Flame Throwing M-Town

March 11, 2015: Wolf Cub, Partisan and Pepper Potts end up dealing with flame throwing fanatics in M-Town.

M-Town - New York



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M-Town again. After dark. Hate comes in many forms and not all of them march up main street in broad daylight. Though the Purifier mob was turned back, they haven't been turned out. They keep coming back in threes and fours, hassling local mutants. No one's been killed yet, though that's most assuredly their goal. It's harder to do that though when you have to be kind of quiet about it.

Generally groups like this prefer defenseless targets. Tonight they've found one. Bolting down a side street, trying desperately to keep ahead of the five purifiers behind them, are a mutant teenaged boy and girl. "Come on… they're gaining!" The girl shouts.

And why would Pepper Potts be back in M-Town so soon after the LAST fiasco? To pick up the ceramics she missed out on last time, of course. But this time, the Partisan flatly refused to let her come into this area unescorted. And honestly, Pepper wasn't about to complain. Her hip is still an ugly shade of green from the still-healing bruise where she landed on it when that one mutant coated everything in ice. She's not upset at the ice-maker by any means, she'd just rather not fall on her ass again if she can help it. It's bad for the ego.

They've already picked up Pepper's teapot and matching cup selections — and yes, she insisted on buying a tea set for Partisan as well — and they're leaving the shop when she stops at a shout nearby. "What was that?"

"Trouble, your call Pepper." Part isn't dressed for combat, no she's got an old army jacket and BDU like cargo trousers on today. Looking every bit like a god damned skate punk really, Still this IS the Partisan here. Quietly she lifts her hands from her jacket pockets, and lets them down at her sides. "I can't exactly just wander off and leave you after I promised to look after you, now can I?"

Partisan may not have to, since trouble is coming toward them by the sounds of the footfalls. About a block up a large, furry man who looks like a werewolf rounds the corner, hands in his coat pockets and strolls casually toward them before looking up, ears twitching at the sound.

Maddie and Jerry break from the alley and turn toward the nearest two people, still at a full sprint. "Look out!" The brown haired, yellow skinned boy yells. "They're right behind us."

And so they are. Five of them, all armed with knives and handguns. They don't seem to regard Pepper or Partisan as any kind of a threat. At the sight of the man up the street though one of them opens fire.

Pepper Potts blinks as the teens run toward them, clearly being chased by the others. She hasn't noticed Nicholas yet, so she nods to Partisan as she backs up against the wall of the Potter's building. "Go. I'll stay right here." Also, she's reaching her free hand into her purse. Does anyone really think that she'd spend time in Manhattan and NOT have at least mace on her person?

That, that right there is a god damned wolf. Part's attention is suitably grabbed by the sight of a god damned wolf, before the teens break cover and oh hey purifiers. The moment they break cover, she's in action. She doesn't need to think, instinct takes over and it happens in the blink of an eye. "Contact front, get down!" Her right hand sweeps back along her hip, easing that jacket out of the way as her hand comes down on her 1911. Her left hand rises to hover in the air above her heart, before she sweeps the thumb break off in the same motion needed to get appropriate purchase on that 1911. Out it comes in a single smooth motion, meeting her left hand in the middle as she extends out to grab sight picture. It happens as the blink of an eye, fuck it's faster than it alright? It's -fast-.
Sight picture, squeeze. She's already taking first pressure whent hat safety drops down with an audible -CLACK-, followed immediately by the burst of light and the bark of that hot loaded 10mm. It's bright enough to light the street, loud enough to be heard more than a few blocks away and it's followed almost immediately by another. She's resetting the trigger before the slide has even locked back into position, and another gets slung loose. In under a single solitary second The Partisan has drilled eleven rounds downrange fast enough to sound more like a single consistant roar rather than the staccato cackle of gunfire. Left hand already sweeping down to her left hip, as that magazine begins to slide free.

It's like watching an action movie scene. Five Purifiers fall down with fatal gunshot wounds as quickly as they clear the alley. Nicholas breaks into a run to intercept the group of four as the teens turn to stare at Pepper and Part. They're hurt. Bleeding. The other wolf comes up. "Damn…" He looks at Pepper and Part as well. He doesn't seem to object to their deaths too much. "Come on. We need to get off this street." And with that the other werewolf grabs the two mutants arms and leads them to an alley that leads back to the next street over.

Pepper Potts flinches at the sudden noise of Partisan's taking the Pruifiers out so decisively, and then rather suddenly (in her mind) Nicholas is there. He tells them they need to get off the street, and she can only nod. "Pa… Ludie, he's right. We'd better go." Even if Partisan's white BMW is just over there. She's honestly a little disturbed right now, but she doesn't really have time to dwell on it. She turns to hurry after Nicholas and the teens.

Partisan slaps a fresh magazine into the pistol and snaps the slide foreward before snagging the empty mag from thin air and shoving it into a back pocket. Theres a moment given to search the street for additional threats, before very smoothly she reholsters that gun with a flourishing spin. Because fuck you, she can twirl that shit if she wants. "We're clear, fucking amatuer hour chucklefucks."Shoulders rolling back as she takes a step, letting that jacket slip back over that gold colored 1911. Hands ducking into her pockets to fish out her smokes, and get one lit in the most casual way imaginable. Goodness, Part doesn't usually curse around Pepper but well considering she just murdered like a ton of dudes(technical term)? Either way she gives chase after Pepper, nevermind that people are like trying to get their menthol on back here.

Nicholas misses the spin. He might be impressed otherwise though. When Pepper and Partisan catch up to him he's rather expertly administering medical aid to the teens. "Okay, head down to the Avenue C clinic and call the after hours number there. Someone will be along to help, promise. Now get going and stay off the streets after you get seen." The teens nod and look up as the other two approach.

"Thanks for the save Lady." Maddie says. "Really. They almost had us." Then they're off. Moving as fast as they can.

The big, six foot three wolf man rises to his feet to regard Pepper and her Bodyguard. "Hello Miss Potts." Partisan's name he doesn't know so she gets get a polite nod.

Pepper Potts watches the teens run off again just after Partisan catches up, and she offers Nicholas a slightly unsettled smile. "Hello, Mr. Gleason." She glances at Partisan, and ohs faintly. "This is my friend Ludie Pajari. She's … former military and doesn't take kindly to bullies. Ludie, this is Nicholas Gleason, he's a paramedic who recently relocated here from Chicago." Yeah, sorry. Habit to do introductions like that.

Partisan whips out a chunky bright white paint pen from her jacket pocket, and gives Maddie something of a wince. Then she steps in, grabs Maddie's shirt and goes to work. When she's done, well she's painted that shirt over the Punisher's skull with her own. A distinctively stylized wolf skull, the same one from the news reports, newspapers, youtube videos and lord knows what else. "I'm not -Lady- alright, I'm the mother fucking Partisan. You wanna do me a favor, let everyone know I did it. I want them to know who it was, I want them to know it was me alright kid?"Releasing Maddy, and stepping back to get back to her cigarette. "Paramedic wolf man Nicholas Gleason, hello."It's nothing obvious of course, theres no fur you know? It's all the little things, the way she moves and how she positions herself. It isn't hard to get a strong 'wolfy' vibe if you know what to look for.

Maddie nods, not quite sure what to make of it, but she saw how Partisan took those Purifiers out. "Anything you want Ma'am." And then they're gone.

"Nice paint job." Nicholas chuckles. He gets wolfy of Part as he watches her. He's feral enough for that. There's a part of his brain that just works that way. He puts both hands in his pockets, and keeps a respectful distance from Pepper whom Partisan's body language clearly says is 'hers'. "Partisan mmm? Heard of you in the papers. They didn't mention you were friends with Pepper Potts. Given what I've seen of Miss Potts, that makes me think there must be more to the story." He cants his head, slightly, questioning. Wolfy is curious.

"Are you okay Pepper?"

Pepper Potts watches Partisan improve Maddie's t-shirt and somehow manages to not chuckle. She then looks from Nicholas to Partisan and back. "I'm fine. I think even the teapots are completely unscathed." She carefully hefts the bag she's carrying to check the contents, but the potter knows his business and the ceramic items are all securely packed in boxes with padding to keep them from knocking about. "Were they all right?" She glances after the two teenagers, even though they're long gone.

"It's important to sign your work, don't you think? As for me and Pepper, everyone has hobbies. She's civilian, somedays so am I."Which may or may not be fairly illuminating, considering how much is known about Part. She does give that tea pot a worried glance, before settling back. "Those purifier types been giving you folks too much trouble, I don't drop by M-town very often you know."

"It's a recent development." Nicholas says quietly. "Or a recent resurgance. They were big several years ago and went quiet. Seems they're back now." He shakes his head. "They'll be okay Pepper. Couple deep cuts and one got winged with a bullet. Scared more than anything else. Those idiots would have killed them if you and your… um… bodyguard? hadn't been there."

Pepper Potts has to smile at that. "I think what she's saying is that her current hobby is humoring me and playing civilian. And why she agreed to come with me to pick up a few things. But, true." She looks at Partisan again. "I'm sure those kids won't soon forget that you saved their lives. That's important, Ludie."

"Paint my mark around, and I'll come sniffing around. They get worse, I'll get after them. All the ones I've met so far have been pretty amatuer, I'd probably be able to kill the lot've them in a few weeks if I felt it was necessary."Part pauses, exchanging cigarettes ever so casually. "Not Bodyguard, just a friend."Offering a shrug after Pepper in turn. "I got a lot of people who remember me Pepper, theres a fucking cult devoted to me down in Colombia. It's nice I won't be forgotten, but until these folks take up arms and don't need people like me? It doesnt so much matter."

There's a part of this Nick feels like he's missing… but he's kind of used to that. "I'll remember that. May come to that. They're getting bold again and I'm worried their leader might not be far behind." Horror Show. The name says it all. "Do you guys need any help carrying that? Streets are rough. Not that I think you'll have a problem but you know… only polite to offer."

"I'm sure we'll be fine," Pepper reassures Nicholas. "Ludie's car is just…" she glances around, and THEN realizes the white BMW is likely back over by the potter's and all those dead bodies. "…just back where we came from." Hm. That could be problematic.

Pepper gets a "let him" look, before turning on a heel. "You get an idea as to where the leader is, drop me a line. I'd take great joy in fucking his shit up, I'd post that shit online. Massacre enough of those fucks and kids on the fence suddenly start finding other outlets for their emo bullshit, you folks shouldn't have to put up with that garbage in America. Reminds me of Germany back in the 30s."

Innnnnnteresting. Nick's been around long enough not to doubt people when they talk like that. "I agree with you… and if there's ever a way for you to make the problem go away, I don't think I'll complain. Too many problems without adding… this to it." He glances back. "BMW, mmmm? We can take me car over that way, or I can drive you two home and you can come back in the morning for it. Should be all cleaned up by then i'd think." Police and all. Nick indicates a white subaru not too far away.

Pepper Potts's eyebrows quirk at the look from Partisan, and she relents quickly enough. "Thank you, Mr. Gleason. I appreciate the offer." She lets him take the bag of ceramics if he reaches for them. "Ludie, would you rather go get your car, or come back for it in the morning?" She thinks she already knows the answer, but asks anyway.

"I just bought this one, I'm not leaving it to get broken into. Especially considering what I've got in the trunk, however the offer of a ride is most kind Mr. Gleason."This is the Partisan kids, last time she was in M-town she had a god damned light machinegun, body armor and explosives in the trunk. Also, that BMW got firebombed and well she's still a little sore over it. She had totally just had the thing washed, figures really. If it doesn't rain it gets set on fire. "I'm not plugged in with those people, and my targeting intel is occupied. You find me names and phone numbers, I'll start filling body bags. Its what I do."

This is the kind of thing that most ordinary people treat with some caution. This includes Nicholas. But he's had enough experience with Purifiers to not reject the offer outright. So he nods. "If I find anything useful I'll pass it on through Pepper. But I'm just in the Air-Medical rescue business myself. So it's not like I'm likely to have a line on it. Still, you know, if I get a break…" He shrugs and unlocks the car, helping the other two women in before getting in himself (it's a tad cramped for him but he makes do) and driving around the block to the other car.

Pepper Potts can't help it. She smiles in clear amusement at the car. "Let me guess, Mr. Gleason. You chose this car because of the all-wheel drive." It's just … so incongruous. Wolf man, and a mom-car looking subaru.

"Air medical, if you need help with the helicopter portion of that let me know."Which part just drops and sort've leaves right there, because who needs to explain these things. The car comment has her more puzzled than anything, really. "They're quite reliable honestly, I had an STI for a little while. Little digital for me, but they're fine practical cars."That BMW is, well an older 7 series and whilst it doesnt carry the distinctive badge there is the M series bodywork and wheels.

"We're looking at designing some new flying ambulances with Pepper's help." Nicholas grins. "But I'll keep you in mind Ludie. Anyway, here we are. Again, glad you two were here. Might have been bad otherwise." Nicholas is tough, but not exactly bullet proof.

Pepper Potts just offers Partisan a smile. She wasn't implying anything disparaging about the car, she was simply highly amused that it's what Nicholas drives. "Actually, Ludie, I might ask you to help make sure all of the controls in the prototype are placed properly for a pilot. Heaven knows, I've heard enough complaints about letting engineers design things that other people have to use."

"No problem, how many cup holders does it have?"Winking after Nicholas before slipping out've that Subaru and stepping to the BMW, she bows her head to light a fresh smoke before popping that trunk and tossing in her backpack. Holding it for a moment unsure where Pepper wants to place her purchase, and well theres serious work to do today after the purchase of this lovely tea service. Part's going dress shopping, which is some very serious business you know.

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