March 10, 2015: Harper and Roy break up a gang fight.. or try to, until Starfire arrives!

The Narrows

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Gang of thugs
Uncle Charlie

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"Sorry, it took a bit longer to catch up with the Top Hat gang than I expected, hon… I know, I'm a bit late to pick up Lian, could you get K'tten or someone to pick her up?"

Talking into his cell phone, Roy sighs. "I know, but you should've heard what -that- guy said about Lian. He's -lucky- Supergirl got to him first…! But at least I got a picture out of it to give Lian. So if you could get someone to pick up Lian, I'll be much obligated. I'll even get you that… uh hold on…"

Slowing down, Roy glances at his surroundings. Still in Gotham, on the way to the train station, check. If he wasn't -wrong-, this area was the 'Narrows', and that person over there in the corner was doing…

….something illegal. Something illegal that consists of rounding up two teenaged boys, right around Harper Row's age, cracking out a loud whistle and a wave of his hand as a gang of other guys rush forward. Scratch that. Let's rewind this a bit and explain a bit about the concrete jungle from the eyes of the kid who grew up there.

It was a concrete jungle. No grass litters and line the streets and the trees were taken out a long time ago. It's to help the gangsters to see at night or possibly the GCPD, to snipe high or low in the row of projects that form like Tetris to those that find the area daunting. Garbage litters the streets, sometimes tossed and kicked over, mostly metal cans full to the brim and often times burning and causing the street to smell like ass.

One of the most important residents here: Uncle Charlie. Bad ass war vet, one leg made of the best tungstein his insurance could buy, and a left hand filled with sawed off, double barrel metal begging to be used. Uncle Charlie is possibly the only person in the city who has a small patch of grass, one of which he guards like a watchdog in the night.

You think Batman is scary when you rob a bank or kidnap a dame?

Wait til you get a load of Uncle Charlie when you step on his lawn.

Fast forward again.. those guys..

They surround the two young boys, five of them in total, each of them laughing and pushing them around in a circle while the two young men swing their arms helplessly. One of the manages to get their coat stuck over their head, tumbling to the ground with a loud thump, the other young man bending to grab and shake his friend while the dudes start to kick and pound with the intent to just do harm.. because they can.

They haven't seen Batman in these parts.. but wait til they get a load of what was coming next…

"… listen, Kori… I'm gonna have to call you back. There's… something that just came up. No, I promise, I am not trying to blow up Hydra without you. Listen, just tell Lian I'm gonna be late…!" Click. Roy slips his phone back into his shirt pocket.

Closing in, Roy holds his hands up. "Listen, guys, I… what the hell?" He looks over the gang's shoulders, uncertain of what he was seeing there. No, honest, not a trick to fool the gang! Honest…! There -really- is someone there…! Someone…

"Ay! Who da fuck!"
"Look at this mark ass busta!"
"Fake ass Batman!"

The thugs were none too happy to see Roy there, especially approaching the crew as if he had something to offer and a shit ton to lose.

"Man, you betta back the fuck up or get done up!"
"Fuck that dude, man.."

One of the thugs kick one of the boys down to the ground, their white 'dookies' (Nikes) planted right into the middle of the teens back to keep him still. They didn't see what Roy was looking at.. for if he saw her first?

Too bad for them.


The snapple and crack from Bluebird's electric pistol shocks the living crap out of the thug that keeps the boy planted, her ski-mask tied down tight, the utility belt that she haphazardly made for herself hanging loosely upon her hips. The thug, arches his back in pain, creating a nice little puddle within his pants as he falls to the ground, the others turning around in a mild look of shock.

"Hello boys." She pauses.. for dramatic effect.

"…I got nothin."

Ready! Set! Fight!

"… I definitely got nothin'," Roy replies, staring at the vigilante in the ski-mask. "Not that I mind, but I'm pretty sure the person over there's -definitely- not one of you. I'm just not sure if she's escaped from a loony bin or she's -another- one of the Bat-kids that's spawning lately… I guess if he can spawn Robins, he can spawn Jasons too… hey, what are you doing…? Don't -stand- there, you're just asking them to pile up on you…! Move! Move…!" Because those guys were -definitely moving towards her. Other than the one guy who's standing there waving a knife with a 'don't move, or I stick you' gesture.

Okay.. Harper was confused. Did Roy have something to do with this? And if he did, he was surely going to p.. wait.. what?

Directions! Move! Got it! Don't just stand there and show boat, gain some ground!

She flips the mechanism switch upon her gun, retracting the live-wires, taking a few steps back with a slight laugh as she tries to focus. There were four guys. What would Batman do? Simple, he'd take them down without breaking a sweat.

But Harper, really, she was no Batman! She was just a kid in a skimask! The first guy rushes her; even though he was large he was quick, and it scared the crap out of her enough to fire her gun willy nilly. The needle-points stick into the guy in the back, while the one who rushes her cold clocks her easy. Her head is tossed back with a snap, the ejected gun dropped, her body dropping into a low stance to bring her arms up over her head. Even as the thug begins to wail on her, the other two turn towards Roy.

Oh, c'mon, they can't -seriously- be leaving one person with a pig-sticker on him, could… well yeah, it was probably easier to prey on the weaker, even if she had a stun gun and…

Roy might not have his bow and arrows up and ready, but he -was- Arsenal, and in his hands, anything -was- a weapon. A quick shuffle against the ground against a careless rock (How did Uncle Charlie miss this? Boy, some kid crossing the yard was going to -catch- it the next day…) a flip of his foot and then Roy slaps it out of the air towards the kid with the knife.


Blinking at the surprise rocktotheface, the switchblade wielder finds himself introduced to a fist, followed by a takedown and a neat 'now you have knife, now you don't' move lying up there counting the number of bricks in Gotham's skyline.

"Hey, let her go!" Roy calls out, flipping switchblade from hand to hand. "You want to try a fight, try -me-."

Ayup, they were seriously trying to fight him, once the knife man goes down, the other two bumrush Roy with a series of ill fated kicks and swings. They were no martial artists, only thugs. And none of them called to try to take lessons in bad-assery.

The bigger guy continues to wail on Harper, and seeing her moment, she breaks out of the defensive and comes out swinging, fist and fist, reckless as she moves, taking steps forward in attempts to push the bigger guy back until he trips and falls upon his bottom.

Too bad it didn't happen! They were going toe to toe, Harper taking hits, staggering from them, coming back with a swing to the ribs and jaw, trading blows even though it looks as if she were going to falter.

That call has Starfire hitting the button on her comm piece that is a nearly invisible earpiece, a channel switch making it change between team and personal. He hung up on her!? But what she was left hearing at least was a good reason… Or was it?

A purse of deep purple lips and she switches channels again.

"K'tten I need you to pick up Lian from daycare… I know the kids crowd you…I know…I…"

Sigh. Kori lowers her head and pinches the bridge of her nose. Woo-sah. As K'tten is still getting squeakier in her protests by the second..

"But the little pink beings have stuff from their nose and one -touched- me after wiping it off and picking it… I am /not/ a paper wipe…"

"K'tten." Now the tone changed. "I'll get you an upgraded drive."


"I'm here to get …*SQUEEE!*"

Well that was fast.

One arm rises now, fingers curling in a rippling motion and armor digitalizes over tawny appendages, a hologammed tablet visual expands and flicks upward in a holo-screen before her eyes, tracking locations of each last call. K'tten at the daycare, Roy in Gotham.

From her place upon a high rises ledge she speeds off, that comet's tail trailing after her and only emphasised as she crossed the bridge into Gotham, closing in on the GPS tracking of Roy's last location.

Coming upon the melee the one heading for Roy with a blade is plucked from the ground and tossed skyward like a ragdoll, her body imbued and glowing with orange and red eminations hovers, counting.


The man in the sky was launched so far his scream cannot be heard until…

"Two.." He's falling fast…

"Who is she?" A perse glowing hand rises, gloved by that purple armor, pointing to Harper just before the blast lands at the theugs feet that is going to blows with her, cratering the cement at his feet and uplifting to hit him with trajectory…

"Three.." The falling mans screams are audible and she flies back upward, catching him and launching him at another of his friends.

One minute, Roy is braced to defend himself and ready to throw, and then… down from two to one in the blink of an eye. Never one to pass up a gift, though, Roy takes advantage of that to take care of the one left with a quick -throw- of the knife… and as the hilt bounces off the thug's head, Roy follows that up with a punch before the would-be fighter even realizes he hasn't got a knife -in- his head.

Jerking his head up, the archer has to laugh. "I have no idea. I think it's another one of the Bat's kids…! Hey, you! Jason-face! Duck! Punch -straight- ahead!"

If she did as she was told and ducked and punched straight ahead…

Harper wasn't good enough to pay attention to her surroundings, she was fighting of the dude as best as he could.. until something, maybe it was another stroke of luck, blessed her with the way that the man stumbled upon upturned yard.

'Duck' 'Punch' 'Straight'? OKAY!

The final swing was taken from the thug, she ducks.. she punches straight ahead, and he was down for the count. Harper was tired, her mask obviously stained wet, her arms hung low at her sides as she sways a little back and forth. Man.. she hurt. She didn't know how Batman could do this on a day to day basis..

But goddamn it, she fought an actual hydra.. she was going to /learn/.

"Whuh.. huh.. who the /fuck/ are you two.. and WHY is she flying.."

She got hit too hard, forgive!

"Bat…what?" Kori inquires, pupiless emerald gaze reflecting the swaying form of Harper, glancing to Roy and then back, armored boots stepping over the upturned crete she had blasted, reaching forward to tap a finger off te mask.

"Is it that candy giving holiday again? Umm…" Flick flick… As if she was doing a more invasive Winnie the Pooh, think-think gesture… On someone else.

"I'm flying because I can?" Head tilt, blink blink. "I'm /fucking/ Starfire." She gestures to herself and then glances to Roy perking a brow. She got that right, right?

"No, Kori, dammit, fucking is a -verb-. -You're- the goddamn Starfire. _I_'m fucking Star-" Roy starts to explain, before a hearty, if somewhat aged man tromps out. Tungstein leg and a shotgun hand showing that even the grease-stained wifebeater-wearing potbellied man -means- business, especially with a stentorian ex-sergeant voice yelling. "YOU KIDS! WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU'RE DOING…?! GET OFF MY LAWN!"

"Whoa there, granddad… we were just taking care of the intruders…!"


Harper just stares at Starfire from beneath her mask. Like, literally stares. Even though one eye was now swelling shut, the other remained wide as the woman came close through hazy gaze.. and began to flick at her mask. "What.." *TWITCH* Ow! *TWITCH* The flicks cause her to draw back just enough to bend down to pull off her mask, flinging the fabric to toss the blood upon the ground, her teeth clenched to feel at least a wisdom tooth knocked and wiggled enough to be able to be pulled free. "Ow.." She mutters, keeping that bent posture, her face remaining hidden because.. SECRET IDENTITY!

Too bad she wasn't fancy like the bat-clan. She had to make her own way.

As Uncle Charlie busts out his house to give them all the business, she tucks the mask into her pocket, standing now to reveal torned, bruised, FLICKED and swollen features, that one eye remaining closed as she approaches her old friend with arms raised in ease.

"Easy Uncle Charlie. They were just helping me out. Your ol' gal got into a little tussel with some thugs. They were steppin and standing on your grass and I know for sure you ain't having none of that."

Starfire is staring and blinking and turns to face them both pointing at Harper. "But… I know what we're doing.. How does that relate to /who/ the /fuck/ *I* am…And how is -that- her business?"

A look of total and utter lost-ness is stricken on Kori's features as she went from throwing a man into orbit and blasting up concrete to a head scratching halt.

Then comes Uncle Charlie. "Who are /you fucking/?" Starfire raises her voice slightly to Uncle Charlie even as they try to diffuse the situation.

She's not stupid but the verb placement is correct, but not for this case.

"What, this old man's your -uncle-?" That explains a fair bit about why some girl was tromping out with a hockey mask being Jason Jr.

Even the old war vet has to calm down a bit, although she gets a bit of a grump. "FINE. You give them a few minutes, but I want them -out- as soon as you're done! This is a perfectly respectable neighborhood, and I'm not about to give some soulless ginger heathens leave to be doing any of -that- fornicatin', y'hear me?" Pause. "And it's NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS WHO I'M FUCKING! Gentlemen don't kiss and tell!"

Grumbling, the vet stomps his way back in, leaving Roy to stare after her, before throwing his hands up. "Don't use that language. It doesn't work, and Lian shouldn't learn that till she's -older-. Which is not for another twenty years."

Pausing, Roy stares at Harper Row. "Okay, let's try this again, without any 'fucking'. I'm Roy Harper. She's Starfire. And who the hell are -you-?"

Harper was incredilous, she just.. couldn't take it. She was so glad that Charlie was going back into the house, because for the love of god. Starfire.. she's.. oh god. She can fly. She's orange. She doesn't have the natural pigmentation and at least Superman looked like a human. But this.. this was bananas. And she was.. what?! Just what?!

For all that was holy Harper's head hurt. It hurt bad. She couldn't listen to Starfire without wanting to chuck her in front of a 'Lets Speak English' Japanese prank show.. She even wanted to hit the side of her head and possibly would have if it didn't look as if she went ten rounds with Mike Tyson and escaped with her ear.

"For the love of god." She mutters, crouching down, hands hung in between her thighs.. yeah. Aliens. Aliens. What?

"I'm…. I'm done." Hydras, and now a Starfire. That's it folks! Harper quits!

"I'm not going to.. I'm Bluebird, and I swear to god if you beam me up scotty I'll wreck your shit." Eye.. her good one, gone straight to Starfire. "I ain't into getting anally probed.

Harper was incredilous, she just.. couldn't take it. She was so glad that Charlie was going back into the house, because for the love of god. Starfire.. she's.. oh god. She can fly, she can beat up a bad dude with a flick of her wrist but she didn't understand epitets and lingo. This.. this was bananas. And she was.. what?! Just what?!

For all that was holy Harper's head hurt. It hurt bad. She couldn't listen to Starfire without wanting to chuck her in front of a 'Lets Speak English' Japanese prank show.. She even wanted to hit the side of her head and possibly would have if it didn't look as if she went ten rounds with Mike Tyson and escaped with her ear.

"For the love of god." She mutters, crouching down, hands hung in between her thighs.. yeah.

"I'm…. I'm done." Hydras, and now a Starfire. That's it folks! Harper quits!

"I'm not going to.. I'm Bluebird…" Resignation. How Batman does it is anyones guess. "And if you are them HYDRA folks or some other weird stupid ass faction that pops up around here I'm going to tell you once and because coming from me? Totally nice. /Totes/."

She stands now, body still at a tiny little hunch. "Yall better get outta Gotham. Yall gonna get whupped if you stay here."

That brow remains lifted, her stance shifting as the old man wobbles away and mutters, glancing between Roy and Bluebird slowly, unspoken question, right.There. Lips part, nothing comes out. Close. Though when she relates them to HYDRA Starfires fingertips pick up that light perse glow, not brightening because there as no -real- threat of them here… Not now… Not yet.

"We are not HYDRA, that much I know. If we were the clipped winged Bluebird should be careful." When she says that a concerned look is now passed to Roy. "What makes Gotham so different, then?"

"Oh lord, did HYDRA make it all the way out here too…? Batman's got some work to do yet…" Roy mutters, before sighing, as he runs a hand through his hair. "If you run into HYDRA again, run. You're not ready for -that- group."

Glancing back towards Starfire, Roy considers, before sighing. "You haven't run into Batman here yet? He doesn't like it when other people meddle in -his- town. We -really- should go before he shows up and gives us hell… and no, he's not a bad guy, he's just… he's like K'tten with engines, only Gotham's his engines."

After another moment, Roy glances at Starfire, then Harper. "Look, here… if you run into HYDRA again, give us a call."

Harper shakes her head at the both of them. "I'm good. I'm just a little banged up is all." What she needed was training, and in three point two seconds, a free late night clinic. Which she's going to head to, soon. "But.. I don't think so? I mean, there was a real hydra in the sewers one day. But I highly doubt that counts. I took care of it." Grin. Ow.

"But I'm ready for anything. Hydra. Two-Face. Joker. Penguin…" She'd smack her fists together but.. ow. "I just slipped up. It's cold out here. Ain't you guys cold? Cause I'm cold." Loss of blood, probably.

Though, the mention of calling and allies and giving folks a call, she reaches into her pocket to retrieve her cell phone. "Just gimme your numbers and I'll see what's up."

And adds.. "Batman can be real territorial.."

Starfire is watching Harper, a concerned glance offered towards Roy and then a look…. One he knows very well. She's about to invade all kinds of pride and personal bubble popping. But when Starfire's made up her mind, just lay limp and hope it ends soon like playing dead to a grizzly. Not a black bear… Grizzly. Black bears will eat you.

Swift steps of the scantly armor clad woman and she is gathering Harper up as well as Roy, the heat eminating from her growing as she takes flight and rockets across the sky… Forst stop, a place with a glowing cross for Harper. After that?

To rescue K'tten from Lian… Or vice versa.

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