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March 09, 2015: Babs meets Dinah in person




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After agreeing that Babs Gordon will meet Dinah Drake and Jericho at her local coffee shop, Babs, continuing the phone call through her tablet, until she reached the coffee shop. She's now sitting inside, at a table, waiting for her guests to arrive.

Back at the watch tower Charlie peers blearily into the fridge. Hmm. Out of OJ. .. . Out of Eggs… .. Out of sugar bomb cereal. .. Without Lady B to stock fridges this is getting more dire by the day. She taps her comm "Hey O.. do we have like a secret prepper fridge somewhere full of food?"

Dinah would have much rather taken her motorcycle but she found herself rather uncomfortably sitting in the passenger seat. She was clearly a little nervous and it caused her to be a little silent during the trip to the coffee shop, "So…"

Jericho pulls up to a little coffee shop. In the parking lot. So much more comfortable than motorcycling (though he has one too). Also more bulletproof. Which is an important consideration in Gotham as his last couple of visits have evidenced. "So…?" He steps out and gestures toward the shop.

"Hey Charlie, is that a hint we need more food?" Babs laughs a little, it's not unknown for her to forget to eat. "Why don't you join me at the coffee shop down the road, come in normally though please, I'm meeting an old friend." The redhead has her tablet on the table in front of her, checking her network as she waits.

On the comm "uhn… god walking… who walks…" Charlie moans. Of course she is totally kidding, because well she is in amazing shape and races across rooftops each night. "Was the hint subtle.. or unsubtle.. I'm aiming to be more subtle…" she is on her way down the steps as she chats heading out to the street and walking at a brisk, feed me seymore, pace.

"Soo, it looks like we're here! Lead the way." Dinah opens the door for Jericho with the best of manners, holding it open for him until he's inside. Of course, it would be hard to miss the redhead inside on her tablet, she had a way of standing out. It was hard to believe that might be her old friend, she really had none of those left.

Jericho steps in side with a nod of thanks to Dinah and points Babs out… as if the blonde needs it. They were old friends after all. "Ah, there she is." Depending on how old, though, Dinah may be a bit behind on the 'in a wheelchair' part of the equation.

Seeing them enter, Babs waves to Jericho and gestures to them to join her. Smiling, in a reserved sort of way, Babs cants her head at Dinah. It's been at least 20 years since they last met in person, before Dinah disapppeared.

The wait staff seeing Babs wave, begin to gather menus to bring to the table.

There is more muttering to herself, or well to her bluetooth earpiece. People be strange talking to themselves and their phones everywhere. Charlie ducks in behind Jericho and Dinah and blinks then tiptoes and pretend looms behind Jericho.

Jericho confirmed what Dinah had thought, that was Barbara Gordon; beloved childhood friend. Then for all of her courage in battle and bravery, Dinah chokes up a little hesitating before approaching Babs.

She didn't even know where to begin.

Smiling at the other woman she says, "Long time no see." She seems genuinely happy to see her, just shocked to see someone from her past.

Jericho puts both hands in his pockets and watches. He doesn't recognize Charlie yet. Though… voice and face recognition software, she may want to be careful. Not that he'd likely tell anyone. The hacker knows what it's like to have to keep those kinds of secrets, though he doesn't for different reasons.

Misfit eye rolls behind Jericho. Still it is either duck out and bail on the whole food… or risk Jericho recognizing her with his demonic computer stuff. Decisions.

Babs smiles at the blonde, trying to look bemused, "Dinah?" she speaks softly "Is it really you?" the emotion in her voice is quite genuine, working behind her screens it's easy to be detached. Not so much in person. Glancing over to Charlie, the redhead gives the young teen a very, very, flat look and beckons her and Jericho over.

"Please sit down… " directed mainly to the blonde, but all three are included in the invitation.

The servers move to distribute the menus to the table and wait patiently for the party to sit before asking for drink orders.

Dinah doesn't know Charlie but she seemed mostly harmless, so she wasn't about to say anything. Still smiling at Babs she sits down opposite her before replying, "In the flesh." She knew how injuries could be, so she doesn't pay attention to or comment on the wheelchair, "How have you been?"

She takes the menu, looks it over and orders herself a tea and some pancakes.

Charlie archs an eyebrow at the flat look and then brushes by Jericho heading to join Babs and Dinah at the table. She has met Dinah before really, though not in civies like this.

Jericho watches as the redhead brushes past him. Interesting. Why is that so familiar. He'll figure it out. He also goes to join Babs and has a seat. "So, reuinion of sorts then, Barbara?" He tends to call her by her full name. He knows Dinah's been long away.

Babs orders a coffee, that's it despite Charlies comment about no food in the Clocktower. "Yes, a reunion Jericho." she murmurs and gives the chaos muppet a warm smile as she sits. "I've been …. well … Dinah." Which is mostly true, particularly the last few years. Her rehabilitation time is something she'd rather forget. "Charlie" Babs looks to her ward "This is someone I knew from my childhood. Dinah, this is my ward and my friend, Charlie."

Gesturing at the menu for Charlie, Babs expects the order to be large. "How did you two meet?" The question is directed to Dinah and Jericho. Babs will ask Dinah's background later, maybe.

"Hi Charlie. I hope you're not too much of a handful for Barbara?" Dinah somehow had a distinct feeling Charlie was NOTHING but trouble, why else would she be called Misfit.

She looks between Babs and Jeri before pursing her lips, she would let Jericho answer this one.

Charlie scoops up the menu and peruses it intently "I am an angelic saint of a young woman who never does anything to cause Babs stress. Newp." she flips a page and has this studious look there and then orders a coffee, a waffle-o-mongous platter. Yum.

Aaaaah. That voice. Jericho picks up on it right about the same time his voice recognition does. Interesting. He doesn't say anything though. Just grins and orders a coffee. "Dinah got mistaken for a friend of mine. It's either serious flattery or a serious problem. Or both. Depending on how you look at it. I came to warn her about the mistaken identity before it caused her too many problems. She's helped me on a couple of things since."

Babs has no illusions that Jericho knows who Charlie is, and the fact that she's relaxed about it is telling enough. "Charlie is a teenager, Dinah. And I'm sure she's as much of a handful as others." It's obvious that Babs is fond of the younger woman. Misfits order doesn't even get a raised eyebrow.

"Mistaken identity?" Babs looks interested at that "that may cause problems, sounds like a story worth hearing."

Sitting among the three, Dinah still had that weird feeling that everyone was in on something she wasn't; it was like being back in grade school all over again when she was being made fun of and didn't even know it.

"She seems like a nice girl. Jericho is probably much better at telling the story than me, seriously." Dinah looked over at Jericho, all on you pal.

It may be that Charlie doesn't care if Babs is fine with the Jericho situation. I mean. She just lives and eats here right. Well down the street. She leans back happily waiting for the food and grins to Dinah "Why thank you. I try telling people that all the time."

Jericho continues to watch Charlie wait for food with amusement in his eyes. Somethings appear to be universal at certain ages regardles of who one is. "Partisan is a nice girl. Until you piss her off. Then she'll kill you and your family ten ways from sunday and make sure everyone knows who, how and why. She's quite the terror to the right kind of people. And, as you might guess Babs, getting mistaken from her comes with… complciations."

"I see" Babs cants her head at the story "And Dinah got mistaken for this Partisan? That sounds a little drastic." Babs coffee and the rest of the orders arrive as they are talking. "So Dinah…" Babs looks at the blonde "What have you been up to, since we last met?"

"Aside from being mistaken for insane freedom fighters who I share a hair color with?" Dinah smiles, "Not much appropriate for a public place, just a lot of travelling and running into old friends now that I'm back in Gotham." She looks to Charlie & Jericho, "New friends as well."

Charlie fiddles with her napkin then eyes Jericho with a .. what… look and looks behind her. Then she grins to Dinah… then the girl is peering after the waitress. Like somehow she can hurry it up. "That sounds megabads. Maybe hang out wherever this girl doesn't?"

"She's mostly in New York. When she's not in third world countries." Trouble is that HYDRA isn't real good at keeping track of her. And there aren't exactly any forms to fill out to fix cases of mistaken identity like this. Jericho shrugs as he listens. New friends indeed. Like SHIELD.

Babs smiles as she sips her coffee, looking thoughtfully at Dinah. Twenty something years is a long time, look at Babs. "Not appropriate for a public place… that sounds intriguing, Dinah and if Jericho says this Partisan is in New York, maybe Gotham is the safest place for you." Sure, Babs can believe that.

The waitress returns with Charlies' orders and places it in front of her. Seems that meal hadn't come out with the rest.

"How you doing, Charlie? I suppose you're going to tell me I need to go grocery shopping soon?" the redhead smiles at the teen, with a rueful look. Oh she misses Lady B.

Charlie did get a big order. She grins at Babs "Yes. Though what we really need is one of those like make a meal food services…Ive done net research will totes send it to you." she starts to take a bite when she gets a call on her ear piece. She taps it and cocks her head then siiiighs. She looks about and seems apologetic "need to take this…" she grabs her plate and heads after the waitress. Probably to get it in a to go box. She doesn't come back though. As soon as she clears the joint with her food and rounds a corner out of sight she is gone and into the clocktower. Eating while she suits up for a Titan's call. She does let Oracle know once she is clear though why she ducked out and wont be coming back. She also totally leaves excuse making to the other woman, brat she is.

Dinah looks after the strange girl departing so suddenly looking at Babs and Jeri, "That was a quick visit."

"Gotham seems like a good place for now, I wish it was all as intriguing as it seemed. It's really really boring." She tries to distract the topic away from her.

The tablet in front of Barbara is given a look, "So you're still playing computer games?" She wasn't exactly the best with computers, anyone on them had to be playing games.

Jericho could play solitare or internet chess or words with friends for hours and have no one notice. He doesn't usually, but he could. That's what happens when your computer is in your head. "Yes… Boring." He says rather dryly. Team Seven. Rogue Agent. Searching for her parents' murderer. Totally routine right?

"Gotham should be as safe as… Gotham ever is." Babs should know what that means more than anyone.

Charlie gets a fondly annoyed look from Babs as she leaves. "Yes it was" Babs shrugs slightly "living with a teenager, I'm getting used to that sort of thing. Probably had an online game with a friend that she forgot about." She lets the rest of it slide.

Jericho's comments about Gotham and safety, has the redhead raising her eyes towards him "I suppose so… Just please, Dinah, be careful here." Glancing to the tablet in her hand, Babs shakes her head at the blonde. "I am actually, just not as often as I did when we were kids. And games now, are so different. This" tapping the tablet "is mostly business."

Dinah nodded, she still felt like she was the only one not in on some big secret. She needed to get a bit more secretive so everyone and their uncle couldn't track her down, next thing you know Oliver Queen would be back asking for another date.

"Small world, right?" She looks between the two, "Who would believe we all knew each other like this." Yeah, not suspicious at all that they had been talking to Oracle and Jericho also happened to know Barbara Gordon. If either of them was a psychic, they would hear Dinah wondering to herself if this was a setup.

"I met Barbara after accidentally breaking into her house to protect her. Long story." And he met Dinah because she'd been mistaken for his best friend. These things happen. Especially to Jericho. He has an odd odd life and this isn't the half of it. You should see what he does for fun. Or where he calls home.

Babs smiles faintly and nods "It is a long story. He's stayed in touch ever since then and I guess, we've become friends." Babs is close to finishing her coffee and she looks over to Dinah "I'd love to hear more about your adventures, in a not so public place…" There's a glint of amusement in her green eyes.

Dinah seemed game for that, there was clearly more at play here than meets the eye, "Anytime Babs, just let me know when you want to really catch up." She took a drink of her coffee, remembering a few chance encounters she had with a certain red headed heroine in her teenage years shortly before Stormwatch & Team 7.

Her eyes went to the wheelchair. What the hell had happened to Barbara.

"Shall I give you two some time alone?" Jericho's fine with doing so, really. He'd come mostly because Babs had invited him. But there's other things to be tended to if two old friends want to catch up in private. Certainly, he understands the desire.

Babs frowns at Jericho "Not unless Dinah does. It's just" the redhead raises a shoulder "she said there were things she couldn't share in a public place. Believe it or not, I understand that." Seeing Dinahs eyes drop to her wheelchair, Babs smiles softens "You can ask, I'm quite used to it by now. A home invasion and I was shot, lost the use of my legs as a result." That's Babs story that's public, the real story… only a few know. "How about tomorrow to catch up? I have some free time during the day."

Glancing over to Jericho, Babs smiles again "Thank you, for finding her."

Dinah listens to the story about the wheelchair and she tries to hide her shock. Catching up later sounded good, "Tomorrow it is. Give me a call." She looked between Jericho and Barbara one last time, hopefully she could get better caught up in private, "I don't mind, he needs to give me a ride home anyways. I'm not taking the bus."

"Sometimes I get lucky." Balances out the other times. The hacker stands and motions to Dinah. "Come on. I'll get you back to the Dojo." That's in her name. He doesn't say that. But he's thinking it. "Nice seeing you Barbara. Be safe. I'll be in touch."

Babs looks to Dinah before she leaves "You got a way to contact you?" Babs pulls a business card from the compartment in the arm of her chair and hands it Dinah. "Here are my details. And it's wonderful to see you again, Dinah… I'm looking forward to tomorrow." Jericho gets a smile and a wave as Gothams Information Goddess finishes her coffee and begins to depart with them.

Dinah takes the card and looks at it, "I'll text you, when I'm sitting in Jericho's car with absolutely nothing to do since he's driving." Yep, Dinah hated being the passenger, bulletproof car or not.

"It was the best thing that's happened to me in awhile, cya tomorrow."

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