Coffee and Clockwork People

March 11 2015: Zee, Nicholas and Wanda all meet for coffee. Wanda reveals her knowledge of some trouble brewing.

Grindhouse Coffee Shop, M-Town

Coffee in M-Town is like coffee most in most other places. With golden skinned baristas with three eyes…



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Zee's been thinking about Wanda lately. Nothing specific or overly important, but she is wondering how the woman is getting on finding her brother and if she's eating enough. Putting out some feelers and tapping the contacts she has in the mutant and magical communities, Zee has it on good authority that she might just find Wanda in M-Town.

Zee also feels a little bad for Nicholas Gleason destroyed tablet. Not that it was her fault or anything, but Jes' response to her reactions has the Mistress of Magic reaching out to Nicky and asking him to join her in M-Town for a cup of coffee (or something) and to help her locate the elusive Wanda.

Zee is currently sitting in a coffee shop in the middle of M-Town, a cup of coffee in hand, surveying the people walking by.


Nicholas doesn't know Wanda. Nor is he a particularly skilled tracker. He does have a good nose. Good as a bloodhound's, but that's about it. He's not otherwise the ideal person for this job. But he comes anyway if for not other reason than to ask why Zee with all her magical resources needs a mutant werewolf.


Why walk when you can skip? Wanda has always been lucky in life…and horribly unlucky too…but today fate picks the perfect time for her to be passing a coffee shop where a magical friend sits looking for her. She's not hard to spot either; skipping through miserable crowds on a cold day is getting her lots of glares and abuse. Not that she notices. She's too busy talking to nothing. "I can see her" she nods to her invisible friend…or friends.

Still dressed in clothes that she has found on the street…but always of a reddish hue…she suddenly runs across the road. Traffic screeches to a halt or swerves widely to avoid her but luckily no one is hurt. Wanda comes to a stop next to Zee's table and offers her a friendly smile. "Hey. I haven't seen you since tomorrow. How've you been?"


Zee was just about to explain to Nicholas that really, she just wanted to make up for the destroyed tablet and… given Wandas' tendancy to eat everything, make sure the other magic user was physically ok. So maybe it's not the eating that Zee should be concerned about as the other skips up to her table. "Oh, Wanda! Not since tomorrow" or a couple of weeks ago actually "Busy and well. Join me? The meals on me today."

Looking over to Nicholas, Zee shrugs a little "I just wanted to make up for the other day, with Jes." The Mistress of Magic shrugs "This is my friend, Wanda. Have you two met?"


Nicholas quirks an eyebrow. "No, I don't think so." The former Xavier's student is a tall (well, he's sitting right now) brown furred, muzzled wolf-man. All. The. Time. A peculiar quirk of his mutation. He can't turn it off. Ever. Oh, and claws. And fangs. He extends his hand to Wanda. "Nice to meet you. So you're a friend of Zee's?" He's glad he didn't bring anyhing expensive.


Wanda gives Zee a confused look. "I'm a gypsy. When I'm not stealing horses then I see the future." She leans in to whisper to the fellow magician. "And there are no horses to steal here so I see a lot of tomorrow." A little giggle before she adds, "So we saw each other tomorrow before we saw each other today. And don't forget to duck when that ball with the spikes is fired at you."

Then she's meetin a…werewolf? "Hello" Wanda smiles, happy to shake his hand even as she glances around. "In my country there would be a crowd with torches and pitchforks. I guess this country is better for werewolves." She plops herself down on a seat at the table, practically salivating at the thought of free food. "We haven't met until later" Wanda notes about Nicholas. "The Watchmaker comes tomorrow. I have to tell Bobby."


Poor Zee, might not be able to keep up with Wanda's mind and she bobs her head "Sure, I'll duck when the ball with the spikes is fired." casting a bemused look Nicholas and then Wanda. "Order what you like, Wanda. You too Nicholas." The raven haired magician frowns at the mention of Bobby, but it's a common name really. "The Watchmaker, Wanda?" she's heard the capitilisation of the name.


Nicholas does briefly wonder who this other guy Wanda is referring to is, but puts it off. Apparently the two of them haven't met until tomorrow. Which is downright inconvenient. He feels like he knows her already. "Thanks Zee. Mocha Latte please?" The werewolf asks of the server.

"Not entirely so good. Fewer mobs, but they tend to have guns and flame throwers." Nicholas notes wryly and something about his tone definitely says he's not joking. If Wanda or Zee have heard of the Purifier attack on M-Town, they'll know what he's referencing.


Wanda does appreciate when her friends offer to buy her meals at nice cafes. Though that appreciation is rarely shared by the serving staff when they have to deal with the smelly redhead - it's a fact that demons are more likely to stay away from persons who sleep in trash. So that's what Wanda does. And there is a severe lack of showers on the street. Damn government cutbacks! So as the waitress screws up her nose, Wanda gives an extensive order from the menu. At one point she even orders a dish called 'Selections continue on other page'.

When the waitress has gone, Wanda turns her green eyes on Zee and nods once. "The Watchmaker. He makes the clockwork people who are so very angry with us. Clocks hate people. I found his house but he wasn't home. I thought the house would run away but it is still there today." Wanda frowns at Nicholas. "Flame throwers? That must not be nice. Like the people who came before? I missed them." She must sleep soundly.


Sadly, Zee hadn't heard of that specific attack… but she understands none-the-less. Looking flatly at the serving staff who screw up their noses, the Mistress of Magic makes it clear…. Treat my guest with respect … not everyone has it easy.

"People came here with flamethrowers? Oh…." Zee has never experienced anything like it. "Tell me about these clockwork people, Wanda" The house not running away is noted.


Nicholas has to wonder where she's going to put it all. Wanda's ordered enough food to feed a small army. At least someone has a healthy appetite.

Most people haven't experienced anything quite like a purifier raid. Which is a good thing. "They did yeah. Got kicked back out but it was bad." His ears perk forward as Zee asks about the people and the house. Sounds odd.


"I met them in the sewers with Bobby and Nyx" Wanda explains to Zee. "Do you know Bobby and Nyx? So many heroes in this city." She stares at the top of the table for a long moment before remembering she was telling a story. "They had this clockwork spider - huge. With death rays. And lots of little spiders with venom. But we broke them. And then I saw another one and followed him home." She taps the side of her forehead. "The voices told me that they were waiting in the big house. It is down near the water." Another long pause. "Do you know my brother?"


"I'm so sorry, Nicholas." Zee sounds distressed at that news. "Bobby…." Zee frowns at Wanda "Is he perhaps a little cold? I might know someone named Nyx…." shaking her head towards the other woman, Zee smiles faintly "Only what you told me of him. He is your twin, yes?"

The server returns to the table delivering Nicholas' Mocha Latte and the first of Wandas' order.

"Don't you like, Bobby?" Wanda asks Zee…nothing gets past her. The food is started on as soon as it arrives. Her body hunched over it as if defending it from any wandering hands. "He is my twin" she nods, "Pietro…not Bobby. We came to the US together but then he left me behind on the dock. I think he has been kidnapped and Bobby said he knew where he was. Nyx is nice. You're nice too, Zee."


Well it's a good thing, because Zee tries to be nice…. when she's not, you'll really know it. Laughing a little, the raven haired woman smiles at Wanda's protective behaviour "I like Bobby, if it's the one I'm thinking of." Bobbys always treated Zee well and she likes the icy dude. Shrugging, the Mistress of Magic sips her coffee and looks over to Wanda "What else can you tell me about your twin, Pietro…." Zee tries the name of her tongue


"He runs very quick…especially away from his sister" Wanda explains about her brother. "He is my twin…but he doesn't really look like me. He has silver hair…and he likes to wear silver. He is…" A smile appears on her face. "…kind to me." And the smile just as quickly disappears. "When he remembers me." More food is shovelled down.

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