World On Fire: Accessing Level 10

March 14, 2015: Simmons briefs May on her discussion with Howard Stark

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The meeting with Howard Stark went about how Simmons expected to, with the exception of the question Agent Pezzini had dropped on Howard about Captain Rogers. Texting Agent May on her way back with the two Agents, Simmons has asked for a meeting. May did say, after all, if she couldn't get the information from Howard to let her know.

Simmons is just entering the R&D lab now, placing her field bag on the floor and shrugging into her lab coat.

Melinda May received Simmons' text message and acknowledged it, so when the biochemist returns to her lab, May is already there waiting for her. And sitting on the table next to her is a thermos and two empty ceramic mugs. Other than that, everything appears to be completely untouched.

Simmons smiles brightly at the thermos and mugs and slips into a chair at the table. "Thank you for meeting me Agent May, as I said in my text, I've just returned from meeting with Howard Stark. The man can be charming, but he was less than forthcoming." The biochem sighs "That might not be quite fair, he did share some information and the file is classified Level 10. But these anomalies are very serious and I… feel that more information is better when trying to work them out and stop them."

Melinda May waits for Jemma to sit, then does likewise and uncaps the thermos to pour two cups of hot tea. Smells like the stuff Natasha was drinking the other day. "How much was he willing to tell you?"

Simmons takes one of the cups and lets the aroma tickle her nose "Starks coffee was good, but this smells much better." Shaking her head, Simmons looks grim "Not a lot. Just that he and Agent Carter opened the file in 1948 in response to a string of missing persons. Turns out it was a localised disruptions in spacetime that sucked people in and the ectoplasm was the only evidence at the scene."

Sipping the tea, Simmons closes her eyes in pleasure and then opens them again, focussing on May "Agent Pezzini postulate some theories that had Mr Stark uncomfortable, when I pressed him, he shut me down, citing Level 10. The theories were mainly around someone experiementing in 1948 and trying again now…" pausing, she thinks some "because they would know when the portals opened in 1948 and could try and stabilise this end."

Shrugging, Simmons looks over to May "Basically, all I know now that I didn't, is that at the other end, the people arriving here are listed as missing persons."

Melinda May considers for a quiet moment. "We need the list of missing persons, and when they disappeared. It might be possible to use that data to extrapolate where the next incident will occur." She's quiet for a moment, making the decision internally that if Stark won't share the intel with her, then she'll go ask Fury to grant her access to the restricted file. Hopefully he'll say yes. In the meantime, though…

"So Pezzini went with you?"

Simmons bobs her head "I agree, Agent May. I've already requested access to that information. Mr Stark did say he would share what information he could from the file, after he's re-read it, but… I have to wait for that and I'm concerned we might not have time." or important information is missed.

At the question on Agent Pezzini, a look of annoyance and discomfit flits across her face. "Her and Agent Manning went. They are obviously good detectives." It's not that she's upset by that, just something… "I think Agent Pezzini and Captain Rogers might be an item. She asked Mr Stark how the news of Agent Carters watch might affect him." Clearly not something Simmons had expected to be raised in the meeting.

Melinda May's eyebrows draw together in a faint frown. She'd suspected as much previously, and it's not like Pezzini is fraternizing with a fellow recruit or an immediate superior, but if it made Jemma uncomfortable… "What else?" There has to be something else, because the scientist isn't usually this unsettled.

Sighing "You know that Mr Stark likes to flirt. Well… Agents Pezzini and Manning thought it amusing that she unbutton the top buttons on her blouse. They did it before we go there and it wasn't all that bad, but…" she shrugs "It's not what I would do and well, we're SHIELD." and that clearly means something to the biochem.

"Baiting Stark." May shakes her head. She personally only uses that kind of tactic in covert missions, and even then only when she has no other options. Just the thought of intentionally encouraging a known lech like Howard Stark to ogle is … yuck. She puts her mug down briefly. "I guess I'll have to have a word with both of them about this." Unacceptable is the word that comes to mind.

Simmons shrugs and drinks her tea. She didn't know quite what to do or say at the time. "I didn't mean to cause them trouble, Agent May." Simmons lets the topic drop "Do you think Director Fury might provide access to the file? I'm going to run some tests on the being in the offsite faciliy, cross reference the missing persons dates, look for anything that will give us a clue to the next occurence or even how we can stop it."

A thought occurs to Simmons as she takes her next sip of tea and she looks over to Agent May thoughtfully "I wonder if it could be Mr Stark trying to stabilise the time portals at this end. That would explain why he looked so discomfited at Agent Pezzini's suggestions."

Melinda May nods. "It's possible. After all, he'd remember the original disappearances." She picks her tea up again. "He might even feel responsible for not figuring it out back in '48." She finishes her tea and moves to stand. "I think the sooner I go talk with Fury the better." She seems prepared to take her leave without the thermos.

Simmons makes to stand as well with an appreciative smile for the thermos being left behind. "I think you may be right, Agent May." With a small shrug, the biochem looks back to her work bench "Well, back to it. And I still want to go visit with the being in the offsite facility and see what we can find."

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