Jes Reveals A Secret

March 8, 2015: Jes finally reveals the secret she's been wanting to share with Zee

Central Park - New York



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Jes kicks off her sandals and paces barefoot in the grass around the rock Charlie had been sitting on after she and Fenris leave. She has something to tell her new friend and is working up the courage to do so. Absently Jes plays with the hem of her shirt. Another thing she does when she wants to shift. "Zee,..I, I need to tell you something."

Zee perches on the rock that Jes is pacing around, drawing her knees up and hugging them. "So you keep saying" The raven haired woman offers a small smile "Whatever it is, Jes, it won't change that we are friends." Zees' world, this new life she's building, is filled with secrets. Some good and some not so… it doesn't matter to Zee, the proof is in the pudding as she see's it.

Jes finally stops pacing and settles cross legged on the ground infront of Zee. "I hope not, but I'll understand if you don't want me around anymore." Jes sighs. "I don't usually care what people think of me, you know. When people think you're worthless or a half breed outsider, it's a lot easier not to care, then it can't hurt you."

Jes looks up, her mismatched eyes earnest. "It matters to me what you think, and if you decide I'm an awful person for this then I don't blame you." She looks down then, to hide the pain she's sure is showing on her face.

Zee can't imagine what it could be that causes the young woman such pain. Uncurling her legs, Zee reaches down to touch Jes' shoulder "Bandaid approach, rip it off quick… Jes, I don't think I could ever imagine you as 'awful'."

Nodding, Jes opens her mouth and lets the words tumble out in a breathless rush. "Before we knew for sure, when I told you and Lady Pepper and that medic guy.." She winces, so glad she didn't skewer him. "about my father..I left something out. I didn't just suspect him. I kinda knew. It's all my fault. When I was twelve I went on a vision quest. And I saw Coyote, the god, not, me. He told me to "Beware the snake among the wolves." And said that if I didn't kill him now while before he suspected anything then I would lose the person I loved and hated most. I didn't want to believe it. He's my father. So I just didn't do anything.

When I was 15 both of my dads went overseas for a year. One of the werewolves came down from Canada to watch the farm while my brothers were away. In the wild..wolves either kill coyotes or they mate with them." Jes swallows and Zee can see her trembling. "I'm an awful person because I loved my daughter but I also hated her. I knew I could never look at her without remembering what he did to me. So I gave her up for adoption. She wasn't coyote like me, and I wanted her to be safe and loved. But if he's sold me out to hydra..maybe he found her and did the same. I never told him. Or my other dad, it was all over with before they came back. And I just.." Jes hugs her knees to her chest sniffling. "I wish I had listened."

Zee listens to Jes' story in growing horror. Not at what the young woman had done but at what had been done to her. "Nicholas, the medic guy was Nicholas" she says absently as she kneels down in front of Jes and wrapping her in her arms. "Jes…" her voice breaks slightly and Zee takes a deep breath "Jes… I'm so sorry… that should never happen to anyone, let alone a 15 year old left alone."

The shock and horror of the story starts to wear off of the young magician and anger takes it place "We will find her Jes, and protect her. Get her back from those bastards if we have to." Zee promises. Holding the younger woman in a tight hug, Zee waits till she's ready to speak to more.

Jes is still for a moment, so relieved she hasn't lost her friend. She takes a shuddering breath and snuggles into Zee's embrace. "T=thank you, Zee." "I don't know how to tell you how much that means to me. I've never had a friend like you before. I was so afraid to tell you, and afraid that you might get hurt if he comes after me. I was going to run..but someone convinced me not to. And I sortof realized its not just about me. He's HYDRA and those guys are everyone's enemies."

"Running wouldn't solve it." Zee's targetted by HYDRA as well. "Whoever it was that convinced you, gave you good advice. Thank you for listening to them." Because Zee would have gone to find her friend had she bolted. Relaxing the hug, Zee settles on the ground in front Jes "Do you want to talk about her?"

"I only saw her the once, when she was born. I held her for hours while we waited for the lady to come. I told her I was sorry and that i did love her. I didn't ask her to forgive me. I don't deserve it. One of the elder's was kind to me and he arranged for her to adopted. I only know they were a good family who weren't able to have their own kids. They were well off and had a nice house in another state. It was all anonymous. They were worried I'd want to come and take her away someday. I know she's better off there though. At least thats what I thought..but if he found out..these HYDRA guys don't seem like they'd believe she was just a normal baby. They sound like they'd use her to get to me. Or lock her away somewhere til they were sure."

I know why I never heard of them before now, I guess. He didn't want me to know because he was one of them.."

"You did what you thought was the best thing for her." Zee replies softly "No forgiveness is necessary, you ensured she had the best life possible." As to what HYDRA may do if they found her… Zee shrugs her shoulders "Maybe, but let's see what we can find out. Jericho might be able to track her for us… or…" Zee touches her pendulum "Magic often works by intent, if it's something you want strongly enough, I'm sure we could find her ourselves." She's not going to go alone though, she'll take backup, Jericho, The Titans… whoever will agree to accompany them.

Jes turns and hugs Zee very tightly. "Whatever you think is best. I'll follow your lead." Jes looks at her again. "And I'll always do my best to keep you safe. I'm not going back there, ever. Not even if HYDRA all died today, and I'm done running. It's not easy for me to trust other people, but I trust you and I'm working on being able to trust the others." Jes's voice softens. "I don't know what I'dve done without you. You've done alot more than just save my life that night, Zee."

Zee hugs Jes tightly in return "We'll work together" she corrects her friend "I may lead, Jes, but your input is invaluable, welcome and even required at times." The rest of Jes commentary has Zee looking slightly embarrased and she's a loss for words for a while. "Thank you Jes…. We're friends now though, I will keep you safe and I trust you as well." Squeezing the hug just a little tighter, the raven haired woman smiles slightly "Want more cotton candy or would you prefer ice cream?"

Jes smiles and brightens a bit, grateful to be moving on to a lighter subject. "Ice cream sounds great. That candy was..good but weird." Jes stands and holds out a hand to pull Zee up. "I love that about here, you can find anything you want to eat at anytime."

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