Monkey Business

March 08th, 2016: Kara invites a group of her friends for coffee when they are joined by a strange alleycat (Streaky the Supercat) and then attacked by Gorilla Grodd and an army of weaponized animals.

Downtown Metropolis

A small cafe on the streets of Downtown Metropolis.



  • Gorilla Grodd (Villain)
  • Streaky the Supercat (NPC)

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It was some time after the JL:A mission to Russia and only a day after the Atlanteans had viciously attacked Metropolis, an attack that had been ended by the return of Aquaman. Life would return to normal for most, there were no longer clouds darkening the sky daily and the sun was shining brightly.

Almost dying made Kara think of the little things in life, she had rarely got to see the friends she had made outside of life threatening situations. Without her powers, she promised today was going to be different.

Kara was sitting outside a small cafd, the owners very confused that she actually wanted to be outside when there were perfectly good tables indoors. After some smiles and pleading, they had agreed to move a few cafe tables outside.

She was presently drinking a frappucino with way too much whipped cream, having texted pretty much anyone she knew to come hang out and have coffee with her if they wanted.

Cyborg walks over dressed in rather heavy and bulky clothing trying his best to blend in as he walks over to the table sitting down trying to hide his face from the world as he speaks to the woman of steel. "Listen, Kara, I don't think you know how bad an idea this is." He'd gotten the phone-call and come over right away but things didn't seem to be able to go anywhere but bad with the science police on his case.

Rain doesn't mind going out and about. They have a new denizen in the house, made friends, built an ROV for underwater exploration, tuned her desire drive toaster and things are pretty productive, if quiet. Captain walks alongside Rain, his tail flicking slowly. He is wearing a stylish, black coat now. Orange and black, so stylish! But he is an orange tabby and a cat, so stylish by default, of course.

Then, there's a Cyborg. She waves to the two, and Captain - comes walking up as cats do.

The Fenris Wolf, which is to say, Jeremiah Wolfson is strolling along the sidewalk, thinking. There's been a lot to think about recently, honestly what with Atlanteans, and bad, bad magic. He's got something jingling his his pocket lets people flow around him, which they do. That feeling of a predator is kind of hard to escape and most people give him a wide berth if somewhat unconsciously.

On receiving the text from Kara, Zee's got dressed up a bit and teleported to the cafe. Appearing just in front of Kara and Cyborg with a soft 'pop' sound, she grins at the blonde. "Hey! Got your text…" Slipping into a chair, Zee smiles at Cyborg and noticing Rain, Captain and Fenris, waves happily to them all.

Kate saw the news. She wasn't exactly fast enough to get to the Atlantean invasion, though. And honestly, if anyone heard she wanted to try to fight, they probably would have locked her in the safe room at the lake house. So when she gets a text from Kara, she arrives post-haste, dropping down into a chair next to the other girl. "Seriously, I never get invited to the good stuff," she bemoans with a grin that gives the statement the lie, turning it on the others as they arrive. "Hey there, heroes."

"It's a perfectly good idea Corkey." Kara made sure to use the nickname that Cyborg's grandmother had used, this way everyone knew it. Another sip of her drink is taken without a straw, whipped cream dabbing the tip of her nose as she waves to the others as they arrive.

Kara points inside, "I just have to text that boy inside and he'll bring us whatever we want." She's pointing at a cute waiter who works inside the cafe, "All I had to do was give him my number!"

There's enough seats for everyone including wolfman who didn't show up yet and she seems fairly cheerful despite her prior ordeal, "Just ask Zee, you probably didn't want to be there Kate. If it wasn't for Aquaman showing up, I think it might have been bad." Bad like, most of them wouldn't be sitting here.

"Still don't like it," Cyborg offering a bit of a wave, as he tries to find a seat that won't collapse under his weight. "I swear if this is an intervention I'm not making breakfast for any of you" The massive wall of man still causing his rather sturdy reinforced chair to creak as it settles into place, trying his best to ignore that whole nickname and hope it goes away.

Ah, there's Kara… also a man he doesn't know, and Zee and Kate and Rain. "Hello everyone." The lean, slightly predatory man rumbles. "Kara, I heard you had a bit of an incident the other day, is all well?" He can offer some healing magic if needed though he'll be the first to admit that magic isn't the solution to everything.

The thing about having escaped death sometimes is that the universe tends to remember. Especially if the reason you are alive is due to pure machinations and chaos magic from the part of the Fae. Keith O'Neil knows this very well- in fact, from time to time, at random intervals, he simply ceases to exist altogether.

Not entirely true. He continues to exist, but the rest of the universe seems to forget he is right there. Nobody can see him, nobody can hear him, nobody can remember his existence and any of his belongings are quickly overlooked as not really being there… or rationalized away entirely.

A few people seem to be immune to this particular ravage of reality that occasionally falls upon him- Raven, because of her heritage. Gar, sometimes because of his connection to the Red, but it wasn't always that predictable. The result of this is that sometimes Keith spends a day or two with nothing to do, and it was that precisely what kept him from participating in the fight against the invading Atlanteans yesterday.

Not that anyone remembered him then or would have been able to see him… which is why he didn't go. When you are fighting superhuman invaders, you want your team-mates to have your back, and it is nearly impossible to do so when they don't even know that back exists. Using his 'invisibility' against the Atlanteans wouldn't have worked, either- whenever he finds himself Not Existing, anything he does to attract attention to himself tends to make him suddenly and unexplainably extremely noticeable- people still don't know who he is, but enemies just tend to… want to kill him. ALL of them. So he would have been targeted by the entire invasion force the very moment he stepped up…

Which would have been his last moment on earth!

"Goddamnit," Vorpal mutters, taking a seat next to Kara, "This just… sucks." He's there, of course. But nobody can see him. "I can't even get a frapuccino." He mutters, sitting cross-legged on the chair and grumbling. Well, at least he will be able to get whatever information Kara wanted to impart to people now… and he'll explain that He Was There All Along later.

"Oh god. I hope she doesn't think I decided to make myself invisible and eavesdrop on everybody." Technically, that's what he's doing, in a way… but not really. The universe is choosing to hide him. For the time being. He's not having a good day.

Poor Cyborg. Rain seems sympathetic enough. "Hi there," She greets. And there's Kara. "Hey," Captain greets the group. Rain's sense of fear is pretty healthy - she is something of a coward, but her judgment and danger senses are off. Or hilariously skewed. Loki's her housemate, so while Fenris might provoke an uneasy, ancient memory (humans and their ancestors were not always so near the top of the food chain, after all), she and Captain are pretty okay with him. Plus, they sometimes wrangle hell puppies.

"Yeah, I heard about something going down on the beach?" Rain seems curious and quietly concerned. Rain is at least good about returning greetings. Hi, Zee!

The strange thing about cats is that in many universes can see layers of reality that humans cannot. Captain kind of stares blanky in that general direction. "Huh," He grunts.

"Well, I'm glad to see you looking better, did you enjoy the dragon ride?" Zee gives Kara a quick once over as she mentions giving the boy her number "Why am I not surprised?" Zee laughs. "If that's the case, just a coffee for me."

Looking over to Kate, the young magician nods as her expression turns grim "I'm lucky I could cast from a distance. Kara took some pretty big hits though. If Aquaman hadn't turned up…" It could have been a whole lot worse.

As the others join them, Zee greets them with a smile "Jeremiah, Rain, Captain" Cyborg gets a shake of head "Just friends enjoying time together, not an intervention at all."

"Hey, if the wold was going to get taken over by fish-people, I would be severely embarrassed if I was reduced to joining the resistance instead of helping to stop them in the first place," Kate grins over at Kara, bumping a shoulder against the other girl's. "And Kara, the whole number thing is, uh. Around here, that's sort of asking for a date."

Booster Gold drops out of the sky rapidly but lands lightly on his feet, his blue and gold powersuit gleaming. He was summoned by Kara, so raises a hand to her when he walks in, but smiles and nods to the others as he approaches. "Hey, dudes," he greets, the faint golden glow around him flickering out. When he notices Vorpal's expression, he looks curious. The fact that he notices Vorpal at all might also be curious, but he says to him, "Hey, Vorp. Why are you so glum?" Booster starts to look concerned, glancing around again as if counting heads. "Did someone die?"

Kara sends in Zee's order and anyone elses for whatever they want, the cute waiter-boy coming out all too eagerly with the drinks for everyone. After he leaves Kara just gives Kate an 'oh' sort of look, "Oh, I gave my number out a lot when Zee and I went out." She blushes now that she knows why people wanted her number. She would have invited Kate but she was probably with Clint!

She smiles at Jeremiah when he joins them, "I'm fine. Actually it was pretty cool, I got to ride a dragon after. So yeah Zee, dragon ride, very amazing."

Poor Vorpal, she had no clue he was even there at the moment and then Booster was talking to nobody at all causing Kara to ask with a confused expression, "Who are you talking to?"

An orange tabby cat with what appears to be a lightning bolt shaped patch of fur on his side steps out of a near-by alley with a can on his head. When he spots the group of heroes he hops up on the table, the can falling off of his head and starts to meow loudly (Which Captain probably understands) before licking the whip cream off Kara's nose.

That cat must have liked the whip cream because what follows next is the cat burying his entire head into Kara's drink and doing his best to devour it as quickly as possible.

Cyborg interjects into the conversation "And I still can't get the smell of fish out of my hoodie, seriously makes dating even more difficult then it already is." He doesn't really notice as much that people are talking to nothing having grown up around rather 'interesting' people, but he does notice the coffee finding itself splashed all over the place as that yellow cat eats away at the foam causing him to stand up rather suddenly sending the chair that had been bolted right down off flying into the distance screws snapped in two, as he tries to wipe it off of his shirt.

"Huh, a dragon ride. That seems pretty cool," Rain smiles. Captain blinks, as Streaky talks to him. He meows back. « That would probably be your person. And thanks. Nice to meet you. What's your name? » His voice is likely a bit rough and accented. Meow. He and Rain were both homeless for a couple of years. Rain looks to Cyborg. "Um. We can let you use the washer and dryer," She offers. "You're welcome to drop by the manor."

Captain sits nearby, watching them. "Thanks," Rain quietly places her order. One might notice the witch likes caffeine, and generally earthy, herbal drinks. She's more like her family than she lets on, perhaps. There's a pause. is that Booster Gold? And Kate. "Hello. And if I remember rightly, a lot of human fighting forces - wouldn't fare so well against the folks from the sea." That's a near British level of understatement. She smiles to Zee. "And hi, Vorpal." Hey, witches gonna witch. And sometimes that involves sensing things. Fenris gets a wave, too.

The Old Wolf has a seat, and nods with a chuckle. "Dragons can be quite friendly when they're not hoarding gold or eating princesses… or related to me." The Midgard serpent is not exactly… personable. Nor is Nidhoggr though he's not really related to Fenris. Thank the various other gods.

There's a prickle in the air and Fenris cants his head and takes another look about. Hrm. Something's off. "So, just out and about then, that's all well. I've been… busy ish, myself. Formulating a plan to deal with that, though."

The 'park ranger' glances at Victor. "I don't believe we've met."

"Wait-" Keith frowns and looks at Booster. "You talkin' to me? You can see me?" And then, Rain.

"The two of you can see me? For real?" He leans over and taptaptaps Kara on the nose- gently. The woman of steel might feel it as a light breeze on her nose, but no Keef. "… okay…" Keith looks at Booster and at Rain suspiciously, "At least Rain can see me because she's a witch-" wait. Could Zatanna see him? "YO, ZEE!" he shouts, waving his arms about. "… so why can you see me, Booster?" Ah, there's the million dollar question.

Boosters arrival gets another quick wave and Zee looks towards Vorpal… "Oh hey, when did you get here?" The Mistress of Magic looks slightly bemused "No need to yell, Keith, I can hear you."

Kate twists when Zee mentions Keith, taking a look around. "Where's Keith?" she asks, a smile spreading as she looks around the table. "It's starting to look like Thanksgiving dinner up in here."

Booster reflexively catches Cyborg's chair when it shoots back, and looks faintly baffled. Gesturing vaguely towards Vorpal with the chair, he says, "Yeah, of course I can see you…" He trails off and squints Keithwards, absently setting the chair onto the ground, on its side. "He's sitting right next to you, Kara. Although something's wrong." His eyes open normally again. "Keith, please don't be offended by this question, but do you exist?"

Speaking of a surplus of cats… Changeling wandered in from an alley a minute or so back (there's some sort of party going on in that direction) wearing a cat tail and distinctively lynx-like cat ears and a wee bit of a muzzle and green, lightly striped fur. If a cat was an elf, this would be that cat. But then Gar Logan is known for sometimes letting an animal nature take over for a bit. He went up to the barista and asks for a frappucino… and then frowns once he sees it.

"Wait, what was I doing? I have no … just a chai tea please, no mint if you don't mind."

He ordered a superfluous coffee, so whatever, he'll take it… Oh, hey, there's Rain and Victor … and a flying chair, dude, you should get that under control… "Mind if I join you guys here?"

Not waiting for an answer (cat) he puts down the frap and the chai and smiles at Kara. "You should order one for yourself too," his head nods indicating the cat-ravaged coffee drink. A sort of green-cheshire-cat grin does not include him vanishing. It does include him pulling up a stray chair. Vic will have to find his own chair.

Kara doesn't seem to mind the orange tabby at all reaching out to stroke him while the little guy drank her drink, "Awww, you're so cute!" Looking over at Kate she asked, "I bet Hawkpuppy could use a furry friend to play with." Yep she was hinting to Kate she wanted to keep the alley-cat likely covered in fleas they had only met seconds ago.

The orange tabby, who would later be known as Streaky much to his dismay looked up from his drink, meowing back at Captain, «Can you believe this? She thinks I'm cute and want to play with a dumb puppy! I'm not cute, I'm dashing and powerful.»

Streaky the cat licks his own face of the remaining traces of whipped cream and hops into Kara's lap, meowing a few more times in reply to Captain, «I don't know my name, I was in a bad place when the freaky ape broke us out. He seemed nice at first but then he started talking about killing all the humans. I like humans, how do I get my own?»

She doesn't seem to mind Gar joining them, gesturing him to the empty seat at the table (That Vorpal was at), "Sure, welcome to the party." She doesn't seem bothered that Streaky drank her drink, picking it up and sipping, "Nah, my new friend and I can share, he's just too cute!"

Kara shivers a little as she feels the light breeze on her nose, about to ask if anyone else had felt it, "Wait, Keith is here? Stop with the invisible stuff, come on!"

Suddenly, a loud primal roar could be heard echoing through the alley that Streaky had appeared from not long before, it didn't sound friendly to anyone. Never a dull moment in the lives of heroes.

"Hey, Names Cyborg," The overly bulky looking man comments in return to the rangers statement about not having met him yet. Under his breath he mutters something about ruining another pair of pants, absentmindedly mentioning. "Ey catmando," not having seen him really per say but more focused on trying to dry himself off from the wondrously hot coffee covering his lap.

Cyborg pulls off a single glove revealing a completely chrome plated hand that looks almost like it was formed from a single sheet of metal. He holds it closer to the spot and one of the fingers suddenly morphs into a bit more of a hair dryer like device so he can try to dry himself off, only to find that roar from the alleyway causing him to turn fast enough that it rips the hoodie, and leggings of his outfit to shreds, showing off the bright chrome beneath. A bright red arc reactor for lack of a better description sticking out of his chest, with only a small portion of his face remaining it's normal human self with a half a head of short curly black hair, and a dark brown eye on one side of his face. The other side an almost menacing chrome skull, as he holds up his hand now a somewhat imposing weapon glowing with a dark blue.

"Cyborg. Nice to meet y-" Fenris cuts off and looks around. There's definitely a disturbance in the force. "Alright, who are you guys talking to and why are they questionably real?" There are ways to deal with this kind of thing. He just needs to know if it's a matter of getting rid of the reality distortion or bringing it into reality. Zee gets a curious look, as does Kara. He can tell Kara and Kate see nothing. Zee and Rain on the other hand…

Keith looks at Gar doing the cheshire number, and rubs his forehead. "This is getting weirder by the minute." To Booster's question, the redhead sighs. "No offense taken, Booster. I seem to find myself during that time of the month- namely the time of the month in which I don't exist. Well-observed. And I guess Rainicorn and Zee can see me because they're magic… and Fenris can't see me because he's a dog, and dogs drool."

He's taking advantage that he can't be seen or heard for that, certainly. But when the roar sounds, the young man leaps from his seat, and almost falls over on Gar, "What the hell was that?"

Rain is a little overwhelmed. "When I gained magic, I became a lot more sensitive. To magic, atmosphere and in general. It's got pluses and minuses," She shrugs. She is pretty empathetic, though. Captain looks quietly amused, catchatting back. « Maybe she just needs time. And uh. I think she likes you. Just be yourself, and maybe let 'em pet you. Let 'em feed you. The stuff really comes to you, man. » Just work your feline mojo, man. You got it. He is pointing out to Streaky that Kara is admiring him, after all. And then, more cats. It's the day of the cat, it seems. This amuses Captain.

Rain does nod at Keith. "Yes, hello. Booster might see you because he may not be entirely in sync with our reality. but everyone starts going to sleep when I mention quantum physics and magic reality, so…" She's not going to start. She looks to Fenris. "One of our friends is having trouble catching a metaphysical wifi signal. He's a little out of sync. He'll be - I don't know if he'll show up," She admits. "Or he's invisible. I'm not sure." Rain looks - uncertain. And - was there a roar? She jerks, and Captain's head turns. "I hope that's not one of my larger cousins," He remarks. Rain smiles at Vic. He is still welcome to wash his stuff at the manor.

"I am so not making decisions about pets," Kate laughs, shaking her head. "Clint gives me enough grief about friends, and secret identities, and…" She trails off, sighing slightly. "Sometimes I think the whole years of being a SHIELD agent thing isn't always the best for this whole idea of a public team. We'll figure it-" And then there's roaring, and she pauses, brows rising. "That doesn't sound promising."

At the roar, Booster glances over, but he actually seems more troubled by Keith's predicament. This is partly because there are plenty of heroes present, so if a ravenous dinosaur comes charging out of the alley, it is not as much of a problem as it would be if he were here amongst civilians. "Possibly, Rain. It's kind of a bad sign though, if I can see him and most of you can't. I don't have a better way of putting this, but his timelines might be crossed."

"What do you mean, time of the month when you can't be seen?" Zee quirks an eyebrow at Keith… and then returns Fenris' curious look "As Rain says. It's Keith." As the roar sound, Zee shivers slightly "That's prbably a bad thing, Jeremiah…" Keiths predicament is forgotten as she turns her attention in the direction of the roar.

Gar's ears lie down flat on his head at the roar, and he glares up the alley. "OK, it's not Danny down there any more, so what is it?"

He takes a sip of his chai, pants for a second, "hot! hot! Darnit!" and then he's jumped up and over the table (his trajectory even clearing Victor) and is running up the side of a building as if it wasn't perpendicular, stopping to peer down the alley.

That's not normal cat movement, certainly, though it does seem to be consistent with the elf-cat look. That and the still part-human appearance. Whiskers move forward as he grins down the alley, attempting to catch a whiff… ugh. That's TERRIBLE, what lives down there anyway? Or died. Gross. But along with that he wants to see if he can smell whatever roared.

The roar startles Kara just as much as anyone, but the cat on her lap helps keep her a little calmer, "Great, so much for coffee." She was going to rush and super-speed change when she realized, she wasn't going to be able to do that; she would still help however she could though.

A dumpster flies out of the alley towards a group of cars on the street, all of them with people inside! Those poor people might be crushed if the dumpster hit them.

Following moments after the dumpster is a massive ape, much more muscular than his ordinary kin with a keen intelligence in his eyes. He has no idea there were heroes at the table with Streaky the cat, the one member of his perfect animal army that had escaped him!

After months of torture and experimentation in LuthorCorps Labs he was back and stronger than ever, but he wanted revenge and to do that he needed his army. Pointing towards Streaky and his companions, he yells out in ENGLISH, "You forsake the company of your own kind for these pathetic creatures?"

The Gorilla, better known as Gorilla Grodd reaches out with his telepathy and senses how powerful some of you are, "Yes, I will feast upon your brains and then all WILL KNEEL BEFORE GRODD!" At some point, Grodd had heard Zod say that; it was an odd thing that he had also picked it up.

A small army of animals including a bear with a laser cannon mounted on his back, a snapping turtle with machine guns on his back and a multitude of other animals being used as weapons against their will. All of them had the same collar around their neck with a blinking red light somewhere on their body, they would need to be helped not hurt before they hurt anyone. They were just being used, oddly enough they were all probably the animals recently broken out of a lab.

"Hey banana brains Metropolis has a strict leash law" Cyborgs tracking systems kick in his sonic cannon tracking the dumpster long enough for him to send out a bright blast of blue sonic energy towards it. The blindingly bright blue beam of light smashes right into the side of the dumpster disintegrating it mid air, the beam just barely missing the mid leap Gar, as it dissipates leaving anyone in hearing range of the blast with a light ringing in their ears from the concentrated beam of sound.

Fenris stands and growls quietly. "Robotic attack animals? That's new." The reality warp isn't forgotten. Maybe he can… just deal with it quickly before it becomes a second issue while they're dealing with this one. He turns toward Zee and starts to draw power. "I'm going to dump a lot of power on you. Direct at wherever your not-quite-real friend is." Beat. "It might hurt." And then, rather suddenly, there it is.

"It might hu…." Zee blanches as the power washes over her "Gee, thanks Jeremiah…" but she's already turning towards Keith "Hold still, Keith…" the Mistress of Magic takes a deep breath and holds her hands out in front of her

~~ xiF ehT ytilaeR praW htiW 'sirneF rewoP ~~

"Okay, that's just weird," Kate blinks at the animal army. So many things, Kate takes in stride. Apparently robe-animals are what makes her stop for a minute. Just a minute, though, before she shakes herself off and pushes out of her chair to dash back toward the car. "Bow run, be right back!" she calls over her shoulder.

Getting pumped full of Fenris wasn't something Keith had planned on when he woke up this morning. Then again, when he woke up this morning he found Gar had basically rolled him off the bed because, after all, thebed was entirely Gar's during the time that Keith did not exist.

"Wait a minute! I did not give my-"


In the beginning, Fenris walked the earth and saw that there was no Keef, and he saw it was not good. And thus he said "Let there be Keef," and Zatanna said the same thing, but front to back, and lo and behold there was great rejoicing.

Chaos magic crackles off the empty space in reality where Keith totally was not, and suddenly there he is again- memories of him restored and present. What's more, the influx of energy triggers his transformation, so the redhead becomes the cheshire cat in the blinking of an eye. He leans on the table, woozy from the rush of power.

"… okay, that was a trip-" as he touches the table, the table sprouts flowers, Supergirl's coffee cup sprouts little legs and elopes with the tea spoon, and the napkin flies south for the winter. "… I think you might have overdone it a little, Fenris… I'm bleeding chaos everywhere-"

Which wasn't nearly as big of a problem as the fact that, shortly before his transformation, Victor had set off a sonic blast in the direction of a bunch of felines, his green boyfriend being one of them for the time being! He looks up quickly to see whether it has affected Gar or not, and whether he needs to come to the rescue before dropping an anvil on this Grodd…

So much for this powerful herbal tea. Rain likes her plants like martial artists. Boot to the head! "Hey, they're not all bad," Captain offers. He hops onto Rain's shoulder. "I mean, without 'em, a lot of us wouldn't even exist, you know?" He tilts his head.

Rain watches the power transfer, curious and wide-eyed. AT the sonic blast and loud noises, Captain's ears flatten and he hisssssssssses. Let 'em have it, Captain!

Rain is a very empathetic person. Maybe it's part of her powers, maybe it's just Winter Silverwolf Moontree being Winter Silverwolf Moontree. And she never uses her full name. Never. But Rain likes animals. Of course she does. Witches and cats are like chocolate and peanut butter. Just better together, and they both get a pretty good deal out of it. Witches also appreciate cats for all their awesome powers. Poor turtle, though. Rain looks at it.

Rain wanders over. "I totally get you, turtle buddy." She's going to take cover and carefully pull a pair of magic scissors out of freaking nowhere and try to help turtle bro BE FREE!

The situation quickly becomes one that Booster cannot simply ignore; dissecting Vorpal's reality issues will have to wait until Grodd and his menagerie are dealt with. In a reasonable manner he explains to Grodd, "You can't have my brain, that's where I keep all my thoughts." Then, he spots a few rats amongst the charging herd and leaps about ten feet into the air as he utters a sound of disgusted horror, and he stays up there, recoiling.

It takes Booster's reasonable side a moment to crack through his dismay, observing that these are just tiny 21st century rats, not capybara-sized 25th century monstrosities hungering for eyeballs and blood. He stays up in the air, regardless, and his hands start to glow with golden light. "Okay, I don't know what half… well, most of these creatures are but I think I can zap them to sleep…" Bolts of golden energy fire from his fists, stun bolts set on very low power just to knock critters unconscious. It is merely coincidental that he zaps the rats first, honest.

Gar sees the monkey. BIG monkey. Big megalomaniac monkey. Big megalomaniac monologuing monkey! (Yes, we know apes aren't monkeys, but the alliteration isn't there that way.)

Gar leaps! He won't worry about the dumpster, it's not going to hit him, but KAZWORRRRRP! it's gone, disintegrated by the blast that nearly took his ead off. And he yelps - his ears are not just ringing, he can't hear anything now! He lands where he planned, on Grodd's shoulders, but he can't quite give his awesome speech like he wanted to, so he just turns into a nearly-as-big GREEN gorilla. With four arms. Still on Grodd's shoulders. He wraps two big ape-hands over Grodd's eyes, and says "Guess who!"

Because that way he can tickle Grodd with the ones he doesn't expect.

You'd be surprised how many gorilla fights Gar Logan has been in, to have learned this tactic.

The people Cyborg saved from being crushed by a dumpster are smart enough to run from their vehicles to safety, away from what it going to turn into a raging battle involving metahumans and weaponized critters more than likely.

"You dare call me banana brains? My intellect is vastly superior to your own, even with the removal of most of your flesh. " Grodd was not shaken by Cyborg, instead he reached out with telepathy attempting to reduce Victor to a simpering child for the moment.

On the way to her car Kate runs into a rather large wolf with one of those blinking red collars around his neck, he leaps to attack her not caring if she was armed or not. At least it had been Kate and not a civilian.

Grodd calls out with rage, "Argh! I cannot see, you idiot!" He's about to bodyslam the green gorilla off of him when Vorpal's anvil slams into both him and Gar, the pair forced off each other by the moment.

Booster is able to put many of the animals to sleep with his golden beams while the magical types focus on bringing Keith back to reality quite literally. The turtle that rain encounters tries to fire machine guns at her against its will, lucky she has magic scissors and is able to free it in a hurry; finding herself a new friend in the process.

Kara looks surprised and happy to see Keith re-appear waving to him, "Hey Keith! Glad you could finally join us." Ok, so she couldn't fight the gigantic gorilla but she could free the animals Booster was putting to sleep.

Patting the orange allycat on the head, "You stay there ok?" She rushed off to begin removing the collars from the fallen animals so they could be freee!

Gorilla Grodd reached behind his back removing a high tech looking energy rifle with the word LexCorp on the barrel, he began firing at Zee, Fenris, Keith and Booster with precise rapid fire blasts, "At least your kind know how to make weapons if nothing else."

Rather shortly after that blast dies out it seems that the chaos magic has gotten to Cyborg a bit more then the mental hackery had, as he suddenly morphs and contorts in shape into what looks to be a massive chromed coca-cola machine with his face in the middle, almost completely immobile, save for the single hand sticking out of the slot where the drinks would normally come out.

Fenris takes the hit and it looks bad. The laser blas sears into his form and he's forced to draw on his mantle to shrug it off, tearing the veil of his humanity. His shape begins to warp as the wolf within emerges. He's at least, only the size of a car at the moment. "That was a mistake." He growls, nodding to Zee. "You and Vorpal make sure they don't get through." And then he's off. There's an archeress nearby and she may need a ride.

Zee chuckles at Vorpals chaos magic overflow, she's getting used to those types of things, "I might have overdone it, sorry Keith… but you're back now!" The remants of Fenris' power is still there as the Gorilla starts firing at Zee and her companions and without even thinking, the young magician throws up her hands

~~ ygrenE elfiR potS gnikroW roF alliroG ddorG ~~

Zee hasn't taken into consideration the effect her magic, combined with stray chaos magic from Vorpal and Fenris' power might do….

Great, an angry wolf. Kate lets out a decidedly un-heroic yelp when she gets charged by the wolf, but the up side of hanging out with Fenris is- Well, there are a lot of up sides, actually, but the useful one at the moment is that she's actually getting familiar with how wolves fight. When the wolf leaps at her, she dives low, reaching up with crossed arms to block any snapping teeth and bringing up her feet toward the wolf's belly. If all goes to plan, her next upward kick should send it tumbling down the street over her head. Jiu jitsu. Also good for charging wolves!

The touch of chaos magic that has contaminated Zee's magic has unexpected and very literal consequences. Gorilla's weapon suddenly spouts… eyes. And a mouth.

"What the hell? Do you think I'm just some sort of tool you can use and drop whenever you want? I've got RIGHTS, mister! Where are my benefits? Where's my retirement plan? I'm on STRIKE!" the rifle stops responding altogether after a few more shots.

"Well… that's one way…" Vorpal says, highly amused as he peers from behind the construct wall he had created to shield himself from the blasts.

Rain sympathizes with the turtle. No one should be forced to fight against their will. She pauses, carefully petting it. "Hey. Hey, I'm the main man here." Captain pauses, putting a paw on the turtle. "… but I'm gonna need a mount." He hops onto the turtle's shell. "TALLY HO, TO GLORY!" And Rain pauses. "I'm not sure this is a good idea, but …" She's going to enchant Captain with lightning, so he can get in close to zot the collars and short them out. He's got lightning beams and should he need it, electro paws. His fur stands on end and now he's riding his turtle into battle. Rain will follow behind, with magic scissors towards the sleeping animals to cut collars as she can. though, she winces as poor Fenris gets zapped. That didn't look pleasant.

Booster Gold is grimly zapping adorable animals for their own good, when he gets shot with energy blasts from Grodd's rifle. When they strike him, the energy sizzles around him as his forcefield disperses it around his body for absorption. He notices Cyborg's predicament—can the dude defend himself when he's in that form? It is not what you might call a very mobile shape. Dropping out of the air, he lands by the Cyborg soda machine as a human shield, in case Grodd or his animal minions decide to take advantage of the situation.

ANVIL … out of nowhere!! Gar is knocked off Grodd and rolls to his feet, a bit confused. He dodges as another random anvil drops next to him. Crap! He knows Vorpal's anvils, they all have a little Neener Neener face on the sides of them, and these have a mean growly. That means the chaos is throwing them by itself!

"QUIT THAT!" he yells, turning into a stegasaur, because they have that tremendously useful anti-anvil shielding. He lunges forward - no room to turn around here in the alley - and tries to bowl Grodd over so he can sit on the big ape. That way someone else can manage him.

Gorilla Grodd seems pleased that Cyborg has turned into a coke machine, not realizing it was the work of chaos magic, "Ah, my greatest work yet. I see you began life as a beverage dispenser, enjoy your new existence."

Grodd walks over and pulls a coke out of Cyborg, taking a drink before his gun starts to malfunction and talk thanks to Zee + Chaos Magic, "What sorcery is this!" He's tossing the gun aside when he's smashed into a wall by Garasaur, crashing straight through into the other side of the cafe you had all just been at.

The wolf Kate is dealing with goes flying, the collar detaching from it in the process and it yelps before rushing off to safety somewhere.

Booster is able to shield himself and Cokeborg from the falling anvils that have started dropping like Rain. As Kara is running around freeing the last of the animals of their collars you can see that orange cat following behind her, except it seemed to be shooting lasers out of its eyes at the Anvils above Kara keeping her safe. Those lasers looked like the kind both Superman and Supergirl shot from their eyes..

It turns out there was another controlled animal left; the bear with the large laser cannon starts firing at Fenris as he's en-route to Kate. The bear would need to be dealt with along with Grodd who was shaking off his stupor.

Rather suddenly when Grodd drinks from the can filled to the brim with the ice cold refreshing taste of Coke, he instead finds it filled with a robotic fist. Said fist propelled out with the kind of force one would expect from a rather large truck, right to the jaw. Victors face in place of the O in Cokeacola turning to a bit of a smile.

Fenris chuckles as he sees Kate throw the wolf. He'd laugh aloud if he could see what Zee and Vorp did to Victor. Or what Victor just did to Grodd. "Hey there. Hop on. We'll get you in the fight." And then, with or without a Kate he's leaping back in that way that wolves do. That lope that tells you 'somethings going to get hunted now and I am so very, very excited.'

This menagerie is getting out of control, Vorpal thinks. "Time to get Wonderful!"- technically speaking, that's Wonderella's battle cry, but she's just a comic strip. Besides, he can claim the whole Wonderland mythos for himself, what can she claim? The Cheshire leaps forward and opens a rabbit hole in the fabric of reality in the path of the Bear's cannon blasts, with another rabbit hole opening facing Gorilla Grodd as he gets tackled by Gar. There's a certain poetic justice in having one of the henchmen blasting the boss… it's so delightful.

"Hey, Captain, sweet ride!" the Cheshire calls out, because cats stick together.

Rain is following her buddies, and watching Grodd gets bounced around. The chaos really should bother Rain more, but around certain housemates, Vorpal and friends, it's just inevitable. With Captain taking out the odd collar, and the turtle trundling along (VALHALLA, THEY ARE COMING), it's quite - a sight. Rain goes with it.

"Thanks, man. Nice uh, rabbit hole!" Yeah. It's a bit hard for Captain to know what that is, but he'll tap into some vast feline cosmic intelligence network. Or he gains knowledge through his magic/spirit bond. Hard to say. Nevertheless, he's enchanted and wading into battle alongside Rain. "I think you've made a friend," Rain offers to Kara. They're on the prowl for injured or lost sorts.

Now she's not being shot at, or helping fix reality warps, Zee finally realises what happened to Victor. Combined with the effect on the energy rifle, the Mistress of Magic laughs a little. She's not bothered by chaos magic, but the effects are really quite amusing… Joining Rain on her prowl, Zee will offer assistance there… for now, it might be best to reduce the amount of magic in use.

Kate pushes up as Fenris shows up, grabbing hold of the fur on his ruff and leaping aboard. "If you're going to be all wolfy, can I borrow your sword?" she leans over to ask. Leaning over is also conducive to not falling off, which is important, because, well. Giant wolf.

"Oh, good. You're still alive!" Booster remarks to Cyborg, as he deflects some of the wayward, random purple anvils. He bends his arms, hands clenched into fists as they glow brightly, and then he points towards the bear, unleashing bolts of golden energy. These are only stun blasts, again, although much more powerful than the ones he was flinging at the smaller and more fragile animals.

Chaos seems to have come in the Comically-Too-Large-Sized box today, but Gar's rather in a mood for this, having realized that it was another one of those Keef Wasn't Here days, that's been 'corrected' somehow. Though honestly, him being here and anvils raining spontaneously instead of with malice aforethought, that's not as good somehow. Also, they're a bit uncomfortable after a while. So he whirls in place, for a moment becoming a much smaller animal before returning to dinosaurian proportion. Stegasaurs are one thing, but ankylosaurs are quite another, and instead of stabbytails, ankylosaurs have the dino equivalent of a "life preserver" — the traditional and well-loved tool of the mugger, a blackjack-type club on the end of their tail. He aims said club at Grodd. A bit of brain trauma might do the Not-so-Great Ape some good.

Gorilla Grodd is given more punishment than any one villain deserved, he was just a misunderstood super-intelligent evil gorilla trying to take over the world; there was nothing wrong with any of that! Oh wait there was!

The majestic bear, the last of the mind controlled animals is freed by Booster Gold when he short-circuits the collar on the bear, who along with the rest of the animals would find a nice home in an animal preserve when this was all over.

Kara grins a little at Rain, "Yeah I think I did." She had noticed Streaky following her, but not the anvils he had been saving her from. Streaky looks over at Captain and his mount meowing with great annoyance, «Did you see that? I shot lasers and she didn't even notice. Blondes.»

Between hits from Corkey-Cola, DinoGar and Vorpal re-directing the blasts from the bear through rabbit holes; Grodd is done for. Streaky wanted to be noticed though, the little orange tabby cat could be seen flying through the air; not leaping flying.

Streaky picked up Grodd by the scruff of his neck with his mouth before flinging him off into the distance, Kara had definitely noticed that. That cat, was definitely a Supercat.

The arm that had extended out from the very small can falls to the ground with a clatter after socking Grodd one in the jaw rolling its way back over to Boosters feet. When it stops rolling it offers the man in gold a single thumbs up. The hand itself beginning to act a bit more like thing from the adams family as it switches back into a mode it can crawl along the ground and start hitting buttons on the vending machine.

All in a day's work for the Titans- crazy animals, more animals, supercats, vorpalcats, and turtles. Everybody loves turtles.

The Cheshire cat grins and walks over to Ankylogar now that Gorilla Grodd is out of the picture, hands in his suit's pockets. "Hey, baby, I just stopped not existing just to ask you out on a date."

It's a hokey line, and it's played totally for laughs (well, groans, in this case.) "By the way, you only get away with the cheshire thing because I like you. Otherwise I'd have to sue you for copyright." He grins and winks, and looks at the other assemblerd heroes. "Alright… who's on cleanup duty? Not it!"

Fenris grins. "Why not?" The blade appears for her. It's a good question where it goes when he's not human, but it always seems to be there when he changes back. The big wolf circles around, letting Kate dispense justice before he brings her back to Kara and Zee and Rain. "Well okay. I can do that. In a few minutes." He grins. "Huffing and puffing and all that."

« Rough. Hang on, » Captain replies. "Hey, you didn't get hit by any anvils," He calls to Kara. Maybe some people just need a little nudge? Rain smiles back to Kara. "Um." … did that cat just fly? And fling Grodd into the distance. "I think that would be a - Supercat." The violet eyed witch blinks.

Clean up duty? Sigh. "We can help out," She smiles, waving to Kate and Fenris. "I think Captain and I made a friend." She carefully reaches out to pet the turtle.

"I believe so too, Rain." Zee looks rather bemused as Grodd goes hurtling by. Nodding to the others, Zee shrugs a little "I'll help with clean up, of course. Just ummmm, not with my magic just yet."

Kate Bishop, who rides wolves into battle. It's got a ring to it, right? By the time she and Fenris rejoin the others, she's returned the borrowed sword, leaning on her elbows between his shoulders with a grin. "Would you eat me if I shouted hi ho Silver, away!?" she asks. Constitutionally incapable of not being a smartass.

"Do… cats not normally do that?" Booster wonders, when Rain comments on the flying 'Streaky'. His cat experience is argueably very limited, but so far all cats have exhibited superpowers of some kind. He steps away from the soda machine, giving Cyborg some room to pull himself together. Gesturing at some of the unconscious creatures, he says, "Where do they all go? They can't just run around on their own, can they?"

It's a good thing Vorpal lets Gar get away with the cheshire thing, because he's back in that shape again to deliver non-life-threatening hugs. He looks around … Chaos Magic. His chai tea and the Frappucino he was getting for the missing cheshire cat in his life are there, unspilled, untrammeled. So he hands the frap to the other cat and sips his tea. It's comfortably drinkable now.

"We can do date night, sure. After we fix that hole, though, that's just not cool leaving it that way."

Gar, usually pretty good on overwatch for the team, was so distracted by being a small brained dino that he didn't really notice most of the other animals. He looks, confused, at the CyborCola vending machine.

"That's just weird. Is that a new stealth mode?"

The clean-up could be dealt with fast and easy with all the heroes present and in no time, all of the animals are rounded up humanely to be taken to the zoo for safe keeping and the wall that was broken is repaired.

The police would probably be here soon but they had been busy dealing with Atlantean issues still and dispatch had NOT taken the call seriously, it sounded like a prank so time was on the side of everyone here.

Kara catches being told Streaky is actually doing stuff and she seems fairly astonished. The cat walks over to her, rubs against her leg and rolls over purring. She kneels down and begins to scratch his belly, "Well, aren't you a little Supercat." She notices the streak of lightning on his fur, "I'll call you Streaky. Streaky the Supercat."

Looking up to the others, Kara grins, "I guess Corkey was right, this wasn't a good idea but I'm glad we were all here!"

"Damn right I'm right, this was a terrible idea, I'm gonna smell like soda and fish now for the rest of my life" Cyborg blares out loudly as his hand happens to open one of the cans from the pile of soda cans which happens to contain his head. Each one pulled containing another piece of Cyborg, despite each one being the exact same size, because apparently Chaos magic does not respect the laws of physics.

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