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8 March, 2015: Jes followed Jericho and Zee to Limbo, Jericho isn't impressed




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Jericho was not happy to find that Jesana had managed to slip through the portal into Limbo with him and promptly shoved both the exhausted mage an the worried shifter into the one safe place Limbo has. Then he left them and told Jes to under no circumstances open the door. That was some time ago. It's hard to tell in Limbo and not at all clear what the ex-soldier has been doing during that time.

Jes had no interest in leaving Zee's side and is curled up with her, still in coyote form. She'd refrained from biting Jericho, barely. He'd tried to take her Zee away! She is not happy with him but he isn't there now and she managed to stick to Zee anyway and has calmed down some, though she's eyeing the door every now and again with a suspicious coyote sneer.

Zee has been sleeping, again… she expended way too much energy disabling the Triad and then countering the death curse from the hardsuits. Slowly awaking, the raven haired woman winces… her head feels likes it going to explode. Looking around the room, with it's garish tapestries, Zee sighs loudly "Limbo again…"

The room is… medieval. Like out of a fantasy horror movie. Bookshelves lined with arcane tomes, guttering tourches, tapestries depicting atrocities and horrors. Along with some oddly mundane accents. A poster here and there from heavy metal bands. A few other things. There are furs on the stone floor and the bed Zee is on is rather large. If anyone had to guess, this definitely is a woman's room though and not Jericho's.

The door opens and the hacker steps inside. Time was when he would not have been able to do this without Illyana but these days… well he doesn't come here casually and certainly doesn't take other people here casually. Really just Zee and… he's still not happy with Jes. She shouldn't be here. And it shows when he slips in the door and shuts it behind him. He's changed clothes - jeans and a tee shirt now - and it looks like he's been working. He smells of dirt and… plants? He's been gardening?

Jes turns from watching the door when she hears Zee's voice and whines softly. Her tail wags and she licks Zee's cheek and nuzzles the side of her neck. She looks relieved, as much as a coyote can. When the door opens though, Jes's fur bristles and she turns and growls softly. She looks as unamused at Jericho's presence as he does hers. Her back arches and her tail goes down. Classic coyote aggressive stance.

Zee reaches out and pets Jes "What are you doing here?" she groans slightly as the pain lances through her skull. The change in Jes' posture alerts Zee to the Hackers presence "He's a friend Jes, stop it" Her head hurts way to much to speak any further.

"You. Idiot." Is all Jericho says to Jes. "Do you have any idea at all what kind of danger you went and put yourself in?" Actually all of them. He had to stuff them away quick and then head off any questons about whether Jes was up for grabs. Zee is well known to be Illyanas and thus kind of protected (though it's much more dangerous for her), but nothing at all protects Jes and he gets the sense that letting her fight it out would go poorly for her.

Jes stops growling at Zee's command but is still glaring. She backs up and sits next to Zee, gently pushing at her with a paw to get her to lie back down. She belongs with Zee, and nothing is getting in the way of that. She's also Coyote and Coyote does what Coyote wants.

Zee glances at Jericho as he speaks and rasps out "She doesn't. She acted instictively" Blinking in pain, she lays down as Jes pushes "Jes, do you have your collar on?" Zee has absolutely no idea if it will help, but hey… collar, right?

"How bad this time?" the question is directed to Jericho, a sliver of concern in her voice. "I've never had a headache from using my magic, ever… "

"Bad enough Kitten." Jericho says with some sympathy in his voice. "You need to stop doing that. Though you did save all our asses so I suppose I can't be too upset." Indeed he's downright grateful. Which tempers him a bit as he looks back at Jes. "Trust, Jesana. I wouldn't take her somewhere that was likely to hurt her." Well physically. Limbo is corruptive and Zee's spent a fair bit of time there. No helping that though. "Your presence here makes things more difficult. We're lucky I was able to get you out of sight as fast as I was."

Jes eyes him for another moment before turning her attention back to Zee. She shakes herself a bit and then tilts her head to the side. She is wearing the leather collar. She'd had it on under her shirt, just in case. She might not trust Jericho yet but the collar is more than a sign of trust in Zee, though she hadn't said so exactly. It's a mark of how special Zee is to her. There isn't anyone else, anywhere Jes would be willing to wear a collar again for. Not even for protection. But Zee is different. There's a flash of silver when Jes shakes. She seems to have been wearing a silver chained necklace as well. There's a metal shaped, something affixed to it. If anyone attuned to such things looks at it they might have the sense of a powerful holy talisman, though at the moment, sleeping.

Zee puts her hand on Jes' coat, her hand clenching in the fur, the feeling seeming to relax her. "Not… Kitten." Keeping her eyes closed, she lets out a soft groan of pain "Something for the headache, please? I know I have to get better at it Jericho." Not stop… just get better.

Jericho puts some dried herbs in a basin and lights them on fire, letting the smoke waft near the bed. No asparin or anything here but there are other ways to get headache relief here. The hacker sits down in a chair nearby, watching Jes and Zee. "So what possessed you to follow me in here, mmm?"

Jes watches the smoke drift towards Zee for a few moments, then she answers Jericho's question by lying on her stomach and wiggling her way between Zee's arm and side so that she's being hugged. Then she just stares at Jericho through mismatched eyes. She hadn't been following him. She'd followed Zee. She'll follow Zee anywhere.

The smoke helps and Zee relaxes a little more, the Coyote hug helps even more so. "She didn't follow you…" Zee sighs as her hand clenches and unclenches in Jes' coat "I don't know why but she's adopted me… somehow."

"So I see." Jericho eyes the coyote for a while. "I don't think Limbo's going to suit her though. Call it a hunch, but I don't think she's going to have either the strength nor the temperment needed to be safe here." And he can't be there all the time to keep demons from taking advantage of that.

Jes wags her tail in response to Zee's words and licks her cheek while wagging her tail. She turns and shrugs her shoulders at Jericho. She can run, fast and she can bite and claw or shift and throw rocks if she has to. But no way was she letting Zee go here alone.

"And I do…" Zee's forgotten the collar, obviously "I'll speak with her Jericho… when I feel a bit better. Please don't be angry with her." Jes licking her cheek, causes Zee to sputter slightly and snug the Coyote closer to her.

Jericho nods, slowly. "Feeling any better?" He says quietly. The hacker can only do so much to help here, but once she's well enough he can have her taken back to New York. She can get to Titan Castle from there, or Shadowcrest.

Jes nuzzles Zee again and then stands and jumps off the bed. She turns and looks at Zee then back at Jericho. Hesitantly waving her tail she crouches down and belly crawls across the floor, making huge i'm sorry eyes and whining softly. She didn't mean to get him in trouble, or danger but she had to go with Zee.

"A bit. I'm just going to have to sleep it off and I can do that at Shadowcrest." As Jes jumps off of the bed, Zee turns her head to watch what she's doing. Raising her eyes to Jericho, she smiles a little "I definitely didn't teach her that… "

Jerico's eyes glimmer just a little. "Mmmmhmmm." He says slowly. "Well, come on. I'll get K'nert to take you back." Shouldn't be too hard. With luck the imp can open a disk up in the hall or something. There's usually more disks in the citadel than elsewhere.

Jes creeps closer and paws at his shoes, she pokes her tongue out and rolls her eyes back making a really goofy face at him. Her tail is still moving hopefully.

Zee slips from bed at Jericho's words, putting a hand against the bedhead to steady herself. Jes antics get a very bemused look "I think you should pet her, who knows what she'll do next."

"That's what I'm worried about." Jericho says dryly. But he does reach down to pet the apparently very contrite Coyote. Okay, so long as you don't get eaten on the way out we should be fine.

Jes grins up at him and then turns and darts to Zee's side and shoves her head under hand. She'll be her coyote cane!

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