Upgrade Wanted

March 11th, 2015: Doug, Nate, Remy and Rose have a chat about upgrades, Sentinels and Scott's perma-scowl.

X-Men HQ, Westchester, Hidden

Secured, warded, monitored and highly, highly secret, this is the operational
base for the X-Men, containing most of the high tech monitoring equipment the
organization possesses along with relevant specialized gear for individual
X-Men and mission ops. The facilities themselves include living and sleeping
quarters for the teams and guests (though not all of the teams operate out of
the base proper), a medical lad, storage for supplies and of course the
hangar for the Blackbird.



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Rose got done doing a solo test run in the Danger Room against a couple sentinels. New program, had to test it! And test it she did, to the max. Two versus one and at max level she laid the hurt on herself and after she scraped herself off the floor with the computer systems AI telling her it was over, she sustained too many injuries the /feel/ is still there, the ache in the muscles the pulsing headache, the swelling of her jaw and how hard it is to /breathe/. Especially when you felled one of the machines on top of yourself.

Everything fades to empty and Rose is picking up her swords, sheathing them and pushing some of the unraveled braids of white from her face, leaving it open to see the patched side where the strap had been ripped free leaving the gaping old wound visible. It took a few moments to find the patch and pick it up, holding it one hand as azure gaze looked upon it and slipped it back on to cover the mass of empty socket and scar tissue - though it never truly -hid- anything.

Time for change.

Leaving the Danger Room she sets her swords aside as well as the Rugers and folds into a chair in front of a computer, unzipping her suit and leaving it crumpled at her waist, leaving scarred and pale skin visible save for where the black lycra sports bra coveted. Pulling up some papers she taps a pencil down upon them and starts to draw out something new, firing up one of the computers to access the internet and new mask fabrications.

Having already helped out Kitty with the schematics for the Centurions, and poking through Calvin's Danger room simulations (Good -god-, what the hell kind of future was -that-…?), Doug Ramsey was prepared to pack up and head back to his apartment at DaCosta's.

The woman who came into the computer room, however, catches his attention, as he tilts his head, watching her for a moment before calling out, "Hi, can I help you?"

After he's caught her attention, it's on to introduction. "Doug Ramsey. I'm an alumni, but I work with Kitty. You know… computer science teacher here?"

Gambit is able to catch the flash of white hair entering the Danger Room's monitor womb initial thought is, it's Ororo as he's forgotten Rose is haunting the X-Men's base. Multiple voices from inside and the man is entering, hands out-wide as if presenting himself, "Everyone can rejoice Remy is here!" Not Storm, Rose "Ravager" Wilson and Doug.

"Oh. What you two doin' in here?" He inquires before looking at the computers and the Danger Room's after-use power down. "Hope no one breakin' rules and playing with toys they shouldn't." A teasing grin, long run of things the Cajun doesn't really care. Rules are meant to be broken and he finds a lot of the dos and don'ts of the X-Men too restrictive. Besides it's not like he pays mind to who has authorization to where or what.

Rose was in her own head. It happens. A lot. The low cast of her head leaves the pink scar on the base of her neck a visibility of recent things, things that brought her to this places doorstep and kept her here. If not anothers insistence to boot. When Doug speaks her eye rises, a narrow of the setting to emphasize the fact she was in fact, /not/ paying attention and he caught her by surprise. That's how people get hurt.

The template and blueprints she is working on get a hand to rest upon them, she was breaking rules here, pushing buttons that were red, but this was /her/ personal deal. "The girl who phases." Rose states in regards to Kitty, she met her once, maybe twice? The Danger Room scene the most memorable, the first team activity here.

"Rose." She gives her name in return, but her pensive stance of solo-y-solo only rises when Remy walks in. Momentary, though, as she knows him a bit more, the chiding playfulness of rule breaking only gets her to stare deadpan and lean back in the chair, making hinges groan. "What rules? Be specific. I was just meeting Doug post a workout."

Back a sister up! Never mind the unfolded uniform and set aside armaments.

"Yes, the girl who phases," Doug confirms looking up. "Mr. Lebeau, sir… yes sir, I'm still authorized. I was looking over the tech Kitty was trying to extract information from, sir." Being polite to the senior X-Men was a habit Doug never quite broke, and he glances back to the woman, making note of Rose's body language to -never- approach her without warning her he was there.

"Well we just met, I was offering to see if there was something I could help with," Doug adds as a follow-up. "What are you doing here, sir?"

"Oh yeh?" Remy further teases while depressing a key on one of the monitor's controls. The visual that springs to life is Rose using an outdated firearm against hunter-killer-robots. They are thrashing her.
Gambit cannot help but grin at this before just swiping it closed and proceeding to turn around and face the two. "Doug, homme, why you keep calling me sir and mister? Jus' call me Remy. I figured you had access I'm teasing our new blood here. Slim likely to smoke her like he a drill sergeant he finds out she in here… " He pauses, "An you for not bootin' her on out." A wave of hands again in a shrug, "If he find out of course. I fo sho don't really care none. I was just taking a break, usually quiet in these halls. No one 'round cept one things be real." That and he was rummaging through the X-Bunker's fridge - his own is empty.

Dammit. Doug was not a good alibi. All the sir's tossed out let Rose know he was very militaristic in approach to seniority and respectful. So if you need a late drunken night outing covered… He is not her man. Looking down at her paper her pencil scribbles a bit more down: Note to self.

Rose watches the two after she sets the pencil back down and then glances at the screen as Remy pulls it back up, one corner of her lips curling up in a half smirk, but one that narrows her eyes while she swivels to and fro in the chair now. "No sin in getting your ass kicked real good for breaking the rules. Slim's already got a permanently narrowed gaze…" She gestures over her eyes indicating the visor. "I'm not too worried about his angry face."

After a waffling gesture of her hand she goes back to preliminary sketches, flicking to another web page and tutorial on 'casting' a half mask that would cover from brow to around the jaw line, but leaving her eye open.

"Don't chide him for not booting me out." An up down of gaze on Doug, assessing. "Yeah, no." That'd have been his answer.

Oh, covering up was easy enough when it was -his- age group he was covering for. Otherwise…

"Well, sir… you're older than me," Doug replies, grinning cheekily enough before dropping it to a more respectful mien.

"And if the Danger Room's too advanced, I could reprogram that to whatever you might need."

Nate Grey comes into X-Men HQ from Xavier's Institute.

"No chides happening. Go too much style for dat kinda thing, ma fleur."
Remy touches his chest while responding to Doug, "Old and sir all in one afternoon? Next you be saying I have gray hair. This hurts, mon ami, right here." A second tap for emphasis.
"You right though, Rose, Slim does have that sort of resting face, huh? Also, whats with the pistols, you should upgrade, lasers are the in thing now. You never watch Star Wars?"

A brow rises towards Doug's words, stretching arms above her head in a manner that should have gone with an exorbitant yawn before she folds over and rests her elbows on reinforced leather clad knees. "What is the sense in lowering stats in a room called the 'Danger Room'? You'll never learn anything if you don't get your ass handed to you." Gesturing to her own proof on the monitor Remy pulled up one shoulder rises and falls. "It let me know I need more impact resistant gear and things that do not just rip off so easily." A tap to her eye patch that is rather ghetto-Ly tied back into place.

Looking to Remy now, Rose nods. "I call it RBI. Resting Bitch Face. You gotta have one to know one." Though when he talks about her weapons she looks at them, the scowls and looks at him. "I happen to -like- my weapons, and though archaic against those things.." A point to the sentinels on screen cap. "They are very effective in making others bleed. I prefer things that bleed but will try anything once." Watching Remy rummage she asks. "There a beer in there? I'm parched."

Avoiding the laser gun spiel, much? She has one, but it saved for… /special cases/. Her other world had other intentions and uses for her and she kept the benefits, as well as secrets.

Wrinkling his nose, Doug looks closer at Remy. "Maybe a couple white hairs. Don't worry, sir, a dab of Rogaine should do ya?" Wrong hair product, probably, but it wasn't as though Doug bothered to look at dyes.

Rose gets a small smirk. "Well, I -could- dial it up the other way if you want." Pause. "What happened to your eye?"

It was Nate who mentioned Rose about the new Sentinel Sims Calvin had programmed. Now, Rose went and ran one without him, isn't that rude? Clearly she deserves some mocking, "hey Rosie, heard some robots rolled over you at the DR," first comment at he wanders into the room. He grins at Gambit and blinks at Doug. A Doug. "Hey… hello," he finishes, somewhat lamely. The he flops down on the closest available seat. "What are you up to? Looking for new weaponry?" And beer? Beer is good too.

Remy is rummaging? Yes, yes he is because he is handsy like that. Mini-cooler some slacker left in here. "No beer. Got Sprunk you want one?" A green soda can is produced and spun on a fingertip much like a basketball would be. Deft hands and always a show off. "I'm gonna ignore that one, homme." For now, he'll probably check later when he's near a mirror in privacy.
"See what I say place crawlin' with Summers, they just appear, dey like tribbles." This is at Nate's arrival.
"Yo, Nate." Friendly enough a greeting after the joking is set aside.

"Promise?" Rose asks towards Doug when he mentions dialing it up. The tone is almost…dulcet. Chick likes to fight. Whatever makes you happy, right? Though his inquiry about her eye has the small smile fading a bit. "Family disagreement. We play hard." Leaning back now, she reaches up and pops the patch off, leaving the dark and empty scarred eye socket for view, droppin the patch on bare abdomen.

"I wasnt an upgrade."

The sentinels must have hit her hard.

When Nate walks in she runs fingers back through the hair, letting the white spill over that half of her face to veil the revelation, holding her hand up for the offered Sprunk. "Pitch that bitch." She'll add vodka later. "I was looking for a good wake up Folgers couldn't give me." Smirk.

After one more not-quite-smirk at Remy's reaction, mostly to leave the Cajun wondering if Doug was being perfectly serious or not, Doug greets Nate with a wave, and a shake of his head. "_Another_ Summers. I just met one the other day. A redhead. Knowing Mr. Summers reproduced enough time-travelers is… I don't know. I feel bad for Ms. Grey."

Shaking his head, Doug nods at Nate. "No offense, I mean, it's probably rough to come face to face with children you never knew you had… probably harder for women." Because, like, women had to carry -those- babies.

Hesitating as he eyes Rose, Doug tilts his head. "Uh… ow. You really should talk to a doctor about getting something…" he says thoughtlessly.

"I am a Grey, man," protests Nate. "And soon we will be enough to take over the world," he smirks at Gambit. Then turns to Rose.

"I saw Forge take down a 30 tall Sentinel once with a 15 pound shaped-charged anti-tank mine," mentions Nate. "Very impressive, those things have their main CPUs in the chest, but the armor is a bit thinner in the back, so the plasma discharge cut right in and fried it instantly. The trick was climbing up their back without getting crushed. But you know what? Sentinels will consider you a secondary target; they always go after the muties first."

The Sprunk soda is tossed to Rose.
"I offered to alleviate some of Jean's stress and she threatened me bodily harm. I got no pity for her." Remy jokes once again, a soda of his own hissing open with a snap and he takes a sip of the citrus flavored sugary drink.
"Upgrade or a new eye? Or you talking about weapons again? I know a guy who can get things for the right price. "
An uplifted brow is given to Nate, "At least the Grey's produce good lookin' women. Won't complain there too much. He is right, you've got an advantage on this kinda enemy if they pick on us muties first, they'll leave all kinds of openings for you to exploit. That is of course if what he is sayin' is correct. " Calvin and Nate both as this threat seems to be something that spans beyond this reality and in to others. Serious business. What a buzzkill.

"Yes, yes. I know, -here- I am second rate citizen." Rose catches the soda and taps the top so it does not explode all over her, waiting to open it after being shaken, to stirred. "But, it gets me where I want to be. Dismantling them. It's always amusing to see the 'o' faces before they fade to black." What an abysmal outlook… But, it's dead on.

In regards to her upgrade though she swivels to the computer screen and her drawings. "I want an eye, but one that doesn't have to see per say, one that is not so bad to look at but serves a purpose. And a prettier patch.. More of a mask…" She taps the paper and flashes teeth in an amused grin as casts that blue gaze their way. "Gotta look pretty again." Hair-flip, casting that braided and disheveled cascade of white down her back for emphasis.

Yep still a girl.

Scratching the base of his neck, Doug considers. "Berto has his hands on a lot of tech… I think they were working on a prototype for one of those eye-monocles that passes along information. If we could internalize that, we could probably get something to do…"

Oh, don't mind Doug, once a problem presented itself, he could sometimes get focused on that one.

Nate smirks hearing about Jean and Remy. "I dare you to try that with Rachel," he says the Cajun. He won't add he will warn Rachel beforehand, though. "Sentinels are a major threat, yes. These Centurions seem a prototype of them, it must be one of these things that repeat across parallels, I dunno. The first models won't be very good, but each successive generation becomes more dangerous. And once the cat is out of the bag every advanced country and high-tech terrorist group will try to get blueprints and make their own versions. Using robots to fight against super-humans seems like a great idea, until the robots get smart enough and decide they want to be in control because humans are dumb."

He sighs, reaching for Rose's hair to look at her missing eye. "I think Hank McCoy is the resident science genius, but cybernetics might be out of his field. Hmm, hey! Isn't Mike Dracos a techwizard? He was building Scott a flying car, maybe he knows enough about cybernetics."

A grin appears across Gambit's features, one he usually gets when he is about to cause mischief. Surprisingly he restrains himself and doesn't comment on Rose's looks like he was about to, Nate's familiar touch upon the woman helping reign him in. He's a flirt but he isn't about to be disrespectful, not this time at least. "Challenge accepted." The quick and easy reply to Nate's tossing out of Rachel. A gamble is a hard thing to pass up of course.

"Looks like you got plenty of options Rose, keep it in house and you be real safe. Mos' these people really know what they doin'. No funny bombs or 'splody things put in your body. Skynet threat is always gonna be a thing."

Rose looks at Doug as he speaks, a curious and yet appraising depth there, now. A tap to her temple over the hair covered half of her face, just beside that empty socket, then points to him. "Now you're talking my talk. Readouts, passing along of feed. *I* can share what I see like a recording…. More help then a hindrance." Her final words a murmur as she looks to Remy and tilts her head.

"I can get money, that is not an issue. It's the tech and if he has the hardware, I'll pay." Rose's stoicism in saying that to Remy, the flat tone. She still has a pocket of unused and untraceable pay as you go cell phones, waiting for her to power on, an interface that only needs her triggered as active and on-call. Highest bidders. "Safe is relative."

When Nate reaches for that hair the tension is there, making it known she wanted to shy away but she did not. She's re-approaching it, dealing with it, and if she is going to finally succumb to something she denied back where she and Nate came from she wants it done right, no matter the cost. "I'm a weapon, just keep that in mind when focusing this, if it tunes me into cute fuzzy animal shows I will rip it out and leave it on your desks for a redo." Pause. "Pretty and effective. Useful, not cute."

"Mmmm. Mike, that's a good idea. I could probably do something with the software, depending on what you want," Doug muses, as he puts down the computer bag and turns back to a terminal. Now to access the mainframe, and…

"I should leave a note with Mike, see if he can join me. Maybe Kitty too. See what kind of… do you want the eye color to match? I suppose asking Kitty would be a good idea too, she could accessorize. No wait, on second thought, better as Illy… Kitty has badddddd taste."

Nate chuckles, letting Rose's hair back in place, "there is always those devices to change… hmm, I don't know if they are around in this world. Image inducers, I think is the name." Another one for Hank, he guesses.

"I don't know what else is out there for anti-sentinel weaponry a person can carry," he adds. "Short of adamantium swords, I guess. You could ask Lunair for ideas."

A kick off from the console he has been leaning against and Remy makes for the door, all white rabbit (with the watch not the lingerie), "I'm late. Didn't realize the time. Y'all behave, dun do nothing uncle Remy would do, kiddos." Yeah, why not. He has already been called old and been told his hair is graying.
Sprunk soda guzzled down and can tossed over his shoulder to land in the trashbin and the rogue is gonesville.

Rose opens the can with a pop and hiss, rising from the chair where the top portion of her uniform still hangs around her waist, her torso covered in the black sports bra. One arm slides down into the uniform and begins to shrug it back on but not zipping it. Taking up the notebook and what she had already jotted down based on what everyone said she seems content to wait for what she needs to do to keep this moving forward.

"I am going to go clean up and uncover my bike, it's nice out. Time to work on my tan." Not. The sun touches her and she burns, peels, and goes back to pasty ass white. Her and the sun don't get along, but she can pretend.

Pausing at the door she unravels a braid and glances back. "Thank you." She states to Doug and then smiles at Nate. "I like how I look, I just need some… upgrades." Don't worry she's not a silicone girl!

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