Hydra Strike

March 8th, 2016: Kate is teaching Kara archery. Steve is relaxing in the area while Falcon checks out his suit. Booster and Ozymandias are flying through the area when HYDRA attacks under the orders of Zola!

Justice League: Avengers Lakehouse, Metropolis

The Lakehouse Mansion of the JL:A!



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It's not that it's actually gotten warm or spring-like outside yet. It's still winter. But after Russia, winter here in the states just doesn't quite compare. Kara had asked Kate for some help in learning ways of fighting that don't involve super powers, and Kate agreed. Kate also decided that she wasn't going to start with jiu jitsu, because she didn't want to end up accidentally going through a wall.

Instead, she and Kara are in the backyard where an archery range has been set up, each with a bow and a handful of arrows stuck in the ground next to them. "Okay," Kate begins. "So first things first, archery is about precision. It's not about being strong. Strength matters in that the stronger your draw, the further you can shoot, but otherwise…it's about precision. Which comes from practice."

Steve is seated in a simple lawn chair looking out and casually watching the pair as they do their archery. He'd been watching the television, but the banality of talk-show, reality, and news television has begun to bore him. He was recently given a gift of a StarkPhone, but all he's really used it for is making telephone calls and keeping up with spring training news.

He has two apps. His email, and the MLB news app.

He's wearing a tight black t-shirt over a long sleeved white shirt and jeans. His gaze is hidden behind his aviator sunglasses, but he seems tormented. Does he cheer for the Dodgers, the team of his youth? Or does their move to Los Angeles while he was encased in ice change things.

He can't be a Yankee fan, can he?

Off to one side, Sam Wilson is doing what is becoming routine maintenance on the Exo-8 wing suit: compensating for minor bits of frost damage from the bitter Russian winter. The suit has been set down on a tennis court, wings fully spread so that Sam can inspect them minutely with the red-tinted Falcon goggles. Other than those goggles, he's wearing a black jacket, zipped up, and dark grey cargo pants. He identifies a frozen servo, then leans in to loosen it back up with the gentle application of heat and oil.

While Kara and Kate were setting up, he has been making his way from the base of the wings outward, and he's very nearly done. This frees him up to watch their practice with amusement — it's tough to picture Kara zooming into a fight with her kryptonian speed and strength, but then having to fiddle around with a bow and arrow before she could actually attack. He'll be sure to set aside some space for an ever-growing pile of bows that have been snapped in half so that the woman has an excuse to enter the fight with her fists.

After the final Atlantean attack Kara had found herself without her powers, the apparent effects of getting no sunlight for quite some time along with grievous wounds would do that. Clint may have been the 'leader' but as far as Kara was concerned Kate was THE Master Archer.

"Precision, alright." Kara picked up the bow with quite a bit of excitement grinning as she pulled on the bowstring; it was weird not having super strength at the moment, "So what's next?" She's already picked up an arrow and attempted to notch it, standing as close as possible to the way she's seen Kate stand and shoot; it's not a very good approximation though.

An orange cat with a lightning bolt like streak walks up to the lawnchair Steve is sitting in with a can of open cat food in his mouth. The cat drops the tin of cat food, meowing up at Steve (likely asking if he wants any of this) before starting to eat. Poor Hawkpuppy arrives not long after waiting to be offered some to.

It seems a perfectly calm winter day, with everyone enjoying their own things. Rather suddenly however it seems that the televisions and speakers in the area go dead for a moment, screens replaced by a black and white video of a group of men and women with blonde hair and blue eyes standing in front of a HYDRA flag. Soon after a rather grainy and low quality song begins to play, voices singing out in a foreign language backed by a full orchestra of musical instruments a happy and joyous tune. Ringing out from every speaker the quality akin to an old record played over and over again, with grainy audio.

"Let's work on your stance first," Kate grins back at Kara. "Once you're back up to strength, we'll figure out how we'll get a bow that can handle your draw. So first thing." She steps over to the other girl to make adjustments as she explains. "Stand up straight. Shoulders back. Core strong. Your draw's going to come from your arms and shoulders, but your stability's going to come from your core. Feet about shoulder width apart, facing perpendicular to your target."

As the music starts to play inside, she looks toward the house, brows furrowing. "Someone leave the TV on?" she calls back to the others.

Steve's eyebrow arches up awkwardly and immediately as the music begins to play upon his phone. He looks from the pair of archers down toward his cell phone as he sees the images playing upon it.

Was this some sort of virus?

He'd been careful to only go to a handful of websites on his phone and he was sure there was nothing untoward.

"Look at this," he says, standing up and moving toward the ladies. "Sam, you too. Take a look."

Sam's face falls, and he sets his tools down. When he glances over at Steve, there's a flicker of light behind the goggles — the video in question is playing on his HUD, too. "That's gonna be a little tough at the moment," he says, his expression a wry scowl. "Let me guess: stock PR footage for the Aryan nation? I think we may have a troll." He raises one hand to his temple and flicks a switch to clear his vision — a hard network lockdown was built into the headset to prevent it from being wirelessly hacked. "That's better."

The orange tabby known as Streaky ate the majority of the food in the tin before allowing Hawkpuppy to finish what was a few slivers of the wet food. When the music starts playing, the cat starts meowing loudly; he had warned them some bad stuff was coming, not his fault they didn't understand. Streaky grabs Hawkpuppy by the scruff of his neck and runs off to hide and nap, he would need to teach this dog about the ways of a cat; doing as little as possible.

Kara tries to follow the instructions given to her by Kate when she responds a bit embarrassed, "Yeah, that was probably me." She had a bad habit of leaving things on around the house, she was a bit of a slob in that regard.

When Steve calls them over to take a look she keeps the bow in hand, more distracted by Hawkpuppy and Streaky than anything else, "Awwww isn't that cute!" She then looks at the video thing playing, "Not the video, that's freaky."

The video slowly bleeds from simple black and white to a colorized image, as the camera zooms back, the group of people singing still loud and proud smiles across their faces. The audio grows slightly louder from within the house, as the camera pans back even further the conductor comes into view, a bright red skull, where skin should be, as he turns to the camera a pure white smile on his face. "Bis bald!" Being spoken right into the camera, as the feed all too suddenly cuts completely.

After their mission in Russia, Ozymandias took a couple of days to take care of things with his business. Since he hadn't check into with the group during this time, he decided to stop in to see what is going on with the rest of the members. Ozymandias walks into the house and is about to greet them, but pauses to check out the scene on the television.

There's a shiver that runs down Steve Rogers' spine. As the red face fills up his screen his eyelids pull back in dread. He had figured that Hydra would have been able to resuscitate Red Skull after capturing his body. Now it had all but been confirmed.

Rather than say anything witty or angry, he merely stays quiet, blue eyes never leaving the screen, even a moment after it turns off.

"So… an advertisement for the Hair Club for Skulls…?" Sam speculates, hopefully breaking through Steve's reverie. He doesn't know any German, and although he certainly recognizes the Red Skull, it sounds like he's still taking the hacking less than seriously. Then again, he quickly switches the wing suit out of its maintenance cycle and hoists it onto his back — the lighthearted response may be a facade to keep his friend calm and focused.

Once he's got his wings on, Sam shades his eyes and scans the sky, searching out a few of the birds he knows to nest in the area. He's spent enough afternoons birdwatching from the roof to have a perfectly instinctive grasp of their usual flight patterns and behavior. That knowledge makes them into friendly scouts for the aviator: any deviations will immediately alert him to approaching enemies or disturbances too distant for him to see.

Kara watches the video, none of it having a lot of meaning to her so she just keeps pretty quiet while paying as much attention as she can, "What are we watching? They're Nazi's right?" She had learned about them in her studies of human history, as limited as they had been.

Only a few moments go by before the sound of screams grows very much closer. No less then twenty large caliber artillery shells headed right towards the Lakehouse, screaming across the sky leaving behind a nice large trail. At about the same time a number of HYDRA troops dressed in their finest bright neon green and yellow practically pop up out of nowhere with the use of their new fancy belts. All manner of things happening at once, as things go from zero to crazy in a new york minute.

As the artillery shell start flying, he thinks to himself that this is reason why he always wears his costume, mask, and of course his weapons, when he comes to check in. Ozymandias pulls out his plasma pistol using his quick draw skills and enhanced reflexes, and begins to fire on the Hydra. Ozymandias lets out a war cry, because in craziness like this there is only one rule: Everyone not on your side bleeds, and bleeds a lot.

"That was…weird. And clearly I'm going to have to talk to some people about the internet security here," Kate grumbles as the video ends, starting to turn back toward Kara when the sound of the shells starts up. "Oh, come on!"

It's all she has time to shout before she snatches up her own bow, running across the grounds for where she left her quiver with the good stuff in it.

Ozy's comment about one rule might be the reality, but leave it to Captain America to try and put some order into the situation.

"Supergirl and Falcon I need you airborne as quick as possible in a wide arc. Create a crossfire situation from above. Kate, keep your distance and use me as cover. And if that dog and cat do any fetching, now would be a good time have them go and get my shield. Ozy…" Cap stops and gives him a nod, "Keep firing. Just don't hit me in the back of the head."

Steve grabs his lawnchair and begins to run towards HYDRA agents.

"Hey, uh, guys?" Sam says, seconds after he starts staring into the sky. There's an osprey nearby who should be feeding, but is instead just staring at the water, hungry and frustrated. "There's something bad in the lake. Big and bad," the flier warns, unfurling his metallic wings. "Get ready for—"

A shell barrage explodes out of the water, and Sam is in the air instantly. "Yeah, that," he says into his headpiece, forgetting for a moment that he has shut off its wireless connection. Moving at top speed, he intercepts the shells in midair, snagging them two at a time with his gauntlet-mounted talons and heaving them off course. He doesn't have to affect their course much to make them miss the mansion, and the talons' magnetic clamps adhere well to the shells, but his time is desperately limited. Fortunately, the grounds are covered in targets just begging him to ruin their day.

Kara just stares at Steve, "I can fly just about as good as you can right now." She didn't expect Steve to be kept up to date on her current situation, instead she rushes behind Kate to try and grab some of the arrows they were going to use to practice.

"Kate, I know you wanted to teach me how to use a bow but you really didn't have to go through all this trouble." She grins, trying to make light of the fact that Hydra was attacking for no reason. Buggers.

The men dressed in their neon greens and yellows continue to fire even as their numbers thin more of them showing up from seemingly nowhere as they deactivate their belts. Though out of their numbers there is an almost surprising amount of them who seem to be electrified not by the shots but by their belts screaming and convulsing on the ground as they are slain not by combat but by their own experimental equipment.

Some of them seem more then combat capable firing away into the middle of the group with fully automatic weapons bullets slamming into the ground one after another, though a few of the younger men in the group turn to run when they realize who they're attacking. Those poor souls also find themselves being electrocuted, cutting down their rather large numbers even more then those being shot down by Ozy, and the others.

As falcon collects the shells he finds himself sprayed by a fine mist of glowing green rock, completely harmless but it seems to stick to everything. The chemical mixture released the moment they touch anything. However when the shells slam into the ground they spread out a sort of napalm, covering HYDRA's own men in the mixture of fuel before it ignites, creating something of a ring of fire around the house itself, without actually damaging the building proper.

Out in the lake however the water level begins to lower as something comes back up to a stand. A bright blue metal figure rising out from the water. It's head skull-shaped with an ornate headdress backing it, a number of ports pouring out water from the body, as it's launching systems fall back into its surface. It's eyes turn on shining bright blue lasers into the midst of the group.

Ozymandias pulls down his shield to provide him additional cover as he continues to his fire plasma blasts. Ozymandias switches languages to Russian and quickly tells Cap to get clear of the area. Ozymandias throws several knock out gas bombs around the room, and then begin to return fire again.

"Unless you're going to throw those with super-strength, don't even bother," Kate shakes her head quickly to Kara, shrugging into her quiver and pulling a handgun off the side. She clicks off the safety, then passes it over to Kara. "Point at the bad guys, pull the trigger. Aim for center mass." Kate may not use guns much, but she knows how. Enough to know there's a reason bows were replaced by guns in the theater of war.

She slips an earpiece into her ear, then heads for the cover provided by some hedges. Yay landscaping! Poor landscaping. "Cap, I'm laying down some cover, you may want to close your eyes and cover your ears." Which means it's flash-bang time! Right for the center of the not-yet-electrocuted green guys.

"Got it," Steve says and as the bang comes over his shoulder he closes his eyes and covers his ears as he kneels to the ground. After it's over, he pulls the metal bars apart from the lawnchair and makes himself two long tonfas.

He covers the distance between himself and the agents of HYDRA and begins trying to wail away at them.

Falcon manages to redirect about half of the napalm shells downward, causing them to fall among the Hydra troops invading the grounds. As a result, the intended barrier of fire around the house is only partial, and while the conflagration may not affect the attackers, being crushed by the shells themselves sure will.

The green mist is a mystery, though. Sam barrel rolls away from it, too late to escape it entirely, but the gunk doesn't seem to affect his body or his flight systems. It's almost like one of those exploding ink packets that's supposed to deter shoplifters.

Wanting an answer but finding none, he banks away from the blue death rays and soars toward the helipad to get himself better equipped. He doesn't know how he's going to stop the mech charging at them from the waterline, but he's sure he'll need heavier ordnance than a couple of grappling cables.

The armored Hydra soldiers seemed intimidating to Kara without her powers, but she had spent enough time now around people like Kate and Sam who did extraordinary things without powers to have confidence at the thought of it; let alone watching them in action right now.

She accepts the gun from Kate with a bit of hesitation, but she knew it was the only way she was really going to be able to hurt these armored soldiers, "Ok, so it's basically a Blaster Pistol." Even if Kara didn't use weapons on Earth, it didn't mean that her mother Alurra one of the greatest warriors on her homeworld hadn't trained her in more than hand to hand combat. Sadly they didn't use Bows on Krypton anymore.

She ducks and shields her eyes when the flashbang goes off using a table for cover before peeking over and taking a few well aimed shots at the knees of approaching soldiers. She wasn't firing wildly, she was making each shot count and insuring she wouldn't accidentally kill someone.

Though they are many these hydra soldiers happen to make up for their vast numbers in a lack of proper training, many of them likely picked off the street thrown into costume given weapons and told how to shoot them. They seem almost too easy to pick off a shot here, a flash-bang there their sheer lack of training shining through. This isn't exactly the HYDRA A-Team, more like the HYDRA Y-Team, the rejects and failures given one last chance of redemption.

When Rogers brings out the Tonfa's coming in close range one of the armored HYDRA troops simply falls right back onto his backside covering over his eyes, his friends still reeling back from the flash-bang. The one more highly trained out of the ones trying to fight off rogers. His fighting style lacks finess, but he makes use of his long rifle as if it were a bo-staff, trying to get in that strike though his vision is still completely blurred.

Hydra troops are cut down left right and center from knecap shattering pistol blasts that cause them to fall rocking on the ground to plasma bolts that send the troops firing the HYDRA numbers are plummeting.

Even so the large blue machine stomps its way closer, tracking Falcon, and trying to fire off a few rounds his direction, the green dye providing a bit of a lock on point but not nearly as much as the operator had been expecting. A voice rattles out from the machine. "Stay still you rat with wings," A heavy Swiss accent to the robotic voice.

A number of the men who weren't wearing the fire retardant suits and masks seem to fall down after inhaling the gas deep into their lungs falling over in the middle of what would have been a somewhat suicidal charge. A number of them being trampled under the others before they finally realize what's happening and go for their masks.

A golden meteorite streaks down from the sky, although it does not make impact with the ground. Instead, it angles sharply and curves, and plows into and through the soldiers. It opens a furrow through the ranks as several are bowled aside, and a few get knocked flying into the air.

At the end of this sudden attack, the meteorite comes to a skidding halt and shows itself to be Booster Gold, straightening up from the crouch he landed in, a few tendrils of pale blue energy coruscating around the star on his chest and down over his arms. There are a couple of holo screens faintly hovering before him, although these wink out of existance. Booster has the benefit of an early warning system that notifies him when a dangerous situation is unfolding; his name is Skeets. Now that Booster is on site, he looks around to assess the situation and narrows his eyes at the stomping mecha.

As the Hydra soldiers stat dropping due to the knock out gas, and the others goes to put their mask on, Ozymandias does a quick check of his shield to see how it is holding up to the gun fire. Ozymandias quickly moves on to his next trick and throws some smoke bombs to add to the confusion. As he throws the smoke bombs, he takes a blast into his shoulder that rips through his left forearm.

The wound heals a few seconds latter, but the shot caused him to drop his pistol.

He switches on his infrared lens to see through the smoke to search for his pistol, but his see something better. He finds Captain America's shield on the ground. He sees Captain America out of the window and calls on his comms, "Make like Pee Wee Reese, because we need a double play!" Ozymandias throws Captain America's shield out the window towards him.

Ozymandias pulls out his collapsible bow and an arrow and starts to fire on the Hydras.

"These guys are a mess," Kate observes, popping up from behind the hedge to fire off some electrical disrupters into the green-suits. Not that most of them aren't having their own electrical issues, but if you see a weak spot anyhow…

"Booster, welcome to the party!" she calls as the man in gold makes his landing. "I think it's time for some ewok action." Eyeing the mech, she searches out a place where he's likely to cross a path, then fires a line at knee height. "Can you draw him to your two o'clock, Falcon?"

The shield soars through the air on a wide arc out on the courtyard heading towards Rogers. Steve catches the shield as a wall of napalm comes to engulf him. The paint is mostly gone from his shield, but Cap is alive and the flesh is not burning off his bones. Which is nice.

What's not so nice is the rifle that comes for him, but Rogers parries it with ease before aiming a shot from his shield right at his foe's nose.

It took less than a minute of frantic searching for Sam to admit to himself that no one has thought to build a stockpile of tankbuster weapons on the roof of the lakehouse. He'll be correcting that oversight if they survive this mess, for sure. For the time being, he returns to the fray with his modified Uzis and a reactivated headset radio. The lightweight machine pistols will be great for crowd control against the foot soldiers — not so much the giant killer robot.

He takes a running leap off the edge of the helipad, slowly extending his wings and swooping at maximum speed over the battlefield that the Avengers' backyard has become. With the bot trying to get a bead on him, Sam can't slow down enough to methodically pick off targets. Instead, he sprays the enemy ranks with short bursts of cover fire to keep them from getting too aggressive against his allies.

"Star Wars, huh? Great minds think alike, Hawkeye," he says over the headset, grinning. "I'll see what I can do."

Juking wildly to keep away from the bullets and death beams, Falcon nonetheless flirts with the robot's line of fire, trying to walk the line between a tempting target and an easy one. As he flies over the cable Kate already has in place, he fires one of his own tethers parallel to it. Disengaging his wings, swerving 90 degrees left, and then boosting forward again, he executes a daring course correction to conceal himself in the woods and add his own grappling line to the tripwire.

"Star Wars? You guys really need to teach me some of these battle plans." Kara groans as she watches Hawkeye go crazy with the mech, becoming some kind of crazy snowspeeder-man facing off against an AT-AT; of course she had never seen the movies, that would need to be remedied at some point.

"Great work Sam, but just so you know. Kate shot first." It was true, Kara had seen Kate shoot her cable arrow first! She ducks up over her table to down a few more HYDRA soldiers but the gun is empty, "I think my gun is broken Kate."

"Zola you son of a bitch, you said this would be easy," One of the men , the one who had actually managed to damage Ozymandias screams into his headset, shoving one of the men who'd been unlucky enough to have his mask cracked by the falling shell out of the way, putting bullets in the heads of the people convulsing on the ground. "My men are getting slaughtered like dogs down here." Doing most of the killing of his own men while most seem content just to disable the admittedly more harmless then expected HYDRA mooks. He moves in to the house, just ducking beneath the shield which almost takes his head off, dropping his own gun, before running into a charge.

THRACK rings out the echoing sound as the overly showy HYDRA mook, with his rifle staff is smashed right in the nose breaking it and his mask that had been keeping him from inhaling the flames that were engulfing his suit. He makes one last swing for Captain rogers before falling right down trying to put out the flames that are still burning on his flame retardant suit the five men behind him taking one look at the show before dropping their weapons.

More of the troops down their numbers turning from a wall of soldiers down to little more then a trickle. As they are quickly picked off it's a wonder that a sect of HYDRA was able to organize this many people into an assault but then again when you've got so many people homeless after an Atlantian attack some people will do anything for three hots and a cot.

The Giant robot gets closer still coming on land to reveal it to be not nearly as large as it had looked while partially submerged. It's still trying to make a difference but it seems that it's own size is something of a problem as it can't exactly rotate fast enough to get a solid hit on Falcon, or the wires crossed in front of it's feet. Said wires proving a bit more then it can crush through at it's current speed, causing the robot to fall flat forward smacking lightly into the ground in front of it falling almost in slow motion.

"This seems unfair," opines Booster Gold. "We outnumber these poor saps, if you use the mathematics of awesome." Watching the big robot fall into a faceplant, he takes to the air and flies over to it. The thing might get back up, entangled or not, so he lands heavily on its back and grabs at one of the thing's legs. Gritting his teeth, he wrenches it free and staggers back a little as if the limb had come loose with more ease than he had expected. After a baffled moment, he hovers up into the air, several meters above the fight with the mecha leg held up in one hand, the metal buckled where his fist is grabbing it.

"I recommend you guys surrender immediately," Booster calls out to the soldiers. "If you want to live, drop your weapons and give up now. We'll only arrest you… your boss is terminating you in a very literal sense." He shakes the leg for emphasis. The foot falls off.

The knock out gas and the smoke bombs have done their job and Ozymandias is having an easy time inside with clean up duty. He is only wounding the remaining Hydras with arrows. When the leader charges Ozymandias, Ozymandias quickly fires two arrows into the man's thighs. Ozymandias calls on his coms, "How is everyone else doing?"

Kate resists the urge to do an ewok dance when the mech goes down. "Pretty good over here," she calls back to Ozymandias. "Except they've clearly made a mess of the place. Which is just not okay. Any one got something for fire suppression? I really don't like what's going on with the burning."

"Not bad," Steve says as he continues to biff bash and boof the remnants of his foes. He sees the mech go down in the distance and gives a weary smile. The tide seems to have turned rather quickly despite Hydra having the initial advantage.

"Tim-berrrrrrrrrr," Falcon calls out as the robot falls. "Hope you guys are hungry. Looks like we're having MegaZord for dinner." He flicks his goggles over to an infrared filter and scans the 'bot for the telltale silhouette of a pilot, but only finds its power plant — it's an unmanned machine. "Howard and Tony are going to have a field day taking this thing apart," he comments, smirking over at Kate.

Then Booster arrives and gets started on the disassembly party without the Starks, causing Sam to raise his eyebrows. The depth of the JL:A's superhuman roster continues to surprise him. He launches back into the sky, hand going to his temple as he answers Ozymandias. "I think we're okay," he reports, surveying the battle. "Call in the Metropolis FD and a couple of paddy wagons." He pauses, then adds, "And, uh, probably Kate's landscaper. Sorry, Kate."

Kara was on the job, "I'm on it Jon!" The job of calling for PD and FD to get to the Lakehouse and collect the HYDRA people was perfect for someone without superpowers at the moment.

Sitting back and not being in the thick of things definitely gave an appreciation for how skilled her friends are and when she's off the phone she says astounded, "You guys were amazing." She gaves Kate back the broken gun, "Sorry I broke your gun." It was only out of ammo.

Down went the mecha, down went the bait, down went the charging man who shared his fate, down went the remaining hydra troops and off went the ones who didn't want to go to jail. Of which there are very, very few remaining. In fact it seems like almost everything's been taken care of the fire itself, unconscious bodies and rather poorly made over-sized robot the only remaining signs of the chaos really, the house itself almost completely left untouched. If this was an attempt to kill off the justice league it's failed completely by the looks.

The robotic body proves surprisingly easy to rip apart all things considered. The quality of the materials used in its construction proving to be far bellow the bar. Shoddy welds and improper materials abound more then just the foot falling off from the bit booster had held in his hand. In fact the whole thing is pretty much falling apart.

"This thing is amazing, in that I'm amazed it managed to move around at all," Booster Gold comments, setting the battered robot leg down carefully, just leaning it against its fallen body. He floats over the battlefield then, scanning the fallen bodies so he can get status readouts on those who are injured. Even if they were incautious enough to join up with this organization, that is no reason to let them lay around suffering, after all. Since Kara is calling for the authorities, he says, "Make sure they send paramedics, too!"

"We really need to work on expanding the security parameters for this place." Ozymandias walks over to the Hydra leader and checks on him. Ozymandias speaks on his coms, "Does anyone want to ask these guys any questions before the police arrive? I would start with this one."

"Oh!" Kate laughs suddenly to Kara, shaking her head. "No, sorry. It's not broken, it's out of ammo. I didn't have a chance to explain how to reload," she adds, sheepish. "Maybe we should start with guns before we cover bows. Wow, I am not a great teacher." She lets out a heavy breath, coming back to join the rest of the crew. "Yeah. I figured since we hadn't announced we were a team yet, we had a little more time before, you know, the heavy assaults. Silly me."

Kara looks at Kate blankly before replying, "Oh. That's a lot simpler than I thought it would be. You are a good teacher though, I'm really excited to learn how to use a bow, even if I hopefully won't NEED to use one."

"We've already got a paramedic," Falcon points out, swooping past Booster and touching down lightly next to one of the more seriously injured Hydra goons. "I guess I could use a few assistants, if you want to call in an ambulance or two." Always with the jokes, this guy. Fortunately, most of his battlefield medical supplies never leave his flight harness, so any time he has the wings, he's guaranteed to have a decent kit on hand.

He cuts his radio off and crouches next to the downed fighter, telling him, "You're gonna need that leg re-set and immobilized, so I really hope you're not Hydra Classic. I'd hate to offend anyone's racist sensibilities with the touching necessary for basic medical care."

The 'leader' lays back with his legs having been shot out from under him cursing loudly in his native french, trying to rip the arrows out of his own legs, just to stop the pain. He's obviously not dealt with arrows before. <When I get my hands on that German bastard,> Another voice coming over his earpeace loud enough for Ozy to hear. "I. AM. SWISS." yelled right into his ear the mans face going a bit more pale as he realizes he's still got a connection over his headpiece.

The HYDRA soldier on the ground looks up towards Falcon, no older then twenty. "I-I don't even know what HYDRA is man, they just told me I'd get a place to stay if I shot up the place." The younger gentleman actually not looking like he's ever really had to deal with something like this before as he tries his best not to cry.

"Oh yeah, I remember someone telling me that you're a medic!" Booster says, after Falcon touches down. The man in gold is looking around at the fallen soldiers, frowning as he says, "…uh, dudes, this is grim. Most of these men are dead, and I know we weren't hitting them that hard." He takes a step over to where Falcon is dealing with the field leader, and a holoscreen pops up before Booster, but angled so Falcon can look at it. It is filling up with health data from the scans of the soldiers that Booster is apparently collecting just by looking at them.

Ozymandias leans against the wall as he peers down at the man. Ozymandias begins to speak French without a hint of accent, "You know ripping those arrows out of your body is going to cause you even more damage?" Who sent you to this place, and even more importantly how did you know this place existed?"

Ozymandias keeps a listen on his comms to see how far the authorities are from arriving.

Kate is definitely not the interrogation unit. While the others take care of that, she turns to get a look at the yard, sighing heavily. "Yeah. We need way better security. And possibly funding," she adds ruefully. "You guys like Tony Stark okay, right?" Responsible recruitment decision making, right here.

"Next time someone offers you and fifty other guys invisibility belts, fireproof suits, and SMGs just to attack some random house, stop and ask yourself who probably lives in that house," Falcon advises the mook. Judging by his tone, he's sympathetic to the man's plight but less than impressed with the means he has chosen to escape it.

Booster's Star-Trek-style medical readout, on the other hand, impresses him to no end. "Damn, man, where'd you get that thing?" Sam asks, giving a low whistle as he sets the broken leg. (His patient isn't whistling, that's for sure.) "That's worlds ahead of the stuff we're working on at—" Falcon cuts himself off. God, he's terrible at this secret identity stuff. "Um. That I've seen Tony Stark using. When we worked together at SHIELD, I mean." He glances over at Kate. "I'll vouch for him, sure."

With the battle over and everything being wrapped up Kara went to look for Hawkpuppy and Streaky, finding the cat and dog cuddled up sleeping, "Soo cute." Noticing the television still on, Kara sits down hitting the DVR and getting back to the latest episode of Secret Hospital!

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