Above The Clouds

March 7, 2015: Rowan takes Kara and Babs soaring above the clouds

The Skies Above The Tri-Cities



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Rowan did make one other stop before heading up above the clouds to get Kara some much needed sun. He stopped by the Gotham Clocktower to pick up a certain redhead, explaining on the way why he had a bloodied and injured blonde in his arms. He also had to explain why he didn't have six wings and fire glowing up his gullet. There was a lot of explaining to be done.

Still, eventually they broke the clouds and the dragon settled into a cruise, still seething quietly about the battle.

Kara had not forgotten about her abandoned clothing on a rooftop in Metropolis, she would have insisted even in her weakened state that Rowan make sure they get those things! She lived her clothes and running around in a tattered suit of ceremonial Kryptonian battle armor wasn't exactly something she was planning to do or wanting to do.

"Thank you Rowan. This is nice." Even if her powers were gone for now, maybe to never return as far as she knew this was a good way to spend some time after near death.

Kara, may or may not, recognise the redhead. One Babs Gordon, confined to a wheelchair through a home invasion gone very badly. Rowans appearance, and invitation, has Babs a little concerned and she's wasted no time to join him on his journey. As they settle into the cruise, she regards the Blonde and the Dragon.

"So…. what happened?" she speaks quietly, not realising how angry Rowan really is.

"The Atlanteans attacked." Rowan rumbles quietly. He's angry about that. That kind of thing goes against everything he believes in. And knows to be wise. The great lizard shakes his head.

'You're welcome, Kara. Least I could do. I'm sorry they did that to you."

Kara smiles a little at Barbara having never met her in person before now, but here she was riding a dragon with her, "I'm Kara, like Rowan said. Yep, the Atlanteans decided they wanted to invade and this jerkoff named Orm thought stabbing me repeatedly with a massive trident would be fun." Apparently some Atlanteans could kick Kryptonian butt.

"I'm Babs" the redhead is picking up on Rowans mood "So it happened then, what you were worried about?" Babs cants her head towards Kara "I would say, pleased to meet you… but I think the circumstances could be better."

Rowan gently settles Kara on his back with Babs. SHe just got stabbed. A lot. So he's not going to push the matter. If he has to carry her he has to carry her. "Yes, Orm seemed to think that." The big dragon sighs. "I'm sorry I did not get there sooner. You should not have fought alone."

"Yes, it did… though Arthur… arrived to put a halt to it. With him back there will likely be no war. So that's good, at least."

Kara rarely seemed to meet anyone under the best of circumstances so she shook it off, "The best circumstance is the one you meet someone under I suppose." She gave Rowan a gentle pat, "I didn't fight alone, there were lots of others trying to stop the invasion and Orm. I think he just had a thing against blondes since he was beating on that Lady to." She had no clue who The Invisible Woman was.

"Mmmmm… well I am glad to hear that." THe large lizard rumbles. "Hopefully there will be time to recover. I do not think the Atlanteans will be so bold again unless they're pushed." Which would drive Rowan to fairly drastic action but he doesn't want to think about that for now.

Babs smiles as Kara pats Rowan and then frowns slightly "So, why exactly are we flying?" She can see Kara's hurt, and as Oracle understands what they're doing, but as Babs… maybe not so much.

Kara was just happy to be flying on a Dragon, only a few days ago she had been talking about them with Kate, Fenris and Wonder Woman; reminiscing how stoies of them existed on Krypton as well as Earth.

"I have no idea but the sun feels nice. It's been so cloudy forever." Thank god Rowan and Oracle weren't villains because Kara was way too trusting when you thought about it, "Rowan, where are we going?"

"Nowhere in particular." Rowan is actually just circling high above the clouds where there's lots of sunlight. They are, indeed, slowly starting to break up though the consequences of messing with the Earth's weather patterns for a month will be felt both above and below the waves. For a long time. No wonder the Blue were upset with Atlantis. "Do you want to go somewhere?" He can take them anywhere they'd like within reason, really. Babs knows how fast he can be when he wants to move.

"Somewhere, nice and sunny, I think… What do you think, should we find a beach somewhere?" Babs enjoys the flights with Rowan "Tell me about this new form, Rowan…" the redhead is pretty impressed.

"Only if there's no connection to Atlantis from those beaches, please." Atlanteans had traumatised Kara when it came to beaches for a good while, "Every time I go to a beach, Atlantis attacks." She had never really seen any sights on Earth, "It's silly that I've been here so long and I've only really seen Russia and America. Now that I can't fly I really wish I had got to see a few places."

"Well…" Rowan looks about. "There are other places to visit." He turns south. It'll be sunnier and warmer there and his mind is often on the Carribean these days. "If you remain flightless I might take you to some of them, if you like. Babs is often busy at night and while the flights are long wouldn't mind playing dragon-taxi."

"Ah, the new form. Well you're looking at it." Rowan has two wings instead of six, they're leathery rather than feathered and his horns sweep back. He scales are black ish rather than red. He looks a bit more… intimidating. "When the Atlanteans attacked and started pushing inland all I could think about was burning them back into the ocean. I must have… it must have trigged something. I called Fire, which I haven't been able to do since I got here." Rowan is an odd mix of magic and genetic manipulation. His abilities depend on the interaction between the two.

"Yes, I can see the new form Rowan" Babs hasn't had a chance to get a good look "And that's progress…

"And that's progress." The redhead is thoughtful "Did you burn them back, like you wanted?"

"Rowans very generous with his time, and as he says, I work most evenings…" Murmuring to Kara, Babs bobs her head "there's so much of our world to see."

Kara wasn't exactly in on the fact that Barbara Gordon was Oracle, not that the pair had a lot of dealings; she didn't doubt Babs knew who she was though, "That sounds like fun Rowan, even when I get my flight back we could fly together to some." She seems greatly interested in how he changed, so he wasn't always a dragon, that was cool to know, "So what is it you do Barbara?" She had to ask!

The questions get a chuckle. He has no doubt that Barbara will be deflecting a little. "I'd like that. I do hope you recover quickly." The fire within him heats a little more and both Babs and Kara can feel it. He's still a bit upset. "What Orm did to you was both stupid and wrong. It'd be a shame for you to be laid up for a long time for that."

To be fair, there are only a select few who know Babs alter ego, not even Rowan does. Kara's question gets a warm smile "I'm an IT Security Specialist" strange how that's not too far from the truth "I work with computers and stuff, protect them from hackers etc." The redhead doesn't elaborate, most people start to glaze over when she starts talking about it. Feeling the heat, Babs directs her attention to Rowan "Orm, isn't he the Kings brother? I think I might need more of the story…"

Kara accepts the response from Barbara without any hesitation on her behalf, she was fairly trusting, "Orm is a jerk, whoever he is and yeah it was wrong what he did to everyone Rowan. People like him, on Krypton they would be sent to the Phantom Zone which sucked to be sent to."

"Orm is also Royalty and sadly…" Rowan sighs. "… his attitudes are reflective of much of Atlantis. The surface is hated there, with a visceral passion. Contempt breeds such things, as does fear. And in their blindness and self rightousness they alienate their allies and strengthen the cause of those who would oppose them." He glances back to the storms. "Those didn't help, for certain."

"Yes, we've spoken about that." Babs murmurs "So was Aquaman and Mera party to the attack?" She's slowly catching up on the story. Oracle may know what happened, but Babs would be relying on the media coverage, which by the time Rowan came by was somewhat confused.

"So wait, this is all some big royal atlantis scandal? Like that television show, family feud?" Kara had watched quite a bit of tv at the JL:A Lakehouse, more than she should probably, "Why doesn't anyone just deal with them? I mean Aquaman's best power is talking to fishes and telling his people what to do but when he's not around they're insane."

"Aquaman is…" Rowan thinks about how to put this. "Rather misunderstood up here. On my world he was the leader of a nation at war and it's most powerful champion. His trident quite literally commands the seas. His physical presence is worth hundreds of standard soliders and his understanding of politics deeper than many are willing to believe. 'Dealing' with them would mean, for an outsider, not only going to war with his entire nation, but also having to take the prime specimen of a superhuman species."

"Babs, Aquaman and Mera halted the attack. I do not think there will be war now." He pauses. "Above the waves. The damage may already be done below them. My people already cut diplomatic ties with the Throne of the Atlantic. This will not sit well."

"I don't know, Kara." Babs appears very confused "Aquaman was dead, now he's alive and stopping an attack on the surface. Thank you for clarifying that, Rowan." To an outsider, it could well look like a royal sibling squabble.

At Rowans words, Babs looks very sad "You think there will be war beneath the waves? Having met both Aquaman and Mera, I would hope not."

Kara remembers the other group of Atlanteans who had arrived at the battle, deciding to pick Rowan's brain further, "So who was the leader of the other group of Atlanteans?" She peeks over the side of Rowan to look down through the clouds.

"Aquaman was never dead." Rowan clarifies. "He's able to recover from wound like that. Just very slowly." He glances back at the other two women. "On my homeworld, he only has half a face, if that's any indication. I should have thought of it earlier. When I realized I went to go warn Mera that Orm may well have known. It's possible that's why Orm was vanished. You'll note that he did not particularly look surprised to see him, Kara. Or… well, you may have noticed."

Rowan's had scant time to learn this worlds undersea history but he has the basics. "The other man was Namor, King of the Southern Atlanteans also sometimes incorrectly called Lemurians." There are actual Lemurians as well. "Their city was destroyed in war with the surfacers decades ago and they've become a fleet people."

"There may be war… it depends on how it's all handled. The Blue are not pleased. Not at all, from what i can tell. And they're making it felt."

Kara laughs before shaking her head, "No, I was a bit busy bleeding out to see the look on his face when Aquaman arrived." She stares off in the horizon now, warning, "If there's war, we'll stop them again."

"Underwater?" Rowan would like to see that trick. "That may be possible, but it will also make you more enemies. I'm planning on meeting my own people soon. I've been out of contact with the Blue since I arrived. I get the feeling we'll be travelling. If you wish to learn more, come with me then."

Kara has no clue who the blue are just asking the Dragon-man, "Who exactly are the Blue?" There was way too many of these groups to keep track of, why couldn't Earth just have a Science Council and be done with it.

Babs will let Rowan explain the Blue. "I hope you aren't travelling for too long" Babs murmurs. "I will miss you." Frowning slightly, the redhead considers "Do you think Orm was behind the assasination attempt?"

"My people." Rowan says as they glide. He's turned them inland and they're… over… Miami? Possibly? "We were Atlanteans ourselves once, at least on my world, but became a genetically distinct people ages ago. Mostly our power is in the Pacific though there is an enclave in the Carribean. The Blue do not answer to the throne of Atlantis, nor do they consider themselves Atlantean in culture or heritage."

Babs gets a smile. "And I you Babs. I do not know. I hope not, but cannot rule the possibility out."

Kara considers the offer if it was to her in the first place, "I'd love to go but, I don't think I could just go without knowing when I would come back. If you ever need help though, I would be willing to in a heartbeat." Of course in her current state, she was useless.

Rowan's not planning on going any time soon. He still has to contact them. It'll be a week or so, perhaps two or three, before he's ready. And he needs to confer with Arthur and Mera and possibly Namor. "It may be some time." The Blue murmurs as he banks and circles down. "Come. Let us… enjoy the sea in a manner less threatening. I hear it's nice down here in the… Keys? Odd name for islands…"

The offer was to Kara, Babs and Rowan have discussed her accompanying him but her work won't allow for extended absences. "It just seems the most likely hypothesis, Orm that is." Babs smiles widely as Rowan banks and circles, she's obviously done this before. "That's very kind of you, Kara… and appreciated."

Kara looked down at the islands, a bit of nervousness beneath the surface as she appreciated their beauty, "Ask me before you go though if I'd like to come, you never know what happens in a few weeks. I'd hate to miss out on seeing some great new place I may not get a chance to see again."

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