Primal Forces: Blood and Sacrifice

March 13, 2015: Blood Sacrifices in the park

Queensland Park - New York



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The words seem to drift on the wind, finding their way to the ears of those who have accepted the burden of guarding the world's magic. ~Guardians. I need assistance. Come to me quickly if you are able.~ That's it. Clearly Fenris and there's a definite sense of the general direction he's in. He's not close but then, teleportation is a thing.

Jes had been lying on the floor in shadowcrest, in a patch of sunlight, half dozing. She's up quickly and to her room, slipping her dagger onto her back and her black leather jacket atop it. Not sure if Zee is still here, shadowcrest is a large place but Jes knows she'll have heard the message too so she grabs her pendant and focuses on the nearest ley line and bringing herself through it and any other she may to get to Fenris.

Zee is in Shadowcrest, in the library reviewing some texts, she determined to improve her magical control. As Fenris' message is heard, the raven haired woman focusses her attention on the emerald pendulum that sits on her hip and Fenris himself. She could teleport of course, but the practice in using the pendulum is important and welcome.

Fenris is in Queensland Park. Well, just outside it actually. It's dark out. Feels like it's early morning. The Old Wolf glances over as Zee and Jesana arrive. "Thank you both for coming so quickly." He says in a soft voice. "We have a problem. A ritual is about to take place weakening the barriers of reality in this area. I do not know why anyone would do such a thing but there is no outcome of doing so that is good. I am going to seek out the magus responsible and deal with him. The ritual is going to be powered by blood sacrifice in less than fifteen minutes. I'd like you to find the captives and free them while I deal with the source of the problem. They're in the park somewhere and there's no time for me to look for them. Can you do that for me?"

A low, inhuman growl comes from Jes's lips at the mention of a blood sacrifice. She pulls her dagger free and nods as she steps to Zee's side. "Yes God-Wolf. We will find and free them."

Zees eyes widen at Fenris words and she stands tall as she murmurs ~~ gnikroW sehtolC ~~. Her clothes morph into her stage costume although the diamond encrusted collar remains at her throat.

"Of course Fenris." Glancing as Jes takes a position by her side, Zee considers "Jes, you can use your nose, correct?" The young magician has her magic of course but she'll wait to use the less costly methods first.

"Norns favor you then." Fenris murmurs as he pulls his sword and begins to head in. "Their location is being screened from scrying though there may be a way to defeat that. Tracking by scent may also work. But move quickly. Time is short. Good luck." And then he's gone.

Jes nods. "I can." She closes her eyes to concentrate but then shakes her head, they need to hurry. She holds her dagger out to Zee, "Leave it here if you don't want to use it." then shrugs out of her jacket and long tunic. Her sandals only need be stepped out of and then she's shifting, calling to Zee just before. "Follow and stay close. Be careful!" With that Jes is Coyote and darts forward scenting the air and heading at a trot in the direction she can smell people, their fear and anger coloring the air in a trail she can see.

Zee takes the dagger but lays it under the tree, she won't be using it. She's already moving after Jes as the young woman changes, following at a slow jog. Working as a team, the young magician thinks she might like this method of working. "Norns favour you too, Fenris" she calls as the head off.

The trail Jesana is following leads deep into the park and there's no choice but to move fairly quickly if they want to arrive in time. She can scent about twenty people though there isn't any way to separate the scents of the prisoners from that of their captors without knowing who is who. It's near a quarter of a mile they run before there's voices up ahead. A dozen men and women, all bound, gagged and blindfolded are hearded in a loose circle with eight hooded, robed types standing about them, waitng, seemingly.

Jes just barely refrains from snarling her rage at the sight. She looks back at Zee, making sure she's there and ready. Two against eight but Zee has good magic and Jes is very fast. And these people don't seem to be wearing armor. Just cloth and hoods. No match for her sharp teeth. Coyote grins. It's time to hunt!

Seeing the Coyote grin, Zee looks very serious and speaks very quietly. "Jes, we need to work together. I can use my magic to disable and bind them. If you're in the way when I cast, you could well get caught… and I'm vulnerable while I'm casting." She can't do two things at once.

Surveying the scene, Zee frowns at the figures "They're waiting for something, probably the magus to finish their conjuring…. We need to disable the acolytes quickly. I can probably bind 4 or 5 of them at once, without overextending myself. Once my spell fires, can you keep the others distracted?"

There's a sudden shout and a clash of blades. It's distant but quite loud. Fenris must have found the Magus. They're dueling now which means that the Magus must not be exactly normal. Fenris is a god, and he has two millenia of sword play behind him. The noise sets the acolytes on edge. "Get ready to sacrifice them in case the Horned One needs the power." One says. They all draw knives.

Jes moves to her side and noses Zee's hand. She'll stay right here as she casts, not leave her friend vulnerable. Hunting as a team, is still hunting. Once her spell is working Jes will move to keep the otheres eyes on her. Her ears twitch at the sounds of swords clashing but her place is her for now.

Petting Jes, Zee nods "Get ready, then." Taking a deep breath, the raven haired woman focusses on the trees and the vines that surround them. Taking a deep breath, the young magician speaks

~~ seerT dnA seniV dniB ehT setylocA ~~

Her power snakes out and the vines and the branches of the trees reach toward the Acolytes. "Go now, Jes"

The foliage erupts into instant activity with tree branches and vines snaking out to grab acolytes from all directions. They turn and hack with knives. Several of them raise their hands and make warding gestures. Most not in time. Of the eight of them, five are entangled by the time anyone even has a chance to cry out in alarm.

Jes shoots forward, sticking to the shadows. Its dark and she's fast and if anyone glimpses her she greatly resembles a frightened dog, she's purposely darting to and fro in panicked movements as she heads toward the closest free acolyte and comes up from behind. She sinks her teeth into the artery on his thigh and rips her head away. tearing flesh and vein and leaving the man falling forward clutching a spurting wound and howling in agony.

Zee doesn't pay attention to what Jes is doing. Her spell dissipates, the five acolytes held tight. "Now to neutralise them…" Striding forward the Mistress of Magic focusses on the five bound acolytes

~~ setylocA oG oT peelS ~~

Releasing the power of her spell, Zee then turns her attention to Jes, she'll provide support as she see's what is required.

Zee has to put a lot more power into that spell than might normally be the case. Though they're kind of Wal-Mart mages, they are legitimate talents and overcoming their wardings takes a bit of doing. Easily within her capabilities, but not effortless.

Jesana finds a knife flashing at her as she goes by. There's only two still up after she ripped up the one she just got, but they're not giving up. As Zee finishes her spell she feels a binding forming about her. It's slow and a bit clumsy but there's a respectable amount of power behind it. The one doing it is chanting sonorously while the other one goes after Jes with a curved dagger once more.

Jes snarls as the dagger bites into the flesh on her side. She isn't sure how deep it is but she's still moving darting around a tree and then when the daggerwielder moves to intercept her, she spins and goes back the way she came. She is not the simple dog or coyote one would think on seeing her and isn't just relying on animal instinct. He's still moving around the tree when she leaps at his back, her weight and the fact he was already leaning forward and ready to slash and stab knocking him into the dirt.
Jes bites at his neck. Not to kill but enough to keep him down and holding the wound instead of trying to skewer her or Zee. Then she runs back around the tree once more and looks to see how Zee is doing.

The energy expended casting that last spell, has left Zee slightly fatigued. Frowing as the binding hits, the young magician exerts her will to fight it off. Seeing Jes round the tree, Zee's eyes widen "Stop the chanting Jes, just make it stop….." She's going to try something she's not done before

~~ nruT ehT llepS ckaB nO ehT retsaC ~~

Counterspelling in the manner that Zee is attempting is a test of strength against strength. Zee is homo magi, and she's got, easily, more power than the acolyte she's facing. But he's fresh and she's expended a lot of will casting already. He pushes for everything he's worth to hold her still as he approaches… because if he can sacrifice her…

Fortunately, he's too focused on Zee to realise that Jes is far from dealt with.

Jes hears Zee as she rounds the tree and pauses just long enough to take in the situation. Her eyes flash with rage as she realizes what the other caster is attempting to do. She runs forward growling fiercely and hoping to break his concentration. If he turns its to see her leaping for his face. No one will harm her Zee!

Zee has already, and she's expended a lot of will in recent days as well. She's slightly tapped and that's something she's going to have to address in the long run. Regardless, Zee pushes harder and draws on her will, defending against the acolytes attack. She trusts Jes will do what's needed before it's too late… and then there's Fenris, if things go truly pearshaped.

The Acolyte does not turn and receives a coyote to the back about a foot from Zee. He goes down in a tumble and his binding shatters. There's a lot of yelling, as might be expected and the captives all look worried despite not really being able to move.

Jes doesn't give the acolyte a chance to do anything else. He tried to kill Zee, he doesn't get to live after that. He's already down and she's at his throat, and its over in an instant. A quick to check Zee and then Jes glances at the captives. She runs to Zee and then them and back. Her ears are twitching as she tries to listen for Fenris.

Maybe he didn't try to kill Zee, trapping a homo-magi and tapping their power is shudder worthy. Zee does not relent on the defense against the attack until she feels it dissipate. The young magi leans against a convenient tree. Jes' wild darting, gets a snort of amusement "Come here, Jes. He'll find us soon… Thank you." Zee looks over to the Coyote "I couldn't have done that without you." Her hand drops down by her side, an obvious encouragement for Jes to join her.

It's only a minute or two before Fenris appears. His blade is bloody and he looks somewhat grimly satisfied. "Ah good. You managed to save the captives." He'd have known if they hadn't honestly. That kind of power is not easily missed when it's released. The sword shrinks to a knife as Fenris walks on over and begins freeing the captives.

"I shall take them home." He says, eyeing Zee. "You look spent." At least with the Pendulums, she needn't use her own power to teleport away. "But thank you both for coming. This would have gone badly otherwise."

Jes wags her tail at the praise from Zee and Fenris. They did it! Then she sits down in the dirt and pants. Her side aches and she's tired, but the captives are free and Zee is unharmed.

"I am, Fenris… I draw more deeply everytime" turning her attention to Jes, Zee frowns at the Coyotes panting and ecourages her to her. She's enough left to heal her friend. Palms out, facing downwards over the Coyote and lets her magic flow. It will hurt Jes a little, Zee's healing isn't finessed in the slightest, but the gash and pain will soon disappear.

Jes whines a bit but holds still until Zee is done and then nuzzles her hand and settles by her feet. After they have a chance to sit for a few, she'll get her clothes and dagger and they'll go, their first job protecting the ley lines a success.

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