Snake Cults and Bad Science

March 08 2015: Misfit, the Fox and Marvel Girl all arrive at the same HYDRA hide out. This goes badly for HYDRA

HYDRA hidout, Gotham

From the outside a plain industrial quarter office, inside an advanced techno-arcane lab.



  • HYDRA Scientists
  • Mutant Victim

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Misfit had been with Jericho and the others, but across town something else was brewing. Something related and yet distinct. In a Labaratory on the I95 between Gotham and New York a group of scientists labor painstakingly over a comatose mutant woman as they work to infuse her blood with an arcane crystaline mixture. Mad science at it's finest and one with unpredictable effects. You see the crystal in question was based on a Ruby and as the power went into it, it called to the nearest other repository of magical ruby energy. Called very, very strongly.

Outside the lab a man on glowing blue elk observed the place through a crystal lense. Yep. This is it. Snake Cultists, he'd heard and he intends to have a look. Probably with his sword.


Misfit had just punched a Hydra 'gangbanger' in the face before he could shoot Black Canary. Then she goes to teleport again, vanishing in a poof of smoke >pinkurple> and appears right by the Mad Scientists. "Okay.. this isn't the right spot…" she blinks behind her yellow goggles looking the various people and unconscious lady hooked up to the infusion equipment over. Hydra snakes and skulls everywhere. "Oh… well .. okay do any of you want to rethink your life decisions and give up?"


Rachel had been investigating the missing mutant on her spare time, because apparently she had absolutely no life most of the time. When she spots the man on the glowing blue elk she knows she's either in the right place or she accidentally did drugs.

No sense in being subtle she activates her telkinesis, a fiery golden aura similar to that of a phoenix surrounding her as she approaches the mysterious figure, "Nice periscope. Looking at anything interesting?"

Nothing to see here; just a phoenix like woman and a man on a glowing blue elk talking in the street.


The Fox, that's the figure in the linen and leather outfit with the Fox masquerade mask and small arsenal of weapons, lowers the crystal a little. "Bad people doing bad things." He peers up at Rachel a bit perplexed… but at least she's not hitting him so off to a good start. "I was just going to… hang on." Something gets his attention and he peers through the lense again. "Oh hell… no time to chat!" And with that he spurrs his elk forward at the lab.

Inside the lab coats stare at Misfit for a long second. She's not SHIELD, so maybe she's just lo- wait, on her costume. That's a bat! "GET HER!" One of them cries out in panic and there's suddenly a confused mess of people trying to tackle her and other people drawing weapons.


Misfit has time to sigh "Why doesn't anyone ever" she leans back dodging a blow like a damn Ninja. "Surrender … you know… I mean" she ducks and punches a scientist right in his kidney, twisting around to put him between her and someone who found some sort of device and was about to point it. "because Batman.. I bet people just handcuff themselves" she disappears >pinkurple> appearing behind the guy with the device which he just shot his friend with, wonder what it does, but anyhow she punches him right in the blackjacking knock your ass out spot with her weighted glove peak human strength. "Serious .. bad Nazis.. bad!" which she punctuates with a quick rabbit punch to the guy by the guy she just clobbered.


Rachel reached inside of the building telepathically and began to search out for the hostile minds inside of their with a sort of reckless abandon, once it became clear to her what was occurring inside; she was no longer concerned for the safety of non-mutants in there.

"Of course, nobody ever has any time to explain or even explain why they don't have time t explain. Fine." She may even try to poke around The Fox and Misfit's mind's a little but it's not her ultimate target.

Once she's found out who the scientists are, she's using her abilities to attempt to take control of one of the scientists and get him to attack another in a manner that will kill him. She wasn't always a nice girl.


The Fox is… odd. There's a lot of pushback from his mind. The kind of thing that Rachel may be familiar with when connecting with another psychic. She can get in of course, but it takes a lot more effort than it should. A lot more effort.

Not particularly subtle the Fox crashes through the front window on that elk in time to see one Scientist brain antoher with a very expensive microscope. Misfit's bouncing around the room punching and kicking and…

Then he pulls a shotgun and shoots lightning out of it.

Seriously, that's what happens. Twin bolts of electricity lance out and strike a pair of scientist, hurling them against the wall. Now there's three hostiles inside. This should be over quickly.


Charlie's mind is… chaotic. There is a constant stream of internal monologue that more often than not is coming out of her mouth. "Oh… Foxman!" she disappears >pinkurple> and appears behind another guy, twisting his labcoat around, tangling his arms up in it even as she pulls it up over the guys head, then uses the sleeves to swing him around into a metal cabinet hard "Daaaark vengeance" CRASH.

The other thing worth noting about Charlie's mind is… it's enfused with a Ruby Red Mist. Grabbing thoughts or direction or traction or anything is like trying to grab ghosts. None of it is remotely real and something is really quite wrong about the whole situation.


Rachel is still back in the street like one of the children of the corn, invading the mind of another one of the scientists, «You treat us like animals for experimentation. We are not.»

She starts to rip any information from the Scientists man before finding his worst nightmares and making him see them at such an intensity he may have a heart attack.

Murdering mutants brought out the worst in Rachel. Experimentation on Mutants was even worse. If Gotham was a city of darkness, it had brought out the worst in Rachel as she showed no remorse to these wicked men.


The Fox gets down off his elk and dismisses it. THe thing literally rides through a wall and vanishes. He nods to Misfit as Rachel rips information from the minds of the cientists. "Hello there."

It's bad. They've been experimenting with infusing mutants with magical materials in their blood that give them innate links to the magical fields of the world. Much like a certain other public mutant with magical powers. Why they're doing this is a good question but they don't seem to have met with much success. Oh, and of course, with magic in their blood, HYDRA would be able to use blood magic to control them.

"I see you found them too. Not quite what I expected a snake cult hideout to look like." He glances at the wall and sighs. "HYDRA. A moment please." The masked vigilane kicks open a box and looks at the spilled contents in small sacks. "Mmmm. I was afraid of this. HYDRA's getting magical supplies from the Ton Ton Macoute."


Misfit is whistling happily to herself as she walks around applying zip ties to Hydra Scientists. Kicking them in the head if they are still conscious. Ziip Tiiiie. "The girl may need help.. not sure what they were doing to her… also man I need to be more precise when I am bouncing to punch a Hydra badguy in the face.. so many to punch… need to be like.. hey that guy not the scientist… also where are we?" KICK .. ziiip tie. "What kind of magic supplies?"


Rachel had moved inside to join them already beginning to untie the young mutant woman before reaching into her mind to soothe her, "I'll be taking her back to the Xavier residence, she's one of ours. Thank you for your help in finding her, if I didn't see a glowing blue elk I may never have stopped so quickly."

"I'm Rachel." She gestures to the scientists, "They're experimenting on mutants with magical catalysts in their blood hoping to give them magical powers." She had just saved them some interrogation time to, what a nice girl.


"Crystals. Powders. Small talismans. The Macoute moves relatively small time magic, but they can do it in bulk when needed." The Fox looks around frowning. "Why HYDRA would want them is beyond me." He looks over. "Uh, you're welcmeo I think. I'm called the Fox. This is Misfit. Take the girl if you can help her. I'm not noticing any magic about her and I suspect what they did will make her very, very sick." It's sort of mad fringe science at it's worst after all.

"We're about five miles north of Gotham Misfit. Why do you ask?"


Misfit smiles brightly to Rachel "So um… you got a glow around you. Id love to know a smidge more before some random lady carries off some poor victim.. I mean do you know this Rachel Fox?" she looks to Fox "oh.. I was fighting some Hydra at Ironworks .. didn't mean to end up here." she slinks herself over to check in the spilled contents, randomly grabbing one and opening it up. "Huh.. looks like someone ground up the Ruby Slippers from the Wizard of Oz…" she pokes it and the dust starts to glow brightly.


Rachel explains mostly for Misfit's benefit, "Interesting names, nice to meet you. I'm a member of the X-Men and I will be able to help her." The fiery aura fades from her and she contacts the Xavier Institute, "Gotham is Batman's city right? Let him know we have his gratitude for his cooperation and if he needs a favor, call on Rachel Summers." She's not interested in messing around, not with a mutant life at stake. To The Fox she bows her head gratefully, "Thank you for your understanding." She was rarely so serious.


"Don't know her no." The Fox shakes his head. "But I'm not horribly inclined to fight her over this either. If she's up to something shady I imagine Oracle or Batman will find out about it." And he does intend to ask Oracle to follow up on this, but there's no need to mention that here. Rachel Summers is a place to start. Having a name always helps. Having a name helps with magic too.

"Uh, Misfit, how are you making that stuff glow? It's like you're charging it somehow."


Misfit twirls her finger out of the dust and the glowing red dust follows her finger twirling into the air. "Beats me… I hope it isn't explosive or booby trapped…." she pulls her hand back and the dust follows and ends up coating her hand "Ack.. it got me!" not really though it is just coating her hand in fine red glowing dust. After a moment and sort of .. well absorbs into her glove and is gone. The girl shakes her hand a bit. "Huh… well.. ok I still hope it doesn't blow up.."


Rachel helps the girl up using telkinesis, the aura faintly appearing around her along with a golden phoenix symbol over her left eye, "Don't worry, you're going to be alright. I promise, nobody will ever hurt you again." The intensity of Rachel's words said it was a promise she intended to keep. Once upon a time, she had been tortured, experimented upon and used; never again to another mutant on her watch.

The next time anyone looked, Rachel and the mutant girl were gone.


The Fox watches Misfit with amusement for a moment and then chuckles when he sees Rachel as made a 'heroes' exit. Gone like the Bat. "I don't think you'll be hurt. But if you feel any meglomania, thirst for blood or start dreaming of ancient underwater cities… call me." He'll let Misfit clean up in the Bat approved way here and starts to make his way out.


Misfit mutters tucking the bag of dust away in a pouch. She gives a last couple of kicks to make sure villains be unconscious and checks the bindings. Then calls it in to Oracle. Let SHIELD clean it up or the SRD. She vaishes >pinkurple> once the Bat-Approved <tm> way is completed.

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