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March 9, 2015: Oracle speaks to Black Canary, Jericho drops in.




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As a child, Babs Gordon met another girl at a Police family picnic. That girls name was Dinah Laurel Lance, daughter of the now deceased GCPD Officer, Larry Lance and Dinah Laurel Lance (aka The Black Canary). Even though Dinah was a couple of years older that Babs, the two girls developed a fast friendship and kept in touch.

Fast forward to today.

After the Valentines Day massacre, Batman told Oracle to find out about the woman with the Canary Cry, who calls herself Black Canary, and there's some confusion about why she is young.

Oracle has been looking into the woman, tracing her and discovering what she can about her. It's time for her to get in contact with this Black Canary.

Sitting back in her chair, watching her screens, Oracle has an interested look on her face as she reviews the information she's been able to collect. It's displayed in the windows in front of her and she uses her system to call Dinahs' phone. Waiting patiently for the phone to be answered, the redhead leans back in her chair.

Dinah was in the main floor of the Dojo that had been left to her by Alex Wong, a member of the old Justice Society of America known as The Steel Panther; a compatriot of the original Black Canary, it was stuff O would find out quickly when she triangulated the call.

After the death of her mother, Dinah had spent time on the streets before being taken in by the Panther who taught her a great deal of what she knew today in terms of fighting and morality. The morality bit she had forgotten for quite some time working with Team 7.

Finishing her strike against the punching bag she walked over to a near-by table and picked up her phone, "Hello?" She isn't entirely sure who might be on the other end.

The information on the Dojo displays on Oracles screen as the call connects and her eyes widen slightly at the connection to Dinah Laurel Lance (the original Black Canary). "Hello Black Canary, this Oracle. Have you got some time, I would like to speak with you." the redheads voice is digitally altered, it's hard to tell if the speaker is Male or Female.

Dinah pursed her lips as she considered the invitation for a few seconds, "The infamous Oracle. I suppose I have time." She's still on the phone as she begins to change setting it down and switching it to speaker, "Where are we meeting?"

Oracle laughs, a smile crossing her lips "I meant right now. And if you know of me, you'll know that I don't meet people." Shifting slightly in her chair, the redhead worries her bottom lip. "I like to get to know those who work in Gotham." she won't mention Batmans interest, just yet. "The name you've chosen for yourself is of interest. You're young to be the Black Canary I'm familiar with or did you find a fountain of youth? Certainly, the connection of that Black Canary and the Dojo you're currently in, would support the fountain of youth theory."

The questions were considered by Dinah, her mother hadn't been the Black Canary for almost thirty years and had died around twenty years ago. She was a well-known enough figure of the early 'superheroes' that it was no surprise they had pinged her on it. Also given she was still living in Alex Wong's Gym, if only Oracle could see the look of super stupidity on her face.

She was supposed to have years of training and this was the mistake she made, the gym was in her real name, "The Black Canary you're thinking of was my mother, she was murdered twenty years ago." That might give Babs enough right there to confirm who Dinah is.

Jericho Trent has been doing some digging on Dinah Drake for other reasons. She's showed up a few times now and she has, shall we say, a rather colorful military history. There's a lot of fairly interesting names that are not commonly known in it. Which is why he's showed up here, at the Dojo registered in her name. Kind of makes him wonder if she did that on purpose or not. There's a knock at the door. Oracle can probably hear it.

"Your mother" Oracle grimaces a little "I know of her." It's hard not to know of the woman when you have the database Oracle has. "Her daughter went missing right after she was murdered, you're telling me you are her?" Starting some database searches, digging into the deeper darker recesses of the digital network.

Hearing the knock on the door, Gothams Information Goddess pauses "I'll wait till you answer that, we can continue our discussion then."

Dinah listened to the words of Oracle, old memories coming to light, "You are definitely everything they say you are, you're right again, that's exactly what I'm saying." Then the knocking comes, "Sure." She approached the door peeking out the slit to see Jericho there, she opens the door, "Oh, it's you. Come on in."

The hacker steps in with a smile. "Hello Miss Drake." He's got a small file with him. "So, you've got a somewhat impressive resume. Black Operations, martial arts, lot of nice, deep, dark government work." All deniable of course and Jericho doesn't know what it all was, but he's experiened enough to recognize the signs that it's there. "Kind of makes a body wonder what exactly you're doing here in Gotham." Beat. "And for whom."

Dinah looked back towards the phone as Jericho began presenting his information, "If I was hiding anything, why would I bother telling you to look into what has to be one of the best kept secrets in the entire intelligence and military community?" Seriously, some of the deadliest people out there including Deathstroke came from Team 7!

She walks over to a fridge removing a pair of beers and tossing one to Jericho, "I'm here for myself. My mother's killer is still in Gotham. I know he is." She had no proof but she had always had that gut instinct.

That tells Oracle all she needs to know "Hello Jericho." the voice will come from the phone on the table. Yes, Oracle and Jericho know each other and have worked together on a few projects.

"Why am I not surprised you're interested in Miss Drake, here." The redhead frowns slightly "What was it you told Jericho to investigate something?" Now that's interesting. The database search is extended to include the new name 'Drake'. "I don't think she's hiding Jericho, and if she is, she sure needs some help."

"Oh and welcome home to Gotham, Miss…. Drake." Gothams Information Goddess now has pictures of the blonde displayed on her screens and she's reasonably convinced there's a facial match. She will want to be sure though. "Miss Drake, you had a childhood friend. The connection was not well known outside your family though, who were they?"

"Hiding, or working for someone?" Jericho's used to all manner of use of information. Sometimes the right hint to the right person can warn someone off, but it's always a dangerous game. "What I have to wonder is why a Team Seven commando was allowed to leave." They have a reputation for… not doing so.

"Hello Oracle. Talking to our mysterious Miss Drake too, are we?" The hacker smiles and pings her network with a secure connection.

Dinah looked between the phone and Jericho, so everyone knew each other already; awesome. She felt like the mysterious stranger now, maybe she should have worn a mask but then again those things really only suited Batman, "Barbara Gordon, our fathers were friends. They were both cops."

She leans against the table, replying to Jericho, "Who says they let me leave? I got sick of doing what we did when I realized how wrong it all was."

She drinks her beer before asking, "Can the three of us just get together in person?"

Oracle accepts the secure connection from Jericho, she's got a setup to allow that. "Of course, a new vigilante in Gotham? You know how I work."

The answer from Dinah, gets a slow nod not that anyone will see it. "Yes they were." Is the only answer Oracle will give. "Team 7 will be after you, Miss Drake, if you just left. They don't let their assets go, as far as I understand."

For now the question about getting together is ignored but Jericho gets a message ~~ Babs was very fond of Dinah when they were younger, she would very much like to meet her. ~~

"I've never seen the Oracle in person. Ever. I'm not entirely sure she's real." Jericho's teasing about the last bit but it's true that the Oracle is fameously reclusive. "However, I do know where one Barbara Gordon lives, since you seem to have known her." Though he's perhaps a bit worried about dragging team seven commandos to her door. "I'm a bit curious, before we get there, though, what you're doing here if not on assignment."

"It's my understanding that Team 7 no longer exists, although the people in charge aren't the nicest to deal with. I've been dealing with some trouble from them." Dinah then considered how easy she was to find, likely they had just been waiting to hit her or grab her when it was convenient; it would explain Waller's interest in her.

"Like I said, I'm here for myself, I'm not on an assignment from anyone. My mother's killer is in gotham." Besides Dinah had grown up here, home was usually the first place fugitives went.

"Do organisations like that ever disappear?" Oracle is still smirking at Jericho's teasing "What do you think Jericho, I'm a figment of your imagination?" Dinahs' reassertion that she's there for her mothers killer causes the redhead to cant her head in interest "What makes you believe your mothers killer is here, Miss Drake?"

"Stranger things have happened, Oracle." Jericho smirks back. "So, revenge is it then?" He understands revenge, as well as a few other unpleasant things. Letting wrongs go unaddressed eats at people sometimes. "You seemed pretty eager to get back in the game from what I saw the other day."

They had been talking about Oracle and were now discussing visiting Barbara Gordon, even for someone like Dinah who had failed miserably at hiding it wasn't a hard leap to start to begin making somewhere in the back of her mind.

"He was a metahuman with fire based abilities, there's no way he died in a house fire. It's common sense." She points at Jericho, "Don't you dare comment on how easy I was to find, or else I swear to god."

She just shakes her head at the questioning of her motives though, "Eager or helpful, take your pick. You told me Hydra is after me, I may as well make it worth their while."

Dinah might be trying to make the connection but only a few had actually proved it. "I'm sure Jericho" Oracle replies dryly. "You were easy to find, Miss Drake." the redhead is being quite blunt "If you like, you can use one of my safehouses, I have a few around Gotham. You may find yourself a little harder to find and thus safer." Indeed, Agent Melinda May from SHIELD had recently availed herself of Oracles hospitality.

"A metahuman with fire based abilities wouldn't die in a housefire, you are correct." Oracle is already accessing the databases she keeps of the abilities of known metahumans and if she needs more help, she has people she can approach.

"Seems unlikely yes." Jericho nods in agreement. And he doesn't comment on how easy she was to find, though honestly, having the building in her name? Well.. she'll learn, he hopes. Otherwise he suspects he won't be the last to find her. "They tend to be flashy though. I'm surprised you've not heard of this person by now. I take it your'e still looking."

"Yes, without much luck. Although, with friends like you and Oracle finding the person who killed my mother should get quite a bit easier." She's got a leather jacket on and she's opened the door, "My ride or yours?" She gestures to the motorcycle parked outside.

Dinah definitely intended to go meet Barbara, this three-way super conference call stuff was starting to weird her out a little bit; she just wasn't used to it.

Oracle winces at Dinah's comment. She understands the mentality… it's what she would do. Still, that doesn't make it any less awkward… she simply can not come to the Clocktower, yet. Ninja's have already invaded her home, she's not prepared to be targetted by Team 7.

~~ She can't come here, Jericho. Make a call, arrange to meet Babs someplace else…. or delay the meeting. ~~

"Going somewhere, Miss Drake?" Oracles voice filters through. Finally one of her searches yields some results and the redhead lets out a deep breath "I have a number of fire based meta humans, Miss Drake. Do you remember anything else about him?" Of course, the fact that it was a he reduces the results automatically.

Jericho nods and starts dialing Barbara Gordon. It's not clear why he was nodding. Also it's not clear he's calling anyone until he starts talking. Benefits of having a computer in your head. "Barbara? This is Jericho. I just found an old friend of yours, I think. Care to meet us for coffee in Midtown in half an hour?" That should do it.

Dinah wasn't sure what was going on anymore. The odds of Jericho randomly knowing Barbara Gordon and calling her up like that… she rubbed her forehead with her hand wondering if this was a charade to maintain a cover or one big set of suspicious looking coincidence.

She'll let Jericho choose the method of transportation, replying to Oracle, "He called himself, The Crimson Torch. I don't think he does the whole metahuman terrorist gig anymore."

~~ Why do I think this will end badly? ~~

At least her Clocktower will be secure for a little longer if Dinah does put 2 and 2 together. Readying herself, Oracle heads to the coffee shop, she knows the one Jericho means. For now, she's routed the call through her tablet and will continue the call until they get closer. "The Crimson Torch." Pulling up the information she has, it's relayed via Jericho's secure channel "Jericho is receiving the data now."

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