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March 12, 2015: Jes and Zee have Pizza and Jes reveals more about herself…

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Jes settles into a seat across from Zee. She'd found this little italian place with the best pizza on her second day in the city. While she's sort of really craving a hunt, the calorie laden pizza will do for now. It's also a meal she can share with her friend, without grossing her out. And they can talk, Coyote cannot.

Looking around the restaurant, Zee smiles across to Jes "This is nice" canting her head she peers at her friend "Are you ok, Jes?" She's noticing that Jes looks a little uncomfortable. "How are you finding it, in the city?"

"I'm okay, just hungry." She says hungry in a way that suggests she means more than food. "The city is amazing. More than I dreamed it'd be. The world is also a lot weirder than I knew." Jes grins. Some of it has been bad but it's all been fascinating. "There's just so much, to see and do and learn. And I love being with you. I'm really glad you were there that night."

"It is pretty amazing…" Zee's travelled the world and has seen lots of different cities, she understands how overwhelming it can be. "Well, I'm glad Jericho and I were there that night, too and I enjoy your company. I've not spent so much time in Shadowcrest, ever."

Perusing the menu, Zee glances at Jes, "What is it you're hungry for" she noted the emphasis the young woman put on the word, and will help if she possibly can.

Jes winces a bit and fiddles with the menu. She already knows she wants a large pizza with all the meats. And extra cheese. "I haven't found a good place to go hunting since I got here. The animals in the park are..not healthy." She decides that a more detailed description of why they're no good to hunt isn't necesarry. Especially when Zee is about to eat.

Looking over to her friend, Zee nods slowly "Speak to Fenris, he might be able to suggest something for you." She doesn't seem particularly worried by Jes' words. "These pizza's look really good. I'm having the pepperoni with extra cheese."

Jes looks relieved and gives Zee a thankful smile. "I'll do that. They are good! The best. I want the all meat with extra cheese too." Jes sighs happily. "It smells so good in here. I'm sure it does to you too, but oohh..I could smell it when we were two blocks away."

"Only a few doors away, but it sure does smell good." Zee can't imagine what a strong sense of smell is like. "You don't need to hide your nature from me, Jes" The young woman speaks quietly. "What's the best thing you've experienced since being here and you can't say meeting me!" Zee laughs a little but she's genuinely interested in the answer, regardless.

Jes gives her another grateful smile. "Thank you. And it was meeting you, and Fenris." "And I love how much access there is, to everything here. You can find anything you want! Easily, and there's just, so many people. My first day here, more people walked past me than I'd seen in my entire life. I'd been here a bit more than a month before I met you, but I hadn't spoken more than five words to anyone. It's so easy to just blend in. Well, it was." She sighs ruefully. Until HYDRA. She shrugs and smiles again. "But then I wouldn't have met you so..I can't regret that."

"Fenris, is pretty cool." Zee's interested that Jes has mentioned him "Do you get to see him often?" As to HYDRA and the ability to blend in "You can still blend in, Jes. It's just HYDRA is a bit different and we'll fix that… Jericho has been fighting them for a while." Zee looks around and motions for a server. "I'm starving!!!"

Jes nods in response to Fenris's name but frowns at Jericho's. "I like the bronx park where across from his house. I usually go there at night to run and I've been gone to see him after a few times. He's good to talk to. And he's the only person I've met who can do something like me." "Well, no that isn't true. That friend of yours who turned into a green coyote. But.." Jes looks a little bemused. "That was not the same I think."

Zee hasn't actually spent much time speaking with Fenris but he's always struck her as a trustworthy person "Well, he is a shifter, like you are. And my green coyote friend is Gar. The other guy, Keith, he's a shifter too but different again." Canting her head towards Jes "Can I ask what you talk about?"

The server approaches the table and asks for the two womens orders, which Zee provides and orders a couple of sodas to drink at the same time.

"You can ask me anything." Jes smiles. She frowns a little at the soda and glances around the restruant but it seems alright this time. "Well, actually the first time I went to see him was because of Pepsi." Jes inexplicably blushes.

"Oh?" Zee motions to the server to wait "What would you like to drink then…" and the young magician waits for Jes to order her drink and share the story.

"The soda is fine, I was only remembering." Jes nods at the server and waits til he's gone to answer. "When I told you'd I'd been in a fight, and my face was bruised..part of it was the dragon I ran into but the fight.." Jes fiddles with the menu again. "I have a fake ID. It says I'm twenty two. I went to a club in hell's kitchen, with loud music and lights and I was dancing a little and just, watching people. I wasn't drinking, just pepsi. I sat it on a table when someone dropped their phone and bent to get it. His friend put something in my drink. I'd never had pepsi before, I didn't notice until I'd drank it all and started feeling…weird.

Nodding to the server, Zee fixes their order and then grins at Jes as she pulls out her ID. She has a fake ID as well. "So… your drink was spiked and then …" Zee settles back to listen to the rest of the story.

"The next parts are blurry and hard to remember. I wandered outside. Maybe into the alley. I remember it smelled. Those two men came after me and tried to..I fought back. I think I maybe.." She lowers her voice "Maybe I killed them. I'm really not sure. I also don't remember how exactly I got to the bronx park. I do know I woke up the next morning Coyote and hiding in a hollow under a rock and some bushes. I could think and see clearly and thought I was alright for a few moments. I left the park but then, this guy walked past and I wanted..he just smelled so good. I started following him and he turned around and I grabbed his shirt and kissed him. He was like "What the hell?!" and shoved me and then I realized something was still wrong. So I ran to Fenris's house because it was nearby." Maybe also because Fenris was, well Fenris.

"Jes!" Zee is horrified, not at Jes' response but at what happened to her "I'm so glad you knew where to find Fenris, what did he say?"

"I..discovered a new thing about myself I did not know. The drug they gave me kickstarted a natural biological process. It would have happened anyway, probably soon. I only began having an adult coyote form this past year." Jes blushes more and stares at the table. "I was in heat." She whispers. "Fenris understood what happened and used his power to make it dormant for now.

"Dormant…" Zee murmurs looking at Jes. "That's a temporary solution." She's not quite sure what to make of it all, but Jes' discomfit is of prime concern. Waiting patiently, Zee's sure Jes will share the rest of the story in her own time.

The server appears with their drinks and places them on the table.

Jes drinks some of it and sighs. "Yeah, it'll happen again and keep happening. I'll learn to deal with it. I don't think I'm even really that bothered by it now that I understand what happened." She looks up at Zee for a second worriedly. "More bothered by what you would think. But I couldn't just not tell you, we're living together and I might not notice it at first. That'd be just awesome..freaking out my only friend."

The last is said with a great deal of sacasm and frustration.

"Well, knowing is better and what did you think I would do?" Zee frowns a little Jes "I've seen lots of things, Jes and expect to see a lot more… You couldn't really freak me out it you tried." Zee's soda remains on the table as they talk, she's intent on her making sure she' at least comfortable.

Jes's expression softens. "I don't know. Its a little hard for me. I'm not used to caring what anyone thinks." "And I know we haven't known each other long yet, but you are very important to me." "That's why I didn't call you for help. I wasn't sure how I'd react to you while I was like that."

The pizzas arrive and served to the two women, as Zee cants her head and looks Jes "Oh? " she raises an eyebrow in question at the other woman. Sipping her soda, Zee pulls her pizza in front of her, watching Jes as she does.

Jes eats several bites before she answers. "Well yeah. You're very beautiful. But I'm not going to do anything to mess this up. And I'm pretty sure you don't lean that way. It would have been weird and awkward and I had no idea what the hell was going on. It wasn't just the guys I passed I was reacting to. I don't think I've walked somewhere so fast in my life." She shakes her head and takes a long drink of soda.

Zee nods and takes up a piece of her Pizza, blushing slightly at Jes' compliment "That's very flattering and no, I don't." lean that way, as it were "It was have been very confusing for you." Zee's not sure how she would have coped herself. "I'm glad you had Fenris to go to." Taking her time to eat the slice in her hand, Zee looks at Jes thoughtfully "You can't mess this up Jes, you're my friend and I want to help you with this… " She's just not quite sure how to go about it.

Jes smiles brightly at her. "You just did." Something seems to occur to her as she notices Zee blushing. "And if I get overly affection but just with you, that's just Coyote and the fact that where I came from, people hug a lot. And cheek kiss. It's a blackfeet thing, expressing affection. It's not weird or even noticed if a married woman hugs another man, or two women or men hug. It just is."

Zee's a hugger, she's used to affection with the people she knows "That's alright, I really get that. I hug everyone I know… except maybe The Fox, but I'm working on that…" she grins a little impishly "I'm just not used to being called pretty. Leggy, yes, Pretty, no. I don't mind you doing it, I like it in fact but given we're still new friends I didn't want to mess things up either.

Jes grins and laughs. "I'm glad. And I thought you liked him..but I don't know much about flirting, or how things are done usually. Back in Montanna, the first person I chose to be with was my best friend, the one who died and that just sortof, happened. We'd grown up together, it was bound to happen. And I was already pregnant." "The second time was a touristy event thing in the summer in town. I'd had wine and been dancing this older woman.." Jes shakes her head with a little smile and shrug. "I'd never even considered that before."

Zee tilts her head and listens "I know a bit about flirting, but I'm not sure it's enough. He's very serious, sad even… and …." she shrugs as she looks at her friend. As Jes explains about her best friend and the older woman, Zee colours slightly again "I must have lived a very sheltered upbringing when it comes that… " Taking a bite of her pizza, Zee waits till she's finished eating before continuing "I don't see why you would have considered an older woman, or a woman at all… but if that's what makes you happy…" she shrugs slightly, it's of no account at all.

"Well, older as in I was 17 and I think she was around 30. Not elderly. I was a little tipsy. And she was sweet and knew what she was doing." Jes shakes her head looking sad and amused at the same time. "With Jem, he had no idea. It was, well, it happened and it wasn't horrible but neither did I. That kinda doesn't matter so much for a guy, its easy for them."

Zee eats more of the pizza and follows it with a mouthful of soda before looking at Jes again "I'll take your word for that… I really wouldn't know but I can imagine why you say it's easy for the man." The raven haired woman grins at her friend "And if both of you had no idea, then I guess that's a good thing, you learned together."

Jes nods and finishes her second slice. "I think so. She sighs at the pizza. "This is so good. It's like a kind of magic." Her eyes go to Zee again and grins a bit impishly. "Next time we run into your Fox friend, I'll find and excuse to wander off."

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