Legacy of Zod

March 13th, 2015: A young up and coming hero named Power Slammer stops an armored car robbery. He meets his hero Superman, only it isn't Superman; it's the so called 'Dark Superman' who reveals himself as GENERAL ZOD and kills him.

Nyx, Hawkeye (The Girl one), Booster Gold, Spearhead, Contingency C & Supergirl try to stop him.

They all fail.


A street in Metropolis.



  • Power Slammer (KIA)

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It started off with an armored truck robbery.

A young vigilante named the Power Slammer had pursued the robbers who had made off with close to one million dollars in unmarked bills leaving the city.

Police had been in pursuit of the suspects as well but had come under heavy gunfire by advanced weaponry possessed by the criminals, the SRD was not in a position to respond for quite some time.

Spearhead had been fishing likely, having heard the trouble over the police radio scanners and as Power Slammer was slamming into the front of the armored car stopping it; he was just arriving on the scene.

Not far from the area, Eugene Thompson had been on assignment hunting down the mutant vigilante, not surprisingly known as the Power Slammer. He was wanted alive by his employers. He was also witness to the brave young man stopping the armored car with a shoulder slam.

At the Halls of Justice; Kara, Kate and Booster had heard of the trouble and with the other members of the Justice League: Avengers busy they had to respond and help. This was what their job was, whether Booster was injured or not. They had also arrived just in time to see the Power Slammer stop the armored car.

Suddenly, a dark caped figure was beside Power Slammer; it was the so called dark 'Superman' who had remained uncontested master of Metropolis for weeks.

Power Slammer calls out suddenly, "Hey Superman! I always wanted to meet you, you're my hero. We can do this together!"

Tracking this kid named Power Slammer hadn't been hard. Follow the mayhem and the hooting and the hollaring. There was no intel on him, possibly mutant, possibly mutate. To Flash, really, what's the difference these days? Be that as it may of late he hadn't been placing a huge amount of trust in those calling the shots at Project Rebirth, so for the time being he trailed after.
Moving in the shadows and staying unseen, no small thanks to the subtle camouflage aspects of his suit, the Agent stalked after Power Slammer. At times on the side of a building looking down, others from a rooftop or trailing from an alleyway. Whatever it ended up being, however, Flash felt comfortable taking a wait and see approach for the moment.

This supposed Dark Superman, as people have been referring to him as, tilts his head suspiciously to the left as Power Slammer calls out. "Ah. It's a shame really. Haven't you heard the phrase.. made so popular on this planet. Never meet your heros?"

A muscled hand lurches forward, snatching Power Slammer off his feet like a rag-doll, Zod's fingers tightening around his neck. Choking and gurgling are the only sound that can be made out from behind the heroes grasp, for as soon as he's been lifted all the way, Zod flicks his arm once, snapping his neck with a sickening crunch.

It doesn't phase 'Superman' and with another flick, he sends the lifeless corpse careening into a giant building. With a malicious grin, Zod turns his eyes back towards the truck. He had some cash to collect after-all.

Kate still isn't used to this whole idea of being called for help, rather than patrolling. Let alone having a whole team of people to work with. Usually she's the one on the Power Slammer's end of things. Also, there's the part where most of the rest of the team can fly, and she can't. And no, she's not agreeing to be carried. Which is why she's zipping toward the scene on a motorcycle, bow and waiver slung over her shoulder.

It gets her to the scene just in time to see "Superman" breaking the boy's neck. And that? That's something of a hot button for Kate. She revs the engine, aiming…well, directly at Zod.

At the very least, Booster Gold's power suit is in full repair and looking as shiny as ever. He has a sort of brace and sling setup keeping his left arm in place, but in order to keep it thematic to his overall image, these are also in blue and gold. He probably should not be going into a combat situation, but this would require a surfeit of common sense, and to be honest Booster only possesses the bare minimum. He flies up to the tableau just in time to see Zod handle the unfortunate Power Slammer.

Normally, Booster tends to give miscreants a chance to surrender. This time, he points his good arm at Zod and unleashes blasts of golden energy. He tends to set those on 'stun' but if this guy is like Superman… well, he's unloading the kind of power that can eat through several feet of concrete in one blast.

Spearhead is turns a corner of one alleyway to another with a view of the scene, sliding into concealment behind a dumpster. Yup, the familiar dirt and grime he was accustomed to taking cover and refuge in these days. He takes out a marksman rifle from it's place slung across his back, this particular one didn't have quite the power to punch through the armor of the truck, so he waits for one of them to make a mistake, such as opening a door. He doesn't shoot at either the Power Slammer kid or the 'Dark Superman' who he wouldn't know who either him or the true one from the other, not even having met either one, and is clueless to who the man might even be. But something about the way he snaps the exited kid's neck and tosses him puts Spearhead off from introducing himslf later on. Caught by the sudden motions in his peripheral vision, he snaps the sight to the scene as it occurs, but he doesn't fire, something tells him it might not be a good idea, and would only manage to piss him off, or end up with himself in a similar position as the poor chap that just impacted a buiolding with his lifeless body.
'Don't jump the gun man, you're no good dying for no reason…' he thinks silently to himself, eyes wide at what he just saw, he hasn't sweat this much since the time his transport went down deep inside enemy territory.

The Angel of Metropolis. Who happens to live in New York. Hasn't been back in Metropolis since the last time there were Kryptonians. This is more of a coincidence she is within range and not arriving in a quarter of an hour. She soars through the metroplis sky on wings of contained particle beam energy, tilting said wings to swoop down to see what is going on down there. This is right in time for Nyx to see Dark Superman snap a heroes neck and then just stand there. "Well.. .. um… no." she blinks. Then she spots a familiar archer riding a motorcucle at Superman and she dives hard to try to prevent what could be very lethal for her friend… this is neck snapping superman!

There is a sonic boom from above shattering some windows as Nyx dives hard.

A pair of human men armed with high powered weapons step out of the armored truck, grinning at each other, "Looks like the boss is here just in time." Their armored truck is smashed up real good so they take cover behind it and begin opening fire on the police cars that are approaching.

Another four men hop out of the back of the truck carrying bags of money and running for a near-by alleyway to try and make their escape. They were going in the direction Eugene and Spearhead happened to be in.

Kate had to be brave or insane or a little of both to try and hit Zod with a motorcycle. Kara was too far away to do anything about it, why had she stopped to save that woman from muggers on the way here?

"Hawkeye! Booster! That's General Zod, the one I was telling you all about. He's extremely dangerous, the most dangerous person on Earth maybe." She hoped she wouldn't have to explain why she was arriving late to this fight.

One thing that's always been Flash's strong suit is making a read under pressure. That receiver is covered, that one is open, that linebacker is clear and has a lane to the QB…
Dropping off the side of the wall of a high building and into freefall, a quick /thwip!/ of webbing converts his descent into a high flipping leap across the distance. The body of the young vigilante is still falling as Flash touches a hand to the microphone on his throat and tells HQ.
"One fatality. Engaging."
Only for the response from HQ to be a quick, « Negative, operative. Do not endanger the symb… the suit! »
The voice is ignored, this guy just murdered someone in front of him and now there's a hurtling motorcycle and some gal. Landing with a double thump-thump upon the roof of that armored car, ignoring the SCREAM of his spider-sense, he brings his hands up and fires a big viscuous wad of symbiote goop straight at the side of Zod's head. "Hey, Sentry-wannabe. Eat this."

General Zod was not really evil, no. He was just determined, and when people stood in the way of his progress, they had to be eliminated. It was war. Nothing personal after-all; and Zod was the ultimate General that Krypton's history had ever produced. When the star-system suddenly becomes your playground, things change. Quickly. While Zod was not a bad man, and far from the traitor that history portrayed him as, he had been accused and imprisoned wrongly to the point where he was waging war on those who doubted him.

Kate is the first person he spots. The energy blast is spotted out of the corner of his eyes. Shifting his weight, grabs the armored truck and flings it full speed towards the man so that it would slow down the attack. Nyx is undoubtedly heard the moment she disturbs the air above.

Nyx is undoubtedly heard the moment she disturbs the air above. Zod rapidly inhales a giant chest-full of air, exhaling the burst upwards in Nyx's direction to blow her off course. The gale force is monumental in comparison to a hurricane.

When the motorcycle gets close enough, Zod simply swats the bike out of the way, no doubt sending it flying into a building.. possibly with a fiery explosion. Eugene's attack is the only one to actually make contact. It hits him square in the face. Slowly, the man reaches up to snatch the webbing off his face before freezing it off his hand with a chilly blast of wind.

"You humans really do no understand. We. Are. Gods among you."

Without another second of dawdling, Zod bends his knees before rocketing into the air, bursting the street into a crater in his wake. Zod steadily climes until he is well above everyone. "And now you all die." Cue maniacal eye-beams for everyone!

Right, well, when you watch a guy throw a truck, plans change. Kate rethinks the whole running her motorcycle into Zod thing, just enough to keep the force of the swat from sending her and the bike both flying down the street. Any more than they already are, that is. She still gets hit, and the bike goes tumbling into the alley, but it gives her a second to jump off…and promptly tumble and skid her way down the street until she comes up hard against the side of a building.

"Kara, I will count this a win if we chase him off," she says over the comms. She's not going to be getting up for a minute, though. Things are not listening to her brain.

When Booster's blast hits the armored truck, the vehicle tears apart as some of its metal seems to simply disintigrate. "Heads up!" he exclaims, because now there are chunks of heavy truck flying, and with one of his arms in a sling he can only grab for a single part of the vehicle. It is incredibly awkward, and Booster has to bob and careen in the air to balance the burden.

Getting hit with burning eye beams is not helping, because even though Booster has a very strong force field, the concentrated power actually hurts. The aura around him seems to ripple as it tries to absorb and process the beam. Gritting his teeth, he turns in the air and flings the armoured truck-half back at Zod.

Spearhead draws back on the truck, but the first two men move too quickly, though as soon as the other four move into the alleyway, he hides to where he can see them approach, waiting untill the closest one is about to overtake his position. Spearhead shoots the second closest man in the leg in a non-leathal area, messing up his ability to move mach at all, and suficcient pain to keep him from thinking about anything other than his leg, if he's anything less than a highly trained mercenary. as soon as he shoots, he pops out and buries a knife into the man just about to pass him, hitting him in the upper outside thigh. He then draws a 45 and pops two rounds into them, trying to make the shots less than lethal, though these shots are less reliable.
'Hmm…. that's not good news…' Spearhead thinks as he overhears one person that has showed up. He does't quite like the sounds of what he's hearing, but he's in this now, and something tells him to pull out bigger guns. So he does. Spearhead pulls out and elephant gun. Iron sights, and bolt action with no magazine, it's fire, reload. and he sprints towards the truck, diving under it, but about as suddenly as he does, it is gone, "Oh, sh…." Spearhead scrambles up and sprints as fast as he can to some cover, he sprints as fast as he can because he's not taking chances on betting how fast /this/ one is, he just books it to cover, tossing a throwing knife into one of the gunmen that were useing it as cover, also. Spearhead jumps for cover right as Zod eye-beams him, it misses, but only by inches, and the explosive heat from them in the air and on the ground send him flying harder, much harder, through the storefront window he is jupming through, the specialized glass shattered from the sonic boom from earlier. Spearhead bashes through it with more than necissary force from his lucky close call, and finds himself flying quite hard into the cashiers counter. It smarts good, too.
"Uggh!" he grunts as he hits it, taking but a moment to catch just enough wind in his sails before taking cover behind it, he knows that it won't survive something like what was just thrown at him, but he hopes it will conceal him. It's not like this guy has X-ray vision, right?

Mental note. Do not break the sound barrier when diving at Kryptonians. Not that they need the boom with super hearing but you are not faster than them. The hurricane winds, those knock Nyx off course and she goes from diving hundreds of miles of hour to hitting a nearby building going hundreds of miles per hour.

The collateral damage is immense. The entire building goes down from the BOOOOM of the impact. She pulls herself out of the rubble, her clothes as per usual at this point in a fight utterly destroyed, Thank god someone keeps taking Nyx shopping.

Nyx launches fast again though, those energy wings springing back to life as she interposes herself between Kate and Zod and takes the eyeblast … which blasts off a chunk of her shoulder sending her spinning around and dropping her back to earth by Kate now. That hurt a bit worse than anything she has ever felt before in her life to this point…. Damn Kryptonians… Her good arm starts to glow with particle beam energy blazing blinding white as she preps to shoot back. Struggling back to her feet and turning and firing a lance of pure energy, starship caliber and closes the distance like only accelerated electrons can. Faster than a speeding train for certain. Oh yeah she needs to be swatted down at this rate…

The police begin to move in on the downed guards that Spearhead has dealt with but some unseen force, perhaps an invisible enemy is already grabbing the bags of money. It would seem Zod had more than just human allies, he had many friends he had brought with him from The Phantom Zone.

Kara arrives just in time to see the truck flying towards Zod and crash into the man with little effect.

The young Kryptonian girl races towards her nemesis, screaming, "ZOD!" She was going to hit him so hard it would send him to the moon, Kara swore to herself.

Her fist outstretched in front of her in a classic 'Super' pose she was giving it her all to get one good hit on Zod.

There is a veritable cacophony of buzzing in the back of Flash's head. His danger sense works overdrive as in one moment he's level upon the armored car, the next it is lifted and him with it, only to be hurled in one direction.
Time seems to slow down for the man in black as he breaks into a run across the surface of the hurtling vehicle, crawling over its surface like an insect as it twists through the air and then gathering his legs behind him to _leap_ /just/ as that blast from Booster Gold bursts the entire vehicle like some metallic piece of pop corn.
With the vehicle exploding cinematically behind him, the young soldier rolls to his feet in time for the world to burst into crimson mayhem. The eyebeams lance out, slashing across metal and concrete, taking a bare moment for the impact to superheat the material and then cause it to explode in a line of destruction that follows the path of villain's glance.
For Flash reality is a haze of pure instinct, reflex, leaping to the side, rolling. He _dives_ for the wall of a nearby building only for the blazing red beam to slice right across his leg in mid jump, slicing the limb clean off in flight and causing him to /slam/ into the wall as the pain takes all sense from him. He is rendered unconscious as he hits the ground. But the suit… the suit awakens and its first sound it little more than a HOWL of pain, the features of his mask contorting into a wild-jawed and wickedly fanged creature.

The truck slams into Zod with a particularly well aimed throw, but it doesn't phase him. At this point, Zod is destroying anything he can. The city was his sandbox, and he was ready to build a new castle. Nyx's beam of concentrated energy looks as if it's actually going to make contact, but the man practically flickers out of existence, reappearing several meters away. It wasn't that he had some super awesome teleportation abilities, but he simply moved that quick.

Everyone, and everything is forgotten when Kara makes herself known. General Zod's brows narrow, and he sits perfectly still, allowing her to close to gap. Giving her precious ego false hope that she may actually land a hit. Just as Kara's fist is about to make contact with Zod's chin, he twists his wrist, stretching his hand outwards, before snatching Kara's wrist with technique equal to that of some of the greatest fighters on Earth.
Twisting his torso in mid-air, Zod uses something similar to Earth's Judo-Toss, in an attempt to use her as a mortar against another large building. Collateral damage was the name of the game here.

"Nyx, Booster," Kate calls back, still taking shelter against the wall. "You're not going to take him head to head. See if you can knock him out of phase somehow, hit him with something other than a fist. Portal, time, something he can't just hit." Oh, good. There was a twitch in her hand. And her toes are moving. Knees. Legs. Okay, everything is still attached and roughly functional. Progress. Enough for her to scramble carefully behind the line of the building that broke her fall as she tries to get a tactical feel for the situation.

The truck slams into Zod with a particularly well aimed throw, but it doesn't phase him. At this point, Zod is destroying anything he can. The city was his sandbox, and he was ready to build a new castle. Nyx's beam of concentrated energy looks as if it's actually going to make contact, but the man practically flickers out of existence, reappearing several meters away. It wasn't that he had some super awesome teleportation abilities, but he simply moved that quick.

Everyone, and everything is forgotten when Kara makes herself known. General Zod's brows narrow, and he sits perfectly still, allowing her to close to gap. Giving her precious ego false hope that she may actually land a hit. Just as Kara's fist is about to make contact with Zod's chin, he twists his wrist, stretching his hand outwards, before snatching Kara's wrist with technique equal to that of some of the greatest fighters on Earth.
Twisting his torso in mid-air, Zod uses something similar to Earth's Judo-Toss, in an attempt to use her as a mortar against another large building. Collateral damage was the name of the game here.

Darn it. Zod is just too fast and too durable. Booster Gold is baring his teeth, frustrated, especially at the enormous amount of damage that is happening all around them. Through his communicator, he says, "If I could touch him, but I can't—" Oh, wait. There is something he can try that does move that fast. It's just dangerous, for him, if it does not work out. The glossy golden glow that surrounds him winks out of sight, and a translucent golden sphere forms around Zod, like a huge hamster-ball.

Spearhead pops up from behind his cover just in time to see Zod do that speed/teleport thing. "Oh fu…." His breth escapes him, the sound barely a whisper. He ducks back behind the counter, 'Shit, ok, plan….J?' he thinks, 'Well, Maybe I can bug him to death? maybe I'll get squashed like a mosquito? Well, here goes nothing..' He pops up, and levels the gun at Zod, just in time to see what happens next happen, a golden shpere is around the man they called 'Zod' and Spearhead keeps the gun pointed at him, not sure what is going on, or what will happen, if this guy breaks…whatever this is… Spearhead will shoot like a madman just trying to limit the places this guy can go without feeling like mosquitoes are attacking him, which is prolly all this would feel like to him, Spearhead thinks, after seeing everything happen. Spearhead just hopes he isn't flatenned like a bug, thats about all. After he shoots the big gun, he pulls out one of the 45's and starts popping away at Zod, trying to look like he's doing something.

Explative Explative…. Zod just dodged charged electrons. Damnit all. "Hawkeye I don't have time portal extradimensional powers…." it is a hsss with a lot of pain in it since she is standing near Kate before she dives off for cover. With a Snap though wings explode back into existence and Nyx surges back into the air. Obviously she needs to get close enough he doesn't have time to dodge. Damnit this is bad.

With a flex of her energy wings Nyx angles in closer, firing lancing blast after lancing blast as she tries to close with him. She is fast but not Kryptonian fast is the problem. Those energy beams she is firing is a problem.. . and DAMN it is an amazing lightshow as her particle beams just up and hit Booster's shielding there… "What the hell!?"

Kara doesn't know what hit her when Zod reverses the impact of her blow and sends her flying against a building. The young woman crashes through the bricks and is buried beneath a small pile of rubble that she does not seem to immediately get up from.

Apparently a Kryptronian could knock out another Kryptonian a lot easier than others could.

No longer is Flash Thompson in control, the suit writhes and solidifies into a nightmarish image of what was once the operative in black. Purely bestial, the creature hisses low and breaks into an awkward half-run into the alleyway, climbing up the side of the building and still growling as pain lances through its body.
It leaps and lands at the far mouth of that alleyway even as another nearby building explodes into a cascade of debris and rubble. One heavy and tentacled arm comes up to shield itself from the scatter of dust and debris, white eyelets swiveling back and forth… only to espy the remaining gunsel that was fleeing from the scene of the crime moments before.
Something is enkindled in the monster's mind, some reason this person was an enemy, was not to get away. An arm lashes up, uncoiling like a whip to snap out and snare the man around the neck even as he rushes away with the loot. The arm tightens and pulls to the side quickly, slamming the thug into the wall, then dropping him to the ground unconscious.

Zod finds himself surrounded by that glowing golden orb. Floating patiently, the Kryptonian prods the shield with a few punches. One might actually think they've captured the man, but then he starts bouncing off the shield in every direction like a rubber-ball at rapid speeds until finally it begins to falter. Zod does not stop his rapid-assault until it's finally destroyed, and Zod is free once more. He laughs, "I am General Zod, the only person to have ever escaped the Phantom Zone! You Earthlings are but intelligent apes, who deserve nothing more than to be enslaved so that the mighty Krypton may rise from Earth's ashes once more! You will all bow before me!"

Bullets plink off of him like BBs as he unleashes another brutal assault on Metropolis, exhaling forceful winds to shatter glass, and.. yes.. force people to their knees.

Booster puts his good hand to his head, trying to maintain his concentration as Zod batters the forcefield from the inside out. It is extremely durable; the problem is that really severe damage will cause it to fail, and a merciless pummelling from a Kryptonian counts as 'really severe'. The bubble dissolves, Booster nearly drops out of the air, but manages to catch himself in mid-air. Without his forcefield, the sudden gusts whip his hair around and he has to fling his good arm up before his head, just to protect himself from flying debris as he gets blown back through the air.

Nyx gets thrown righ through a building once more. Damn winds. She doesn't get back up this time, her passanger letting her stay in the rubble and be 'knocked out.' It has self preservation to think about, and upgrades. Kryptonians pose a threat to the conquering of this planet.

Spear head was just popping rounds when, suddelny, he finds himself whipping around in the air, and all t5he glass from around the shop is floating/hovering there with him…."What the…. Oh shit…." Spearhead realizes, HE'S AIRBORNE! He flies about actually enjoying it… that is, untill he bounces off the pavement on the other side of the building, yeah, not fun anymore. His limbs bend ways they shouldn't bend, and he's gonna have some hella road rash. Spearhead is knocked out, COLD, befor ehe even has a chance to yell in pain. when he stops, he lies there motionless, looking like a very sad excuse for a sack of bones and organs.

By now, Zod is in a rage, and has caused more collateral damage to Metropolis then perhaps anyone ever before him. Dozens of buildings lay in ruin, smoking and burning from the unrelenting assault of the 'Dark Superman'.

Zod would continue his assault for several more minutes, and when he's finally finished, he will lunge at the Earth at top speeds, snatch the suit-cases from their hidden locations amongst the rubble and then disappear into the horizon.

The Legacy of Zod was just beginning…

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