The new Knights

March 13, 2015: Diana makes Steve an offer that humbles him.

The Hall of Justice

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After incident in Russia, Diana did not have to be told to know, to trust her insight, warning signs - the gut feeling a warrior gets when they know the first wave has passed and the next get worse. This had been put off, for what reason was only in hopes that the old team would come back, Clark would not be off in travels and Batman would open his eyes beyond Gotham.

Diana also needs to know when to let go.

As Kate said, this is a new team; though the argument of structures is moot. There is no other Hall of Justice, no better place, built of history and other fallen heroes because they /believed/.

This is why Diana put out the call for people to come here after the fallen village. Not only to get them all together and speak to them in a place of past, but let them know she wanted them to move forward as well. You know what they say about best laid plans. One specific though she calls on, Diana standing in the renown regalia, black and silver boots, spired up and over knees, thighs left visible until the spangled bottoms span across hips, interrupted by the red bodice of reinforced and hardened material, the silver hawk spanning up and over the top lining, alloy'd wingspan arching out and back where behind the top is held closed by lacing, a book open beside her on the table, but nearest is a small box.

Diana most likely hears his footsteps long before the final pair arrive in the room at the Hall of Justice. A motorcycle ride from New York City to Fairfax, Virginia at about 3 in the morning. A drive back up to the Triskelion to but the screws to Fury about the Level 10 project Howard Stark won't tell him about. Then aboard a Quinjet and back to Metropolis.

He's been a man on a manic mission over the past few days, pulled in so many ways he's torn slightly at the seams. Still, as he looks to her with a nod, unfastened helmet in his hand, his voice doesn't seem any different than normal.

"Hi, Diana. I got your message. Thought I'd come right away."

Research. Books piled behind her, a laptop, and for the part of her that stayed archaic, a notebook and pen. Diana is doing research, using the library and interface the Watchtower provides to look up some things others would kill or die to get their hands on or even /know/. But it seems what has occurred, she will need Hal more then what sleepless nights can provide in research and her eternal quest for knowledge vastly beyond this planet.

When Steve enters and approaches though, any sign of exhaustion leaves and she gathers up the metallic box - resembling a childs music box, but the old JLA stamp upon its surface, her hand resting almost lovingly upon the top while the other rests beneath it, only departing to extend a hand in greeting to him. "I did not mean to pull you from you much needed duties, but I have an offer I want to extend to you, as I know no other that I have worked beside and seen, more deserving."

The table stretched behind her is where those of the team has once sat. Chairs that have sat empty when duties have called, and now because separate lives go different ways. "I am sure you are not ifnorant of the history of this team, my mother even fought for it and believed in it… Beside men when it was a strict taboo," A small smile, though weary for other places. "Things change, and things are occuring telling is we need to move again."

A pen and a piece of paper is the sort of technology that suits Steve just fine. There's something comforting about Diana—she's timeless, but also familiar. He takes her hand and shakes it, looking around the place. "S'a lot of books, Diana," he says as he looks out over his right shoulder.

Steve nods to her, "I know enough to be dangerous, I suppose. I haven't researched it really, but I think everyone in this business has or should have a general knowledge of it." He pauses, "How are you thinking of changing it?"

Before she answers he tilts his head to the side, "How is your ma? You mind telling her Steve says 'hi' if you get the chance?"

When the shake of familiarity and comraderie is released her hand rests back upon the box, cerulean eyes laying there where fingers part over the engraved letters beneath, pads brushing over them as if in braille. Diana has the knowledge of the time past, her mother tol her when she was a 'child' of the heroes she fought with, of the men and women who stood at her side and took great lengths and sacrificed everything to keep this one place safe. How could she not perform her one untmate deception to take her mothers place?

"She is with the Gods." Diana states, the straightening of her spine shows the pride in saying that though sorrow does touch her eyes. Even though Hippolyta is trapped in stone Diana will not think of her unmoving in her after life. "But I will tell her."

The pause is not too long, but enough to draw a deep inhale and push outward of breath. "I heard that a wise man once said: When the mob and the press and the whole world tell you to move, your job is to plant yourself like a tree by the river of truth, and tell the whole world "No, You Move."" Smiling Diana holds the metal forged box to Steve, closing space between them, that lasso brushing against outer thigh ever casting its low glow.

"There is no other I could think of more deserving. You are this country's hope, cure, and reinforcement and have been. I would be honered to have you at this table as Council."

When Steve takes the box and opens it inside is a buckle as well as the new comm devices, but this medal to wear is personalized for him, bearing a mixed effigy of his old shield and new - Stars and Stripes, and outlined as well as slightly lifted the new initials of the JL:A.

"Diana," Steve says, looking shocked. Hippolyta was a friend and that part hurt him as he heard the news from Diana. He also didn't want to offend her daughter. "I'm sorry, I didn't know."

Nevertheless, Steve takes the box and looks at it for a long moment before sliding his hand along the grooves of the box and opening it. "The Council?" His eyebrows flash upward and his eyes grow just a bit. "I'm honored. And I accept. To serve alongside yourself and the others will be a privilege."

"Do not apologize. You knew her in a manner she would prefer people to remember her. Very few left can say what you do and know what you do. I would only ask you tell me /your/ side of the stories." A flash of a smile from Diana to Steve and when he opens the box she allows him the moment in silence, though the ease of a smile upon her facade never leaves.

"You have served well, and I know you still do in other matters, but I feel some things will require the Justice League again, the Avengers anew. This team needs the Freedom that you represent, to remond the people that we wont let it be taken away. Ever." Diana pauses and shakes her head lightly while the smile falls to one uplifted corner of her lips. "I'm honored to have you here and finally get the chance to do things my mother would, to people she adored in her own way."

"Well I don't know," Steve says with a chuckle and grin as he looks down at the badge. "I don't know if your mother or I really thought our kids might have found out a lot of the things that went on over there. Suffice to say, your mother had a wonderful singing voice. And we came to know a tavern or two."

"Who are the others on the council?" Steve asks as he looks up towards Diana once more. He's removed the communicator and begins to fasten it; trying it on for size. "I don't know about you, but I'm of the mind that the sooner we get started, the better."

"I am not a woman of a soft stomach or feeble nerve, you can tell me more then the parts pleasing to the ear." Diana is laughing lightly as well though, the smile one that finally cracked through the weariness and the seriousness to cast a glow, underlying, but ever present, much like the Truth. "Did you also fight with a man named… Avenging Son.. Scion of the seas… " Brow furrow. "Namor. I find him worthy of unconciousness but he also fought."

When the other question is posed Diana looks down the length of the table. "Hawkeye is the other, he will bring his choice forward and then we all vote on one more for sake of ease in final decisions."

"Well, if you insist. Remind me sometime to discuss the matter of Les Etoiles. Or any number of stories really," Steve says as he returns Diana's smile. He continues to nod slowly, "I do know Namor. In fact, I very much wanted to visit him recently. A mutual friend of ours has returned but has been damaged. I thought Namor might want to help bring our friend back."

Steve nods at the plan, "Who else do you find has the skills for the position? You would know better than I do."

"I am sure we will have nights for stories, when we will want them or need them." Diana says that with that lingering warning, but it will all be discussed as soon as the diplomatic matters come to settle, as they are necessary - this team, is necessary. "I saw he partook with Arthur's return, and I did extend a hand to him. I feel you will be seeing him soon enough."

Pause comes when Steve asks about the third they would all have to vote on, a slow blink showing the thought that goes through her mind. "We need a presence knowing of other life outside of the realm of our own, one tried as much as those on current council. But who you choose is your decison without my opinion on the matter. If you like I can leave you feed on each candidate as well as files."

"Yeah, any information you could provide will be helpful. I think you're spot on about needing an additional bit of expertise, but I suppose it'll depend on who Hawkeye picks. I imagine he'll be smart with it. He seems like a sharp guy most of the time."

"As far as Namor, hopefully I'll see him soon. It's been a while. It'd be good for him to see Spitfire too."

Steve takes another breath, "Diana, thank you for this offer. Unfortunately, I need to be off again with a case I'm working on for SHIELD. Is this thing—armed?" He asks, looking at the badge again. "By armed I mean, can you contact me or do I need to set this up. Still getting used to technology."

"It is all set up for you by our team. Nothing further that you need to do." Diana smirks knowingly, her own having to be pre-programmed and set up for her but in seeing how it was done she went ahead and did so for Steve. She may be set in old ways and prefer them, but it does not mean she does not want to learn… Okay, sometimes.

"I understand, Steve. Completely. Those duties and you, are why I extended this offer. Not to take you from them. Be well."

"Thank you, Diana," Steve says as he reaches to shake her hand once more. He doesn't need to be shown out, he knows the way to the helipad and to his Quinjet.

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