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March 12, 2015: Babs catches up with Rowan to check on his state of mind.

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After the flight with Kara and Rowan the other night, Babs has been wanting to catch up with Rowan. To see how he is and also to find out more about the new form. Sending a message, asking if she can meet with him, she's arranged to be in New York to make it easy. She might even get in some more clothes shopping for Charlie… Bab's is finding she's enjoying that immensely.

It's just before lunch and the redhead is waiting at a coffee shop for Rowan, she's dressed up a little and left her hair down, the bags from her shopping trip have been stored in the car, this is her last stop for the day.

Rowan arrives in a more mundane fashion than usual. New York may be getting used to him but it still causes a panic to have dragons flitting about and landing in the streets. So he walks. Some of the way. He slips into the coffee shop and waves to Babs before settling down beside her with a drink a few minutes later. One he sets a side to give her a hug. "Hello there Babs. How have you been?"

Babs hugs Rowan tight, she has been concerned for him and lets him know it through that hug. "I've been fine, Rowan, I'm more concerned about you." The redhead has her coffee already and some cake to share with the Blue Warrior. "You seemed pretty upset the last time I saw you."

Rowan nod. "I had been… fairly upset." He says softly. "The insistence of the Atlanteans in persuing their blind war with the surface… they make themselves what they hate most in their fear and rage. I casts a shadow over us all." Beat. "Plus it was just dumb."

"Mmmmm, so you said." Babs pushes the cake towards the Blue "Share it with me." and places her hand on his shoulder "I understand the emotion, and what the Atlanteans did was just silly. Poor Arthur now has to clean up those relations again and I'm sure it's not going to be easy. But I…" the redhead pauses "want to know that you're doing o.k, Rowan. I'm checking in on you." Because somehow, he's become important to her…

Rowan sighs. "I think I'm okay… the change is… new. But not new. I know I was able to do things like that before I came here, even if I couldn't remember how. Perhaps the anger catalyzed my magic." He shrugs. "I really can't say for sure." He glances up. "But I think I'm okay."

Babs is fairly certain the anger did… by his own words he wanted to burn them back to the sea and he was angry. She also knows that his last form was released again, through something akin to lightening strike. "Do you mean okay, physically or emotionally, Rowan? It's a fairly big change and … you've experienced a lot of things recently." She can't help but keep her hand on his shoulder, squeezing gently as she talks.

"Physically. Emotionally…" He pauses. "Im still upset with the Atlanteans. If they can turn to war so quickly without their king is there really any hope for them?"

Babs shrugs slightly and sighs "I don't know Rowan. Not a lot would be my assessment and that worries me too. But, there's only so much I, or anyone like me, can do to affect what another culture does." Another sigh and Babs looks Rowan in the eyes "Is there anything more I can do to help you? You seem so sad, not just angry, but sad." Anger masks a lot of emotions, very effectively.

"I… do not know Babs. It bothers me somewhat that my hopes for this world may be for nothing but I do not know what to do." He shrugs and focuses on her. "And how are you doing?"

Change of subject, Babs gets it and nudges the Blue to share the cake… "Cake makes everything better you know." Thinking, Babs smiles slowly "I've been working on those transponders you asked for, if you still want them. Now that the cloud cover has gone, I can use them much more effectively." Truth, it's been kind of quiet for Babs… not quiet but the usual level of work she does, nothing out of the ordinary.

Rowan takes a bite of the cake and smiles. Cake does make many things better it's true. "Oh good. I'm glad to hear that. We may need them soon." Now that the danger is passed Rowan's making pans to go find his people. He has to know what's going on. He hopes the world doesn't depend on it… but hey, knowing couldn't hurt.

"They'll be ready" Babs murmurs. Settling back in her chair, sipping her coffee, she regards the Blue Warrior. "I really wish I could go with you, when you go." She looks slightly sad "But it doesn't make sense on so many levels." Canting her head "What type of approach will you take?"

"I'll try to get their attention first. See if they'll send someone to talk. Odds are good it would be someone with a military background based on the signals I'd be sending so we'd have something in common." Rowan's been thinking about this for a bit. "Beyond that it depends. Aspen needs to learn of her people and so do I. Thinks are the same here in some ways and very different in others. I need to find out where we stand in this world."

"So you've said before." Babs nods slowly "I believe what I've created will get their attention, I'll need to show you how to equip them." If she won't be there, someone will need to know how to do it. She doesn't expect to have a bouy in her lab.

"I met an old friend the other day." the redhead murmurs "Someone I haven't seen in about 20 years. She went missing after her Mother was murdered… I lost track of her."

"I'll show you. Today if you like." The Blue smiles. The news of her friend catches his interest. "You did?" He pusees, watching her expression. "Was finding her a good thing or a bad thing?"

"Show me what? Not that I mind, if it means spending more time with you." At his question, Babs looks a little bemused "A good thing, I think. I certainly liked her a lot when we were younger." she shrugs a little "Both our Dads were policemen, hers died when she was very young."

"Show you the design. I'd have to draw it out though." It's not a simple piece of equipment but Rowan can sketich it. He took apart bouys like he's describing often enough when he was on Earth 81. "Oh… I'm sorry to hear that. And how is she now?"

As Oracle, she knows a lot more than Babs, Dinah is like most super heroes… broken and rebuilt in interesting ways. "I don't know, Rowan. About 20 years ago, her Mum was killed violently, my friend went missing…. and now she's back. She seems o.k, but who can say how she really is."

Rowan nods. "Things are… rarely that simple. Be careful, okay?" He often says that. And often means it. Babs seems to run in dangerous circles.

Waiting as Rowan draws the diagram, Babs smiles at his request. "As careful as I can be." Which is, really quite careful "I'm going to meet her again, catch up on old times, so to speak." Watching Rowan, Babs tilts her head "So tell me about this design you're going to draw for me."

Rowan smiles and takes up a pencil and grabs a napkin, carefully sketching the acoustics chamber and the iris needed to modulate the sound. "The signals are very precise. We'll need some pretty good actuators, but the actual machine isn't complicated." Just a simple low frequency sound generator, this chamber and the iris to change the pitch and frequency. "It's an old military communicator. From before the War. Since there hasn't been a war here, I'm betting they still use it."

Babs watches as Rowan draws, listening carefully "I believe I have the actuators already. I've been looking, since you first spoke to me about it." Shrugging, Babs drinks down her tea.

"That's more or less what we'll need then." Rowan passes the napkin over to Babs. "How are you, then? How are things?" She can't tell him a lot, but he prizes what she can tell him.

"Things are well. I've already mentioned my friend, Dinah is her name." Babs shrugs a little "It's really much the same. There's not a lot exciting happening." She ponders a moment "I might have found out why my home was targetted by Ninjas though."

Rowan cants his head. That's definitely news. "Why is that? Is it anything I can help with?" Because he absolutely will if he can. Protecting Babs is… very very important to him.

"I don't have the full information, but I consulted on a project some time ago" Babs shrugs, a little selfconsciously. "Just provided some advise on how to move forward. I did a bit of digging for information and passed it" looking down at the table the redhead shakes her head "I'm still trying to find out why they targetted me" and how they found her "It just doesn't make much any sense, Rowan. There were others on that project that were far more active and involved than me."

"I don't know much about 'ninja' other than what's on the internet, so I don't know if I can help…" Rowan says quietly, putting a hand over Babs. "But if there is anything i can do, please let me know."

"I will" Babs smiles softly at Rowan. "I would say they haven't tried my home again but…" she bites her lip "they might have. They had a photo of me and some of my companions on them." Shrugging again "I don't know how you can help me, Rowan."

"I can be around if you want me to." Rowan glances up at the drawing. "We can delay this. If you're not safe…" He'd offer to move her but he knows she won't. There's something about the secrets she keeps that keeps her here…

The wording of that offer has Babs looking at Rowan, studying him carefully "I might like that… if it means I see more of you." She might need to have a long talk with him, if he is around more though. "I don't want to delay your project, it's important to you and if I work on this or something else, it won't change anything."

"If it changes whether or not you're safe…" Rowan knows Babs has protectors, but he still worries. "It's up to you. I'll be around more. A lot more, if you want though." And if she thinks she might be in danger he can prevent, he'll perch atop her tower and nap there. Which might draw stares, but hey. He'd do it.

"I do want you around a lot more, Rowan. We… " Babs blows out a deep breath and shakes her head "I'll need to share some things with you, that's all." and she's not sure how he's going to respond to what that is. Smiling gently, Babs looks at what's left of the cake "How's the cake?" perfect deflection, there.

"Wonderful." Rowan grins. He likes sweeter things more than Mera does. Which is good. Surfacers like them too. "And the company's pretty good too." The Blue winks and finishes off that last bite.

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