Sins of the Future #6: Too Late

March 6th, 2016: The X-Men are socializing when a call to arms interrupts it.

Xavier Institute

The X-Men's Base.



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"So, basically, we use this place as a headquarters for our operations." Scott is showing Alexander the X-Men base. Far be it for him to keep something like this a secret from his own brother, after all. He's already given the man a run down on who the X-Men are, beyond the public identity that is the X-Men: Red Team. He hasn't yet shown Alexander the Danger Room, nor has he exposed the younger brother to Cerebro or the science labs. Instead, Alexander has been given a glimpse at the team quarters, armory, and motor pool.

The hangar is an extra special treat. That one will have to wait.

"So this is our operations center," he says, showing him the main tactical room. "Computers are heavily encrypted, so, good luck using them until you've got a security clearance. But, we've got taps into, well, a lot of stuff." He's not going to tell Alexander exactly what they have taps into; it might be considered treason.

Alex follows alongside his older brother, listening to his words and storing the data that was necessary; but he was mostly just enjoying the lost time that he had been deprived of for all those decades.

Upon entering the tactical room, the younger Summers brother's eyes go wide, "Oh. Nice.." He pauses for a moment, thinking of some smart ass retort. Nothing came to mind however, and Alex snorts and jabs lightly at his older brothers rib in a brotherly manner, "Well damn, taking all the fun out of the room already!"

Lunair is - here and there. She's one of the flightier mutants, even though her flight is limited to rocket boots. Lunair is a curious critter, being both curious and strange. She is likely drifting past the computer room. She likes computers, and has some higher than normal capacity for intelligence, but it's not her thing. Not really. Nevertheless, she's wandering. And cueing the Pink Panther music, she hears people inside. Sneaksneaksneeeeeeeak. Wait, those are familiar voices. DOUBLESNEAK. Liiiiiiiiiiiisten.

Remy LeBeau in his afternoon forage has discovered something interesting, a wild Lunair! Which her movement piques his own curiosity and he can't help but almost fall in to the same sneak, synchronizing his steps with her own as he follows right behind her in a mimicked creep. He really badly wants to say "Whats up Doc?" but restrains himself and just… goes with it. The sucker stick hanging out of his mouth clenched down on so he doesn't break out laughing. Oh, voices! Slims and someone else!? This is why she is being Solid Snake stealth mode right now. So nosy…
emy approves.

Remy approves.

Speaking of the Danger Room, Nate is just getting out of a training session looking somewhat worse from the wear, uniform torn and favoring his right leg. He always sets the level of the room too high, so getting beaten up is a frequent happenstance. But man, little challenge is boring. Just out, and on the way to the showers, he spots the Summers brothers and walks to meet them, "Scott, how is… hey, Alex. So showing him the cool stuff here?"

Sneaky people, being sneaky, are not caught. He should be paying more attention at the mental chatter, and in fact… is he hearing Pink Panther music?

Beast was just in the computer room, doing…something. Surely he has his own computers in his own lab, but sometimes he needs to get out of there or needs certain securities that some other computers might have. That or he's checking to make sure there are no viruses or trojans or bots sneaking around them. After the HYDRA attack, he's been extra vigilant when it comes to the computers and information sent in and out. While he's not Cypher, he manages to hold his own most of the time.

Upon hearing voices and smelling new scents, he turns around, just in time to see Scott and a stranger doing the 'tour'. There's a sigh given before he looks to the computer, "Are we a tourist attraction now?" he asks it before muttering and standing from his seat, "It's not like I'm unavailable to -get- news…" is muttered as he moves to catch up to them.

It's then that he sees the others, seemingly congregating in the Headquarters. "Is there a reason things are so busy here tonight?" is asked louder, obviously directed at others who are not himself or the computer monitor.

"Something like that," says Scott to Nate. "I mean, he's my brother. Can't keep a secret from him. He'll smell a lie before I even crap it out."

A rueful look is given when Hank greets them so. "Hank McCoy," he murmurs to Alexander. "He's harmless. Well, unless you really piss him off." Scott summarily winds his way toward the Doctor, smirking. "Feels like it lately," he answers. Hank may really dislike the arrival of so many new faces as of late. Scott can't say he feels much differently, but this. This situation is entirely different. "Hank. I want you to meet Alex." He turns to look over at Alex, smirking. "Alexander Summers. My younger brother."

Alex chuckles at Scott's comment before offering a nod in recognition of Nate, waving one of those gauntleted hands in his direction, "Good evening.. Nate was it?" A faint smile is offered to his.. nephew? It was all still confusing to the man, who had only just met his brother for the first time the day before.

Thinking that he had possibly seen everything, Alex can't help but slack his jaw in awe at the sight of Beast, "Good evening Doctor McCoy." The man is humbled by the sheer size and.. color of the creature. He'd offer a hand to shake, but they're clearly unusable the this time. Without too much to say, Alex stammers, "I'm.. Alex." He points with a thumb to his right, mouthing the word, 'Brother' in unison with Scott.

Lunair is going to go full 'Snake. A large box appears a bit over her, and yup, she's peeking out the side of the box, completely unaware of the incredibly sneaky (so sneaky!) Remy behind her. It is a testament to his ability that he isn't breaking out laughing. Yet. It may also be that Lunair hesitates to interrupt others. And there's sneakiness continuing! Is that a Nate? That is a Nate. Lunair remembers him. And also blasting Jean with the dubstep gun. Lunair is going places in life, clearly.

And one of those places might be a Darwin award ceremony. Especially since one of her hobbies includes 'bothering Winter Soldier'. And tragically, she can't hide her thoughts, so there's a definite suppression of giggles and possibly that Pink Panther theme.

Beast's voice startles Remy enough he bites down on the sucker and flails at the air. He heard that right, yeah? Alex Summers? Slim has a brother. More choking!
"Oh, ack."
Immediatrly the Cajun's eyes begin to water as the sucker goes a little too deep and he doubles over, inadvertantly bumping in to the back of the large box housing Lunair. It's not like Beast and possibly Nate hadn't spotted them anyways.
Tears streak down the man's cheeks and he proceeds to pound on his own chest with a balled up fist. Stealth mode fail. Some world class rogue.
Two fingers raise up in the air to indicate he is quite alright. He just needs a moment.

Rachel returned to Scott and Alex having dipped out on the little tour earlier to go grab the pair of brothers some cold drinks while they made up for lost time. Arriving to what is a far bigger crowd than she expected she waves, "Sorry, I didn't bring enough for everyone." A pair of ice cold beers is handed towards Scott and Alex, "Dad, Uncle Alex." She hoped they would be happy, "Seemed like your reunion was missing a drink."

Nate nods at Alex, then glances back at Pink-panthering Lunair-in-a-box, looking vaguely confused. Oh, and there is a Gambit, too. "Do I want to know?" No, he doesn't. "Well, folks. I might join you for the grand tour later, but right now I need a shower, coffee and… I'll be back later." Some painkillers, too. Ouch. He limps away.

"I heard that, Scott…" Hank points out. Not too much gets past him — unless he's really immersed in his work. Or something like that. A bushy eyebrow arches at Alex's reaction to meeting him before he glances to Scott again, "I see that we're doing away with codenames. I suppose we should alert the others so they're aware of this new change." He's going to have to 'come out' sooner rather than later now since everyone…and their brother, apparently, now seems to know who he is.

So much for secrecy.

He would also offer a hand but he chooses a nod instead, "A pleasure to meet you, Mr. Summers. Are you here to stay for a bit then or merely passing through?" Another glance to Scott, "I didn't know you had a brother."

Remy's outburst gets an, "Are you all right?" before he asks of Lunair, "Are you trying for a Bugs Bunny imitation? I suppose we have no shrubs to hide behind down here."

He pauses then as Rachel appears…yet another…and addresses Scott and the newly-met Alex in a very particular manner. His clawed hand steeple briefly at his mouth for a moment as he takes in a deep breath and exhales. Only then does he ask, "Did I miss an important memo?"

"Oh, don't worry about it, Hank." Scott seems to be in a much better mood than he usually is, which is trouble. His good moons usually bring out the inner douchecanoe in him. "If Alex here spills any beans, I'll just beat him up." He glances between the two, then smiles when Rachel shows up… with beers. "Well. We… usually don't drink down here, but. It'll be a first." In more ways than one. Looking back to Hank, Scott explains, "Alex and I were separated when we were kids. Up until, well, not long ago, I'm not sure either of us knew if the other was still alive."

Scott turns around and looks toward Remy and… is that an Amazon box? His eyebrows shoot upward. "Hank, I think he might need the Heimlich."

LOG NOTE: good moods. You don't want to witness a good moon.

Narrowing his gaze towards the choking Cajun, Alex raises an eyebrow as if to ask, 'You alright?' A crooked grin plays across his features as his niece arrives with a beer. Alex offers to cling beer necks together in a cheer before taking a long draught from the bottle. Commenting after a sigh of relief from the cold liquid in a 'matter of fact' tone, Alex retorts, "You can try anyways." Winking the blonde-haired Summers looks back to Hank after thanking Rachel for the beers. "I don't plan on leaving anytime soon. Just found my big bro, not about to let him out of my sight anytime soon." He beams at the last statement, as serious as one can be.. before adding, "Besides.. I've got a bit of an issue, and Scott here says y'all might be able to help me."

"Feel better soon!" The box offers helpfully to Nate. Lunair IS capable of being pretty sneaky. But not today. The box shuffles around, hearing Gambit cough. Well, he seems like he'll be okay, and she pulls her box back up in time. She is committed to Sparkle M— Box.

At Hank's comment, Lunair actually considers it a moment. Really… thinks it over. "We could use some shrubs," She offers helpfully, never leaving the box, never breaking character. She's just going with it. "I think he's okay. And hi guys! Um, what kind of problem?" The box asks. It's a very helpful box.

"Mo bon, merci…" Remy rasps as he straightens upright. Another singular pound on his chest and he removes the green sucker from his mouth, eyes watery. "Quite alright now. What Hank said, I think we all missed a memo." A look is given that sweeps from Nate, to Rachel, to Alex and then to settle on Scott. "This is becoming an epidemic, non, a pandemic."
The game of sneak and ambush with Lunair done for now. Remy will offer her a flash of a grin in semi-apology for ruining. "Sorry, Loon."

Rachel can't help but grin about their being a first time for everything, even if Nate had accused her of 'cheating' by helping reunite Scott and Alex; there was no harm in using knowledge like that for good, right?

The Box is given an odd look and she just shrugs with a smile, "Having fun?"

Scott receives an incoming urgent communication from whoever was manning the situation room. Whatever he was hearing, was not good.

Beast clears his throat, "I wasn't necessarily talking about you and Alex, Scott…although that was a surprise." A glance is given to Rachel, "I'm wondering why a woman who doesn't look all that much younger than I am," although, how can one tell? "Is calling you 'dad'?" See, no one answered that, "Even Gambit found that odd." See? Codenames! They're important! At least, they used to be.

"Lunair, if you would like to add shrubbery to the Headquarters, you are more than welcome, but you will also be responsible for them."

"Yeah, well." Scott's response to Hank and Remy is as rueful as ever. "If my relatives stopped popping out of the woodwork, things might slow down around here." He says that lovingly, of course. No. Really.

"Don't let that Ranger training get to your head, squirt." Scott clinks the bottle with Alex, but before he can take a drink, he's claiming his X-Comm and eyeing it for a few moments.

"Party's over." All manner of friendliness is gone. Scott just became all business. "Intel coming in, from contact Denial Seven. Group of 'powerful mutants' about to hit a secret US mil-base. Pacific island. Looks like there might be an 'anti-mutant' weapon in development there." He closes the communicator, looking at those gathered. "If you're coming, suit up. We launch in five minutes."

Looks like those answers are gonna have to wait.

"Eight years too late for that bro." Alex lets out a chuckle while finishing off the rest of his beer. All jokes aside, when his brother turns serious, so does he. "A military base?" Blonde brows furrow over concerned eyes, "I'm coming with.. I still have a vow to uphold against enemies of this country." The veteran of foreign wars straightens his back, easily switching back into soldier mode, "Plus.. I can't let you go into battle by yourself.." The last remark is made sheepishly.

"It's fine. I'm really kind of noisy when I walk anyway," Lunair considers. Plus, everyone loves Amazon boxes. Was it really such a good idea? She peeks out from under her box. "Really? Well, then I can protect us from strange Englishmen demanding shrubberies. But - not too expensive ones…" Hey, she's looking out for her fellow mutants. There's a bob from the box. "You bet." She just rolls with it. She's feeling a bit puzzled by the big mutant families, but it seems fun.

And she's cheery enough to greet the others. There's a pause, as Scott goes full business mode. Oh. Okay, yeah— wait, I can just mimic- yeah, I got it." She's got this. Box is on the duty. Hard not to awww a little bit at the brothers, but hey. She's a quiet box. Actually, Lunair eventually emerges from the box, which disappears.

Rachel doesn't have a whole lot to say when a mission comes up, she was ready for action, "I'll go prep the Blackbird. See you guys in ten." Unlike the others, she didn't have to worry about changing either; her casual clothing changing into an X-Men uniform as she walks down the hallway.

"What?" Beast heard what Scott announced, but he is reacting to Rachel's comment about seeing to the Blackbird, "Who -are- you and what makes you think you have clearance to even go near the Blackbird?" He shakes his head and points a finger at Scott, "When you get back from this, you and I are having a Talk. A LONG Talk." The finger is then pointed at Rachel and he growls, "You do NOT go near that jet."

He'll go prep it.

Gambit exhales the scent of watermelon before shoving that candy back in to his mouth and crunching down on it. "My mind is tellin' me no, but my body…" A noise escapes the rogue and he cuts himself off as Beast speaks only offering the others a shrug a sly smile appears as he hears Rachel, "I'll go hang with blue while he gets the bird ready."

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