Ye Olde Faire

March 10th, 2015: A magical disturbance disrupts a winter Renaissance faire in downtown Metropolis. Columbia is turned into a Princess and Power Girl is mistaken for her maid. Zee and Kara arrive to find the source of the disturbance, the latter debuting a new costume. Zee accidentally turns Kara and her into pageboys and they're mistaken for the squires of a very Monty Python Black & White Knight who are fighting for the hand of Princess Columbia in marriage. Some 'pitchy' girls almost get turned into rats.

Metropolis Park

A very amazing renfaire.



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Spring was approaching the City of Tomorrow and in the wake of the recent Atlantean invasion, the sun was also shining once more in the sky; the sorcery that had disrupted life for what seemed like forever being banished.

In the middle of Queensland Park there is a large Winter Renaissance Faire happening with people dressed in full period garb, enjoying all kinds of activities while others just come in to shop and enjoy the atmosphere.

Cameron Tenoaks was passing through the area after a call from dispatch with her partner when a faire goer had choked on a chicken bone, it may have been fatal if the amazing healer had not been there to respond with her talents.

Karen was also not far from the park having just met with a potential investor for her startup company, although how the meeting had went seemed entirely up in the air at the moment.

At the other end of the city, Kara Zor-El was lounging on the couch of the JL:A Lakehouse watching television with all of the windows wide open. Everyone else was out doing JL:A type stuff, she had nothing better to do. Then she felt a faint vibration from her Pendulum about a magical disturbance about to occur in Metropolis; wherever Zatanna was she would have felt the same.

After a hectic morning, Cameron's coveralls had an unfriendly encounter with the hazards of the job. Going off for lunch seemed like the best way to handle it, but… Eric insisted that he come along. Not because he was making a move on her — he was happily married and his kids were off at college — but because after the events of the invasion last week the press was looking for *any* window of opportunity to shoehorn the orange - haired Metropolis born and raised heroine into an interview. She'd been able to beg off citing 'recovery' efforts, but… running home for a change of clothes on lunch is just the perfect opportunity.

En route, a request for assistance had come from the Faire and the duo detoured to the call, leaving the somewhat embarrassed faire - goer with an autograph and a clean bill of health. Now, before she can get swamped by the crowds she's following Eric back to the ambulance… have to her apartment for a change and then back to Midtown for the remainder of their shift.

She is unaware of the impending disturbance, instead trying to do her level best to keep her windbreaker hoodie up to hold her vibrant hair in check and slouching a bit… nothing to see here, just your average paramedic returning to their vehicle… move along… move along…

"Let me get this straight," says said investor, talking across a desk to a suited Karen Starr. "You have someone who is trying to help chimpanzee monkies talk?" he says, sounding unconvinced.

"Yes," says Karen, "That is just one of our many worthwhile projects - it looks like something silly, sure, but if we can find a way to help chimpanzees to talk, we could possibly use the same technology to help people who find themselves mute, or even deaf, or…"

"Yeah no," says the investor. "I'm not interested."

That was an hour or ago.

So right now, Karen was going home. The woman never really saw a need for a car, except for appearances. And she had driven a rental fancy sports car to the meeting, hoping to impress her client. It didn't work. Pursing her lips tightly - the sound of the Faire had driven her to kinda meander that way on her walk home.

Right until she hit the fringes of it. Meeting a man and woman dressed all in garb, she smiles. "Hello!" she says, her blue eyes glittering. Pointing one way, she tilts her head a bit to one side. "…which way to the food? I think I could use a bit of ye olde turkey legs. Or if they have a place that's selling those amazing dresses, I'm okay with that too."

Yeah, magical disturbances? Karen was entirely unaware.

Zee had felt the magical tremor, not just through her pendulum either… She's becoming more attuned to her surroundings and detecting 'disturbances in the force' She could just teleport in, but practice is practice so the Pendulum, which is attached to her belt will get a workout.

Appearing in the middle of the Faire, dressed in a sweater dress, Leggings and high heeled knee high boots, diamond encrusted collar at her neck, Zee isn't getting looked at because she just appeared, she's totally out of place with all the cos-players around.

Kara rushes upstairs and changes into an outfit she had assembled the other day while shopping downtown, it turns out getting a shirt with an S Symbol wasn't so hard in Metropolis because of Superman.

The miniskirt wasn't the best choice and the boots they had been cheap; she would have almost preferred her regular costume since it offered protection but it was still repairing itself, a process made longer since she had made Streaky a cape from it.

Leaning down to pat Streaky on the head she asks the cat, "Want to come? I could probably use your help?" The cat looks up at her bats her hand away with a paw and goes back to sleep, cats didn't make good crime fighters.

Reaching up to the sapphire pendulum worn around her neck she focuses on teleporting to the disturbance, arriving right in the middle of the RenFaire. She looks very concerned, last time she teleported she had been off track.

She didn't see Zee behind her, but Zee most definitely saw her. Kara was putting her face in her palms, saying, "Rao help me, I think I just time travelled."

A pair of armored knights were blocking Cameron's path, one of them in plated black armor and the other in white armor; a Black and a White Knight. They seemed to be arguing with each other, the pair pushing and shoving. Their costumes seemed far too realistic.

When Cameron nears them, the White Knight turns to says, "The Fair Maiden shall decide which of us she is to marry." He looks to Cameron and asks, "Fair Maiden, which of us do you choose to be your husband for all eternity? I, the dashing and handsome White Knight or this Villain MOST foul the Black Knight?"

The Black Knight draws his sword, calling out angrily, "This dame cannot be allowed to choose, only a trial by combat to the DEATH will determine this. She shall see who the real man among us is brother."

Cameron's exodus through the Faire was plodding despite the relative 'pass' that uniformed members of rescue services tend to get. Eric pulls up a bit, though, when the knights start their argument. He's not a coward, and normally he'd run interference but… men in armor and weapons.. yeah, he's not getting into that quite yet. Instead, he's watching the perimeter for those who might have cameras or the like. Because this totally reeked of a setup.

"…" Cameron shakes her head at the two apparent knights.

"No." She tells the White Knight.

"No." She tells the Black Knight.

She would have let this slide, honestly — it's just two Rennies having their fun, right? But something about this whole thing pisses her off. Because this is the kind of stupid thing that the conservatives would throw at her to trip her up. And she'd NEVER stop hearing about it from Mom.

"Not a trophy! Not a judge! Cut the crap!"

Goodness, she doth hath the spirit, though!


It took Karen a few minutes - a few minutes to purchase (and get into) one of those white and blue medieval dresses with all the flouncy little skirts and bits, complete with the cone headdress. Still carrying her briefcase in one hand, she had a turkey leg in the other, and the fair maiden was certainly eating it.

As it turns out, when all was said and done?

Karen ends up near the two knights and Cameron, her nose crinkling as she smiles brighter. This whole knights and ladies thing was super-cute.

Even if Cameron didn't seem to be too impressed with it, Karen's eyes moving from knights to lady proper. "Verily!" she doth say. "The lady speaketh… trueth," says Karen, her voice rich with play. She was enjoying herself.

It's a good thing Zee is used to being looked at strangely, she smiles to the lovely Renfaire goers and then chuckles as Kara appears and she hears Kara words. Walking up to the blonde "Hey there, Kara, it worked this time. You're just in the middle of a Renaissance Faire, people are just dressing up. Let me fix that for us both…" Zee offers a mischievious grin

~~ sserD araK dnA I nI laveideM setholC ~~

Zee really must remember to be specific, as her magic fires, the two womens clothes change, to leave them dressed as Medieval Pageboys, complete with pageboy haircuts. "Uh, sorry Kara…" Zee sortof giggles… it is a little amusing.

Kara looks relieved when Zee lets her know she didn't take a misstep, she had only recently messed up and travelled to Beijing instead of Madrid; magic was hard but at least she had arrived where she needed to be this time, "I was about to have a heart attack."

Then Kara's almost cosplay-like costume is changed into another sort of cosplay, just it's so real that now her and Zee are looking like pageboys. She reaches up a hand to her hair and doesn't seem at all upset, "You mean when we go out you can just change our clothes before every club with magic and you DID NOT?"

Zee senses several magical disturbances in the area including something in the stables and the Black and White Knight.

The Black and White Knight respectively turn and look at each other when Cameron says no. A sword is still pointed towards the White Knight before he draws his own, the pair seem to be ignoring the words spoken to them for a moment.

With a flourished sigh the White Knight responds to Cameron and Kara both, "My Lady and" He seems flustered looking UP at Karen, his stature puts him staring more towards her chest which he keeps peeking down at, "her maiden. You are both rather spirited and while that can be appreciated, this is a matter of honor."

To Karen, "I suggest you tend to your lad-." He is immediately interrupted, "No more time for talk. We summon our squires. The winner of our duel shall have Princess Colombia's hand in marriage and her kingdom to rule!"

The Black Knight points at Zee, "Squire! Fetch my horse and my lance, don't be so slow!"

The White Knight points towards Kara, "Please Squire, my horse and my lance. Be swift."

"No man can claim me. But ye both entertain, though each other's death from which ye should refrain. This childish play serves not honor, but something a bit lower. Perhaps with less bluster an' glower ye shall repair to y'r lairs an try ag'n?"

Hmmm. 'Princess' Columbia seems to be falling under the spell despite her best efforts. If there's any plus side to it, she's not hunched over a bit and her orange hair majestically dances around her shoulders.

Definitely something regal about her, though clearly… not someone's pet or toy to be taken. Oh, no.

"If either of ye slays the other or y'rself, y'll never have my attention."

Hmm. The coveralls could probably use some work, though.

Fortunately she has a maiden to take care of that, right?

In his quest for the sneaky paparazzi, Eric has managed to get somewhat separated from his partner. As he sees the tableau unfold he shakes his head. That's probably the MOST Cam's said in a public setting like this that WASN'T a crisis of some sort of another.

So he does the sensible thing… and rushes back to her side. There was that stray thought that he should be calling an alarm.. or Some Real Defense… or something… but… Princess Columbia is his charged duty to protect ere the day she dies.

"Milady, you should repair to your tent to prepare."

Okay. That was clever. Karen couldn't help the smile from blossoming on her lips ever more, even as she lifts a hand to kinda wave the veil of her cone hat away from her face. "The lady…" Okay, that veil drifts back into her face, and Karen crosses her eyes at it, giving it a puff of air to send it flipping back over her shoulder.

Karen doesn't really notice the man's attention towards her chest - at least, if she does notice it, she doesn't mention it. It was better not to, in most cases.

The maiden… Karen points at her own nose, as the veil on the tip of her cone hat flies back into her face again. "Me? Uh… so uh… okay," she says, giving Cameron a wide grin. "So, Princess Columbia. Verily we should prepare thee for the… uh…" a pause, and her eyes flicker between her and the knights. "…duel, I think." A beat, and she shuffles nearer to her, whispering.

"Okay, so I'm new at this - what next?"

Zee laughs and shakes her head "Yeah, I guess I could, but magic takes it's toll and well… you saw what just happened. If I did try to change our clothes every club, who knows what wardrobe malfunctions we would have had." Touching the base of the pageboy bob, she looks a little rueful "I'll change it all back…" only to be interrupted by the Black Knight.

Frowning at the White and the Black, she murmurs quietly to Kara "There's magic at play here, the Knights" and then looking over her shoulder towards the 'stables' her eyes widen. What was previously a Carousel that played bright pipe organ music, is now a set of stables, complete with five or six horses, with an Organ Grinder and his monkey sitting outside. "ahem, the Stables."

Cameron gets a small wave from the darkhaired, feminine looking pageboy who then cants her head as the tall woman and then Eric falls under the spell. "Oh, this isn't good." She doesn't seem to be affected by the spell perhaps it's her magic, or maybe the pendulum. She looks over to Kara to determine the effect on the blonde pageboy and then realises the 'The Lady' doesn't seem to be affected either

The Black Knight gets a look from the darkhaired pageboy that might indicate he should see to his horse and his lance, himself…

"Ye've my 'outfit' for this?" That is directed to the 'Lady' Karen. "Travel clothes 'd be the best f'r me, but ye know how they are about these things! Men! Ye'd think they'd have something worthwhile to them!"

Princess Columbia will follow her trusted Lady and her bodyguard Eric — she'd created quite the stir in the Courts when she'd insisted on having a Moor be her bodyguard — to the designated tent to get dressed.

"No offense to ye, Eric, 'f c'rse. Ye are a good man."

Said 'good man' is pushing back the crowds as the growing entourage potentially goes to 'get ready' for the event.

Cameron looks troubled though. Stray thoughts that aren't the tale of the Land of Queens keep trying to percolate in her mind, causing her to falter a bit as she tries to remember which ones are the right ones. This scenario… this… No. No. No. Not right.

Columbia.. isn't my name. It's… Cameron… Cameron… Oakes.. no… ten.. Tenoaks! That was helped by the nice badge on her travelling garb.

Inside of the stables there seems to be two obvious stalls one with a white charger that has a gleaming coat and a horn; it was some kind of horned horse, a unicorn. In another stable a black charger with fiery eyes and brimstone hooves is waiting. Respective weaponry for the Knights is also by their horses.

She starts leading the Unicorn out, her eyes sparkling a little as she asks Zee, "So Squire Zee, how do we reverse this? I'm new to the whole magic thing, unlike you." The thought of wardrobe malfunctions while out makes her think twice about bringing magic clothes changing up again.

Cameron finds a tent has indeed been set aside for her, it's almost as if she and the others had willed it into existence as part of this magical disturbance. Inside of the tent are all of the things a Princess might have including an extremely fancy and elegant dress to wear for the duel.

Slowly you also begin to notice that other people around have been fully taken in by the magical energies in the area, acting completely in period and in nature to their guise.

One of the local reporters has been transformed into a trumpeter and he blows on his trumpet before another reporter, transformed into an announcer calls out loudly, "Gather rounde ye' all."

"Tis' a duel to the death between our hero and his nemesis so vile for the hand of fair Princess Colombia! Peasant and nobles alike, gather round to watch the fate of our fair kingdom!"

People who haven't entered the RenFaire grounds and are watching from afar are slightly astonished by how awesome this presently looks.

A pause then - and Karen kinda blinks, her eyes going a bit distant - giving her head a shake, she glances up towards the proceedings, her hand slowly lifting up and scratching at the side of her nose. A little bit of her presence seems to leave her eyes, almost as if she falls into a trance. "Milady Columbia," she says, speaking rather fluent RenFairese right now.

"If thou wishest to attend the tournament, your dress lies within this tent," she says, bowing forward a touch and gesturing towards the tent proper. "I could not say anything about men, milady - as women, some have more skill and wit than others, yes?" she says, letting a little smile touch her lips as she gestures towards Eric with her chin… and crosses her eyes as the veil kinda swoops in front of her vision.

Taking ahold of her lady's arm, she hopes to lead her into the tent and shut it. Of course, Karen might have a stronger grip than Cameron was used to dealing with, so if she doesn't avoid being grabbed in the first place, it might be difficult to resist coming along, and being dressed properly.

Zee distractedly leads the black charger out as she watches the magic unfolding. "Well Kara, magic generally doesn't just happen, it's either channeled or someone sets up a construct to maintain it." She frowns as she looks around "Use your pendulum, tell me what you're sensing. This faire is being held on a leyline, so you should get something." and… the leyline could be amplifying the effects, but she's not going to voice that just yet.

Walking slowly, avoiding getting trod on by those fire and brimstone hooves, Zee focusses her attention

~~ wohS eM ehT cigaM nI esU ~~

The pendulum at her waist begins to slowly swing and points in direction to Zees left, where a stone direction marker sits. In answer to the spell Zee has cast, a bright light appears just in front of the Mistress of Magic and begins to float towards another a stone direction marker to Zees right. "There's two… Kara, what does your pendulum tell you?"

The pair of Knights take their mounts from their 'squires', with little in the way of thanks given the stakes on this day. As soon as Cameron is dressed and outside, a royal honor guard directs her to a podium in the center of the jousting area.

As Zee and Kara are searching for the cause of this disruption, the fight begins!

The pair of knights ride towards each other, lances crashing before the Black Knight is dismounted by his more heroic brother The White Knight. A sporting sort, the White Knight dismounts his horse, "As King I would seek the finest and bravest knights in the land to join me in my court. You have proven yourself worthy will you join me?"

The Black Knight charges towards the White Knight, crying out, "None shall pass!"

The White Knight seems confused, replying, "What?" As he parries the blow, "There is no need to fight to the death, I have no quarrel with you, good Sir Knight but I must cross the threshold on this eve with my Fair Princess!"

A grimace from the Black Knight as swords clash, "Then you shall die!"

The White Knight's sword slams down through the arm of the Black Knight and it falls to the ground, "Now stand aside, worthy adversary."

"Tis but a scratch." Said the Black Knight as he picked up his sword.

"A scratch? Your arm's off!"

"No, it isn't."

The White Knight points towards the arm lying on the ground, "Well, what's that then?" The Black Knight shrugs, "I've had worse."

A brutal charge is issued forth from the White Knight as he rushed towards the other man, crying out, "You Liar!" The Black Knight reporting, "Come on you pansy! Hahah!"

In a flurry of combat, the Black Knights other arm would be chopped off and the White Knight blew a kiss to Colombia, "Victory is mine!"

Kara was slightly distracted by the two knights fighting before she began focussing her pendant, finding another stone direction marker triangulated with the other two, she points, "There!"

"Ye've always been a comfort, dear. I wish this foolishness wasn't the means and the norm. We're in a lull between wars and these men could be out running security for the realm rather than engaging in this sorry spectacle. That's what men are best at."

She wants to attend this, because it's only fitting that she be there to make sure the idiots don't kill each other over her. She could never live that down. And… she's also thankful that the Queen Mother is at Court and not at this, for Mother would be insistent that she pick one or the other and let her childish foolishness lie fallow.

"Indeed ye are correct on the assessment.

Eric assumes a guarding post outside the tent that those who are not nobility nor part the entourage may enter as Karen drags Cameron in. And indeed, that insistently strong grip does throw her off a bit, though instead of being whipped along she keeps right up with her lady - in - waiting.

"Ye are a bit excited about this, are ye?"

Through the miracle of magic the time flies quickly to the tourney, and then she shakes her head at the White Knight.

"Ye may have won the fight but ye have not won anything other than the glowin' feel of y'r man'ood. Ye dance too much an' 'ave not the stomach for ending a man. 'e'd bite y'r kneecaps off if ye had th' balls to approach 'im. Can ye put Sir Humpty back together again? 'e's makin' a mess an' I would have ye on y'r feet when I make my decision!"

Anachronisms, HOOOO!!

"Oh, of course, gentle lady," says Karen at the explanation of Cameron at the behaviour of noble men, her eyes still a bit empty. As Cameron speaks, of course, Karen was busy setting herself to helping her dress in a manner suited to her station - making sure things are snug and tight where they need to be, and looser where they need not be, opening up the wide sleeves, making certain that the bustle and corset were positioned right.

"And I am. Isn't it so exciting? Two of the men of the realm, dueling over lo… …" Karen pauses a moment, cheeks coloring as her eyes go groundward. "I mean to say - it is simply to get it over with - men must behave in silly fashions, milady - and we must humour them, yes?"

And when the time jumps forward to the tournament proper, she was sitting nearish Cameron, having acquired a fan that she was using to kinda half keep herself cool, and half keep that annoying veil out of her eyes.

Zee glares back at the Black Knight for not saying Thank You, but is distracted as Kara finds the third marker "That's what I thought" One of the markers is set right over the leyline "Someone's built a construct and is using the leyline to power it." Striding towards the direction marker over the Leyline, Zee smiles grimly to Kara "Can you take the other two out of alignment? That will be enough to disrupt the spell."

As she reaches the direction marker, Zee see's it has a glowing crystal embedded in it and she reaches towards it… intent on plucking the crystal from its place.

The Black Knight has managed to right himself, preparing to run at the White Knight when Kara and Zee manage to pluck out the crystals from the direction markers; causing the magical disruption to begin to fade abruptly.

The Black Knight and White Knight become cardboard cutouts from the RenFaire, advertisements that had been outside and intended to draw people in. Of course, the Black Knight cutout is now missing his arms.

A Unicorn and a Nightmare race back to the stables, transforming back into carousel horses as the magical effects begin to quickly unwind; the changes they had made being reversed.

Everyone transformed or effected in any way finds themselves returning to normal. In Cameron's case, she seems to have found herself getting to keep the dress.

Kara, still transformed into a pageboy by Zee approached her friend holding the pair of crystals up, "You want to hold on to these? I don't really want them." She didn't need this happening at the JL:A Lakehouse.

"H—" Princess Columbia had been about to shout 'Hold!' at the two when things reverted rather abruptly, leaving her clad decidedly NOT in work clothes. The garment she's wearing? Probably worth more than she makes in a month. Amazing dress, though… Royalty and their privileges and all of that.

Sticking out rather oddly, though, is the stethescope draped around her neck, and somehow her EMT bag made it back to her.

She gives Eric a look and he's checking his watch while they make their way back to the ambulance. It's a bit slow going at first because of heels before Cameron gives it up and flies a few inches above the ground towards the unit, giving a glance around for her lady - in - waiting.

Was that woman a figment of her imagination, too, or another person that got trapped in this?

She won't take LONG to look, as almost assuredly she and her partner are well past their lunch hour, right?

As the illusion fades away, presence returns to Karen's eyes.

A handful of moments, and she blinks - running her hand through her hair as if coming out of a fog. Okay, she remembered the dress, she bought that herself. Karen lifts her eyes up towards Cameron, glancing down towards the stethoscope with an odd expression, her features twisting up thoughtfully.

A moment more, and she asks, the veil kinda sliding into her face. "…there's something in the turkey legs here, huh?" she says, kinda glancing up from her then. Across the way, she spies Kara - and her brow furrows. Was that…? No, it couldn't have been. But she looked /desperately/ familiar.

The scene transforms around her, and the power that Zee had been feeling dissipates. As Kara approaches, Zee takes the crystals and with a flourish of her hand consigns them to a vault in Shadowcrest for later investigation. "Next time, Kara, I'll make sure the outfits show off our legs… Now let me fix this."

~~ erotseR saraK dnA yM gnihtolC oT tahW eW ereW gniraeW nehW eW devirrA ~~

This time, Zee was specific enough and their clothes and hair revert appropriately. Looking around, Zee sees Karen and approaches her "Hi There, I'm Zee, are you alright?"

The departing Columbia gets a wave from the young magi, one day… they'll get to know each other better.

Kara looks back at her clothing, back in the put-together Supergirl outfit and she offers Zee a high-five, "How's that for girlpower! Magical Disruptions, Zero. Primal Force, One." She can't help but giggle a little at Zee's comment about revealing outfits; Rao only knew what they might have been mistaken for then!

Kara offers a wave to Colombia, laughing, "Oh Hello, Princess Colombia." Cameron would definitely recognize her as Supergirl, despite the costume change. Others might just think she's an out of place cosplayer.

Karen is looked at, then Kara had to keep looking up at the much much taller and stronger looking woman before she remarks, "Oh my Zod. You are taller than Wonder Woman." She probably looked positively diminuitive beside Karen.

"No. Something else, miss."

Now that 'normalcy' has returned, so has Cameron's restraint. And yes, she remembers her patients, especially the ones that were nearly disemboweled by psycho fish-people. There's a bit of a nod to the young Kryptonian as she starts to assess the situation. "Not a princess?" There's squinting as there's a flash in the crowd, and another.


Zee gets a wave and Karen gets a very quick wave. "Tenoaks, FireResc, gotta scoot!"

Wait… is she looking for an escape route *away* from the photographers? Who… does that? For Eric, this seems to be a rather common thing and he's acting as an escort through the peoples to quickly get the orange - haired woman out of the hungry grasp of the paparazzi. NOW she needs the hero. Where's the White and Black Knights now?

Normalcy, weird word for the situation.

Still feeling a bit hazy, Karen brings up a hand to kinda rub at her eyes, lifting her other to wave after Tenoaks. "Later, princess," she says to that, glancing after Cameron and her bodyguard. "Huh," she says, noting the way that the man was assisting her congress through the crowd. "…that looks handy. Maybe I should hire one of those," she says.

Another moment. "Where's my briefcase? And where?"

Interrupted by Supergirl, she glances down to the other, giving the smaller almost-version of herself a wry glance. "Hi - yeah, I get that a lot. Good genes, maybe?" she says, letting her smile turn a bit wry as she tilts her head just so. "I think your costume is out of place for ye olde medieval carnival - although you look /just/ like Supergirl." A beat, and she gives her a thumbsup. "It's a great costume!"

Zee grins at her blonde friend and High-5's right back. "Primal Force, totally…" she wonders if Charlie's been told yet. Looking around for Karen's briefcase, Zee spots it not far from where they're standing. "Is that your briefcase, over there?" At Karen's comments about Kara looking exactly like Supergirl, Zee throws her friend a little smirk. "It is a good costume, Kara."

Kara was grinning as she watched Colombia get more media attention; she thought that she was a good person and enjoyed the chance to encounter her. That and she had helped save her life on at least one occasion.

Kara's face darkens just a little bit, her hands placed on her hips as she stares up at Karen or at least tries to, "It's NOT a costume. I am…" Then it clicks, right, a costume, "Yep! Just a costume, nothing to see here."

"It's not a costum…?" Karen looked like she was about to question Kara further on that matter.

But as it turned out, Zee distracts her from that. "My… that /is/, thank you," she tells the magicienne, giving Zee a wide smile. Stepping over towards it, medieval skirts swishing, Karen bends over to pluck it up. She could tell it was hers right away. Mostly because of X-Ray vision. Ahem.

Lifting it up, she kinda glances back towards the others. "I'm Karen Starr, by the way, it's nice to meet you two," she says, giving a bit of a wave. "But I better find a place to go change back, before I start using thou seriously."

The wandering gaggle of paparazzi follow Cameron as Eric keeps his back to her. They quickly clamber into the ambulance and and her partner may accidentally hit the horn a couple of times as he's getting the vehicle ready to move. This deters some of the pursuit, the rest driven off as the ambulance moves.

On the plus side, it has cleared out a good chunk of non-period sorts of folks as they start chasing after the emergency vehicle. And they're not even attorneys!

Have to track those three down again in the future. Find out what happened. And put that note to the Planet…

"Nice to meet you Karen Starr. I'm Kara and this is my friend Zee." Kara had never managed to establish a civilian identity yet despite all of the contacts she had made, someone seriously had to get on that, "Thou havest fun, kay?"

Looking over to Zee she asks her friend, "So what's next? Want to grab something to eat?" A pair of 'pitchy' girls in RenFaire garb laugh as they walk by Kara, "Anime convention's downtown nerd."

"Let's go get something to eat." Zee smiles at Kara and then looks to Karen "Nice to meet you Ms Starr, and I'm glad that you found your briefcase."

As the 'pitchy' girls walk by, Zee turns and glares at them… "Say the word, Kara and I'll turn them into rats in cages…" She's sort of joking, but girls like those really annoy her.

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