Hows The Wound?

March 12, 2015: Rachel goes to check in on Bobby and the discuss a number of things, including her history (or is it Bobby's future?).




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Rachel had been concerned about Bobby after the mission they had undertaken together, since he didn't seem to be around the institute getting treatment like Alexander she could only assume he was elsewhere.

Sending Bobby a text as she drove through M Town, she figured she would try at home first. Someone needed to bring him recovery supplies and see how he was doing.

Bobby is indeed at home after seeing more regular medical help. He doesn't hang around the Institute much. He can, certainly, just doesn't. It's a personal thing. Anyway Rachel gets a reply that she's welcome to drop on by his apartment if she'd like. He splits his time between M-Town and somewhere else called the Nest which he doesn't usually talk about around the X-ers.

It was still weird for Rachel; adjusting to being able to be around these men and women she looked up to and admired in the future when they were much younger than she had ever remembered them except as a kid.

Knocking at the door she's got a couple of shopping bags held in her hands, out of respect for Bobby she wasn't even trying to read his thoughts pre-emptively.

"Hey Bobby, knock knock."

The man who answers the door… well, is Bobby, but he looks a bit stiff and generally less chipper than his usual. He waves. With his right hand. Left shoulder is the one he got shot through in M-Town. "Hey there Rachel. Come on in?"

The ice nerd steps back to let the other mutant in. His flat is clean, if a bit on the small side. "Care for a drink? What brings you by?"

Rachel steps in and holds the two shopping bags up, reuseable bags of course, "I didn't know if anyone had been by so I brought you some basic supplies."

"Just sit down, I'll take care of it." She dismisses his offer of a drink, he was injured and she wouldn't have him straining himself.

She finds the counter in the apartment and begins emptying one of the bags; there's a 12 pack of beer, some ginger-ale, aspirin.

She begins emptying out the other bag teasing him, "I would have brought you an ice pack for the shoulder, but, you're the Iceman."

As the other bag is opened, a very delicious aroma is wafting out of it and she begins to unpack a few takeout containers thinking to herself 'hopefully younger Bobby likes this to.'.

Bobby chuckles and takes a seat nearby to watch. Chicken Cordon Bleu. His favorite. He winces a bit. Broken ribs hurt and he's got another… odd… kind of worrying development. "Well yeah. I don't ever have problems keeping my cool." He teases back. "So you're… Scott's kid, I heard? From an alternate timeline?"

Rachel brings the pair of takeout containers over to Bobby, they definitely looked to be from an expensive restaurant and Rachel would /never/ admit she might have walked into one of the fancier places in NYC and totally used her telepathy to get it without an order, a reservation or a bill.

There's chicken cordon bleu, potato croquettes and roasted mixed veggies in the container and she manages to find cutlery all on her own as well as a pair of glasses. After everything is set down in front of Bobby, she removes the final item from the bag, an expensive bottle of wine; likely 'on the house'.

"More like, the future, one we need to make sure never exists." She takes a seat and looks to her own food, reaching out with her telepathy just a tiny bit to see if he was happy with her being here.

Bobby frowns as he reaches out to eat. He's happy to see her alive and well and glad for the company. There's something that's nagging at him but it's not clear what without closer inspection. "If you unmake that future, won't you, um… Retcon yourself? For lack of a better term?" That seems to worry him just a bit.

"It's possible, anything is." Rachel would never show it or let anyone know but that very thought made her incredibly sad and if she was most people, she would have likely already ceased to exist.

Lucky for Rachel Summers, she had a strange connection to time and space, "I try not think of it, if it happens, then I don't think I would know any different at least." A bright smile is given to Bobby before laughs, it was a terrible thing to joke about.

Taking a bite of her food she sets the fork down and looks down at it curiously for a moment before considering how much more efficient it would be to use telekinesis.

Her gaze falls back to Bobby's arm and she asks, "Is there anything I can do to help? I feel really bad about your arm. I should have done more."

Bobby shakes his head. "I don't think so." He says quietly. "It's healed… ish. It's the ribs that are bothing me. Broken but nothing to be done for them but let them heal on their own." They're knitting faster than they should and exactly why worries the ice nerd quite a bit. "But it wasn't your fault. You were protecting civilians. We X-ers have to be able to take a shot or two, right?"

Rachel accidentally picks up on Bobby's worry her own face frowning just a little, "I should have done better, I wasn't—" She sighs, "You're right though." It was a lie, she didn't believe in any way Bobby was right, she considered it her fault he had been injured since she had the power to protect but she had not used it.

She doesn't want Bobby to know she's kind of poking along at his stray thoughts but the ribs healing faster than they should worries her immensely.

"Have you had someone at the institute check you out at least?" She takes a bite of her food, looking over at him with a little more concern than she should be; which was probably suspicious.

"Because I've had my differences with the folks at the institute before. And there's a perfectly good doctor who specializes in cutting edge mutant medicine here in M-Town." Angelo DiLucci, aka Seraph. Some kind of… magical healer who works at the Avenue C Clinic not too horribly far from here. Ray can sense that Bobby's not kidding about the differences part. He generally avoids the Institute unless he's visiting someone or has business there, which he often does not. Something having to do with a difference of opinion in how things should be handled.

Rachel listened intently to Bobby, interest piquing at the mention of a doctor in M-Town but she didn't pry further. Instead she asked curiously, "What happened at the Institute?" She took another bite of her food while she waited for a reply.

"I think the insularity breeds arrogance and callousness." Bobby responds a litle obliquely. "There was a… disagreement about the manner in which we helped, or failed to help, a group of mutants." The full story would take a long time and the ice nerd's trying not to let his own personal feelings on the matter taint much. But unlike most of the others, he's not an X-Alumnus. He was at the institute for eight weeks a few years back to learn how to control his powers after they awakened and up until he came back to New York last year, that was it. He's friends with most of the New Mutants, but the X-Men as a whole aren't his family the way they are to a lot of the longer term residents and that means there's a great deal he won't excuse that others with more history will.

"I'm sorry." It was all Rachel could muster without knowing the full story, "The Institute isn't exactly how I remember it, so I understand at least a little. If you ever want to tell me the details, I'm here to listen." She had her own bad experiences at the Institute since her return but she was determined to try and make the best and effect a chance if she could in some manner while she was here.

Whle they chatted Rachel began to slowly poke at the surface for minor details of Bobby's personal life, nothing major or harmful; just being nosey.

"Sorry if this is weird or anything. I didn't mean to randomly show up and start playing twenty questions and get your life story." Rachel tried to smile it off, maybe she had come by for that reason.

Bobby shrugs. "You brought food. It's all good." Clearly he's teasing. Ray doesn't need to be a telepath to tell that. The surface details of his life are fairly mundane. He spends a lot of time with a mutant named Nancy, who is not with the X-Men, but knows them, and works a lot with Magik lately, dealing with some of the weather related fallout from the Atlantean's manipulation of Earth's weather. The blonde mutant actually makes him a bit nervous, but less than she used to. Now it's more a 'Oh God what's she going to do now?' than a 'Oh God, don't let her turn me into a toad' kind of thing. The thing about the X-Men is… not on the surface. Though it's not far below having been a topic of recent conversation.

"What about you? What have you been up to other than dealing with secret military bases and purifiers?"

"The usual. Helping SHIELD clean up some crazy mess with a helicarrier, looking into a few leads that some of the people at the Institute might be a bit squeamish about. Oh and Beast getting mad at me for being around the Blackbird. Nothing as great as being on sick leave."

Rachel found the connection to Illyana interesting, but given what she had heard about reading Illy's mind she quickly lost interest in trying to find out anything about Nancy; she liked not being a toad.

"Also being confused, why my Dad isn't mobilizing us to take out that base now while we have the chance. I'm sure he has a plan, at least I hope he does."

"Probably because taking on the US Military is a big deal, Ray." Bobby says, looking over at the other mutant. "I agree that something should be done and quickly, but you gotta realize that regardless of whether or not the program is legal, if anyone in charge of it even suspects who we are we'll have made ourselves some powerful, well positioned enemies. That's the kind of thing that could backfire on us horribly. If I were Scott, I'd want to minimize the chance of that happening."

The connection to Illyana is simply that she's a friend (first Nancy's and now his) and they work together. They're both members of X-Red and in this case their powers are complimentary. "But I hope he does too."

Rachel sighed, this whole affair troubled her, "You're right, this is a big deal." Her voice was raising, noticeable concern on her face, "If we fail, if they create these things. You all die." She seems to be on the verge of tears, "I can't watch that again."

Again. Bobby winces. That means she's already done it once. And it's worse than that. If they succeed but make too many enemies or too powerful enemies, they'll be under the same gun sooner or later. Maybe not in the form of big stompy robots but it'll happen.

The ice nerd reaches over and gives Rachel a hug. "It'll be different. We're not alone."

He seems very convinced of that. Names flash through Bobby's mind Rachel might recognize (and many she won't) of all the people he knows will stand up for them if things ever go that far.

The hug is returned by Rachel but she can't help but cry even as she catches flashes of the names, "I hope you're right Bobby." Maybe if she had the Phoenix she would share that same confidence because she could have solved this all on her own without the need of involving the X-Men.

For a brief moment as she cried, her telepathic defenses dropped and Bobby may have noticed the strange claw like tattoos on the edge of her face before she quickly realizes she had let it lapse in a moment of weakness.

Bobby blinks. He does see those but then they're gone. Concealed? Mind blanked? He's not sure what those are but… "Rachel are… you okay?" He's not sure what those were. They looked like tattoos or scars…

Rachel wipes away the tears and stands up, had he seen? She didn't like anyone seeing those, they were her greatest mark of shame. How would Bobby and the others look at her if they KNEW what she had done.

She looked terrified for some reason, almost like a skittish animal ready to bolt, "I'm sorry." Her eyes looked to the door, "I'm really sorry."

Bobby keeps a hold - a loose one - on Rachel's arm. "Sorry for what? You haven't done anything." Clearly he does't know but he can tell she's bothered and as far as he knows she doesn't have a reason to be.

Rachel doesn't pull away from the hold and she's suddenly very grateful for the lack of telepaths in this room. Her stomach was sick and her head was spinning as she started to remember some of the kills she had made as a Hound; including names on that list she had seen in Bobby's mind.

"I was crying, I'm sorry." She was trying to make an excuse, it was a pitiful one at best.

Bobby's fairly sure that's not why Rachel suddenly looked very uncomfortable but he's not going to push. So he just goes with it. "The thought's emotional." He says quietly. "I don't much like it either. No shame in getting a little choked up over it." It may now occur to Rachel that his left shoulder was colder than he rest of him.

The coldness of his shoulder that had been injured did strike Rachel as odd, her fingers brushing against it to test out exactly how cold, "It's been hard. I've got a family…" Yeah, that wasn't at all messed up, "..and I've got the X-Men, most of whom look at me like I'm some kind of freak and that's it. I've got nothing else."

"You're still adjusting. You didn't get here all that long ago. Give it time." Bobby encourages. His shoulder is ice cold. And Ray can feel it through his tee shirt. Quite easily. The ice nerd winces. Clearly that's a bit sore. "Come on down and hang out at X-Red if you ever need some space. Usually it's just the four of us out there. Well, five now." Berto, Audrey, Illyana, Doug and, of course, Bobby.

"I'll do that, when this is all over, I promise." Rachel looked at the shoulder with concern now, asking, "Bobby, is your shoulder supposed to be like that? I'm worried about you." Her problems weren't as important to her as those of others, there was definitely something off with Bobby she could feel it. The too fast healing ribs, ice cold shoulder; it couldn't be normal even for him and if it was she would feel very stupid.

Bobby frowns for a moment and then tugs at the collar of his tee to expose his shoulder. Where the bullet hit him, rather than scar tissue the wound (a through and through) is entirely filled with ice. "Um… no, it's not."

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