World on Fire: Agent Carter and the Rainbow Connection

March 14, 2015: Simmons asks May to transport her to the offsite facility and ends up with an unxepected guest, for which Simmons is grateful

Offsite Shield Facility



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The offsite facility where SHIELD is keeping the creatures from the zoo is in a remote area, far away from where they could do any harm should they escape. Of course, the main purpose of the facility is to ensure that very thing does not happen, but it never hurts to be careful. The above ground entrance looks mostly like a small way station, but once past security and the guards, there is an elevator.

Most bases are considered small in comparison with the Triskelion, but this one is small on its own merits. It does have, however, excellent containment cells as well as research/medical facilities. The green creature and the frost lion remain in opposite cells, the high tech invisible shield carefully in place. The views to each other blocked off, as they kept smashing against the walls when they could see each other. For now, the green creature paces its small space. The lion sits on its haunches, teeth bared. Though there is no sound at the moment, it seems like it is growling to itself.

Simmons is rather enjoying this little project. Hey, she's a science geek and biochemist at that and how often does a girl get to investigate the effects of time travel on living beings? It might not be time travel but all of the young scientists data and the conversation with Howard Stark gives strong indications that it is. And, if it's related to the legendary Peggy Carter, all the better!

Having requested May transport her to the offsite facility, Jemma is already in the landing bay at the Triskelian, field bag and tablet in hand. Wearing her labcoat, her safety goggles are hung from the right breast pocket and she's shifting from foot to foot as she waits.

May has a reputation for being punctual. Today is no exception. Exactly when she had told Simmons to meet her in the landing bay, a quinjet settles onto the tarmac in front of the young scientist and the rear loading ramp opens. Inside the jet, May is piloting with the ease of much practice and she even already has a co-pilot there. Strangely, though, the co-pilot isn't wearing standard issue SHIELD gear. And neither is the little cat-sized … thing peering at Simmons from the entryway to the pilots' compartment. Speaking of unusual specimens… "Belt in quickly, Simmons," May's voice says over the intercom system. She figures introductions can wait a few minutes.

Jericho peers back, amber eyes to match the cat slitted ones of the cat sized things. He nods to Simmons with a slight grin and then turns his attention back to the control panel. "Engines and guidance nominal." He reports. He doesn't ask where they're going. He'll figure it out soon enough.

May is right on time, Simmons was just early - she's excited about this trip. Hurrying up the ramp, the right sleeve of her labcoat pulls up slightly revealing a bandage. Seeing the cat like thing peering back her and Jerichos' gleaming eyes, Simmons pauses momentarily and then takes a seat as far from the cockpit as she can, belting in. "Ready to go Agent May. Hello Jericho." The young scientists eyes never leave the 'thing' looking back at her "Hope you fed your pet this morning."

Melinda May reaches up to a few toggles and the ramp pulls closed again while saying to Trent over their headsets, "Take us up and head west, I'll key in the coordinates once we're underway." She makes a few adjustments to the piloting controls in front of her then calls back to Simmons, "ETA twenty minutes."

"Switching to autopilot in three, two, one…" Jericho takes his hands off the harness. They are now flying… well, by computer. It's just the computer happens to be in his head. Fun times, those. He grins over to May. Never thought he'd get to do this.

The galling part? May's still a better pilot even though he can direct the jet at the speed of thought.

"Twenty minutes, thanks Agent May." Simmons still hasn't taken her eyes off K-Nert "Apprentic pilot, Jericho?" If she realised they were flying by Jerichos computer, she might be a little more concerned but ignorance is bliss or so they say and, tearing her eyes from the imp she consults her tablet.

"I really appreciate you doing this, Agent May." Simmons could have got anyone to take her, but she trusts May to keep her safe. "These tests, may give us more insight into what we're dealing with."

Melinda May nods to Jericho then taps the coordinates of their destination into the quinjet's computer. With the flight clearances, it really is going to be an easy flight, but still. She's monitoring everything on the plane's contorl systems just in case.

Really, it's an uneventful flight. Probably the oddest thing about it is K'nert's insisting on STARING at Jemma the entire flight. The little critter probably doesn't even blink. Then, as the quinjet is settling onto the roof she keys in several more sequences. "We're here, Simmons."

Jericho grins. He knows why K'nert is staring at Jemma. He also knows that K'nert would do the same to May but knows May would put him to the back of the jet so fast it's not even funny. He unstraps and gets his blade case. "Been meaning to ask, May, just what we're doing here." He says conversationally.

Simmons can't get out of the quinjet fast enough. That imp staring at her is unnerving, but she doesn't turn her back on it at all, walking backwards down the ramp, field bag and tablet in hand.

Jericho's question has her looking his way, "Follow me and I'll show you."

Leading the way to the containment areas, Simmons pauses as she looks at the green being and frost lion. "Oh I hadn't seen the lion up close till today." Worrying her bottom lip slightly the young biochem enters the research / medical room "I'm here to examine them, more closely."

Melinda May glances back at Simmons, then reaches one hand down to flick at the little demon's backside to get him to stop being such a creeper, then hits the last few buttons to lock the quinjet down. Then she's following Simmons and Trent into the building and pausing to look at the green being and the lion, who seems to be muttering to itself. Of all the languages she speaks, lion isn't one of them.

Jericho just… kind of stares. Yeah. Lion isn't one of the languages he speaks either. He folds his arms, blade case swaying behind him. "What's the deal May?" He quirks a brow. "And… uh… why do you need Simmons for it?"

As the trio enters, the two creatures stop for a moment, both turning their heads toward them. Then, almost simultaneously, they snarl and run at full tilt toward the invisible walls. Without slowing, they both run right into the barrier to ensure that Jericho, May and Simmons are not ripped to pieces by these warped beings. Knocked backward, the two care little for the pain and injury they are causing themselves, they wish to get at their perceived prey, running again and again into the protective wall. The eerie silence continues, despite the racket they must be making with their collisions.

Simmons blinks at Jericho "I needed May to get me here. This is my project, today." She jumps as the creatures run at them, backing up a little. "And, um, that is why I asked May to help. In fact, I've been observing them in my lab back at the Triskelian and this response is even more intense than I expected." Looking between Jericho and May, Simmons may look slightly apologetic "I need blood samples from the green being, I need to confirm that is not Agent Peggy Carter."

Holding up a hand to forestall any protests, Simmons continues very quickly "The dedrotoxin darts I used at the Zoo were slow to take effect, so I modified the delivery to be a gas. I believe I can put them to sleep long enough to take the samples I need by pumping that gas into the room they are in."

Melinda May shakes her head slightly at Jericho. "Not my jurisdiction this time, Trent. Hers." She eyes the lion and the green person as they hurl themselves at the barriers. She frowns and steps toward the controls to make the barriers opaque. Because regardless of everyting else, she does NOT like seeing these beings injuring themselves.

Jericho nods. Ah, that works. Simmons' op, Simmons' rules. "Gotcha."

Jericho takes a moment to confirm just who Agent Peggy Carter is. It… seems unlikely that this is her. Buuuuuut… this is Simmons. "Are you going to need someone to hold her down while you do that?" Suddenly his own presence here makes sense. His traces glow blue and in a moment he's replaced by a glowing blue demon-wolf thing. "So… just say when."

Even after the walls are opaque, the creatures sense there are people worth maiming outside the walls and they continue to run at them with abandon. Who knows how long it will take them to wear themselves out. Though certainly dangerous, they do not seem to have any sense of self preservation.

"Wait Jericho, I will try to sedate her first and then I'll get you to restrain her. We don't want to hurt her unneccesarily." This is kind of where Fitz would have been handy, but he's off somewhere probably doing portal busting things.

From her field bag, the young biochem withdraws a gas cannister and moves to a control panel in the corner of the room, fiddling around for a short while, she finally turns "That would have been much quicker if Fitz did it."

Putting her safety goggles on, Simmons retrieves her sample kit and another box from her bag. The box, containing more dendrotoxin darts are handed to May "You may need these, if the gas isn't effective." Simmons finally nods to Jericho "I'll trigger the gas first, if that doesn't work, then I'll you to restrain her."

Pressing a button on the control panel, the gas is released in the green beings compartment and Simmons turns her eyes to the monitor as she pulls her gloves on.

Melinda May accepts the container of dendrotoxin darts and pulls a few to hold in her hand before setting the box aside. "Ready, Simmons." She nods to Trent as well.

Jericho crouches. It's odd. His tail thumps a little and K'nert skitters off to the side to watch. Yeah, he doesn't want to be in on this. "Ready on my end Simmons. It's all you." Digital claws dig into the ground as he prepares to lunge and intercept an angry beast if the worst happens. He doesn't think it will but he's ready to if it does.

The gas releases and the creature continues to smash herself against the wall, seemingly without any change. After a few moments, though, she starts to slow, the collisions happening at fewer frequencies. It's a few minutes until she has stopped running altogether, slowly sinking to the ground. She never stop, however, though no longer able to stand, she drags slightly, an arm waving and outstretched toward where she thinks whoever is doing this may be.

Watching the monitor for the room, Simmons gives a wry twist of her lips "Be ready, Agent May. She's down but not out. A minute Jericho, let the gas dissipate, I'll need you to restrain her. And I'll work quickly." Simmons waits till the air readings in the room clear, and looking to May and Jericho, operates the door controls. "Go now." and hurry's to follow Jericho in so she can collect the samples she needs.

Melinda May doesn't hesitate. The moment the field is down, one of the dendrotoxin darts sticks into the green being's leg and then May rushes in with her sash whip in hand to secure the green person's hands so she can't claw at anyone. Well, unless Jericho would rather do the restraining.

Jericho moves through the door. He will do the restraining, but he doesn't object to help. He's got, er, much larger hands like this. And he's much stronger. Pinning people down, or things down, is something he's reasonably good at. So he'll have at it.

The dendrotoxin dart embeds in the green beings leg but even as May and Jericho watch, it's pushed out. Just like it was when Simmons used them at the Zoo. The being twitches but with Jericho's strength and Mays sash whip it's restrained enough to let Simmons do her thing.

Jemma drops to her knees beside the green being, working quickly and efficiently to gather skin cell and blood samples. If she can she also takes samples of any clothing fibre she can find. "Thank you, you two." she murmurs as she works "This poor person, I don't want to hurt them."

Gathering the samples she needs, the biochemist stands, collects her sample kit and the dart on the floor before backing out slowly. "I'm done. Once I'm back at the control panel, you can release her and I'll lock the cell again."

Melinda May nods to Jemma and is ready to let the being go as soon as she gets the word. She's being especially aware of the green being's claws. She's not seen anything like them before, but she can tell at a glance that they might even cause Jericho some trouble if she manages to get a swing in on either of them. And that is not something May is about to allow.

Jericho puts his ethereal weight down on the beast and grunts and strains. Stay. Still. You. Stupid. Animal. "Are we sure it ever was a person?" He's aware of ways in which people can be twisted but something like this is utterly out of his experience. Guess there's a first time for everyhting. "You okay, May?" May's assistnace in preventing injury while doing this? Very appreciated. Very, very, very appreciated.

Simmons doesn't waste anytime and as soon as she reaches the console, calls out "Clear!" As soon as May and Jericho clear the doorway, she'll close the door.

She's forgotten that K-Nert is sitting in the corner watching the preceedings.

Once the door is closed, Simmons moves to the control panel to remove the gas cannister and stow it in her bag before turning to the Agent and the Hacker "Thank you both for that. Would you like me to explain, Jericho?" Glancing at her sample kit and the research equipment in the room, Simmons busies herself in starting a basic analysis test set.

Melinda May carefully folds up her sash as soon as the green individual is secure behind the barrier again, then notices K'nert still there and still staring. At Simmons. She looks at Jericho, and when she's got his attention, she tilts her chin toward the little demon questioningly. What's his deal?

Jericho powers down and takes a moment to roll his shoulders. "Yeah, actually if you can that'd be nice." The hacker needs something explained for once, will wonders never cease.

May's unspoken question gets a bit of a grimace. He glances to Simmons and then back to May. "He's very amused. And curious. I think."

Simmons continues to work but glances up at May with a look that says 'fill in the gaps if I miss them' and begins to explain. "We've had two anomalies in New York in the last few weeks. In both cases beings appeared that we initially thought were mutants." Like for minutes until the FitzSimmons seeker drones gave them readings that told them differently.

A quick glance to Jericho and then back to her work "We have found that the beings, like our green friend over there, are human, totally and utterly human…. just warped beyond all recognition." Getting her test on to run, Simmons finally realises that K-Nert is there and //still/ staring at her "He's laughing at me?" she sounds horrified.

Melinda May does indeed fill in soem gaps. "Simmons determined that the same substance that seems to follow these beings," she wipes her hand off on a pant leg, "is very much like a substance found and cataloged by the SSR in the late Forties. Trying to the SSR data led her to level 10 only files. I had to specifically ask Director Fury for permission to access the data, so now we're here to compare the SSR data with the samples Simmons just collected." She hesitates, then asks, "Why is Henson amused?"

Jericho blows out a long sigh. "No he's not laughing at you." At the moment. In a minute though K'nert might be laughing at Jericho, depending on how this goes. "He's interested in Jemma because of something very specific I said about her the last time you were both in Limbo."

Bobbing her head as May adds in detail, Simmons exclaims "Yes, that's right, the ectoplasm. But there's one thing more… and why I want to prove as much as I can that that" she lifts her chin towards the green being "is not Agent Peggy Carter." It's Simmons' turn to take a long deep breath "That being had lump of twisted metal in it's hand when we apprehended it. I found, when I finally got to examining it, it was watch with the inscription ''Peg, Thanks for all you fon-do - Howard.''"

Simmons glances between May and Jericho with a shrug "And this is where it becomes interesting. I spoke to Mr Stark, uh senior, and he tells me that back in 1948 there was a string of missing persons cases… that they, he and Agent Carter, tracked to localised temporal anomalies. He says Agent Carter lost that watch when she tried to save a woman from being pulled into an event."

Jericho's last words get a frown from the Biochem "And what did you say about me?" Her eyes cut to K-Nert… where is that little imp…. just as one of her tests go ''bing''.

Melinda May raises her eyebrows and just looks at Jericho, a clear signal to explain further. And no, it's not a request. Because if she remembers correctly, whatever Trent said applied to her as well as to Simmons.

Jericho sighs. Again. "Glad it's not Agent Carter." He says dryly.

"So do you remember when we came into Limbo and K'nert was hurt? Demons decided you two might make a tasty snack and it was going to get a biiiiit ugly, even with me there. I might not have been able to beat sense into them before it'd gone really sideways." He shakes his head. "So I told them that you were both mine. That way, attacking you was attacking me. And attacking me is attacking Illyana. And that's bad."

The machine going bing stirs Simmons back into action and she reads the results presented "Well, yes, from all accounts, comparing the samples I've taken from that Level 10 file, I'm 90 certain that poor creature is not Agent Carter." Sigh of relief there.

Then another test completes and Simmons reviews the results. Whatever she's reading, leaves her quite distressed. "Oh… My… Oh… Dear…" she stammers. "These results differ greatly from the ones I saw for the same test only a few days ago." another sigh "Mr Stark was correct, she's dying. Her cells are simply deteriorating. She has two to three weeks at best and… she's going to suffer."

Jericho's words penetrate the nerd fog that's been developed and Simmons blinks at him in surprise "You… told …. the …. demons …. that …. you …. own …. us?" she rocks slightly "That can't be good."

Melinda May is pragmatic enough to understand that Jericho said what he did to protect them, so she doesn't make a fuss about it. Openly. But, if K'nert thinks that he can keep being smug over there about it, he needs to either cut it the heck out right now, or Trent had better protect the stupid little Muppets reject. The critter has at least shown enough intelligence to not be all smug in her direction.

"Yes I did." Jericho had hoped to avoid telling them. K'nert thinks that the hacker's discomfort is hilarious. "Demons work off a strict power system. They only understand heiarchy. Don't… um… take it too personally?" He hopes.

"Is there anything that can be done for her?"

Honestly, Simmons is too engrossed in her work to really care about demon pack mentality. May is there, and she trusts the Agent will tell her when to run and when to stay.

Jericho's question gets a sad shake of her head "Both of them… Lion and Woman, they're already dying. We don't have anything we can do for them." Simmons casts a distressed look at the containment cells "Poor things."

Melinda May frowns faintly when Simmons says the two time-displaced beings are already dying. "Can we at least remove some of their discomfort, Simmons?" If it were her, this would be her own personal worse nightmare. And it's very likely that the people can't even understand that they're among their fellow humans. Nightmarish.

"I can just… end it." It's a brutal mercy but sometimes it's all there is and Jericho offers. Of course he knows that it's possible that Simmons might be able to ease them in more conventional and less savage fashions.

"All of it, very quickly, Agent May" Simmons keeps her head down, seemingly reviewing her results "But… I'll …. need approval." or not, she can do this and face the upper echelons wrath. "And I won't leave till they both pass." It's a dreadful thought but … really … leaving anyone to suffer when they're obviously going to pass anyway and … they can't communicate. "You can Jericho, and I so can I."

Melinda May almost wishes Fenris were here. She's read the reports on Asgardians, and she's seen and heard the Allspeak in action. If anyone would have a hope of communicating with these creatures, it would be him. But, she knows there's no time. "Do it, Trent. As quickly and painlessly as possible." She looks at Simmons and offers in a gentler tone, "I'm making the call on this one."

Jericho says something to K'nert in demonic. Or at least, presumably that's what he's speaking. The imp ambles off. Apparently he doesn't get to watch. Mostly, Jericho doesn't want whatever he does to upset Simmons. His blade unfolds and he nods to Jemma and May. "Open up the cell. I'll make it quick."

Simmons looks over to May and nods "I can do it, Agent May…" but Jericho's already moving and she frowns a little. "Give me a moment…." she knows enough about the systems to know how to turn the video and audio surveillance off. Adding a note to the system, something vague about maintenance, Simmons nods to the hacker and swallows "Now…" and operates the control to the door.

Melinda May nods to Jericho, then steps toward Simmons, mostly to block her view from whatever Jericho does. She knows the biochem has seen her share of unpleasantness, but this is something different, and potentially far more difficult to mentally and emotionally reconcile. And she can spare the younger woman that, she will.

True to his word Jericho is quick. There's one slice sound. And then another. Cervical spine. Augmented strength. They didn't feel a thing. He's out and wiping his blade in under thirty seconds. "Done." Hey says quietly.

Simmons locks eyes with May as she steps in front of her, pain and anguish evident for the younger woman "I could have done it, Agent May…" and then Jericho reappears and Simmons brow pulls to a furrow "Thank you Jericho. The frost lion will experience the same fate… can you do that too?" She'd really rather K-Nerts taunting than this. Assuming Jericho answers in the affirmative, she'll operate the controls to the door - just remember, this ones not sedated.

Melinda May shakes her head no to Simmons. She could have, but it's better that she didn't. When the scientist mentions the frost lion, she turns to look at Jericho again, and this time pulls the 1911 that Partisan made for her. She'll stay here in case that second being somehow manages to get past the hacker.

They're about to find out. Jericho nods and once the cell is unlocked he springs into action. This one will have to hurt a bit more but he's not going to be cruel. Jercho means to smash it to the ground with the flat and stab it in the same place as the other two, breaking the neck instantly. And if it happens to get past him (which, let's be honest, it could) well… May is a very good shot.

Jemma's eyes don't leave May, she's distressed about the whole sordid affair, but it had to be done. As Jericho completes his task, Simmons locks the cell again and reactivates the surveillence systems.

Turning aside, the biochem busies herself collecting her things and results. At some point during all of that 'busy' activity, she's arranged for the deceased to be collected and transported accordingly.

Melinda May visually makes sure that Jericho isn't sporting any injuries that require immediate attention after facing off with the frost lion, and as long as he's okay she'll just go back to observing silently until Simmons is ready to leave. She also makes a mental note to share a bottle of brandy with him. Later.

The hacker wipes blood off his blade and folds it back up, nodding to May. It's done. He's not hurt. Just a scratch on the cheek where a claw almost got him. It'll heal. "Sorry." He murmurs as he approaches. He knows it had to be done, but it's all kinds of unfortunate. "So… where does this leave us?"

Simmons, back turned to both Jericho and May, shrugs "That wasn't Peggy Carter and they were dying. But I got what I came for. Now I need to cross reference data, see if I can stop this happening again." Yep, the biochem said 'I', not 'we', this is now personal for the young scientist.

Packing her bag up, Jemma remembers to reactivate the surveillence systems "Ready when you are." Oh, so British in her diction.

Melinda May nods to Simmons and leads the way back out to the quinjet and helps Jericho get the plane ready to depart, apparently okay with letting the somber mood keep conversations to a minimum.

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