March 11th, 2015: Robin and Arsenal are about to take down the Top Hat Gang when Supergirl swoops in and spoils their fun. The trio all meet for the first time and snap some selfies.


Warehouse in Gotham



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It was a typical late night in Gotham, the city that rarely if ever slept. Crime was plentiful and the vigilantes of the city were likely working hard as always trying to give the peaceful citizens of Gotham a peaceful night's rest.

Robin had been tracking the actions of a new gang that had moved from Metropolis to Gotham to pull off a heist, known as The Top Hat Gang; a relatively minor group that had somehow eluded capture by the MPD for the past year.

Arsenal had tousled with The Top Hat Gang once before, the only one who had managed to take down several members of their group; the gang leader had made some uncouth comments about his daughter without knowing Roy had one and well that couldn't be allowed to slide.

The Top Hat Gang was presently pulling up to a warehouse owned by one of Gotham's local criminal elements in a trio of vans; guns blazing immediately as they begin to attack the mafia thugs guarding the place.

There was at least a dozen members of The Top Hat Gang and close to twice that many Mafia men; even for Robin and Arsenal this would be a tough fight.

To be fair, it's not so much that Gotham never sleeps as Gotham has insomnia due to all the nightmares, so stumbles through its nights in search of caffeine and the bad dreams slip in around the edges in the city's sleepless state.

Gotham has issues.

But Robin is not one of them. And he's not about to let the city become host to a gang war between these Top Hats and the local organized crime families. There are enough of the demons the city already knows to want to worry about these new guys. The Boy Wonder (to whom this nickname is becoming irksome) has been keeping an eye on both groups, and the outbreak of gunfire is his signal to intervene. He swings down off the rooftop from which he's been watching, sends R-shaped shuriken flying toward a handful of gangsters while he lands among others and starts his own attack, ducking and weaving among the confused gunfighters.

While it was nothing personal, just business, with the Top Hat gang, that the person who'd managed to get away and leave his underlings behind to take the heat had managed to -insult- the 'stupid little flower-girl' that was standing there innocently watching the whole attempt at robbery with far more unsavory comments that could not be repeated in polite company…?

It was -personal- now.

The Arse-cycle (something he called after discovering Ollie had left him a little tracking device present in his 'gift') parked, Arsenal was on a rooftop, looking for his prey.

Finding him, and… ah, a Boy Wonder. Which one…? Batman must have been growing them on his little Robin bushes. Heh. Bushes.

Wait, was he letting the Boy Wonder show him up?

Ice arrows join the frey, aiming to freeze over where the gunfighters were, giving them a harder time. And if he placed them rightly, those would help Robin steer these punks into useful locations. And then it was on to finding that fool who insulted is baby…

Robin and Roy are able to make short work of the men they attack, the thugs standing no chance against the pair of men individually or even in small groups but there was so many of them.

Instead of continuing to fight one another the gang members and mafiosos turn their attention towards the costumed vigilantes, a large dark skinned man wearing a top hat yelling, "We finish dis latah mon! Fer now, keel dem!" Gunfire erupts with intensified ferocity, an untold number of thugs moving out of the vans and warehouse in Kung-Fu movie fashion. That was a lot of bad guys.

A third figure is flying above the skies of Gotham also searching for The Top Hat Gang; it was Supergirl and she was sporting a new costume. Having started to get her powers back she decided the best thing to do was start off small, Gotham crime tended to be small right?

Floating down beside the familiar costumed Vigilante she had encountered once before she asks Robin, "Mind if I join in?" She had heard Batman 'owned' the city, Robin was his sidekick so she figured she would ask this time!

Robin doesn't even have to look to know the voice of the woman who approaches him. "Feel free," he says. "Bulletproof is a good way to be at the moment." As the bullets rain down around them — he's ducking under his heavy cape to stop any of them from shattering bits of him that he needs. Like his head.

But even from beneath the cape he's able to dish out trouble for the thugs. Keeping low to the ground he tosses more of his throwing Rs at enemies, letting them bite into ankles and knees. His legs spin out and knock criminal's feet out from under them, giving Robin plenty of opportunities to put the men down for the count.

"This is Robin," he notes, clicking on to the Bat channel to keep a record of the event more than anything. "We've got Top Hats in Sommerset. Being aided by Arsenal and Supergirl."

"Oh no, not later…!"

But the Top Hat cat was gone, and Roy was left fuming as he swings on down with the zipline.

Eyebrows arches at Supergirl, followed by "Nice costume." Biting back the next comment, which would have been more -inappropriate- coming from him -now- than from him a few years ago when he was younger and reckless… more reckless…, Roy instead nods at Robin. "So, you ran into these guys before eh?"

A smile was flashed to Robin and Arsenal, "Thanks, It's a new costume!" Her old one had been trashed by Orm and the Atlanteans along with her ripping a huge chunk out of her cape for Streaky; because a Supercat deserved a Supercape.

Kara catches a bullet that would have possibly hit Robin before tossing it aside, "Oh my Zod, you guys are too squishy, hold on!"

Supergirl turns into a blur of speed as she races around dispatching gang members and mafia members left, right and center, dealing with all of them except the final two that Robin and Arsenal seem to be left contending with still.

She looks at the pair of men and their opponents, sighing, "Soo slow."

It doesn't take long for Robin to drop the last of the thugs he's fighting. "Not all of us are strange visitors from another planet," he observes, scanning the area to make sure there's nobody left who needs dealing with. "Situation clear," he adds after a moment. "I suspect clean-up will take a bit. Let me know if you need me." This is all said to his communicator — but it's not as though the others can't figure these things out.

Should've still been slinging arrow instead of paying attention to a girl, as super as she may be.

Net arrow. There, now pre-wrapped for the cops.

"Yep. So before the Bat comes by and tells us to get the hell out of his city, I can guess what the Boy … sorry, Teen Wonder…? is here for, but what are -you- doing here?" Roy asks, attention shifting back to Supergirl, before eyeing Robin. "Is that the Bat who's listening in?"

Kara rests her hands on her hips when the comment about aliens is hinted at, "If you want, I could untie them all? OR" She grins a little, "I could grab us coffee and we can watch while the police clean up this mess?"

She wasn't as curious as Roy about Batman, asking, "So how do you want your coffees or whatever? Nevermind!" She was gone. No doubt she would be back.

"Just keeping the other locals apprised of the situation," Robin tells Arsenal. "Batman will know you were here… but he knows I'm here, so he's probably not on his way to send you packing." He smiles wryly as Kara flies off for coffee. "It wasn't a complaint," he notes, expecting her to hear the words wherever she's gone.

"You don't -have- to…" Roy begins, before Kara was on to the next topic, then gone.

"… well, one thing's for sure, first… I want a cappucino, and second… she reminds me of Kid Flash." Quick to react, quick to move. Good grief.

Taking a deep breath, Roy jerks a thumb towards where Top Hat went. "So what was -that- guy about… and you know, I just realized, she's probably picking up that guy too, while we're waiting for coffee. She just won't tell us so she won't hurt our feelings."

Kara returns not long after landing on top of a near-by building with a good view of the crime scene she was sure the pair of men could scale, she calls out, "Yoohoo, over here." She's balancing 4 trays of drinks in each hand with an assortment of snacks. Go go JL:A credit cards and super speed, the servers didn't even have to make her anything.

If Roy looked down the street, he would probably see the aforementioned Top Hat strung up on a telephone pole. Supergirl really needed to stay out of street level crime.

"Yep, there's your Top Hat," Robin observes, heading toward the building where Kara's waiting. He shakes his head slightly. If Superman and Supergirl were allowed to take on crime-fighting duties in Gotham regularly, the place would be nearly as shiny as Metropolis. But this is Batman's domain, and people tend to respect that what he says goes. After all, what would Robin do with his nights if not for daily battles against the criminal underworld.

"You didn't have to," he notes to Supergirl as he reaches the top of the building. Didn't take him long. He hasn't even broken a sweat. "But thanks." He pauses a moment, considering the number of drinks and snacks she's brought, considering saying something about this, and then decides not to.

"Yeah. See, if this had been me a few years ago, I would have been all 'I'm -not- a man.' Now? Totally cool if a girl wants to beat us to crimefighting. Even if I could've done better with those superpowers of hers."

Yeaaaah. Maybe fatherhood had changed Roy a -little-.

Reaching the top of the building with some swiftness, Roy takes his cappucino happily, taking a swig, pausing to motion at the drinks and snacks. "The rest for you?"

There's pretty much every variety of Coffee & Tea reasonable you could get from Starbucks and enough snacks and sandwiches for a small team of crime fighters. She sets it all down and sips at a frappucino, a cappuccino as Roy requested was handed towards him when he made it up top.

"It's ok, I was bored." She replies to Robin like it was no big deal before stammering at Roy, "NO!! I didn't know what Robin wanted." She smiles at the young man, "I'm Kara." She had not missed Arsenal's comments about how he could have done it better, what a jerk.

Robin examines the drinks until he finds black coffee, adds a couple of small tablets from one of the pouches on his belt. He's grown accustomed to providing the coffee himself, and keeps his own sweetener on hand. He gives it a swirl to stir it, then sips, nods. "I'm sure that the local homeless will appreciate the leftovers," he observes. "Robin," he adds at Kara's introduction. "Nice to meet you officially."

"Arsenal, but you can call me Roy," the redheaded archer greets, tilting his head with a saucy half-grin. "Heard lots about you, but I got to tell you, I keep saying I can do anything better. My daughter thinks I'm just jealous of you, though. She's probably right. Don't mind her. Thanks for the coffee. Top Hat steal something of yours?"

The GCPD still haven't gotten there, they had the best response times in the tri-city area, NOT.

Kara leans against some random gargoyle on the roof of the building, "Nice to meet you both. Isn't Robin a bird though? Nevermind!"

"Top Hat didn't steal anything of mine, I was just flying around." She beams a little when Roy mentions his daughter is a fan, "Hold on, I'll get something special for her in a minute, she's going to be so happy."

Kara is gone once again, looking for a twenty four hour pawnshop with a polaroid camera!

The words 'more hyperactive than the Flash' pass through Robin's mind, for all that he's tactful enough not to say them aloud. Supergirl, for all her abundance of energy, seems nice. Even sweet. Which is something you don't see in Gotham all that often. "Yes," he says, even if she's gone. "It's a bird. Also the name of a major hero of British legend, however — which is where one of my predecessors got the name." He pauses a moment before adding, "I think the scarlet costume was Batman's idea."

Kara returns a very short time later with an old polaroid camera, the shop owner had been all too happy to overcharge her for it; although he never expected anyone to buy it. She takes a photo of herself and when it prints a photo of her out she grabs Roy and Robin together, "Say There's Batman!" Another photo is snapped of the three of them and both are given to Roy for his daughter.

"Man. Which Robin are you now…? I mean, I knew one of your predecessors. Ask him sometimes, I was the one who ran around as Speedy… don't ask me why that name, and…"

Pausing, Roy takes the picture, and then … poses. Okay, so he's used to superspeed thanks to Kid Flash, but still, it does take some time to shift to 'Dealing with speedster' mode.

"Thanks!" he says, after taking ahold of the pictures. "I'd better get going, babysitter's charging by the hour."

If there had been time, Robin would object to this second photograph. Batman avoids having his picture taken. There are a lot of people in Gotham who do not believe in the vigilantes who roam the city — they keep themselves hidden. Even in bright red costumes.

"The third," he tells Roy. "You knew Nightwing."

It's a bit late to ask Supergirl NOT to take his picture, though, and he imagines that Arsenal isn't going to put the picture on eBay. And if the picture does wind up on eBay, well, that's what Oracle's for.

"You know Robin, you would probably look a lot better in Black. If you want, we could make you a new costume?" Kara gives the costume a good once-over, "Unless the scarlet is so you're a distraction when Batman is around.."

"I'll take this, you can keep this, pass it along to Nightwing so that he can laugh." And keep it safe, obviously. Yeah, Roy was used to big bad paranoid BatPapa, which is why he passes along that picture to Tim. "Thanks…! And … if you're going to do that, whatever you do, don't give him pixie boots." A grin, a wave, and Roy was off.

"It's traditional by now," Robin tells Supergirl. "Thanks for the offer, though. Robins are black with red chests, so this fits. Besides, I'm good at hiding when I need to, and these red parts…" He taps his chest. "They're armored and bulletproof. The best targets the thugs have are hard to hurt." He nods to Roy, taking the picture and tucking it off into a pouch. It will certainly be safe with him.

Kara grabs the photo as Robin and Roy are exchanging it and she writes her number on the back before handing it to Robin, "There, now you can call me if you ever need help with you know, stuff or whatever." She had seen the state of Gotham, she figured Robin could use any help he could get or you know, whatever.

"Thanks again," says Robin with a half smile. He's unlikely to call her for such purpose, only because it IS Gotham — and Batman wouldn't be pleased. But he doesn't need to tell her that. "If I ever need the help, I'll certainly let you know." This is not to say he wouldn't call on her for help with Titans business. He knows she's already an associate of the team, after all.

Kara's drink is still in hand when she points towards the docks, "I just heard some sirens up there, sounds like the police are chasing a robber. I'm guessing you'd rather I didn't do all your chores, so I'll let you handle it." She smiles just a little before getting ready to take off, "Cya around Robin!"

Robin returns her smile. "Have a good night, Supergirl," he replies. "And thank you again — for the help and the coffee." He takes his grappler in hand, waves, and then he's off to continue his night's work.

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