It's Not Easy Being Green

March 11, 2015: FitzSimmons and Steve go over what was recovered from the Central Park Zoo incident, finding that something strange is happening on the island of Manhattan.


The Headquarters, Armory and Fortress of the Strategic Homeland Intervention
Enforcement and Logistics division is, for the most part, an unassailable
tower in the midst of the diplomatic sprawl that is Midtown East. The primary
intelligence clearing houses and most of SHIELD's senior leadership are all
housed hear, along with a veritable army of agents and staff to keep the
place running, the world spinning and the weirdness at bay.



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Returning the Triskelian, Simmons has spent some time in SHIELD medical having her arm looked at. The gash, whilst deep, wasn't life threatening or anything really serious. The young biochemist is now back in the R&D laboratory, arm in a bandage, assessing some of the samples she'd taken from the animals and the being from the Zoo.

Steve had managed to get himself clean and gets over to R&D as quick as possible. After the exploits in the bar, he probably had not given this situation as much focus as was needed. Red Skull, the Justice League: Avengers, and everything else he had going on sort of got in the way. He won't make that mistake again. He enters the facility, hair still wet, wearing a green t-shirt and black athletic pants. "Explain it to me in English, Simmons." Noticing she's hurt, he changes his tune a bit. "Are you okay?"

As soon as the SHIELD cleanup crew had arrived, Leo Fitz took his gear and seekers (minus one) straight back to SHIELD R&D at the Triskelion. The Portal Busters (Mk 1) have already been stowed, the seekers set up to download their data into the secured mainframe, and upon Simmons arrival, Fitz is stuck in a clean room, wearing a radiation suit and slowly removing an ARC reactor from the main Portal Buster with a pair of tongs.

His voice comes from the comm unit, sounding into the main room where Steve and Simmons are. "Of course she's fine, she's got fresh dead things to poke at."

After the events of the zoo, SHIELD arrived to take possession of what evidence and 'specimens' they could find. The lion, still angry and freezing to the touch, has remained in sedation while transferring to a secure offsite SHEILD facility, same for the green colored person with sharp claws. No one has seen the two headed elephant after Supergirl flew off with it.

There is lots of data to sort through: the green slime that managed to coat Steve and Fitz, the data Sulu managed to send back to them before completely disappearing, the effects of the portal gun, samples from the two creatures, all bagged and catalogued. Much like with the slenderman creature had something resembling a wallet melded to its side, they also found a small chunk of metal in the hand of the green creature. While at one time it might have been rectangular, it has warped and melted, tinged with green and needing some cleaning to figure out what it once was.

Simmons looks up at the Clean Room, a small smirk on her face. "These ones aren't dead, Fitz." Putting her tools down, leaving her goggles in place the biochemist turns her attention to Steve.

"Oh, the arm? Yes, it's o.k, just got a bit close to the green being trying to keep it alive." Biting her bottom lip, Jemma continues "Let's start with the Rum Row specimans first. They were definitely human, but the base DNA had been warped which is why they looked and behaved so strangely."

Gesturing to her microscope and equipment, she frowns a little "I'm seeing the same thing with the clawed green being and the two other creatures that were captured. Poor things." Thinking a little, she glances back to the clean room "Fitz and I think the changes occur because the physical beings have been sped up, significantly sped up, in an attempt to time travel."

Steve looks slightly disgusted, "So you're saying you think these things were once human? Or, this one was?" He motions toward the green being upon the gurney.

"Oi. Even better." Fitz is a bit annoyed; at having been slimed, at having lost Sulu, at being worried about Simmons' arm. Still, he holds a singular focus on placing the ARC reactor where it belongs, into a safe storage device that can only be unlocked by a select few thumb prints. "So you can poke and prod at them like test monkeys!"

With a snap and a hiss, the storage device seals shut. Moments later, Fitz emerges from the clean room sans radiation suit.

"Time travel is a bunch of theory," he offers upon joining. "But the theories say, there needs to be a lot of energy, and a lot of energy can have all sort of funny side effects." He pauses the train of thought, smiling to Steve. "Hullo, Captain Rogers." Then, like a game of Pong, he's looking back to Simmons. "You didn't get any of that green stuff in your wound, did you?"

"To be totally correct, Captain Rogers, they are human. Just changed." As Fitz joins, Simmons offers a small smile and glances at her arm "No, I didn't, I managed to miss that bit of excitement."

Leaning her hip against the counter, folding her arms loosely across her chest, and then wincing slightly, Simmons considers Fitzs' comment "Energy… At the Rum Row, do you remember the speakers got static through it just before the beings appeared? The same thing happened at the Zoo… Fitz, what sort of readings did our drones give you? I got them deployed as soon as possible."

Gesturing towards her counter, "See that" the leather wallety thing "That was, I believe a wallet." The metal object is also on the counter and Simmons frowns at it "I'm still determining exactly what that is…."

"I suppose you're right," Steve says in response to Jemma's point about the energy. There /had/ been weird things with energy going on in both encounters. He's not sure what that means, but he couldn't argue with the young scientist.

As she mentions the wallet, Steve comes over towards her to inspect. And then he takes a look at the metal piece, peering at it as he bends over, arms folded over his middle.

"Plenty of excitement left over in those specimen containers," Fitz ruefully answers. He's still convinced that some of he he green goo is stuck in his ear somewhere. Doesn't anybody remember the old Chevy Chase flick, 'Modern Problems'? He'll probably wake up tomorrow in a levitating bed.

"The drone data is still being processed," he answers. "I did get some readings from the Portal Buster." He looks between the two, knowing that he's got to give just enough smart speak to satisfy Jemma, while dumbing things down a bit for Steve.

Okay, poor use of terminology there.

"When the busters were discharged, we essentially reversed the energy that was opening that… time portal." It took a lot not to use, 'temporal'. "Whatever is, or was, on the other side was extremely chaotic and unstable, which is probably why it tried to suck is back in like a vacuum. Actually, a shop-vac is a good analogy. Who- or whatever created it, they meant to spit something out on our side. The Portal Buster reversed it, which is why it tried to suck us in. The static is a form of electromagnetic overflow discharge. Kind of like…" He glances to Steve. "Like what happens when lightning strikes and you're listening to AM radio. Whatever was keeping the energy at bay, controlling it to open those portals, it's bleeding out. What this means is we have a warning system. Static will come from any electronic device before one of these, ah, time portals is opened."

"Right" Simmons says absently as she picks up the metal object in her gloved hands and begins to clean it. Don't ask what she's using to do it. Glancing at Fitz, Jemma smiles a lightly "There's something on your left ear lobe, you might want to clean it off."

As the cleaning progresses, it becomes clear that the object is amazingly warped. Peering at it, Jemma frowns deeply "There are numbers on this and a glass covering…" cleaning it a little more, she looks closer "It's a watch."

Turning it over in her hands, she cleans the back a little more "There's writing on it… There's a 'P', 'e', 'g'" waiting till the writing becomes clearer, Jemma's eyes widen… "Peg, Thanks for all you fon-do - Howard."

As that piece of information is processed by the biochemist, there's an alarm emitted from one of her pieces of equipment. Looking over, she smiles "That's the analysis of the green goo… let's see what it says."

Steve is still leaning close to Jemma as they look at the watch, trying to decipher it, bent over at the waist with his arms folded over the middle. As Jemma mouths the words, he's already read them.

He recoils involuntarily in horror, knocking over a few beakers or whatever the hell those things are on the desk behind him. His eyes are full of shock with a glaze of dread. "You said these things are human?" Steve asks, not sounding like himself, and asking for clarification.

But he doesn't hold out long for an answer. Instead, he punches the console on the wall, "I need a team of Agents to head to 10701 Main Street, Fairfax Virginia 22030. I need visual on a patient in room 227, by the name of Margaret Carter. She'll answer to Peggy. I need them to contact me directly on this line right away. This is a code red."

Steve's lip falters just a bit as he cuts the link between himself and dispatch.

"You sure that green person was a human?"

The change from 'thing' to person is notable.

"Augh!" Fitz promptly swats at his left ear, then snatches up a piece of cleaning material and positively scrubs at it with paranoid ferocity. Jemma gets a scowl. One that is quickly cast away when she studies that item of metallic significance.

A chirping from another workstation signifies that the data has been collected from FitzSimmons' seekers, including the burst from Sulu before he went dark. Fitz is momentarily distracted, but before he can go open the file, Steve freaks out. The young scientist stands there, sheepishly, watching with wide eyes as Steve does and says some very strange things. "W… wot? What're you on about, mate??"

He looks to Jemma. "You have any idea what he—" But Fitz cuts himself off when Steve asks of her a very important question.

Simmons is a little torn and it shows and when Steve makes that phone call, she nods slowly and looks very serious. "Peggy Carter, Fitz." her voice is faint, almost disbelieving "The watch belonged to, belongs to, Peggy Carter." Fitz should know who she's referring to.

Casting a look at Steve, Simmons corrects again "The green person IS a human, just changed."

Accessing the data on her latest completed experiment "The results on that green goo are in." Jemma frowns as she reads them "It's just ectoplasm, really, inert… umm harmless" she adds to Steves benefit "It's like something otherworldly is trying to get through to our world." Tapping on the screen of her tablet, Simmons frown deepens "Oh, now that's interesting. There's a case related to the ectoplasm. Case 00013 opened in 1948. I can't get anymore information than that."

"What did Sulu tell us, Fitz?"

Steve's eyes never leave the watch despite what Jemma is saying. He taps and then rubs at his mouth nervously, trying to push his body into calm. He's faced Red Skull one on one and never batted an eyelash and flew a plane into the sea without pulling up. He's been in hundreds of battles in scores of nations. If he stopped to think about it he might be embarrassed as to how he's reacting, but he isn't stopping to think about and he doesn't really give a rip about how he looks.

Steve finally responds quietly, "Someone should see whether we can contact Howard Stark. I'd like to speak to him if anyone can find him."

At that, Leo's eyes go wide. "You can't… but that's…" Impossible? No. Actually considering that he and Simmons have guessed that temporal tampering is at play, the time period seems to make sense… "… bloody fantastic." On a purely scientific sense, of course. Fitz promptly looks mollified when he realizes the possibility that the green creature may very well be Agent Carter.

Simmons pulls him back to Earth, and he rushes over to access his chirping terminal. "Uuhhhh, let's see." Rapidly tapping keystrokes fill the silence, and his eyes go wide when numbers and figures begin filling the screen at a fast pace. "Whoa, whoa, whoa whoa whoa, Sulu sent us a crap ton of data." More tapping. "Christ, these readings are all over the place! It's gonna take me hours to figure this out. It's positively chaotic."

He looks up, breaking pace and speaking slower. "Just… like… the energy read by the Portal Buster."

Looking back to the terminal, he resumes typing and clicking, fingers racing. "Micro fractions, resealings, things opening and collapsing, mixing and changing, it's almost like reality doesn't know what reality is anymore inside the vergence. Wait." He squints. "Just before the data stream goes dead, Sulu tried to write it's own bloody virus. Like it was trying to override the memory controls to wipe out all of the data it had collected." He looks up to Simmons. "We didn't program them to do that! If I didn't know any better, whatever is inside of that portal turned our little seeker into a form of intelligence." He shakes his head and walks away, feeling overwhelmed by the data stream, which doesn't happen often. "If this happens again, the occurrences could grow. Exponentially." He looks over to Steve, frowning.

As Simmons attempts to get more information on the file she found through the green goo, a large red box pops up with an angry beep, claiming that most of the pertinent information on this case has not been digitized, a strange occurrence for such a large technologically advanced agency. In fact, her clearance level is not even high enough to find a reference number in order to find where the original files or evidence were stored. In smaller red type it reads that the entire case has been restricted to Level 10 by orders of Howard Stark.

Jemma does have Howards contact details and as that red box appears on her tablet she frowns again "I think that sounds like an excellent idea, Captain Rogers" Holding the tablet so he can at least see the denial message. Opening her phone, Simmons dials Howards number and waits while it rings…. and waits….

"Hello Mr Stark, uh Howard, this is Dr Jemma Simmons. I have something of importance I would like to discuss with you, quite urgently. Could you please return my call?" Leaving her number, the biochemist shuts off the call.

Fitz information on Sulu causes the frown to deepen even more, "You mean more, and bigger, occurences?" then she's distracted looking over her results "I want to do some DNA analysis on the green person… I'll need to go there, I think." She can't reassure Steve, and she's not going to try to just yet.

Steve's eyes finally tear away from the watch when Fitz mentions that this is all very bloody fantastic. They turn again towards Simmons as she makes the call to Stark and grimaces when she doesn't get an answer.


Steve is just about to say something as the chirp of the intercom comes through and he stops dead in his tracks.

"Yeah, uh, Captain Rogers? This is Agent Baker from the NoVa region. Code echo - bravo - foxtrot. I'm standing here looking in 227, and there's a lady here fast asleep. I checked with the staff and they confirmed that the woman is Agent Carter."

Steve exhales and seems to relax, resting his large hands on the side of the desk he early ran into.


"Captain are you there?"

"Yes. Thank you for your help, Agent Baker. Rogers, out."

Leo just nods balefully at Jemma. Bigger, more frequent, who knows what else. "We're gonna need to pack more Portal Busters." He waits patiently while each person makes their calls, but when Steve is told that the green person has been replaced by Agent Carter, he actually needs to sit down. "Well. That answers that, I suppose."

"Is everything alright Captain Rogers?" Jemmas noted his relaxing and seems slightly relieved herself. "Answers what, Fitz?" Simmons looks to her friend in bemusement. As to bigger and better anomalies, the biochemist sighs "We're also going to have to work out what to do with the warped beings that come through. I can't always rely on Detective Pezzini to be on hand each time. The dendrotoxin darts worked, but I required an awful lot of them and they worked slowly."

"She's…." Steve's voice trails as he's obviously thinking about something else. "She's not Detective Pezzini anymore. She's Agent now." Another exhale, "She works for us now, exclusively." Steve runs a hand through his blond hair, "Listen, I need to leave. Please update me with anything. And if you can get Stark through to me, please do so immediately when he calls." He doesn't say that it's an order, but it could be implied.

He gives a nod to each of them and walks briskly towards the door, taking one final look at the watch.

"Go get 'er, partner." Fitz does his best American accent, and it's quite convincing at that. A two fingered salute is thrown toward Steve, before he goes back to his data. "Might be the dosage, if I can make sense of this data, I might be able to give you some anticipatory figures, Simmons. But it's… gonna… I'm gonna need tea. And macaroons. Maybe something stronger."

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