Kobiyashi Maru

March 13th, 2015: Rachel & Scott head into the Danger Zone to discuss recent events and Scott is given a chance to experience a Danger Room simulation put together by Rachel about her own future. Lorna, Rachel, Lunair and Nate also meet to discuss some things. Lorna makes herself a new helmet.

Danger Zone, Xavier Institute

The Danger Zone at the X-Men HQ.



  • Computer Simulations of Various X-Men

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Rachel was standing outside of the Danger Room, nobody else in the area; she had purposely wanted some time with her father alone, without anyone else around, it was an opportunity that had been hard for her to find.

«Dad, when you're free, meet me at the Danger Room please.» There was an urgency to her telepathic summons, but it wasn't dire; just anxious.

Ironically, Scott had full intention to go to the Danger Room. He's made some minor modifications to his visor in preparation for his first training operation with Quicksilver. It doesn't take him long to show up, and when he does, he's fully decked out in his black uniform with blue trim, visor in place.

"Hey, Rachel," he says. "I was on my way here. You sure there isn't a bit of precog going on in that telepathic brain of yours?"

A black uniform with gold trim is worn by Rachel, a tough decision but one that seemed necessary to her given the changes occurring at the Institute and within the X-Men itself. The young woman can't help but grin at the sight of her father, she was always happy to see him.

"You never know Dad." She winks a little, it's possible she knew he was planning to come here but she would never say.

Rachel begins to key some info into the danger room computer before inserting her own USB Drive, "Your speech was inspiring, it's just what we all needed."

The Danger Room begins configuring as she dials it up to maximum intensity, this wasn't going to be an ordinary training exercise. A soft sigh as she looks over to her dad and examines the visor, "I really miss seeing your eyes."

Scott can see that whatever Rachel is programming into the Danger Room is clearly her own private simulation.

Delivering the speech was difficult. Following a grin and an arched eyebrow at her first response, Rachel gets a thinly pressed half smile. "I hope it was," he says quietly. "We have the potential to crush an enemy. That isn't always the answer. Especially when many of us pay our taxes to that would-be enemy."

Scott steps into the training room, moving his head around a bit. "Who knows. Reed says the damage is irreparable, but you and I both know that nothing's impossible." Following an inspection of the simulation forming, he turns to look at Rachel with a consistorial expression. "Your own programming?"

As Rachel programs the simulation down to exacting details, all from memory she speaks in response to his question, "Yep. The sim I'm setting up for us, it's very personal. I'm showing it to you, because I want you to understand how terrible the future can become if we don't prevent it."

The young woman pauses a moment, tapping a few more keys on the computer before the simulation begins initializing; seemingly straining even the Danger Room computer a bit.

"I've never really told you or the other X-Men much about the future because I don't like to talk about it. I wasn't just randomly thrown through time and space like Cable or Nate. I was sent here Dad, to PREVENT the future from ever occurring."

After recent events, she felt the need to share with Scott, "Everything we're seeing now. This is what we're supposed to stop, I've seen the Centurions before when they're far more advanced. The entire X-Men team wouldn't stand a chance against what that program becomes."

Quietly watching, Scott considers the change in Rachel's demeanor as she works the computer and shares her motive. It strikes him for a moment; this is more personal to him than it would be for anyone else, save Jean. "Who sent you back?" he asks quietly, a minor question in the grand scheme of things. Her presence here has already changed their future. To what, remains to be seen.

Rachel would have loved to tell Scott it was him who sent her back and that this was all his mastermind plan in the future, but he was dead in the future. There was no more Scott Summers, she hid her sadness well as she looked at her Father, "The surviving X-Men made a deal with something known as the Phoenix to bring me back here."

She ponders the best way to summarise things, "When I first arrived, she was still with me. I mentioned to you before, something from my future pursued me here and that's why I had to leave."

She had glossed over the major details when she had mentioned this to Scott before, "When Cable rescued me, it was the Phoenix who brought him there. The Phoenix was being stripped from me but she was still able to make sure Cable and I returned here, to the present so we could PREVENT the horrible future I'm about to show you from ever occurring."

Compared to what Calvin and her had discussed, this was the Cole's notes version and she definitely felt it was better for her father that way.

"The Phoenix." Scott mulls over the name for a moment, before looking out from the control room and into the Danger Room proper. He can tell that there may be some missing details; the issue is not pressed.

Instead, Scott leads the way, departing from the control room and stepping into the Danger Room itself. He takes a deep, steadying breath, willing his anxiety away as he's done so many times, before raising his voice. "Danger Room, Cyclops. Authorization 169-Alpha."

"Welcome, Cyclops."

"Enable simulation in active memory."

Rachel enters behind Scott and due to the simulation protocols they both find themselves with slightly futuristic assault rifles; something Rachel might have to look into getting fabricated for the present day X-Men if it was even possible given they were only programmed on a rough idea rather than specifications.

The Danger Room turns into a vast wasteland of ruins, Scott might recognize some monuments from Washington D.C. demolished in the distance. At present Rachel and Scott were moving through the ruins of the White House lawn; the once impressive structure little more than a blasted ruin.

She points to the White House as they walk by, "After the Sentinels were first unleashed, there was retaliation. Nobody knew if it made things worse or things had already gotten as bad as they could."

Scott can see another team of X-Men moving ahead, all of them simulations but he likely recognized at least a few of them potentially and all of them were carrying weapons. They looked like resistance fighters, more than superheroes.

"You won't be able to use your powers when they come." She points to the safety on his rifle just in case, "Dad, you know how to use a gun right?"

When the rifle materializes in his hands, Scott looks down to it with a raised eyebrow. "Talk about…"

Words are cut off when the landscape materializes. "… hardware." He looks about, mouth opening until he absorbs the visage with slack jawed horror. "Rachel…" It takes a moment to look away from the partially standing Washington Monument, visor falling upon his daughter. What ever he may have been about to say, the words are caught up.

Turning to look at the once grand building, Scott frowns. "So, mutants fought back by striking for the top," he mutters. The X-Men sims are noticed, a deep breath taken as he counts their numbers and identifies some of the heads; but then, he darts his head back to Rachel with a deeper frown. "Inhibiting capabilities?" he asks, before inspecting the weapon, looking at its controls. The pull of what would be a cocking mechanism charges the gun. "Crack shot."

Rats scurry around the ground, picking through trash heaps and fires can be seen burning farther into the city; it's like hell on Earth and potentially one of the worst sights that Scott has ever witnessed.

Rachel smiles when her father shows he knows how to handle a weapon, "Yes and with the inhibitors? They don't need to be that powerful. They stopped making the advanced models years ago by this time, there was no more need. The Sentinels rule over North America, contact was lost with Europe 8 years ago."

For Rachel, this was like reliving a memory and she did it frequently to remind her of the danger that was to come and the losses she would see again.

The trip takes some time before the X-Men come across a manhole and begin to move down it.

A helicopter can be heard buzzing in the sky and a mutant Scott recognizes as Storm says to the others, "Go, I'll hold them off for as long as I can." Storm can be seen streaking off into the sky.

Rachel grabs Scott by the arm and says, "Hurry, we've been spotted!" She practically shoves him down the manhole.

"Jesus." Scott murmurs the oath under his breath as the tale plays out, as the rate scurry, as his eyes capture more of the apocalyptic landscape. "If only there was some way to show this to our leaders. They'd probably laugh." A darker, more sardonic note, "or recommend us for a Tony."

Scott looks over to Storm, frowning. He realizes that it's a simulation, but she looks so different. Older, weathered, tired and scarred from battle. It takes Rachel's shove to move him toward the manhole, though he fights her for a moment. All it would take is a squeeze of his fingers to open the visor and bring that helicopter down.

Which would be like painting a red line to their location.

Gasping, Cyclops disengages and jumps into the manhole, going down the ladder three by three, gloves keeping him from falling too quickly as they hold the rungs with practiced ease.

"Do we know where this goes?" he asks, though there is worry in his voice for Storm.

The sewer is not pleasant, up above the sounds of explosions can be heard. There was more than a helicopter up there now, Scott heard very loud weapons fire along with a thunderstorm.

Then silence.

Magneto, looking much older but very much a part of the team gives Scott an odd look, he wasn't programmed to respond to him but he did none-the-less, "We're going down old friend."

That might have been another shock to Scott. Magneto. Fighting side by side with the X-Men.

Another Mutant, that Scott vaguely recognizes begins to open up a portal that leads into what appears to be a clean manufacturing facility, "Hurry, I can't keep this open forever!"

Already Scott could feel it, the weakening of his powers as whatever was above grew near. A large chunk of the road above was torn away and a menacing humanoid robot was staring at them from above.

Rachel turned to fire a few shots from her rifle, hitting the thing directly in the neck; sparks and explosions giving away as the head fell down.

Wolverine could be seen leaping up into combat along with another X-Man, two more sacrifices.

An atomic device was taken into the portal by Magneto and the others before Rachel grabbed Scott by the shoulder, "We're heading for the Sentinel's Headquarters. In, now!"

The noise tells a myriad of stories. The possibility that simulated-Storm may have just met a horrible end has Scott maintaining his frown. Yes, it was a simulation, but it was based on Rachel's memories; of events that likely happened in her history.

Magneto gets an odd look from Cyclops when he's addressed. He was under the impression that, in some potential futures, perhaps even his own future, Magneto became an ally. He knows that Erik and Charles were once very close friends. His grimace is stifled, for he's not entirely sure how to respond to the simulation.

"I can see that," he murmurs.

No thanks to you, is thought, but Scott keeps it to himself. Perhaps Magneto should be made witness to this; it may help the man to realize that his cause is destined to fail.

Scott flinches when the heavy weapon in Rachel's hand is discharged. He backs away a bit, looking on as Logan and another figure he doesn't recognize go after the Sentinel. Logan gets a lingering look; the man does, indeed, fight by their side. Maybe Scott needs to stop giving the runt such a hard time.

Maybe Logan needs to stay away from his girl.

It's a slew of thoughts, all coming at him at once; all happening as he can feel the red energy sapping from his eyes. Rachel once again brings him back to the moment, and at her bidding, he leaps through the portal, grabbing hold of her arm as he goes.

Once the group, now half their number is through the portal. Scott finds himself in a large facility, it's clearly underground based on the response they were going down.

Machinery hums and whirs as humanoid machines of all sizes and shapes are created in a constantly assembly line.

Red Alarms begin to sound throughout the facility, blaring loudly as sirens flash.

"Intruders detected in core facility. Lethal response measures activated."

What seemed like an untold number of 'Sentinels', unrecognizable from the things that Calvin had programmed into his danger room simulations descended upon the X-Men to attack.

Even the half-completed models were moving off their assembly lines to join the fight.

With the intensity of the Danger Room simulation, it would truly be a life or death fight.

"C'mon! Do ye want to live forever?" An Irish mutant screamed as he fired shot after shot into the approaching Sentinels.

Magneto and the other Mutants were fighting a retreat towards what appeared to be a control room. Then Magneto was down.

Rachel had almost lost herself in the simulation, fighting alongside the others; determined in some way to change the events of this day even in the simulation.

She had almost forgotten about Scott, hopefully he could manage.

Once inside the facility, the reality of the simulation starts to overwhelm Scott. He can feel the burn having dissipated; the visor comes off, and the hardlight simulation goes so far as to nullify his optic blasts by bending the light around Rachel. The only visible effect of this will be that, should she look him directly in the eyes, she will instead see a blurred reconstruction of his face as the light is bend around her.

To Scott, it has the effect of clearing his vision somewhat. Raising the rifle, he begins firing, working in expert tandem with the X-Men who remain. It would seem that his strategies and tactics have survived long into this dark future; an echo of his imprint upon the X-Men of the future.

Still, the fighting gets close. At one point, one of the Sentinels, though half-formed, gets close enough to give him a good punch. Cyclops goes flying across the room, bashing through a catwalk and cracking the back of his neck against one of the prone machine bodies. "Urgh!" he grunts; a majority of the impact was absorbed by his uniform, but he's going to need medical treatment after that one.

"REGROUP!" he calls out to the others, his yell firm, loud, and commanding. "DON'T LET THEM TOUCH YOU!"

Another grimace has him bending over Magneto, checking for a pulse. There is none. Another *blam* of energy tears through an approaching Sentinel, before he finds himself alongside Roberto. "Come on, Sunspot," he says, grasping the injured mutant to help him along.

Rachel is by the entrance to the Control Room holding off the attacking sentinels, the young woman fighting for her life. She knew what was coming though and it gave her an advantage; she would not have trusted anyone but Scott to fight inside of this simulation due to the lethality.

"We're good to go!" The young woman who had teleported them in called out.

The atomic device had been activated.

Out of nowhere a machine resembling a highly advanced Centurion phased into existence. The pair of Xers standing by the atomic device had been killed in moments with a series of elongated arms that morphed into spikes.

The surviving Xers seem to respond to the commands of Scott, the danger room adjusting the parameters to accommodate. With his leadership, things seem to turn around and the 'Centurion' unit is almost seemingly pushed back.

Rachel opened fire at the monstrosity as it engulfed the atomic device with its arms, screaming, "NOOOO!!!" As the thing absorbed the bomb fully.

In an instant, their last ditch assault had failed.

Sentinels were surrounding Scott and Berto, about to overwhelm them; there was no end to their numbers or strength. They were unrelenting and they were Legion. This was the end.

She had never programmed what came next in the event of failure, the mystery of how she managed to survive that day for her alone, "End Simulation Immediately!" The words are screamed hoarsely from her throat.

She walks over to her father and offers him a hand, "You trained us all until your last breath Dad. None of us ever forgot your teachings."

"I don't want anyone else to have to live through that nightmare or anything close to it. Every night since I came back, I run this simulation and I can never beat it."

"Sunspot, Iceman, hit the legs." Scott gestures toward two of the unfamiliar ones, who happen to be Bishop and a mutant known as Tracer. "You two, with me. Aim for the eyes!"

They press their advantage until Roberto and Scott stand back to back upon the shattered remains of Bobby's frozen body, to have the simulation ended before the end hits them. When it all fades, he quickly closes his eyes, pulling the visor and hood back over his face before he can damage something. His chest heaves; a bit of blood trickles down his neck, which he stops by pressing a glove against the back of his head.

He turns to look at Rachel; the frown seems to be permanently etched onto his face. "I want the simulation programmed to cut off before any serious injuries can be sustained," he tells her. "I want the simulation to automatically cut off before that can happen. And I want every team member to go through this scenario, at least twice." His tone is harsh and dutiful, for what he's just witnessed is the no-win scenario, and it's something everyone should experience.

It would seem that Cyclops has just discovered the X-Men's Kobiyashi Maru.

Rachel is still trying to recover from the sight of so many of her friends perishing once again and it takes her a moment to get herself back into the present. The loss of Bobby seemed particularly troubling to her.

A nod is given to Scott as she tries to catch her breath, "I'll get on it and I'll setup training sessions with the parameters you've asked me to." With everything she had faced in the past, that simulation was still the most intense situation she had ever been in; there was a reason she was battle hardened beyond most of the X-Men except Cable.

Rachel exits the danger room and picks up a little USB stick that was sitting on the desk, "This is a copy of that simulation, for you. Also, there's information about an investigation I've been working on, it involves the girl we I brought in a few nights ago. Apparently, a group called Hydra is experimenting on mutants, trying to fuse them with magical energy. It's bad news. I helped take down a lab in Gotham and in New York in secret."

She grins a little now, "After your inspirational speech, some of us have been talking about the state of Gold Team and we'd like to do something about it. As much as I want to go on missions with you and Uncle Alex all the time, the Gold Team is where I belong. Calvin's returning and him and I have talked about training the team. I've got other X-Men who are willing to join the team as well. You have a big group with the Blue Team to focus on; they're going to need you. Give me a chance to lead the Gold Team since Kurt's gone AWOL, I won't let you down. You and I both know I can do this." She noted the frown. No wonder the others had been discussing her dads perma-scowl.

The demand was not an easy one to make. Scott knows that this type of scenario is far beyond what most of the X-Men have ever experienced or trained for, save perhaps Calvin's top setting.

"Everyone needs to know exactly what may be asked of them if they plan to be a part of this," he explains, before accepting the USB stick. Rachel gets a heavy look, for he understands why she is giving it to him. Backup, in case the worst happens. He wants to hug her now, but he withholds for the moment, instead listening to her request.

"I'll need to consult Hank and Jean," he explains. "They are senior members of the team, and their input is valuable to me, to everyone. However, I'm sure they'll be willing to hear me out, and after they witness this scenario…" Well. He's not going to make any commitments, not yet at least.

Instead, he tucks the USB away into a pouch on his uniform, before letting out a deep sigh. He takes Rachel into a long hug; near the end of it he murmurs an empathetic apology.

"I'm sorry."

She will surely understand what he's really apologizing for. That she went through it.

That he wasn't there.

Rachel understood what the apology is for, she returned the hug fiercely kissing him on the cheek, "Don't be. If we succeed, none of that will ever happen." She couldn't let that future ever come to pass, no member of the X-Men could.

"I'll start organizing training sessions and setup the basic parameters of the scenario. I don't think many of the X-Men have faced anything quite so futile yet, it will be a good experience for all of them. Including the weapons training."

Rachel let go of her father, a forlorn stare towards the Danger Room, "Thanks Dad. I'm going to start setting up the simulation and talk to Lorna and Nate about Gold, given the mission parameters you've set. It's going to need powerful members one way or the other."

Scott smiles at last, holding Rachel for a moment longer before pulling away; this time, he keeps both hands on her shoulder, regardless of the blood stain it will leave upon one. "The no win scenario is something I fear every soldier must face. Much as I don't want us to be at war, we… all need to be ready for it."

An approving look is given before he pulls away, bringing his hand back to the rear of his neck. An eyebrow rises and he murmurs, "Off to the medical bay…"

Rachel waved to Scott when he left, "See ya Dad." She sits down in front of a computer outside of the danger room.

She had sent out messages, via phone or telepathy; whichever was most convenient asking if Lorna, Lunair and Nate would come talk with her downstairs.

There was definitely more than one reason and when you arrive, you find her working tirelessly on a computer setting up a simulation. When someone enters she grumbles, "I wish Kitty or Doug was here."

Nate comes soon enough, which means he was already in the X-Men complex. Since the battle at the base the other day he has been around much more often, hinting that the stuff that keeps him away from the grounds is not anything important but the fact New York is just more interesting than Westchester.

Not that he was deceiving anyone before.

"Hey Ray, you called? Oh, are you working in the Sentinel sims too? I have still to see them in action."

So many family peeps. And Lunair is wandering around wearing a tinfoil hat, dragging a bucket of ocean salt for Pinchbro's tank. She has Sir Philbert von Cheepington on her shoulder, and a bag of what looks to be totally rad crab pad decor with her. But she'll get the message one way or another. She also has some textbooks in her bag. Apparently Lunair is pretty hard working off on her own.

Hnnnnnnngh. Drag. Move. Drag. And then she pauses. "Oh hi!" Wave. "This is the place?" Peerpeer. "Um. Is that blood on your shoulder?" Or are you just happy to - no, that's a terrible joke.

Rachel's telepathic summons is unexpected, but Lorna's willing enough to answer it. Her only hesitation? Rachel wants to meet downstairs, in the Danger Room, and Lorna's not sure if she should dress the part. With a shrug she decides not to change, assuming a little hopefully that Rachel will give her some warning before she needs to get her hands dirty.

She's still the last one to arrive, and as she nods a greeting to Nate and Lunair she privately decides it was a good idea not to stop off for coffee on the way. "Sorry I'm late." She directs toward Rachel.

Rachel turns in the chair to greet the three, smiling at each of them in turn, "Hey, thanks for coming on such short notice. I sensed you were all possibly in the area." Telepathic abilities were very handy to have.

"Not exactly working on Sentinel Sims but something close, something Dad." She corrects for others, "Cyclops wants to make sure everyone gets a chance to experience." Although it wouldn't be with the full lethality settings, that would probably kill most of the X-Men currently at the institute.

The comment of blood gets raised eyebrows before she grins at Lorna, "You're right on time. Nice to see you again Lorna."

The simulation is left alone for now, she didn't want to spoil the surprise for anyone later, "So I know you all heard Dad's speech, about us getting our stuff together and preparing for the future. I'm not sure if any of you had put thought to it, but I'd like you all to consider joining Gold Team."

She laughs and shakes her head, hands on her hips, "Let me correct myself, I'm not letting any of you leave this room until you join." She's clearly kidding, "On a serious note though, you're all perfect for it especially given the missions it's going to be intended for."

Nate leans against the wall and looks curious to Lorna. New face for him. "I don't know. I don't care which team I am, really. Are you going Gold? I thought Scott led the Blue team." He doesn't know anyone in Gold, though. Maybe Ms. Green hair here is one.

He reaches for Lunair's tinfoil hat and stares. Does he even want to know this time?

Oooh yeah. The speech. Fidget. Lunair has a problem with showing emotion when not really working on it, so she has a blank, sort of cold, distant look. There's a polite smile for the others and in turn as she's smiled at. There's owlish blinks at mention of a Team. Headtilt. Hmmm. "I can at least but listen," Lunair offers. Philbert cheeps and snags a bug out of the air. Organic pest control!

Then, Nate reaches for her hat and stares. "… what?" Hasn't he heard of a tinfoil hat? Gosh. Lunair does at least take it off. "I thought - yeah," She nods at Nate. "I'm sort of in a weird place in life," She admits. "So I've been thinking a lot. When I'm not running away from Nazi speedsters, anyway."

Green eyebrows rise a bit at 'something close', Lorna's eyes moving past Rachel as if a glance at the console would give her a clue, her curiosity piqued… at least until the redhead slips, and mentions 'dad'. That gets a smile and a slight shake of Lorna's head. It doesn't matter how many times she hears it, or how often she encounters Rachel, Scott Summers with a grown daughter is still an odd development. "You too." She replies to Rachel's greeting. "You still owe me coffee." She helpfully puts in, sounding amused.

Looking around, as if she can feel Nate's eyes on her, Lorna returns his look and gives a little 'I don't know what this is all about either' shrug. They've met, but since they didn't exactly get the chance to chat in the midst of a Summers reunion, Nate's still an unknown quantity for her. Lunair gets a quick smile, and Lorna politely doesn't even mention the tinfoil hat.

Returning her attention to Rachel as the redhead gets right down to business, and her mock-threat draws a snort of laughter from Lorna. "Nice sales pitch." She tells her, but there's interest in her eyes. "You've got this all planned out already then?"

"Dad does lead blue team." Rachel replies to Nate.

"Gold team has been without a leader since Kurt went AWOL and it's probably why the team is almost non-existent as of this point." Lunair and her menagerie of pets get a smile, the girl would need to be toughened up.

Leaning against the computer desk, she replies to Lorna and Nate's question at the same time, "I've spoken with Calvin and we've both rejoined Gold Team and I've also offered to lead the team, provided they don't have a better candidate in mind. Either way, Gold is going to need powerful members on the team. People like all of you." Yes that included Lunair, god she was going to be useful!

Nate hrms at the news Kurt is missing. Still he has to think only a few seconds. "Of course I'll join your team. Although if both teams are based in Xavier's place I can see most times we are gonna work together. But that is fine," since he is almost sure Rose is going to join Blue, she is well-suited for a more secretive team.

As for the tinfoil hats, he puts it back on Luna's head. "If it helps you thinking… sorry to tell you but I doubt it will work against alien mind-control rays. It does nothing to teeps, either."

Alas. Lunair laughs. "Oh." Dang. She shrugs, smiles and takes it off. Lunair has a sense of humor. "I'm honestly used to surprising people and working quietly. Or being the giant, explosive distraction," She admits. She can pop out like an angry weasel. Kablam! goes the weasel?

"I usually just followed your dad around. I really don't know." Lunair is apparently the giant piece of driftwood in the X-team who emerges periodically to be useful. She really is a lot like Logan, except without the stocks in Nair. "Um. Wait, are we public?" Erhm. "I have a small… Nazi problem and uh." Lunair is a quiet lurker, really. She's also not exactly what one generally considers a classic hero, unless one considers bringing beefcake and joy to the land heroic. She smiles back to Lorna. "I think she does, but I don't have brain powers. I have to bend my spoons by hand." It's true.

Unique sales pitch aside, it becomes immediately clear to Lorna that Rachel's absolutely serious. Shifting her weight to one hip, Lorna folds her arms, a pensive expression coming over her features. Her return to the X-Men has hardly been an unqualified success so far, but she knows that she can't just lurk around the mansion indefinitely. She needs to make a commitment… and at least they don't want to put HER in charge of anything, she silently notes with a mental smirk at that idea.

Distracted by considering her options, Lorna looks up curiously when Nate speaks up, filing him away in her mind as the leap before you look type based on just how quickly he agrees… until she remembers the familial connection. Lorna amuses herself for a moment by wondering if saying no was ever an option for him.

And then there's Lunair, who's smiling at her. "Spoon bending IS something I can do." Lorna confirms, before adding, "But I've seen you in action, remember. And hey, if we're doing this right, your Nazi problems are our Nazi problems… right?" She glances across to Rachel as she says it, making it a question. "And what I mean by that is, if someone claiming to be my sister tries to drag me off to the Savage Land again, you'd all better come and get me." She adopts an 'I'm completely serious' look for emphasis, before relaxing into a smile. "So I guess I'm in."

"Gold is public in that it exists officially, nothing else. It's not like Red Team where the whole world knows their identities, it's more like a team that can be expected to show ourselves when the really bad things happen but never out of disguise. Also we're there to take the heat off the Blues." Rachel honestly wasn't entirely sure on the distinction there as Scott hadn't been entirely clear after his recent announcement.

Rachel looked to Lunair and shook her head, "You can do so much more though. If I understand, you can literally make any kind of weapon." She pauses, the next bit might be a shocker to Lunair, "You've been wasting your time with silly weapons that don't really do much useful when we could be focussing you towards so much more potential. The codename Armory could be something respected and looked up to."

Rachel smiles at Lorna's response, "Of course, Nazis or Savage Land Barbarians, we'd deal with those problems together as a team."

"Welcome to Gold Team then Nate & Lorna."

Nate is not sure what is the difference. It is not as they are on the phone book for the police to call, are they? Oh. Maybe they are, he didn't ask. But that is okay for him. He is of the kind that leaps before looking. At least when Rachel asks him.

"Guess all muties have a nazi problem, Luna. How many times has Hydra tried to kill us all the past six months? Xavier's is pretty safe, though. And also quite well-hidden."

This is where Lunair's intense amount of secret keeping works against her. Really. She looks pained. She's been fighting for years! Philbert kind of sidles over towards Lorna, cheeping. "We would," Lunair nods. Lorna's sister was very friendly. Always trying to introduce foreign objects to people… "You realize I do the silly weapons because Scott frowns a lot when I kill people, right?" Headtilt. "I kind of like being unknown…" It means less people trying to vivisect you. Also makes hitman jobs easier but she is TOTALLY not thinking that. No siree. "Uhm. I guess - so? If that's okay? I'm usually off working for the government and stuff." She rubs the back of her head. She does her own thing. A nod at Nate. "They want me alive." Shiver. Creepy Nazi grandpa. Doubleshiver.

Lorna nods in slightly exaggerated satisfaction, as if the condition she set had really been a deal-breaker for joining the team, and shoots a quick smile at Lunair. See? We've got your back… and it doesn't hurt that Lorna already owes her more than one for helping her out the LAST time she ended up in the Savage Land.

"We might have one problem." Lorna says, deadpan, as she looks back at Rachel again. "I have green hair and exactly the same powers as…" and Lorna deliberately inverts Rachel's slip from before. "…MY dad. Magneto." She's clearly not as casual about that connection as Rachel was about Scott. Lorna unfolds her arms and runs a hand back through said green hair, not entirely able to hide a hint of agitation. "Whatever you have in mind, it'd better involve a really GOOD disguise, or I could be a serious PR problem."

"I've been looking into the Hydra issue on my own, they're kidnapping mutants and trying to experiment on them to infuse them with magic. It's not been pleasant, not at all." Rachel shivered a little at the thought; mutant experimentation gave her the creeps.

"Of course it's ok Lunair, we need to have lives outside of being X-Men. No life is what the Blue Team is for." It was a half joke, since many of them also worked here at the Institute and would operate secretly as X-Men.

"The hair. Right." Rachel thinks and makes possibly one of the worst or best jokes ever considering who Lorna's father was, "How about a helmet?"

Nate gives Lunair a sharp glance. Hit jobs, uh? Maybe something they should talk about later. Train of thought completely derailed by Lorna's saying she is Magneto's daughter. Waitwhat? He stares at the green haired woman for a few seconds. "Uh? You don't look much like him. Green hair is cool, but dye it if you think it matters, I guess."

Lunair blinks at Nate, looking confused. Waitaminute, why is he? There's a creeping worry. Is her fly down? Better check. Confusion ensues. "Green hair IS co— wait, he has green hair?" Suddenly, Lunair is mentally reconciling chicken soup making Magneto with some sort of wild, punk rock Magneto. One can almost *hear* the neurons going *spoink*. "I think it's a bit more than the hair…" She points outquietly. "It might be fun to create an alternate persona, I guess. I don't know. Also, they uh. Experimented - and kinda created me soooooooo technically it's a lost property retrieval but I really don't wanna think about it."

Immediately after it's out of her mouth, Lorna regrets mentioning Magneto, and considering the dark turn the conversation had taken, with mention of Hydra and mutant experimentation, the light manner she brought up her unique problem feels out of place. Still, there's nothing she can do about it now - making people forget what she just said isn't one of her tricks. "Thanks." She tells Nate, since she's happy NOT to look like Magneto, and almost despite herself, Lunair's reaction draws another smile from Lorna. "Maybe he had green hair when he was younger, don't ask me." Lorna says with a shrug. Somehow she thinks… not. And besides, what Lunair's saying is a lot more important than hair colour. "Hey. Lunair. You're no-one's property but your own, but that's all I'm going to say." She respects a desire not to talk about something like that, but that much she had to say.

Lorna looks around sharply as Rachel… innocently? No, Lorna doesn't believe that… makes her suggestion. With an effort, Lorna keeps her expression neutral, though she knows she's not fooling the telepaths. "Really? A helmet?" She asks, and waves a hand toward the chair Rachel was using before - which rises off the ground, bending and twisting as she shapes it with her magnetic powers until it's an exactly replica of Magneto's iconic helmet - only in her size, and signature green. She settles it on her head, and asks, "What do you think?" And then, only then, does she laugh.

Like Nate, Rachel tends to read the surface thoughts of others (Always appreciate thoughts in poses, thank you); but she wasn't too judgemental about what people did. How could Rachel be with all she had done.

To Lunair she smiles, "Take your time Armory, if you want to be one of us, the spot is always open."

Magneto was never a 'villain' to her like some of the other X-Men considered him. He had been a hero to her and of course, fighting side by side with his daughter was an honor.

When Lorna creates herself a helmet, a singular excited cry erupts from her lips, "YES!" This is why Lorna was amazing, "I'm not sure if you're serious or not, but it's a good look on you Polaris." Codename used!

Nate doesn't usually read the minds of his friends, but if any minds is very close and thinking loudly, he catches stray thoughts. Tinfoil doesn't help! His mind-shields are just not that great.

Polaris hat trick makes him wince. The Magneto in his world was also a hero. But he was an exception and the one that is Lorna's father seems quite the super-villain. On the other hand. "You know, I think you can do anything you want. If they are going to judge you due to how is your dad, screw them." Nate is not big on diplomacy.

Lunair is so going to get used to all these thought readers. One day. Tinfoil or not. Lunair honestly mostly knows Magneto as the guy who gave her chicken soup, she has tea with in M-town and asked her to look after M-town. And that's why she often brings groceries to people in M-town. Even met a nice newt guy. Really friendly! But then she blinks at Polaris' helmet. "Neat! And it's hard to decide. I like most people I met," She admits. The world is her oyster. But she adores people, and there's the rub.

"You're Polaris, and I think you should wear or not wear whatever you wanna." But she does appreciate the principle behind it, too. "That's so cool. And thanks." Lunair doesn't seem to dig the whole people as property conversation, either. It's a cruel face of the whole supersoldier creation thing. No one wants that.

She looks to Nate. Waitaminute. Ooooh. To be fair, Lunair doesn't think loudly. She just doesn't notice surface thought readers. She does at least, take the tinfoil hat off and ball it up. Uh oh.

/YES?!/ That was categorically not the reaction that Lorna was expecting, and with dawning horror she realises that Rachel's serious, and thinks that the helmet should actually become part of her ensemble. "That's… actually quite worrying." Lorna tells the redhead. Maybe she and Magneto are more alike than she thought, if they suit the same headgear… she chases that thought away as evidence that she's massively over-thinking this whole thing, and with a bit of a chuckle reaches up to lift the helmet off her head again. She doesn't turn it back into a chair, though. She could… but instead it's tucked neatly beneath her arm, while she fluffs out her hair with her other hand to dispel any early-onset helmet hair. "I'll think about it."

Looking to the others to gauge their reaction, she catches Nate's wince, but while a quizzical look touches her features, she doesn't ask, in case she ends up having to apologise for something Magneto's done to him. "Yeah, I'll see how that goes." She tells him, a bit noncommittal. She's pretty sure that 'screw what other people think' was a big part of what got Magneto into so much trouble in the eyes of the world in the first place. Fortunately, Lunair's there to keep thinks light - and add another vote in favour of the helmet, which might or might not be a positive. "If you want one, let me know." She doesn't really think Lunair will want a tinfoil hat replacement, but you never know.

"So where do we start?" Is the simple question she directs to Rachel.

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