Temporal Mechanics with the JLA

March 13, 2015: Kara invites people to the Lakehouse for a get together

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It was a typical day at the Lakehouse, whatever that entailed! The snow was melting outside and the sun was shining brightly in the sky. Birds chirped in the trees happily, another sign that spring was approaching.

In the backyard, Hawkpuppy and Streaky were playing; although it was rather one sided. Streaky was holding a stick down with his paw while napping and Hawkpuppy was furiously trying to pull it away from him.

Kara had invited Fenris hear before but with the recent news he was going to be a potential recruit into the JL:A it seemed even more fitting to invite him over again more officially to the hangout spot of the JL:A.

She had also invited Zee over, hoping to ask her a question and show her where she lived!

Having received Kara's invite, Zee's kind of heard about the Lakehouse but doesn't know much and she's curious. Teleporting in, the raven haired woman is dressed in jeans, blouse, bomber jacket and knee high boots, completed with the diamond encrusted collar from Illyana.

Walking up to the front door, Zee's too well mannered to teleport into a home, she knocks on the door.

Fenris appears beside Zee as she knocks and glances over. "Fancy seeing you here." He greets her, waiting for the answer. He's already introduced Kara and Zee and both are helping him on a side project. Well, a very important side project. So this is less a meet and greet and more friends coming to discuss things.

Booster Gold is in the lakehouse, although he was taking a nap, still recuperating from a couple of rough fights. For the most part this is a nice, quiet place and ideal for recovery once you're no longer stuck in the medbay. The knocking rouses him, though, so he is looking a little ruffled and sleepy-eyed when he peers into the front room from the hall, wearing a blue t-shirt and jeans, with his left arm extensively bandaged up and held in a sling. "I hope that's not Hydra," he remarks.

Kara shakes her head to the recovering Booster, "I'm pretty sure it's not because you know super hearing. I could have used a workout though!" She heads over to the door, zipping over because doing it normally would suck.

The door is opened and she smiles brightly, "Hey! You both made it, come in!"

She steps aside and sweeps her hand around the inside, "This is where I live Zee, pretty cool right?"

Fenris' appearance by Zee's side gets a small smile "Yes fancy… How are you Fenris?"

Stepping inside as Kara gestures, Zee nods, impressed "It's great! Oh Hi Booster." seeing the sling the young woman cants her head in question "Been in the wars?"

"Much like a wizard, yes." Fenris is a bit of a book nerd at times. He means, never late, nor early but arriving precisely when he means to. More or less.

"How are you Kara?" The tall, lean, predatory man steps inside and glances around, taking in Booster's injuries. "Would you like someone to look at that?"

"A workout? You just got thrown through a building," Booster reminds Kara, as she goes to answer the door. "Oh, hey there. Hello, Zee, hello, Fenris." Booster rubs one of his eyes and smiles, looking more awake now as he greets the guests. Glancing at his arm when Zatanna regards it, he explains, "I got mauled by a lion. But not a regular lion." He gives a vague gesture with his free hand, a sort of shrug, and says to Fenris, "If you'd like to, trust me dude I won't decline."

Kara didn't look too bad for someone who had got thrown through a building, ever since the sun was actually out she had been stronger than ever; at least that was her own feeling since the Atlantean invasion ended.

"It was just a building. It was the punch from Zod that knocked me out." She sighs, why was nobody tracking him down or stopping him.

The young woman grabs Zee by the arm to show her around the house, starting with the first floor of the house, "…and this is the kitchen. You want something to eat or drink? It's pretty well stocked or even better I could order pizzas."

Zee grins at Fenris' comment "Arriving when you mean too" she's not that much of a nerd but she got the reference. Frowning at Boosters explanation for his arm, Zee lets Kara drag her away. Fenris' healing is likely more gentle and effective than hers.

Looking around the kitchen, Zee can see it's well appointed and stocked "You look pretty good for being thrown against a building. It's good that Orm didn't permanently hurt you, Kara" Zee had been worried about that. "A soda would be great thanks."

Fenris grins at Zee as he steps over to Booster. His hands begin to glow and moments later he's channeling raw life into the time traveller. "There, That should do it. So. Bit of an adventure last night? Zee had one too, I hear." He ought to know.

"Well, still," Booster replies, to Kara. "I was able to hold that guy for a couple of seconds but I ran into a problem… I can't keep enough power on-board to maintain my forcefield under the kind of punishment that dude could dish out." He looks thoughtful, then, as if working out a way to get beyond this flaw, and he jumps slightly when Fenris approaches as if he'd forgotten about him. Booster winces slightly at the initial flood of energy, his frostbitten wounds aching and complaining as they knit together more rapidly. Then, he sighs with relief, saying to Fenris, "Thank you."

"You did fine Jon. We'll figure out a way to deal with him." Yep, they had all soundly lost last night to the villain.

Kara grabs a soda for Zee, offering her from the fridge before grabbing a coca-cola for herself, "Orm was a jerk and someone needed to stand up to him, it's just good Aquaman came along." She looks at Zee deadpan, "So do you think they stopped attacking when he came back because he has the power to talk to fish and they're all fish?"

"Of course, Booster. Think nothing of it." The Old Wolf makes toward the kitchen to locate a beer. He doesnt drink often mostly because mortal ale is so weak but its a habit of the last fifty or so years to be sociable. "I imagine it was because of the artifiact he had. But much has changed since last I saw one of their kind. Whom was it you faced last night?"

Taking the soda, Zee keeps an eye on Booster and Fenris "Sounds like a heavy hitter." Fenris gets another small smile "Yeah, I did…" those sorts of things are becoming common place for Zee, it seems.

Kara's deadpan gets a small laugh from the magician "Maaaaaybe" a shake off her head "but really, Aquaman is hard to ignore. And Queen Mera is just scary… "

Kate was a little too human for a run-in with Zod. A lot too human, actually. So the whole getting out of bed thing today…has been a slow process. She's just making it downstairs, wearing an oversized pair of Clint's sweats with her hair lumped into a messy bun. The oversized sweats are a relief, given that her entire back is a mass of bruises from the fight. There's definitely a bit of a limp to her step too, as she works out the stiffness.

"Speaking of Aquaman and not-Superman," she says as she steps into the kitchen, "We should really introduce the two of them."

"The guy was Kryptonian, his name is Zod. I know that because he told us this a few times," Booster explains, starting to undo his sling and the bandages on his arm. There are faint marks on his flesh, scars that are already beginning to fade; he heals nicely and clearly took well to the healing energy Fenris infused him with. Glancing up when Kate makes her way into the kitchen, he says, "You look a little rough." There is a pause as he recalls something that someone told him—women in this era apparently dislike comments like that. He follows up with a sheepish, "I mean, you look good for someone who got smashed around on the pavement."

"Yeah, Queen Mera is scary I bet." Kara hadn't met her much aside from once, sort of.

A giggle is the best response Kate gets, "I don't think Aquaman can do much against Zod without the Atlantean army. I did warn you and Clint about him, I keep warning people and everyone thinks I'm kidding. He's a monster."

She holds up the sapphire pendant she is wearing for Kate, "Pretty isn't it?"

Zee eyes Kate as she enters and sighs "You ok Kate? This Zod sounds like bad news. " Seeing Kara display her pendulum, Zee unconsciously touches the Emerald pendulum hanging at her hip. "Jes' and mine got a workout last night, Kara" She murmurs

"What artefact, Fenris?" the young magician looks to the Old Wolf with interest.

Fenris watches with a grin as Kara shows off the ley pendulum she's repurposed as a necklace. He has to admit, thats a good way to keep it on you. Kate's arrival and news of their fight with Zod gets a curious look. "Monster, mmm? I know something of that." He pauses to look the 'young wolf' over and smiles a bit.

"Kate… would you like me to take care of that for you?" Clearly, he needs to teach these people some alchemy or something. Or just find some suitable talismans to keep spare life around in, if they're going to gret beat up like this."

"His trident, Zee. I could sense the power of it from well inland."

"Hey, he's got an army, we've got a problem…" Kate trails off with a weary smile, laughing at Booster's comment. "It's okay, Booster, it's the truth. Apparently I can't actually go up against whole buildings and win. Who knew?" At the mention of the pendant, she comes over to take a look, quirking a brow. "It's pretty," she agrees, then gives Kara a more careful look. "Was it a gift from someone? Jewelry's kind of like the phone number thing around this part of the galaxy." God help the first person who tries to take advantage of Kara.

Fenris' offer gets a brief smile for the moment, but she's more concerned about Kara's potential entanglements than about her own collection of bruises at the moment.

"I dunno if an army is enough against Zod. He's more durable than nearly anything we can hit him with, and he's hard to hit if he knows its coming." Booster has most of his bandages undone, but runs into the issue of having his clothing in the way. "Sorry," he says as he turns away and pulls off his t-shirt. While he has no qualms about being shirtlesshe gets paid to do it regularly, after allhe is also still figuring out what people in this era deem appropriate with regards to denuding. Anyway, he is just undoing the bandages around his shoulder, and the few about his chest that was holding things into place. The t-shirt gets pulled on again afterwards. "Also, by the way, I may need help from someone who understands how to make computers work."

Kara seems interested, perking up a bit when Zee mentions something happening last night, "Oh, do tell Zee? Sorry I missed it to." She continues to rub the sapphire crystal between her fingers before shaking her head, "Oh no, it's um, very special though!" She blushes, "I probably shouldn't say anymore."

Between not knowing if it was supposed to be a big secret and Kate reminding her about phone numbers, she's too flustered to say anything else about the crystal just stomping off into the other room with her cola to take a seat beside Booster.

Booster's question makes her sort of wrinkle her nose a little, "Well, Earth computers are super primitive but I could help you out. On Krypton we broke the Beckenstein limit centuries ago."

Zee considers Fenris' words as she follows Kara into the other room "Wonder if I could detect the Trident…" Her magic has been developing a lot lately and she's keen to see how much. "Not jewellery exactly, Kate." Zee looks to Fenris for confirmation of how much they can share with their friends.

Watching Booster remove the bandages, Zee frowns at Kara "Blood ritual, in the park. Fenris took care of the Magus, Jes and I took down the acolytes." Glossing over how much magic she had to expend to do it.

Fenris chuckles as he sips his beer. "I did not swear you to silence. It need only be as secret as you desire." He smiles at the other two Ley Guardians. "I gave it to her Kate. And one to Zee as well. I did not ask for their phone numbers, though. Only their help."

Booster gets a curious look. "Computers, mmmm? I know there are… experts to be found if one needs that." Kara might well be a good one, it's true. "Feel free to try Zee. It may be difficult if he's back in his City. I believe there are warding spells or some such to conceal them."

"Depends on what you need to do, Booster," Kate says as she gets a bottle of juice out of the fridge for herself, still stiff. "I'm pretty good with the basics, but I'm no hacker or anything." As Fenris, Zee, and Kara go back and forth, she quirks a brow. "Fenris, you dog," she drawls, teasing.

Kara looks at Kate before replying to her excitedly, "It's a magical Ley Pendulum that can teleport you anywhere on a leyline. It's to help respond to magical threats and disturbances." She smiles, "Fenris could explain it better probably, I'm still new. Well, Zee and I had an adventure in the park but I haven't done much else."

"That's the problem," Booster admits, to Kara. "I can't interface with current-era computers, I don't know how to…" he gestures vaguely with one hand. "Communicate with them." He sits back, rubbing at his shoulder and arm to work the stiffness out of them, now that his wounds are healed. "I have a bunch of data to sort through. Stuff I recorded at that little bar with the monsters, and then when I got mauled by that lion. It's kind of…" both hands do the slow, vague gesture now. "You know, a situation that might obliterate this reality entirely if we don't deal with it."

Kara looks over at Booster, "We'll do go over it together whenever you want. It's about the temporal disturbance at the park? When I rescued stompy?"

"And Jesana, as well" Zee adds to Kate with a grin. "As Kara says, there's things happening in the magical world and Fenris has asked us to help him out." Fenris gets a cheeky grin "I already gave you my number, anyway… I will try to detect the Trident, just not now." She'll make sure she's somewhere safe, in case things go south.

Boosters reminder about being mauled by a lion has the young womans attention again "How did that happen again, you said it wasn't an ordinary lion?"

"Wolf." Fenris says with a wink to the young archer. He'll ask her again about healing later. He's sure the injuries are painful but she seems to be otherwise occupied just at the moment and this isn't a 'for your own good' kind of case. Definitely going to see about leaving some talismans here though.

"Yes, they're are going to be several people helping me with that. I am only one guy, after all."

Booster gets another look. Potentially obliterate reality is really something he'd rather not have happen. "Do tell. Do you require any help?"

"You know, this job constantly makes me think about all those entropy theories of the universe, where everything is constantly in a state of decay and falling apart," Kate says ruefully as she twists open the bottle, taking a drink and leaning one hip against the counter. That doesn't last more than a minute, though. That hurts. "Magical threats and disturbances, huh?"

"Right, Kara. And also, that night you were going on about… was it slenderman? It's related," Booster explains, smoothing his t-shirt down and settling back on the couch again. To Zatanna, he says, "It was huge and white, and freezing cold. I think someone or something may have corrupted it." He frowns faintly, rubbing his chin, looking at the floor. "This is kind of the problem. The temporal stuff, I understand all of that. But something else is involved and I don't know what, how, or why. It's kind of beyond my training."

Kara looks between the others chatting and then leans over towards Zee, "So, I had a question for you. I mean, it's not up to me but if I mentioned it to Hawkeye or Wonder Woman." She grins, "Would you be interested in joining us? The JLA doesn't really have anyone with magical powers like you."

Fenris sets down on a couch to listen and watch the others. He's a busy god-wolf, it's true, but there may be some things they could use help with. He knows most of the people in here and trusts the mettle of the one he doesn't know that well, so if they ask for his help, they'll assuredly have it.

Zee who was following Boosters explanation looks at Kara in shock and then glances at Fenris, with a small grin "Fenris is magical too…." chewing her bottom lip, the young magician looks at her friend "I would love to, but does that mean I'd have to leave the Titans? Because you know," she shrugs "I've really committed to them."

"We could use some magic back up," Kate admits, moving into the living room and leaning over the back of the couch. It gives her a chance to carefully stretch the muscles of her back, rolling her neck. "But I wouldn't want to take you from stuff with the Titans. If you run into someone looking for a place, though, keep us in mind? We need some magic, we could use more tech," she adds with a nod toward Booster's dilemma. "And, uh. Cash flow wouldn't hurt."

"Or at least, someone who can show me how to use current-era computers more efficiently." Booster shrugs a little at this. "I have Skeets looking at things now, but he's a robot, not a computer. He read the internet, but it's not much help in this." He turns his head, to grin at Zatanna. "Maybe you could be a kind of liason between teams? I mean, I've hung out with the Titans a lot, so we already have a little overlap going on."

Kara nods to Zee with a smile, she had to hide her disappointment, "Oh, no you shouldn't leave The Titans. I'm sorry, I didn't even, uh. Sorry Zee." She looked embarrassed now for asking and just sipped her cola.

Streaky meowed loudly as he came in through the dog door and jumped up onto the kitchen counter. A bunch of stuff could be heard crashing door before he found a few tins of cat and dog food and began lasering them open with his eyes for Hawkpuppy and him.

Zee hugs Kara, she hates that she has to disappoint her friend and brightens at Boosters suggestion. "Yeah, you do, don't you? I can totally do that. There you go, Kara, I'll be a liason if they'll let me." She's pretty certain she can convince Keith to agree "And… that doesn't mean you can't call me if you need help at all. I'm only a few words away from you normally." Teleporting can be kind of cool. "Sure thing, Kate, if I run across someone, I'll point them your way."

The meowing has Zee looking over and she grins as Streaky serves dinner. "That is one clever cat, Kara."

Kara thinks on it for a minute, she had really liked the Titans and she was hoping to talk to Clint about it when she was a member. This was such an awkward day, "Well, um, I like the Titans to! They were really nice to me when I first got here and.." She kinda grows quiet for a minute, "I wouldn't mind doing it either, being like a liason." Most of the Titans were a lot closer in age to her as well.

Streaky meows at Zee and goes back to chowing down on the food.

Booster is nodding along to most of this and then he blinks and snaps his fingers. "Oh! That reminds me. I really need to visit Titans HQ soon. I think I know what's wrong with Vorpal, and I'm a little worried he's going to get edited out of existence. So you know, Zee, I think his chaos interacts uh… somewhat unpredictably with temporal energy." He pauses thoughtfully, then adds, "It's hard to explain without a diagram."

The cat and dog barely get any notice from Booster. Due to the selective way he has interacted with animals in the 21st century, this kind of behavior has become his perception of normality.

Kara thinks on it for a minute, she had really liked the Titans and she was hoping to talk to Clint about it when she was a member. This was such an awkward day, "Well, um, I like the Titans to! They were really nice to me when I first got here and.." She kinda grows quiet for a minute, "I wouldn't mind doing it either, being like a liason." Most of the Titans were a lot closer in age to her as well.

Streaky meows at Zee and goes back to chowing down on the food.

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"I don't think anyone's going to tell you you can't hang out with the Titans, Kara," Kate calls from the other room where HawkPuppy is getting in trouble for Streaky's initiative. He takes after his dad like that. When she comes back to the room, he's trotting cheerfully at her heels, tail wagging. "The Titans are my best friends," she adds as she takes up her spot against the couch again. "And they're a great team. And fun."

Zee nods at Kara "That would make a lot of sense, you being the liaison. And yes, they're a lot fun." Watching Kate with Hawkpuppy, the raven haired woman, smirks at Streaky before turning her attention to Booster "OK, where is he interacting with temporal energy to make that happen?" Booster's right, it is of concern.

"Well I mean… we all are, right now," Booster gestures at the air with one hand, waving it as if to stir it up. "That's just part of being people, moving along at one second per second. I saw a little of it happening that night we encountered Grodd. And Streaky." He rubs the back of his head while he thinks for a long moment, then he lifts his other hand palm-upwards in a didactic gesture. "I should be upfront about this to you guys, it's just something I don't want SHIELD to know. Temporal mechanics is kind of … my thing."

Kara nods to Zee hugging her again, even though Zee had just hugged her, "Thanks!" Kate is given a hug when she is walking back with Hawkpuppy and Booster is given a pat on the head.

Returning from the kitchen several seconds later she's holding a very displeased looking Streaky, his red cape attached at the neck. He swats at Kara's face 'playfully' when she carries him and she hands him towards Zee, "Here, you can hold him if you like."

Nodding slowly to Booster, Zee is still frowning slightly "Mmmm, I'll tell …." startling a little as Streaky is passed to her, Zee smiles "Keith. You really should come over and talk to him." Boosters revelation isn't a surprise to Zee, she's spoken with him before about it, and they managed to have poor Keith freak out.

Looking down at Streaky, Zee grins to the cat "Gonna let me pet you?"

Kate winces slightly at the hug from Kara, though she returns it with a warm smile. "How does the temporal mechanics thing work, Booster?" she asks, looking back to him. "Okay, sorry, that's a bad, broad question. In what way is temporal mechanics your thing? Is it something you've studied, something you can manipulate?"

Fenris smiles as he watches. "Mmmm, he's a cat. They suffer many things but allow few of them." That with a wink. Maybe he's known a few in the distant past, albeit, not with supernatural powers. "And are they in danger of breaking here?" He adds to Kate's question.

Booster absently reaches out to give Streaky a pat, mostly for something to do, because it is clear that making these admissions is awkward for him. "It's my thing in the sense that I can kind of freely travel through time. And kind of manipulate it. I mean, I haven't managed to do the time-stopping trick yet but I'm working on it." He spreads his hands in a shrug. "I'm sort of a Time Master. Well," he grudgingly admits, "I am a Time Master. Like, it's a job title and description. And yeah, Fenris, this timeline is hella full of chronal hiccoughs. That's not the problem, though."

Kara loved watching television as Booster knew but when he starts talking about being a Time Master she peers, "Wait, don't you need a TARDIS for that?" Did she just crack a joke about Dr. Who?

Streaky starts purring when he's in Zee's arm and meows happily when she asks if she can pet him. The pat by Booster doesn't go unnoticed and he meows at the man as well.

Fenris gets a grin from the Mistress of Magic "You think he'll suffer it?" then the cat meows and she pets him as she listens and then casts a sympathetic look at Booster "Same jokes, different day and crowd?" Kara gets an amused grin "Strangely, that's what Keith and Gar asked as well when Booster tried explaining it to us." Nodding to Kate, Zee settles back and continues to pet the super-cat

"See, now that is something we can work with when it comes to Zod," Kate points at Booster, taking another sip of her juice as the puppy curls up at her feet.

That makes sense to Fenris. Power, any kind of power, used frequently enough tends to rewrite things. Get enough people doing it and you get one hell of a tangled mess on the loom of fate. Sometimes literally. "So what is the problem then?"

"I'm not sure how to use it against him, though, Kate," says Booster. "It's not really something that can be weaponized. I mean…" The corner of his mouth tugs to the side and he shrugs. "I could shove him into the time stream, but I don't know if that'd really solve the problem."

As Zatanna noted, Booster has heard the Dr. Who comparison before; he was unsure about it at the time, but has since looked into it. So, he is able to tell Kara, "Kind of. I had a time machine but I dismantled it. I don't actually need it, and I didn't want someone steaing it." The inherent hypocrisy of this latter statement allows Booster to deliver it with smooth sincerity. "The big problem right now, Fenris, is we've had two major chronal anomalies and I can't trace them to a source. I have a lot of data that I can't analyze, and SHIELD took away everything that could have told me more about the situation."

"Can you get him stuck in a part of it? Slow him down? Get him stuck in a part of time that isn't moving at the same rate we are?" Kate pauses, blinking. "Hey, that's what we need. Fae. You know," she looks to Fenris. "Like, you go into the land of the fairies, you eat dinner, you come back and the world's moved on twenty years from when you left. Get him stuck in that sort of temporal anomaly and we've got all the time in the world to figure out how to take him apart."

Kara nods to Booster sipping on her cola and she remains rather quiet for now. Streaky is purring contently while being petted by Zee, the cat overjoyed.

Zee isn't all that familiar with temporal mechanics, but she knows enough to know it's dangerous. Tilting her head towards Kara, Zee is thoughtful "Phantom Zone is kind of like what Kate described, isn't it?"

Laughing as Streaky rubs his head under her chin, Zee ruffles the cat a little and then goes back to stroking him.

"Uh." Booster is blinking a little at Kate's suggestions, because this is not how he tends to regard his abilities. "I'm… not sure. I think I'd need a lot more practice before I tried something like that. I mean, generally I'm more of a guardian, sort of thing." He squints a little as if he were looking at unpleasant ideas. "Might be able to put him in a dead-end or something. I'm really not supposed to do that kind of thing, though…"

Kate turns a crooked smile on Booster. "Sorry. That's, uh. See, I don't have much in the way of powers. At all, actually. I'm good at things. Great at things. I'm an olympic-level archer, martial artist, fencer. And I'm smart. I mean, I'm no Mister Fantastic, but I'm smarter than a pile of rocks, at least. Mostly what I do is…find ways to make things work. Think about things differently."

Kara nods to Zee, "Yeah, that's where Zod was imprisoned I thought but he seems to have found a way out. It's the only reason he survived.. the…" She sighs, "..destruction of Krypton."

Streaky seems to be falling asleep, purring like a freight train.

"They were good ideas, Kate… just there's lots of rules about playing with Time." Casting an apologetic look at Kara, Zee shrugs a little "I'm really sorry, Kara."

Zee is having trouble hearing the conversation over Streaky's purring.

"Oh dude, the ideas are fine," Booster reassures Kate, leaning forward and lifting a hand as if he were going to touch her, although he does not do so. "I'm just not sure I'm good enough, yet. I'm still learning." Sitting back, he explains, "It'd be difficult to transport someone who was fighting against me. None of this is impossible, though." He tilts his head, and then he does briefly put his hand on Kara's shoulder.

"Timey wimey wobbly wobbly things," Kate summarizes with a flicker of a smile for Zee. "I get it. Don't meddle with the forces of the universe that can unmake you and all that."

Kara smiles at the hand on her shoulder from Jon and the words from Zee, "Thanks, seeing that jerk it throws me off." If only Superman were around, then again he had never grown up on Krypton. She reaches up to pat Boosters hand before pointing out, "You know, we have to win against all this crazy stuff and evil villains or there would be no twenty fifth century for you to come from."

Zee is quite happy, snuggling on the couch with Streaky. Strangely, the cat is quite heavy as he sleeps - must the cat antigravitational field being emitted. "Of course, Kara. We have to win… Booster here is totally proof of that." Kate gets a small smile before the raven haired woman asks Kara "Did you say something about Pizza?" Seems like Zee might be settling in for a while.

"Uh…" There is another of those long and awkward moments as Booster seems to wrestle with knowledge he is not inclined to share. He has been pretty open and honest this evening, but part of him realizes that telling people that he is from a post-apocalyptic society might be a real bummer. Maybe another time. Instead he finally says, "Yeah. I mean, fate isn't fated, you'd be surprised at how much wiggle room you get."

"We'll know we screwed up if you disappear on us?" Kate smiles faintly back at Booster, straightening up to pace carefully around the room. She hurts too much to lie down on her back, sitting up stays sore…a little bit of movement might be just the thing to help with that.

"Are you sure you wouldn't like that taken care of?" Fenris finally says with a faint smile of his own. He's familiar with the human desire to tough it out. In times past he might have been more insistent but the god-wolf has had time to mellow out. Lots of time. Booster's notions on Fate are… quite interesting to a being whose conception of self is intimately connected to it. It would be interesting to learn how a society that has learned to hoodwink old Chronos looks at such things.

Streaky snuggles up closer to Zee as he sleeps and Kara reaches over to pat him on the head for a moment, "Sure! I can order pizza, let's see." She picks up her phone and starts to search for the number, "Anyone like anchioves?"

Zee's glad that Fenris has spoken up and she adds her voice to his "Kate, let Fenris help you. It's no good to anyone if you're out of the fight, or not on the top of your game." speaking over the top of the Streaky freight train curled up on her chest. Booster gets a raised eyebrow, she's sure there's something he's not telling them but Kara asks about those little fishy fish and Zee makes a face "Not me, Kara!"

"Oh… I wouldn't vanish unless that part of the time stream was eradicated completely," Booster tells Kate, with an earnest sort of seriousness. "I'm not… as affected by time manipulation as your average person." His hand waves as if to dismiss all this. "Let me put it this way. Time isn't that interested in details, it's interested in an overall shape. If the shape of a timeline demands a catastrophic event, and you go back in time to prevent it… you'll get one of two outcomes. Or sometimes, both outcomes." He holds up the index finger on each hand. "You'll still get the same future, because a different catastropic event will happen. Or, you'll force a branching and make a new timeline entirely, and the original timeline will remain unchanged." Then, he turns and tells Kara, "I have no idea what anchovies are."

"I just…wanted to see if it might be okay," Kate says sheepishly. "It's not that I don't appreciate it, Fenris," she adds quickly. "I'm about one big accident from setting up some sort of heart monitor to send you a text if it stops beating or something. I just don't want to start to depend on it."

"I certainly don't mind, Kate." Fenris clarifies with an indulgent smile. "But I also understand. You know how to get ahold of me. If you really need it or just don't want to take the pain anymore, let me know." To hurt is to live. There's a phrase sometimes used among athletes and soldiers 'Pain is your body's way of telling you that you're still alive.' He well understands that viewpoint, so that's the last he'll say of the matter.

"You can also get a Paradox, if you're to careful, or so i've heard. Though mainly that's a warning against certain types of magical tampering." He notes. "I have no idea if that's even possible with what you're talking about."

Zee and Kara both get smiles. He can handle anchovies. Really, anything on Pizza. It's cooked after all. And it's not like he really 'eats'. It's complicated.

Listening as Kara orders Pizza for everyone, Zee nods in approval as Kate accepts the offer of healing. "Anchovies, " Zee grins over at Booster "Are fish, disgusting things to put on Pizza or anything in my opinion." Fenris' warnings about magical tampering with time has her nodding and then she tilts her head at Booster again "So… what you're saying is there's no way of being sure and that changing something might have absolutely no impact at all…. sounds like Chaos theory to me, nature will always find a way." Zee might be quoting from a movie there.

Booster perks up and extends both hands at Zatanna, palms up. "Yes! That's right. Time as a concept of a direction is an attempt to force order on a chaotic element. If we walked it back and went through this segment of time again without changing anything significant, there would still be minute changes, details that wouldn't have much impact." He beams, and flops back against the sofa, arms draped over the couch back. "Fenris, it depends on what you're thinking about with paradoxes."

"I think I'm going to actually go back to a nap," Kate says with a small smile, leaning down to ruffle the puppy's head and get him to follow her. "But I may take you up on that after, Fenris. Save me a slice of pizza, guys?" she asks the others.

Kara sits back on the couch quietly after the pizzas with different toppings are ordered, the need to explain anchioves taken care of for her. She purses her lips as she considers things but otherwise remains quiet as a mouse.

Fenris chuckles. "I'll likely be here." He says. "And of course we'll save you some." Though whether or not she gets a slice with anchovies depends on the others. Fenris stays out of food dominance fights unless he has to. He had his fill of that his first couple hundred years here. "Magical paradoxes tend to trap people or destroy… everything. Magic doesn't interacting with the time stream in certain ways. It's prickly and forbidden in many places and times for exactly that reason."

He glances back to the other two, smirking a bit at Zee's quote. "You okay Kara?"

Zee waves to Kate, around the sleeping Streaky on her chest "I'll try to save you some Pizza" she quips with a wink and glances as Kara joins them again. The blonde gets an enquiring look "Want to take Streaky for a cuddle?" Booster gets a delighted smile from the young magician "So we shouldn't travel back in time at all?"

"Rest well, Kate." Booster nods to the young woman as she leaves. He then says to Fenris, "Oh, I get what you're saying. Yeah, I don't know much about magic, and I don't know how to use it, but I know it can have a significant effect on chronal energy. It can even eradicate it, and that can be a huge problem. Anyway, Zee, my job would be easier in general if no one did any kind of time travel or time manipulation, but it happens anyway." He turns his head, looking at Kara as well now, his expression one of curiosity.

Kara looks at the others and nods with a bright smile, "Oh! I'm fine. I'm just listening and thinking. Don't worry about me, keep talking I'll listen for the pizza." When Zee offers her Streaky she shakes her head, "Nah, he's comfy with you Zee."

Zee looks quizzacly at Kara, she'll ask what the blonde is thinking about later. "I'm sure, Booster… but the fact is people do mess with time… and someone has to fix it when they do." Curling her legs under her, Zee looks quite contented with Streaky purring away, using her as a bed. "I'll defer to Fenris on the issue of magic and time, I've just been told 'NEVER EVER DO IT'…"

Fenris chuckles. "That's a generally good policy. Not to say it doesn't happen, but it's dangerous and you won't like the results if you muck it up. Whatever Booster's talking about sounds like it's similar, but different enough that it's probably a bit safer." The god wolf shrugs, smiles and waits for the pizza, still watching Kara to make sure everything's okay. "Feeling a bit better now Booster?"

"I feel awesome," Booster concedes, looking cheerful. "Without that injury distracting me, I can focus on figuring out where, what, and how of those temporal doom vortexes that have been cropping up before they shred and devour this reality and everything adjacent to it." He looks more serious, then, as he quietly explains, "Because that would totally suck."

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