Time for Sadness

March 10th, 2015: A yearly meeting between old mutants, this time leading to Magneto finding out about Project Centurion. Also, Laura gets a hat.

Mutant Town

A Food Stall in Mutant Town



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A quiet evening in mutant town, the snow's finally stopped, and for once the sun is out shining brightly overhead. The world seems to be getting back to normal in the wake of the storms the streets somewhat crowded with people moving about from place to place basking in the warmer temperatures that had been lacking for seemingly so long.
Through the streets an elderly man in good shape walks wearing a rather low key jacket. His beard has long gone a pure white in color, and his hair's on the way to the same end. He looks rather calm and contented a genuinely happy soul more then fine with giving over a few coins to the occasional street performer, or beggar. He's either the perfect mark, or one heck of a humanitarian to be giving out when he doesn't really look like he has that much.
Dmitri makes his way over towards one of the rather plain looking stalls that had been set up, a small food stall just over to one side of the still somewhat busy streets of M-town. He's made his way down here to meet with an old friend, his eyes moving about for any signs as he orders a quick meal for one of the beggars he'd passed by earlier.

Magneto has few friends. His fault, as he is a bitter, driven old man. Pretty much the opposite to Dmitri, so maybe that is why he tolerated his antics, and eventually came to genuinely appreciate the big Russian. More so now they are both living relics of a bygone era that is quickly being forgotten.
That is why he is meeting him. Like he does every year when the winter is fading. Usually, Magnus is alone, but today he is bringing a young woman with him. As gloomy as the older man, but Laura’s leather contrast sharply with Magnus’ more practical attire. "Ah, Dmitri, here you are and just in time." He greets. "Come, lets be seated. This is Laura, she is one of us in all the important ways." Which in this case means the tiny girl is more than ‘just a mutant’.
Magneto dragged Laura into this meeting because quite frankly, he wanted to get her out of her bleak almost non-existence. Dmitri is good with young people, and has interesting stories to tell. And Magneto has a task for Laura, but first he wants a second opinion. Maybe a third, if he ever manages to pin down Mystique.

"Rad tebja videt, my good friend!" Dmitri offers sitting down the small plate of food in front of the young beggar, his voice deep and booming with the kind of cheerful joy lacking even in some depictions of Santa-clause.
"I see, this is good. Hello Miss Laura,"He moves over towards the two letting out a hearty laugh, as he comments "I am Dmitri Pushkin, and it is such a pleasure to be making of your acquaintance." The elder Russian making something of a show out of giving a deep smiling bow, before moving right back over to his seat.

Laura has spent some time reflecting, in fact too much that left deep marrings not just internally. Arms covered by the long sleeves of the newly purchased coat, hanging open in the 'warmer' air, the scarf hanging around the collar, hanging in the green and red plaid in a seasonal contrast against the dark of the rest of her attire. A top more like a sprots bra bands around her chest, black and white stripes to meld with the rest of the darkness she shrouds herself in. Abdomen is left bare to the low hang of leather pants, a belt buckle of a jolly roger keeping it tied together at least, though she had the red beret stuffed in her back pocket to hang out and flop lazily with each slow and reluctant stride of heavy buckled boot laden feet.
It was easily assumed she did not want to be here, the lack of luster in mossy eyes, a gaze that stops and wanders to a booth of cowboy hats, one sporting the similar jolly roger skull and bones at the front. That is where her gaze is when Dmitri calls out and approaches, hands covered in fingerless gloves curling inward to fists, the new hide moaning out in the hard clench of restraint. Stuffing her hands in pockets she watches him through strands and then shifts sidelong to Mags while muttering. "I want the hat." And without further ado…
X is heading for the stand, the slouch of shoulders trying to make her invisible as she stalks off, but the posture beneath it… Danger.

"Good to see you, too, Dmitri," agrees Magnus, taking a seat in front of the larger man. "Had you been before in District X? Places like this are becoming more common all over the world. If rarely so openly." He keeps his tone neutral, but Magneto was talking about the future mutant ghettoes twenty years ago. And even then, he had plans for them. But that was before he gave up his war with humankind.
And Laura wants a hat? He glances at the girl, frowning faintly. It is not bad she has some interest for something a mundane as a hat, he supposes. But the dress codes of the younger generations have been mildly puzzling for him since the 60s.

"It is a rare treat to see a place so accepting as this." Dmitri offers with a smile, single hand resting on the wooden counter-top. "I have seen one or two back home, but never this welcoming," He takes in a deep breath of air that smile not leaving his face despite the rather chilly reception he'd gotten from Laura.
He watches her making her way over towards the hat stall, checking to see if he can at least do something to offer some assistance in buying the hat, but finds his wallet much lighter than it had been on arrival, the man having been giving out a good deal of his own funds to the less fortunate since arriving. "Even in Moscow we were having start of mutant town, before Na-" He cuts himself short letting out a bit of a sigh as his face falters slightly. "Now however is not time for sadness of that."

X does not even look at Dmitri when he approaches beside her, not at first, not when he goes for his wallet, one hand rising and holding palm out to him in gesture for him to stop as she pulls out a crumpled wad. Exchange made, the cowboy hat is felt beneath fingers just before the hat is flipped in her grip and placed almost reverently on her head. The brim gets tugged down, enough to cover her eyes, shadow over half her face and for those (almost all) taller, it covers everything when looking down.
"Save your charity." Laura says, and at first it may almost seem insulting upon flat and emotionless vocals if it was not for her gesture towards the mother and child, a ragged scene at the mouth of on of the many alleys that weave through District X.
From the shadows those eyes flash to Dmitri and then she heads for their table, a toe hooking a chair leg, jerking the seat out to flop nonchalantly into the confines with a slouch. "Before what?"
Color her curious, or just wanting them to get their 'old timers' meeting done.

"It is always time for sadness for us," comments Magneto bleakly. "That a mutant community was almost formed in Moscow is surprising enough. Most mutants were sent to Gulags or recruited for the Red Room a generation ago. You, my friend, were one lucky exception. And with president Putin in power, I suspect Russia has taken a 30 year step back for so many things. Including how mutants are treated. That man was KGB, and looks like he still is in his soul."

Dmitri smiles but it's a slightly more hollow one, as he sits right back into his own spot not really taking the chiding about charity to heart, still giving the last of his pocket change to the beggars before moving. "We must count our blessings comrade. Even if it does look like we will be having fewer of them as time marches on."
Scooting his way into the seat proper the head chef comes over to check on their orders. His skin is a bright neon red patched like pieces of rock had been stuck to him. Two bright yellow slits for eyes, a small pad of paper in his hand.
Dmitri places a quick order, for something nice and simple from the place, in a rather cheery voice adding on one of his usual nuggets of personal wisdom and thanks. "Say what you will about him, he is still my employer, and the leader of my country, I can not turn my back on my homeland." One thing he's known for far and wide is perhaps his state of national pride even in the face of adversity. "We have had worse leaders, even if he may have ordered the death of a close friend."

"A close friend was sent on to a better place," Dmitri adds after realizing he hadn't given much of an answer at all. "A friend from back in my army days, he was trying to help set up mutant rights in my homeland built the city with his own hands, and someone disagreed with his methods, now he is back home with his wife."

X pushes the chair back with one toe, rocking it ont hind legs as she draws her other leg in to tuck beneath her. Small gestures, making herself look smaller as the waiter nears and takes orders. X says nothing, orders nothing and just keeps her head lowered. Jean was right, hats worked well if in anything, to make her feel invisible. If you can't see them looking at you. Are they?
For now though she listens, but when Dmitri speaks of his undying loyalty her head tilts his way a bit. The small animalistic statue that wished invisibility is keen and yet nothing comes forth. No need. Not yet.

Magneto reaches for the hat Laura is using to hide and lifts it up a few inches. "What would you like to eat?" Asks patiently. As for himself, he will join Dmitri in a simple lunch. One thing Mutant Town still lacks are good restaurants. But the mutants are poor, and the odd tourists look for the ambience, not the quality of the food.
"The tolerance for bad rulers of the Russian people is legendary," comments Magneto, glancing at Dmitri again. "It is surprising they got rid of the Tsars at all. I am not so tolerant, and it has been long since I was in Russia. But… we have problems in America, too. You might have heard, Dmitri. Surely Russian intelligence is still watching sharply and you talk to them, hmm?"

"The octopus is very good." Dmitri assures, before drinking from the small glass sat down for him. He motions up to the menu for X to look at before giving her a genuine smile not wanting to let things get to him. "It is some of the best I have had in a long time," He says more to the man taking their orders, who's face lights up a bit at the friendly comment.
He shakes his head a bit at Magneto's comment before saying. "Ah you say that as if it is a bad thing? It just means we are able to look on the bright side of a situation." He takes a slight pause. ", and I might listen in from time to time sure."

The conversation is not helping her appetite, is this what old people sit, have coffee, and discuss at 5am? X could think of other things she'd be doing. Sleeping.
When Magnus lifts her hat a hand snaps up and grans the rim, shoving it back down, placing the rim just-so as if he disturbed its perfect peace and also desrved a good pet. It's not a cat, it's a dead cow (wanna be), so the shake of her head saying no should be enough.
A deep breath is pulled in and finally a few words come forth. "Sometimes good people die for a good purpose." A rise and fall of shoulders beneath the large leather coat. "Better then a bad one." Though, those final words dwindle to a whisper, nearly inaudible when she tucks back into herself.

Magneto hrms at Laura’s attitude. "Eat now, you never know when your next meal could be." Back to Dmitri. "It is a bad habit," he confirms. "The Americans are building anti-mutant technology. This time they have a good budget, and some truly inventive people on the matter. Hand held detection devices," Magneto has had them for a while, but he is one of the world main authorities in all things mutant, and he used Cerebro tech. "Neutralizing devices, which alter the brain signals to block active power use. And there is more, I am sure, I am waiting reports from some volunteers in the Brotherhood."

"So much talk of death and destruction is not good for you" Dmitri states rather plainly. "Yeah America may have the weapons, but we have great people looking out to make sure that they do not use them, just the other day I was seeing how great Russian hero was going through and destroying stockpiles of anti mutant weaponry." The old Russian making sweeping hand motions, and speaking with a good deal of bravado. "As long as there is injustice in the world there will come men and women brave enough to stand against it, no matter the cost." Trying to lighten the mood and in the process sounding almost more like the announcer of his own show. "All it takes is for enough good people to stand tall, and hey, it might be a bad habit to take so much abuse, but when we have taken too much you can be certain there will be a backlash stronger then any raging storm."

Laura has no response and gestures for the waiter to move along, wasting his time for so long was enough, he had money to make. "Water's fine."
When he goes and they continue their conversation and when Dmitri talks of the stand and rise her gaze slowly lifts, followed by her head to have that weary and empty gaze upon him. But slowly there is the beginnings of something going on beyond, perhaps a spark.. But of what is the key question for the young woman. "Depends on the abuse."

"I got my fill early on," remarks Magneto. Zero tolerance is his current mindset. Backlash his second name. "And you, Dmitri… ah, tell me more about that mysterious Russian hero that destroyed those weapon stockpiles. I am curious."
Looks like Laura gets away with his rebellious ‘not eating’ attitude. But Magneto figures some day, and not far away, she will have an experience with real hunger and come to appreciate regular meals. Some lessons can’t be taught.

The cook can be seen in the far back of the tent already getting right to work with the prep work for the two order's he'd received working away at his cooking. Despite not having a proper working grill back there he uses his own mutant powers to heat up the metal, not enough that anything bursts into flames but enough to heat up the metal grate used for cooking.
Dmitri nods his head smiling at Laura for a moment, a rather silent and somewhat understanding smile as thoughts run through his head. He looks back over towards Magnus. "You should know him fairly well, I heard roomers he might have even been one of the founding members of the Rocket Red Brigade." He shakes up the lemonade in his glass before taking another sip of the glasses sweet delicious contents. "Heard he ripped planes from the sky, and even a missile that was supposed to disable his mutant powers, then used it to destroy the rest of the cache."

"I don't know the truth," X states and she rocks forward and her foot untucks from beneath her, dropping the heavy leather and buckle laden appendage to the ground, apparently it fell asleep. Work through the pins and needles. Eye tic. "I only know he can stop me."
Eyes shift between the two and she slowly stands, her weight going from foot to foot, hands thrusting into her pockets. "That explains the plane." Those words get muttered and a glance towards the lake. Then she slowly looks back to Dmitri, tilting her head. "You?" That single question asking so much, it even weighs in her eyes. Someone so loyal to god and country, yet here he sits with an apparent legend…

"And then he rode into the sunset without claiming glory or rewards," finishes Magneto, maybe inspired by Laura’s cowboy hat. "This is very interesting, wouldn’t you happen to know where exactly this great hero performed these wondrous deeds." There is a touch of irony in his voice, which means the dreaded Magneto might be amused. But that is Dmitri’s task, after all.

"Who me?" Dmitri looks over towards Laura with a bit of an innocent expression. "I could never be that handsome or dashing, or strong, I'm just a little old man." Giving a slight bit of a smiling wink before drinking a bit more of his glass of Lemonade. At Magnus' comment Dmitri can't help but crack a broad toothy grin showing off that in fact one of his teeth does seem to be missing. "How did you know?" There's a short pause. "So many questions today, you'd think that this was an interrogation or the like."

The innocent expression has that stoic gaze darkening with the narrowing set. Somewhere in there X didn't like it. One step forward and she is leaning in to hover her small frame over Dmitri, nostrils flaring. "You lie."
Laura leans back, the loosed strands of fallen black hair now spill over her shoulders, her hand reaching up to grip the rim of her hat and tug it back down. A creature of curt and blunt habits she does not take to some of the leisurely habits, in fact she lacks an understanding of them. Tension is back and the hunch of shoulders returns. "I'll go."
And with that X is heading into a passing crowd of teens, but once they clear she is not with them, nor directly beyond them, already having scaled the small building beyond and crawled onto the roof.

"It is customary that the bard will answer the questions of the public, Dmitri," Magneto glances at Laura and with a wry smile. "You have to learn to listen to Russian old men, Laura. They have forgotten about the impatience of the young." He looks back to the Russian. "I need that place, so I have starting point. What is built once can be rebuilt."

Once the two's food comes over already boxed up and ready to go, Dmitri pats Magnus on the back once, something in his hand before holding that same hand out for a quick handshake, a small flashdrive stuck under his thumb. "It is a shame then that I do not know old friend, but I must go, you know how the embassy gets when I spend too long away." He waits for that handshake to pass off the drive before grabbing his own food.

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