The Right to Breathe

March 8, 2015: Melody Kenway escapes death by the hands of Harvey Dent by delivering him a shocker.

Burnley - Gotham

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The meeting this time is in a relatively public place, although public in Gotham didn't necessitate safe, protected or anything but lacking a roof. The Yin-Yangs and several of the In-Betweeners lurk around a small corner of the park near Toxic Acres, just short of the tainted ground, almost as if it were overlooking it. There's a garden there, planted in defiance of the chemicals, and Two-Face liked to come and look at it, for the seep-through had ruined half the garden, a mingling of blossoms on one side and ruined, blackened mutation on the other. Of course, right now, the cold meant that there wasn't much to look at, but he always had his memories.

He idly flips his coin and waits for the girl to arrive. His people had been pleased enough with the product she'd provided and affirmed her assumptions about it, although he was still wary of doing business with a functionary.

But all of that could still be decided. First, he had to see if she'd show up.

"Do not meet him alone.." Those words echoed in her mind as she walked. She didn't wear the business suit she had on before, favoring a pair of chucks and loose enough fitting jeans that hide the assets while staying upon her hips without too much of a struggle. T-shirt, another one, and a sweater, soft, thick gloves and a jacket on to boot. There was a point of contention to leave the hat on, but it was removed in favor of something a little bit more furry and warm. Spring was coming, sure enough, but that didn't mean that Melody still felt the chill in the air.

She didn't carry anything with her save for a gun that was tucked at her back and in her belt, her thick pockets enough to hide a series of folded blades that she had recieved from Rodaga. There was even a stun gun that was on the inside of her jacket pocket, this heavy artilery made her quite.. nervous. To say the least. But she doesn't let that show, tugging her funny looking hat down to cover her ears, her hands lightly fixing it atop of her head, her straight hair flowing down yet tucked inside of her coat, a few bunches here and there stuck out.

She approach the man with a slight smile, her gaze stopping to watch as the coin flips… there was a guess as to where it would land.. if she was lucky, or not so lucky..

Two-Face snatches the coin from the air but doesn't even look at it, just patting the seat on the bench next to him. His men are at a distance, giving them space but also warding off casual strollers, onlookers, busybodies and bats. He reaches into his pocket and draws out a pack of cigarettes, pulling two from his pack and lighting them both before offering one, "Care to partake? A custom blend of mine. And no, not poisonous, if I wanted to kill you, I have far more direct ways to do it. I'm not the Joker or the Mad Hatter, who need to drug or hypnotize others to get their way," he says.

"How's that mistress of yours doing? Still keeping her leather behind hidden behind her kitty door? The Bat hasn't got her tamed, has he?" the gangster says. His voice is husky, rough iron filings scraping together, the acid that ruined his face also running down his throat, although its his clean side that she can see now, sitting next to him in profile. One could almost forget the devastation on the other side, his handsome face that once plastered posters enough to stop some women in their tracks, once upon a time.

The pat to the seat gives her pause; she watches him warily, then moves to sit down next to him. Not close though. Melody respects private space. She does turn a little his way, draping an arm about the back slats of the bench, the other hand reaching out to carefully pluck the cigarette from his lips to awkwardly hold. Hold it like a joint, that is. She still remains silent, her eyes scanning the area, her mind reaching out to tap into the cameras there to find them.. disabled. Great.

"She's doing okay. And no. I don't like that guy, he's a jackass." This all was said before she took a pull of the cigarette, drawing the smoke into her lungs and exhaling with a cough. It actually made her lightheaded, and she wanted to stamp it out right then and there, but she doesn't. "So. What are we doing here? I like to get straight to the point really. I know that you're a great man with conversation but I also know that your time is money and it would be silly of me to bring out more small talk. And I also know that you really don't care too much for Catwoman since you both aren't in the same line of business. Okay, check that. Same line of business sort of? But not really. The only thing you two have in common is money. I bet."

Two-Face can't help but laugh at her description of the Batman, "Succinct, but accurate." he says in response, taking a long draw of his own before blowing smoke through his nostrils, twin plumes that cloud and spiral around him like fog. He doesn't rush, perhaps in part because she indicated he should. Harvey doesn't like being told what to do, not by anybody, and certainly not by the super-powered pets of hopped-up whores like the Catwoman. But that was life in Gotham, wasn't it, where a whore could be queen and a ruined man could be the best looking option there is.

"We have more in common than she probably thinks. It's no mystery she thinks that she's better than the rest of us. Of course, so do I - I used to hunt most of these scum once upon a time, in my own way. I haven't gained any respect for them just because I'm on the other side of the fence now. The grass may be greener, but that's just because blood is good fertilizer."

"But we also have this in common - we're fair. I may apply justice without mercy, but it is justice. By all accounts, she treats those in her employ the same. So perhaps we can come to an agreement as…mutually ethical businesspeople. And perhaps we can be in agreement that the elimination of some of the more rampant members of our underworld community might be worthwhile. Not to mention the Dark Knight himself, who is long overdue for a fall. Instant Karma's gonna get him. He's had too many highs. I think it's time for some lows, don't you?"

Melody wasn't going to say anything on the behalf of Selina, but she felt.. no knew that what he said wasn't true. Not about her. She considered herself not above the rest, but one of the many who were tired. Tired of her people being beaten down and taken advantage of with no justice or help from the side who claims to be the face of justice. Murders.. no police help. Nothing. She's just taking a stand.

Melody kept her thoughts to herself as she smoked the cigarette without inhaling, her fingers brushing over her brow in thought, her eyes watering slightly as she gives a faint nod. But there was that time, that one time where she actually attempted to put out a hit on Bruce Wayne for money.. and was punished for it. The feeling of her back being split open? It wasn't a good one.

"I.. can agree and disagree." She answers honestly. "It's a double edged sword for me. I don't like seeing people hurt and I don't like to do the hurting." She takes one more false drag of the cigarette, then tosses it to the ground to stamp it out, blowing the smoke from her lips. "I mean, if it falls in line with what Catwoman is already doing to secure East End, sure. A few of the criminals can be taken down and sent to jail, I don't have a problem with that." Or, she could set them up to kill each other.. but for someone else? She cringes. And then there was the Bat. There was obviously something there between her friend and the man.. she just didn't know what.

"I think Batman.. should be left alone."

Two-Face snorts softly, "Batman doesn't give you a choice about that. He comes. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow. But he's sure as the sun, sure as the moon. I know him. I know him better than your boss does. I was his friend," he says, "Maybe his best friend, if that son of a bitch has any. Not that I was much better," he says with a laugh. "And I'll tell you right now, he might be the craziest one of us all. You leave him alone all you like - he'll hit you in the face just the same."

"And I like double-edged swords," he says, "But there's got to be some give and take, a balancing of the scales, for this thing to work. First of all, I'd like to see Catwoman herself. I don't mind going on her territory - she's not gonna assassinate me under a flag of truce and killing people isn't her style anyway."

"Second of all, I'd like more of what you gave me before. My tests on it so far have been good. You might notice Sam and Delilah aren't here - they aren't for public consumption, at the moment, until their appetites subside a bit," he says with a grin, "Plus, Sam, well…let's just say bruises show awfully well on an albino."

He takes a moment more before he asks another question, "How long do you think you can last in Gotham? Like this? Standing on the razor's edge between good and bad, trying not to hurt anybody while shovin' 'em into traffic? Seems to me it's gonna hurt awful bad if you fall an' do the splits.'

"Yeah he comes.. but.." There really wasn't anything left to say about the man. She respects him because he saves lives, and she was sure that when he's not dislocating arms, he's probably a good guy. He just needed a hug. At least when she did give the man one, he up and left. (Not because Rodaga shot him, though!)

Though, that little tid-bit interested her. "He was your friend?" She wanted to dip into the wifi in the area, ride the waves to see the news clippings, gain information, but to leave herself unattended on that bench would be foolhardy.

"I can set you up with a meeting to see her, possibly soon to now. Make sure that none of the Alley Cats make a move when you walk into East End. Your protection would be guaranteed, even if you have a billion of your men with you." She smiles a little. She wasn't also going to comment about her style.

The second part? It was going to be tricky. It was a one time deal to get him out of East End, she didn't think to cook up more of that concoction, she gave up on it the moment those nanites died in the dark lady's body. Her hand reaches up to lightly rub at her face, she was getting a little bit nervous. It wasn't like her to tell someone no, but.. it looks as if she was going to have to.

But his last question takes precendence and actually makes her frown, turning away from him now to face forward, her legs spread apart as she rests her elbows upon her thighs to let out a little sigh.

"I can probably last until the day I die." She answers honestly, at least she believes her words. But the way her voice sounded? She didn't.

Two-Face turns now and lets her look on the left side of his face. Not many people get to see it this close, or can bear to when they do. His skin has the texture of raw meat, torn and pebbled, strands of muscle visible underneath skin that's barely there, like onion skin overlaying it, transcluscent and preserving nothing but the moisture of it. Other parts look dry, like jerky, especially around his eye socket, where his bloodshot eye stares out almost endlessly, his blink not quite covering the whole orb, leaving the bottom of his eyeball slightly withered. His grin has no mirth in it and isn't even that, just the exposure of teeth from cheek that no longer closes properly.

"I believe you," he says.

He notices the skipping of his request and, for a moment, flips the coin, letting it spin end over end for a moment before he catches it and looks at the clean head and its stern visage staring back up at him, "Oh, well. Perhaps I should just be satisfied with my girls for the moment, eh? Just let me know if more comes available. I'll pay."

"The question is, when do you think you're going do die, kid? Most of us don't know the day or the hour. The only way you can choose is if you do the deed yourself - and hey, I've played my share of Russian roulette. You can't win if you don't play, eh?"

She remained forward even though she saw him look to her out the corner of her eye, her lips poking out a bit as she turns her head to face him. Yeah, this was as close as she had gotten to Two-Face, nevermind him hovering over her, they were at eye level. Two peas in a pod, mixed matched, something in this scene does not fit. We could go all night with analogies, but..

She stared at him for a moment, his words shocking her just a little, her eyes widening and features softening until she breaks out into a soft little giggle. "You do? That's very sweet of you to say." Only Melody would find sweetness in that. Happiness and sunshine in a town that was so dark. The thought of it all, it brought a little bit of tears to her eyes as the sadness shows though. "Not many people say that to me though." Her lip trembles a little as she draws in a breath, looking away from him now to lace fingers together, and unlace. The flip of the coin was hardly registered as she tries her best to bite back the tears.

"I don't know when I'm going to die. But I know it's going to be quiet. And I know it's going to be like it is on the TV shows, you know?" She looks at him now, it was obvious she thought about this a lot. "Like, there's this one character that no one really pays attention to, she or he is just there to add to the main characters parts. Just there to make them look good and offer up the support all silent and faithful. And then the main character says to that person, "Hey. I know I've never said this before. But I appreciate everything you do for me. And you're my best friend', and then they hug it out, because that support person did something so.. important for the main character that their usefulness is all used up."

She sniffs now, drawing her hands to wipe away the tears upon her face. "And then after that? They're dead. Probably shot in the head. Hit by a car. Heart attack. Something really quiet. And it only seems devastating to everyone else for an episode and life will just go on like nothing ever happened." Her hands soon cover her face, her shoulders bobbing, she was actually crying but there was a little laugh added in. And soon, she straightens up, wiping away at her face, sniffing all the while, feeling just a little better than she did before.

"People like me? We only get an episode. Then we're forgotten. I've been playing since I've moved here. I'm never going to win really. And I'm okay with that."

Someone else might've comforted her, told her she mattered, put an arm around the kid to try and cheer her up. Or there's someone like the Joker, who'd taunt her and push her buttons, try to make it worse, make the kid cap herself right there or beg to die. He knows what she means, the kind of guy in a war movie who shows the picture of his wife and kids right before he gets blown away.

Maybe she was right.

Two-Face throws his smoke to the ground, snuffing it with the toe of his good shoe, the other one only held together with duct-tape, scarred up leather tattered and discolored. "You ain't wrong,' he says. "I saw it as DA. There's a million people in this city like you, little people, who just try to get by, whether you're playin' office or runnin' with the cat or hiding out as a scrawny cop on a bad beat. And you get trampled. Not always, but sometimes, often, and most people don't blink an eye. Just another number, especially in Gotham. Another dead body. Another clue for the Bat to solve the mystery. Another joke for the clown."

He stands up slowly and then reaches into his pocket and draws out his pistol with surprising rapidity, the other hand flipping his coin in the air, "You know what makes the difference between the ones that live and the ones that die? Chance. Fate. Justice." he says, cocking the hammer as he catches the coin in his palm and looks down.

"What do you think justice has to say today? You willin' to see what it gives you? Or do you wanna try'n rig the game?"

"That's where you're wrong, or at least I think and feel you're wrong. The Bat won't solve my mystery when I'm dead. No one will. That's just the way this city works." She doesn't look up as he stands, but he does earn a gaze once the coin is flipped, the gun soon spied as she realizes just what in the world he was about to do. She could get up and run as she learned to do, shield herself from harm by lifting her arms just in time to catch the bullet in the arm instead of the head.

There is no way to know if she'd survive a bullet to the head, even if she's survived worse.

"I don't know." She says finally, pulling herself to a stand as well, crossing the way (which was only two steps) to stand nearby, dangerously close. "I think.. it says to take a chance." And then she does it. The most stupidest thing that she's done since hugging Batman. She hugs Two-Face, right around the waist. If she gets capped for it, so be it. Maybe she'd live or she'd die. And even if she wasn't going to be comforted by the man, just doing so made her feel better. She didn't ask. She just did it. What could be worse than this?

She steps away now, then turns, shrugging her shoulders as she takes a few steps forward, her hands drawing into her pockets now as her head hangs down. "I can't rig the game. I'd feel bad for cheating. That would be like you having a two faced coin and lying about it having a tails."

Two-Face catches the coin just as she hugs him, feeling her arms wrap around his middle. The bewildered expression on his face says it all as he looks down at the young woman squeezing around the middle of his bisected form, the gun in his hand where he'd been prepared to splatter her brains moments before. When she walks away, he listens to her words for a moment, staring.

"I think you got more in ya than you think, kid," he says. And he tucks his coin back in his pocket, not looking. If it said to kill her, he'd have to kill her and, this once at least, he didn't want it. Normally, he didn't care and he wasn't even sure he did here. He just knew the girl had earned another day breathing, far as he was concerned, "Go on, scram."

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