massive carrier that had gone unobstructed is about to face some serious obstruction as a beam of emerald energy shoots out of Metropolis and enwraps it, a massive egg of shielding swallowing the thing up and pushing back, intent on both containing any more fire and to push that Atlantean mofo right back where it came from.

The man called Green Lantern flies out of the city on the trail of his power, his raw force of will starting to strain thrusters. Hal was used to straining thrusters *rimshot* That thought makes the corner of his mouth quirk for just a second, but then he's all business. He didn't particularly care about whatever beef the Atlanteans had - this is the second time he's had to deal with an incursion of their soldiers and he's starting to get a little tired of it. He was putting his foot down, right here.

That manifests in the form of a massive, long-bearded being of green energy, looking like a stereotypical wizard, which Hal manifests in between the army and the city, providing a buttress for the heroes fighting them off, thirty feet high as it slams its staff into the sand. "YOU…SHALL NOT…PASS!" it calls.

"Good work, Jes. Now follow me…." annataZ moves towards the fray, unaware of the influx of troops. If they encounter more Atlanteans, she'll work with Jes to dispatch or hinder them.

Clint was waiting for the shoulder-wrenching tug, and when it comes, he's ready for it. Feet off the ground, Clint starts the hand over hand climb up, "*grunt* This is part of tomorrow's training.. what the hell—?"

Certainly no one could possibly suspect a crazy human would be climbing onto a flying whale, right? Right? "I forget. Did Jonah survive?"

The buzz of green light that comes the moment he's made it to the fluke by, well, a fluke, causes the archer to drop immediately in reaction to the energy pressure. He can feel the pull as if he's underwater and he's holding his breath, feeling the air held burn in his lungs. How to stop an attack like this by someone who may not know he's aboard? A flashbang arrow. Calibrate an incendiary to explode in the air… and from a prone position, an arrow flies, set to detonate in only a couple of seconds of flight time.

The police officer beside Loki accepts the trident, "Wow! I'll be telling my grandkids about this thanks to you Sir. What's your name? So I have a name for the story." He holds the trident at the ready, his father had been a fisherman. Fortunately for the Trident-wielding officer Loki is taking care of all of the charging Atlanteans in short work, the man literally having only lived because of this Trickster Gods appearance.

Kate is simultaneously managing to take down more Atlanteans than she has any business taking down, but she was the best archer there was (Biased scene runner). People are fleeing towards the evacuation point on foot, the area quickly clearing out of non-combatants.

The 50 caliber from the National Guardsmen rips into the incoming Atlanteans tearing them apart as the soldiers fight beside heroes with greater ability and training then themselves. One of the soldiers loading ammo is struck by an energy blast from the Atlanteans with a smoking hole in his chest.

"Christ, Marks bought the farm."


Another energy blasts strikes amidst the soldiers that Danny had been handing the gun to and the 50 caliber goes silent as he kicks that Atlantean across the street into a building, go go Dragon Chi!

The Atlanteans had their own powerful individuals and while Hal's Energy construct Gandalf seems to be working for a moment; his concentration is severely disrupted when a flying lobster-like man hits him from behind and starts grabbing him in his pincers. Whatever he was, he was strung, tank crushing strong!

annataZ and Jes run into some minor resistance, but it's nothing they can't handle. They do however come across a dog barking to be let out of a car, the poor pooch looked scared and wanted to be safe.

Clint manages to get onto the carrier and just as the Atlanteans are racing towards him from their positions on the deck, preparing to disembark they are blinded for the moment by a flashbang. There was at least a hundred Atlanteans on the deck, most of them not blinded. It was Clint Barton versus the world.

The remaining five F-18s have moved in between the buildings of Metropolis flying low and coming up for another pass from the blindspot of the carrier but despite this one of the remaining fighters goes down in a fiery wreck as they're spotted.

"Whiskey-Tango-Foxtrot. Fire on my mark! MARK!" Carol ordered the other pilots under her command, firing the last of her missiles towards the carrier.

Clint could see the missiles streaking in only to be destroyed by the point defense systems once more.

"Pull back, I've got an idea." Carol once more to her squadron.

Three F-18s could be seen pulling back and Clint could see that one of them was still heading towards the carrier, juking and rolling to avoid shots.

"Loki, Prince of Asgard. Be sure to tell the story well," is offered even as he blasts a few more before they can get to them. As the green wizard appears, his brows crease in confusion, "What…?" is murmured before he looks to the Officer. "Is that on our side, do you think?"

It looks like there's another force, but they aren't whales or fish-people so for now, he's not going to bother with it.

"Hey, Air Force!" Thank God for JLA tech. Kate's managed to dial into the right frequencies. "You've got a Hawkeye on board that flying whale!" She's not going to go so far as trying to give orders to the Air Force. Not when she knows Clint would probably rather go down with the ship than let it kill anyone else. But she's at least going to let them know he's there. In the meantime, she picks off stray Atlanteans, including one trying to sneak up on Loki.

Clint begins to get up from his faceplant, the breath pulled in soon after release. "Okay, not dead." And not even in much pain, given the circumstances. Riding a carrier whale is right up his alley, as much as it could be; how many times has he been on the deck of a helicarrier in active flight? Many times. Jumped out of the back of a Quin onto a flying helicarrier? (Another training mission for Katie. Shh.)

The fact that Atlanteans are trying to jump ship doesn't escape his notice, and he's got to make what arrows he's got left count for something. As a result, Clint's on the move into some semblance of cover, bow out, arrows at the ready. One that catches his movement gets an arrow straight through the gills for his efforts. Running forward, he pulls the arrow from a bloody corpse and renocks it for a second shot.

The arrival of the F-15s brings Clint's attention up, and there's that feeling of 'having a shot' at this before they veer off, one aircraft coming in, dancing and spinning to avoid fire.

Clint knows exactly what it's doing. Been there. Time to find the spot! (Follow the dancing fighter!)

Hal Jordan grunts as the crab-man hits him hard, briefly breaking his concentration, just long enough that the shield on the carrier, as well as the massive wizard, flicker from existence. His personal shielding holds, though, reflexive as it is, and he finds himself spinning through the air, "How the hell'd you get all the way up here?" he asks and he growls at the thing as he generates a tornado of green energy, surrounding himself with it to hopefully catch the pincered miscreant and fling him away.

Yay for the Martial Artist, he kicked one Atlantean! Of course there are still tons more where those came from. Of course he keeps trying to attack more of the fish people, but hey at least they aren't as bad as Mr. Fish, man did that guy smell. But hey at least he still has a lot of the fishies to fight! So hey he keeps at it, and well does more nifty martial arts moves, moves like the Hammer Leg of the Priest and the Priest's Drag of Lanterns!

Jes carefully avoids looking up. She can't do anything about that giant flying whale. In fact, she's just pretending its not there for the moment. Coming from the wilds of Montana she's never seen a regular whale. That thing up there, nope that just ain't happening. She stops at the car with the dog in it and waits with her hackles raised for annataZ to let it out. Coyotes and dogs are not friends! But its no where near as bad as those guys that smell like..ocean? she guesses. She hasn't actually been to see it yet.

annataZ looks at Jes and the dog in the car "The poor thing…" trying the door handle first, she's a little surprised when the door opens. "Well that's not something you see everyday."

Stepping out of the way, annataZ looks down to Jes to make sure her friend is clear and then pulls the door open fully, letting the trapped hound gain it's freedom. The dog bounds out of the car and heads away from the Atlanteans. "Well that's one smart dog, right there." she quips as she resumes her journey to the fray.

The police officer mouths the words over and over, "Wait, Loki? Like the God?" He seems to go pale, based on what he had seen and the things that existed in the world; he believed it. He was seriously going to rethink his religious views after this one, Loki may have just gained himself a mortal follower; Thanksgiving to be replaced by Thanksloki.

Loki then finds himself 'saved' by the mortal Kate (doesn't he owe her a boon for this) when she picks off an Atlantean Sorcerer that had been approaching Loki from behind with a spell at the ready!

Kate receives a reply to her comns, the female pilot replying, "Hey yourself. Good work on getting those people out of there." Carol's fighter was on a direct collision course with the 'bridge' of the Helicarrier, point defense may have been able to take care of the missiles but her jet would impact.

The hordes of Atlanteans that Clint is dispatching in his run'n'bow maneuver is causing his enemies great grief as he inches closer towards his target point. He's not going to make it, he's down to his last few arrows and there are dozens of the armored invaders surrounding him.

Carol saw the approaching impact with the bridge and hit the ejection button, a warning showing up that her canopy was jammed. She laughed. In the skies above, a streaking violet light had pierced the clouds and was racing towards her doomed fighter jet.

Hal Jordan manages to tornado his lobster-friend away from the battlefield, the Atlantean superhero or villain? Falling into the depths of the ocean. The Green Lantern would detect a disturbance in the emotional spectrum centered on that streaking violet light.

Pow! Bam! Chop! Slam! One by one Atlanteans fall to the skill of Iron Fist as they approach the man one by one like something out of a Kung Fu movie; each of them trying to prove themselves the best warrior among themselves by being the one to take him down. As he punches down an Atlantean, he notices that there are no more enemies charging him. Instead one of the officers in the distance raises a trident to salute him and they begin to hunt for other targets.

The dog goes running out of the car towards annataZ and Jes, eyeing Jes wearily before leaping up on annataZ and giving her a friendly doggy kiss.

The streaking violet light crashed through the canopy of the F-18 fighter and Carol heard a voice in her head. <Carol Ferris. You have great love in your heart. Welcome to the Star Sapphires.> The violet ring slipping over her finger and her flightsuit transforming into the uniform of the Star Sapphire Corps.

The explosion of the F-18 slamming against the bridge of the carrier was a visible sight for all fighting, especially Hawkeye who was in the most danger from the blast.

As a piece of debris was about to slam into Hawkeye, he felt himself lifted away from the deck of the carrier by a glowing beam of energy that surrounded him; tethering him to a radiant woman in a revealing violet costume.

The Atlanteans down below began to grow disheartened as they saw their carrier begin to pull back, losing the benefit of their command and control network. Elsewhere on the battlefield, Arthur had arrived to confront Orm. The invasion was about to come to an end.

Loki merely smiles as the Officer seems to actually understand who just saved his life. There is no response, but if he gets a worshiper, he won't complain.

Whirling around as the sound of the interrupted attack behind him, he looks down to the fallen Sorcerer and takes a moment before looking over to the female Hawkeye. A nod is given in acknowledgment before he blasts a couple more Atlanteans.

At this point, though, he's getting uninterested. They haven't provided much of a challenge aside from sheer number. "Why are they here again? This seems excessive."

"Clint! Clint, can you read me?!" Kate stares at the explosion of the carrier, moving away from the edge of the roof to try to get a better vantage point. "Clint Barton, I swear to God…" That's the worst of the threat gone, and the area evacuated. She can spare a moment to check, right?

Yay it appears that the invasion is over! So at least things are okay for now, and now it's time for the martial artist to sneak away and stuff. It's always bad for the Hero for Hire to be seen giving away his services for free and stuff like that. So once it's over the guy just needs to find a spot that he can well get changed back into regular Danny Rand.

Jes glowers as the dog jumps up to kiss annataZ and then lifts her lips in a sneer at the "smart dog" comment. She bumps annataZ's hip with her nose and struts forward, looking for any others who may be trapped or hiding. Coyotes are smarter. Clearly.

annataZ sputters as the dog kisses her and then starts as Jes bumps her hand "You're more than a dog, Jes." Then the magi's image begins to flicker, as the Atlantean threat seems to be over.

If Loki is looking for 'interesting', as in 'oh god, oh god, we're all gonna die', then the place he -should- be is right up here with Hawkeye as he's reaching back to his quiver and coming back with nothing but air. He's not completely unarmed, or disarmed, or whathaveyou. Random bits of FOD are just as good as projectiles when thrown correctly, but even Barton recognizes it's a last ditch effort. The army of fishy guys advancing just might take him down, but not before he takes a whole lot more of them down with him. It's gonna hurt both of them.

The streak of violet is noticed; the fact that it smashes through a canopy of an aircraft now on collision course is lost on him due to the fact that he is entirely within the blast radius of said fighter. Turning and running isn't a bad idea at this point, and that's exactly what he's doing.

The pyrotechnics of a fighter filled with fuel hitting the deck far exceeds in brilliance, in lights and sound, the sight of his own paltry arrow. Clint can feel the heat of fuel as it blasts, exploding, and he never sees the shrapnel hurling towards his 'only human' form.

In the next breath, Clint doesn't feel anything. The heat on his back that threatened multiple degree burns is gone, and the unseen hunk of shrapnel that had his name carved on it hurtles past having missed its mark.

The damaged carrier can no longer fly, the damage caused by the impacting fighter causing it to begin to fall lower and lower to the ground until it crashes into the ocean; moving down beneath the depths from where it came.

Atlantean forces are retreating suddenly.

Had you all really routed them?

While the actions of those fighting in this part of the battle had been important; the destruction of the carrier as coincidentally timed as it may have seemed was not the cause of the retreat.

It was the fact that King Arthur of the Atlanteans had returned to the land of the living, there was a heated confrontation occurring in the major part of the battlefield still but the fighting had stopped.

The puppy dog with Jes and annataZ barks gratefully upon seeing his owners not far away and rushes off with his tail wagging to leap onto the same little boy whose family you had rescued earlier.

Hawkeye finds himself being transported through the air in a glowing violet bubble, completely safe. The love between Hawkeye and Kate is felt and the woman in violet settles down on the rooftop near Kate.

The bubble around Hawkeye fades and he's safely there, across from Kate; not a scratch on him despite the wounds he had suffered fighting, healed by that same violet light. To the pair of reunited lovers she says in a regal voice, "Love will never be again threatened on the watch of Star Sapphire."

Of course, her reuniting of Clint and Kate had resulted in numerous deaths beforehand.

Hal Jordan looks up at the arrival of the Star Sapphire with a furrowed brow and a cocked head. Huh. Well, that was certainly…something. Better than some of the other options, at the very least. He lashes out with his power, sending a variety of attacks to continue to drive the Atlanteans back, presuming he can figure out the mystery of this new ring bearer when the city isn't being invaded.

Loki did feel a force that wasn't quite magic, but wasn't quite -not- magic…but he couldn't recognize it. When the woman in purple appears and makes her regal announcement, he rolls his eyes, "I'm sorry…did she really just say that?" It's worse than a platitude that his brother might spout. He looks to the recued officer and just shakes his head, "I am no longer amused by this battle. Carry on…enjoy your life with your children and don't forget to tell your grandchildren of this day," and who rescued him.

Love has saved the day. He's going to have to remember that one.

"Clint!" As the other archer is delivered back to the rooftop, Kate runs to join him, flinging her around around his neck. "You stupid ass," she says breathlessly before she pulls him down for a very thorough kiss. Only when it's done does she look back to his rescuer, blinking at the costume. "That's, uh. Ironic. But. Thank you," she adds, genuine relief in the last.

Did she really say that?

Clint looks pretty surprised to find himself transported in the blink of an eye to the top of a building, and with the pronouncement that follows? Cue awkward and uncomfortable archer.

Aaand, action! Okay, that sort of action he can handle, and when Kate runs to him, the moment she gets to him, he picks her up, the kiss responded to for a long, lingering moment. Too soon, he's setting her gently down onto her feet, an arm draping lightly across Kate's lightly framed shoulders. He leans briefly to kiss the top of her hair again, a whisper of "Yeah, I know. But who else can say they rode a whale carrier?" meant for her. For the violet-shrouded woman? "I.. uh.. appreciate the ride down." Not to be ungrateful and all! Is it time to go home now?

With the Atlantean threat gone, annataZ is no longer needed and the duplicate Zee flickers out of existence.

Back on the beach, Zatanna notices a slight lessening on her power but she's too involved in looking after those on the beach to think about.

Jesana should have a real tale for Zee when they catch up.

Seeing nothing left that she can do and the other Zee has faded, Jes trots back to where she dropped her clothes, shifts to human Jes and redresses, ignoring the stare of anyone still crazy enough to be around. Time to go find her Zee!

The strangely attired woman known as Star Sapphire smiled at the sight of the two Hawkeyes kissing before flying away from the sight of the attack, disappearing as mysteriously as she appeared.

Carol Ferris awoke in a cold sweat, remembering what had happened to her several days ago when her canopy had jammed.

It had been real.

Her assistant had been calling her constantly to respond asking where she was.

She shivered a little at the thought of the violet crystals that had covered her body when the sapphire ring slipped onto her finger.

She remembered with exquisite detail the torture she had visited upon the Atlanteans about to kill Hawkeye and what scared her, was she enjoyed it.

In the back of her mind, the emotional entity known as The Predator stirred.

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