A Dream Worth Fighting For

March 09, 2015: Hank and Scott discuss the implications of Project: CENTURION with Professor X.

Professor Xavier's Office

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Its late in the evening, after the students have by and large set down for the night, when Hank and Scott approach the Professor's office. Even as they approach, Scott prepares to knock. He always prepares to knock, even though the Professor knows that they are coming. Regardless, his mind is heavy with what he and Hank have discussed, and his mouth is turned into a frown as they draw near.

Beast now has a little more information so is most assuredly interested in speaking to Charles along with Scott. There's a flare of his nostrils, as if he's making sure no one else is around and snooping before he glances over to the other. This may change their entire world.

"Hank, Scott, please come in." Charles voice heard beyond the door. Not a telepathic send.
The Professor ever the image of Zen-like calm within his office on the floor, a rather plain white woolen outfit worn and his legs placed neatly underneath him with hands upon their knees. His chair pushed aside where it sits off the mat he has laid out.

Blue eyes open and he exhales one last time before his breathing regulates to normal levels again.

The meaningful look with Hank is shared; though his eyes remain hidden, the expression on Scott's face is telling enough.

Reaching out, Scott opens the door and steps in, holding it open for Hank. "Professor, I hope we aren't disturbing you." He glances toward Hank again, before looking back toward Charles. "Something urgent has come up."

Beast remains quiet — this was Scott's find, so he's going to let him give the initial report. He has things to add later. A nod is given in encouragement for Scott to continue.

"No you are not disturbing me, Scott. I am just recollecting after an adventure through a friends memories. She had invited me to witness the Holi festival many years ago but due to scheduling I have yet to partake and it's passed again. As such it's become a ritual for us to share in this manner… "

The Professor quiets himself at the word urgent and with a pinch of his brows he inquires with a simple, "Oh?"

Normally, Scott may have been entertained by the Professor's story. Not so today. Finding a seat, he lowers himself as if a greater weight rested upon his shoulders than was normal.

"We discovered something terrible; a military base on our own shores, which has developed a weapon to use against us."

Beast doesn't sit, but he does lean against the wall nearby. His arms cross at his chest as he scowls down at the floor as he elaborates, "Large, robotic-types…with the ability to target the Mutant gene in order to destroy it. I recently saw the descriptors. I'm…my gut feeling is that this is something the US Military is aware of, due to Scott's report of the discovery. Even if it's not, someone is developing a way to destroy us."

Charles releases a sigh, a long drawn out sigh, "This is not a first these mechanized monstrosities had been proposed or witnessed. There was rumor of them once before, a prototype program of this very same nature that I myself had persuaded several of our supporters to aid me in shutting down, it was successful but apparently only a temporary solution, as I had feared… What other information do you have on this?"

There is a touch of surprise upon Scott's face at this news, but it's soon tempered by an expression of begrudged understanding. Surely this didn't happen overnight.
"A group of hostile mutants attacked the base where they are being developed," he answers. "That's… how we initially learned of it. Kitty and I saw the machines up close; we have recorded surveillance of them, and Kitty was able to claim some harder evidence. But the others saw the weapon up close and personal. Their 'Neutralizer Warheads'."

From what Scott understands, it wasn't pretty.

He opens his mouth as if to say something else; jumping the gun, as always. He's close to asking the Professor too many questions about what the X-Men should do, about the things he and Hank discussed; yet he remembers to be patient, and closes his mouth with a frustrated sigh.

Beast adds some more technical information, at least what he recently saw with the information that Kitty and Doug were able to extract. It wasn't much, but he gives what he can. "It's quite possible that our missing students have been abducted and used in the development of the neutralization. We know that HYDRA is developing anti-mutant weapons. This could come from them, it could come from another source. But either way, someone is developing a weapon against us."

There's a brief pause before he continues, "If the US Government is involved, attacking this facility and destroying the prototypes and plans could be seen as an act of terrorism. However, they -are- planning genocide. Another option could be to try and get public opinion on our side…which means exposure."

"Any dream worth having is a dream worth fighting for." The Professor whispers, a phrase the two original class X-Men have heard more than once. A motto the man lives by. Drawing himself from his unfocused moment his jaw tightens, "Government or not these neutralizer warheads will not be something any mutant should ever have to worry about. They need eradicated, completely if they are indeed a reality."

Looking at Hank thoughtfully Charles nods his head, "Exposure was not unexpected and I have been grooming many of youfor years for this day. Do what you must, find out what you can from our contacts even those in SHIELD and get to the bottom of this, you both have my full blessing to operate how you see fit. Bring to bare everything we are capable of to put a halt to this now. We will not be threatened at home like we were with HYDRA. I have faith in you, my X-Men. By any means necessary, handle this."

A serious tone and a complete change of atmosphere is happening in regards to the Professor. Fear. Tangible almost and if he were not who he was with years of discipline it might very well be showing that rage is also present. His people are in danger, his family is in danger

The Professor's words are an inspiration to a point, but they raise a darker fear in the soul of Scott. "If we do this, it's… an act of war. Professor, I don't want us to be at war. Hank and I spoke " He glances toward his old friend, then back to Charles. " and we agree. If we just keep fighting every threat we find, it'll just…" He gestures with his hand. "… continue to escalate. Until we really are at war. I think, if we're going to become less secretive, it can't just be with our fists."

Scott leans forward, resting his arms on his knees. "We want to see a world where the government never sanctions this kind of development. We aren't gonna get there this way. Professor, you've done so much for the mutant community, but you're one man." He glances toward Hank.

Beast glances to Scott before he adds, "I think we need to do this in a certain way. Just going out and about might not have the effect we want. We need to have a PR plan. We need to show Joe Public that we're not out to get him. We're not out to take over the world. We're pretty much like everyone else — our individuality just extends a bit beyond what current science deems 'human'. That all we want is to live our lives like everyone else." Golden eyes look at his two friends, "I don't know that we can…or should…hide anymore. But just creeping into society might not work. I think this needs to be done loudly." To prove, for one, that they are aware of what is going on.

"You're wanting to out yourselves as mutants? Each of you individually or are you speaking of the school itself? The X-Men? This is a drastic step. You have considered there is more to this than just the team, I would hope." Of course they have but Charles must touch ease base. He must voice again concerns so they remain fresh.

"The loud voices for quiet hearts." The Professor studies both of them, "Tell me what you propose exactly. This issue does not have to be tackled strictly by means of force, no, but I fear it may come to that. No matter how well intended this notion is, for I agree,I do, I honestly pray with words and presence alone you can inspire this to be buried properly and with good faith but that will require exactly that, faith."

Faith can be a complicated subject, but it is not limited to deity alone. The Professor's words only seem to put more weight on Scott's shoulders, but this is not necessarily a bad thing. Not only is he the team leader; he is also a teacher. Like many, he understands the weight of those words quite well.

"Individually, of course. But, eventually, the truth will come out. Some of us may need to choose between the life of an X-Man and the life of a teacher, or a congressman, or anything else. Inevitably though? People will know."

There's a real chance that, in spite of their best efforts, some already know. Reed Richards comes to mind, and God only knows what SHIELD has on the X-Men.

Hank's words draw a slightly different reaction. Scott hadn't thought of going big. He sits up straighter and looks toward the blue mutant with an arched eyebrow rising from beneath his glasses.

Beast looks back at Scott when he gives his reaction, "You weren't thinking along that route?" He thought they were both on that. Looking back to Xavier, "The school…would be your choice, certainly, Charles. But those of us who teach here…if we're going to come out to the public as being mutants, we could beeasily traced back here…so I don't know how you'd be able to keep the place a secret. I think it might need to be all or nothing, or many of us will either need to leave the school for a time or somehow hide how and when we arrive here. " But he looks between the two again. "The thing is, if we do some giant press about this…Human Rights Campaigns…Presentations to Congress…over forty states have now accepted Gay Marriage. Why can't we be the next hot topic for Equality?"

"Individually your choices are your own. The school itself, it has to remain secret, the lives of the children, the faculity and their families I will not toy with. This is a serious leap of faith but if the two of you are wishing to do such a thing… ask those amongst the teams who wish to do so. We may need restructure if our teams wish to proceed as X-Men Red does. That is primarily on you Scott, the X-Men are yours. How you choose to administrate is your choice. I simply ask of you to keep the school safe which may require some changes to all of our lives." Charles replies.

Scott looks between the two, lips pressed into a thin line. "I understand," he answers after a while. "Call them together, Professor. I'd like to speak with them. Everybody."

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