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March 15, 2015: Hawkeye asks Kate a very important question.

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Upscale but still very comfortable manse.



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Friday night in NYC on St. Patrick's Day weekend. What's not to like? Really? $20 for a 3 day pub-crawl pass to drink 'all you want' at many reasonable establishments. It's called 'pub crawl' because that is pretty much expected as the evening winds down and the sun begins to rise: one is crawling.

The night, or rather, early morning is spent for Clint Barton on the couch in his apartment in Bed-Stuy, but not before sending out a text to Kate: Alive.

Only now, on a rainy day for New York and only overcast in Metropolis, Clint's come home and sprawled out once again on a couch. This time, however, there is a puppy attempting to commando crawl into his lap, knowing full well that puppies do NOT belong on couches!

At least he's changed out of the pub crawl clothing and managed to grab a shower before coming 'home'.

"Okay, no. Off. Don't want.. ow. No." Puppy paws are unforgiving! "Owowow.. get down."


Kate was not in great shape after her encounter with Zod. It's not like she actually got hit. If she'd really been hit, there would probably have been something more serious to treat. But her bike got swatted, and she took a hell of a throw down the street and into a building. Protective gear does its job, but by today, a couple days later, her back is a veritable kaleidoscope of bruises. She is, however, moving much better than people who were out drinking all night. Generally speaking.

"Yeah," she laughs softly as she comes into the room, reaching over the back of the couch to give the puppy a gentle shove. "That's my spot, punk." She leans down to press a kiss to Clint's brow, still a little sleepy herself in flannel pajamas. "He lives," she teases.


The appearance isn't so much heard by Clint but caught out of the corner of his eye. He rolls his head up at the touch, blue eyes looking at her face; expression, words. He's home, and the chances are better than good that he's not got his aids in. "Hey… get over here." Right hand lifts to gently tug to add a little weight to the words, and left is used to actually push the golden lab away. "You, go."

A smirk rises and brows arch, "Okay, feeling a little guilty here that I'm looking better than you are right now. Is this putting me in the 'bad boyfriend' category?"


"You sweet talker, you," Kate snorts with a smirk, stepping around the couch to climb in with him. "I'm fine. Fenris offered to clear it up, but…" She trails off, shrugging slightly as she settles in against him. "I don't mind taking a little magic help if I need it to keep doing the job. But we're not so bad off as to be in some state of war where I can't afford to heal up some bruises on my own. Besides, it gives me time to think. This Zod guy…" She trails off, shaking her head. "He's Kryptonian like Kara and Superman, which means all of their strengths. Except he's not got their ethics. And he's not stupid. Not that they are," she adds quickly. "Just. It was like the difference between me and you or Natasha."


Clint wraps his arms around Kate the moment she's on, letting her settle in afterwards. "I don't believe in magic." It's a mantra of his. "Remember, I do sleight of hand. I do believe there's something underlying it. 'Magic' is just a convenient description to make people think that it's some sort of mysterious thing we couldn't begin to understand." Still, not a discussion he wants to have. Not now. Not today. He's home, and is finally able to relax.

"Went out last night. Do you have any idea how annoying it is doing a pub crawl basically on your own?" All those hot girls. No, strike that. "All those drunk, hot girls."

Clint looks sympathetic enough, and he checks some of the more accessible bruises. "Who the hell is Zod, and why are we fighting him? But, before you answer that, I need to ask you something, and it's kinda important."


"I thought you were going with Bobbi?" Kate quirks a brow, folding her arms over his chest and setting her chin on them. "She bail on you?" The 'again?' goes unsaid, but it's in the silence that follows the question. "Zod. Apparently he's the guy who's been impersonating Superman lately. And according to Kara, he's very bad news. Kara's less likely to be scared of the big bad than I am, so if she says he's bad news, I believe her." Important questions, though, get her attention. Though not without a less serious gesture as she reaches up to tap a finger at the end of his nose. "What's up?"


"She was spoonfuls deep into her Ben & Jerry's when I got there over Hunter. He took off. Left her. Couldn't handle her not only being smarter than he is but stronger now." Clint leans in and kisses Kate's forehead as she rests herself on his chest before he nods. "She wasn't in the mood to test if she's able to get drunk or not. So I went out alone." He pauses and looks at her, pointedly. "Not anywhere near as much fun as it used to be." Being. Good.

"She asked to join the JL:A now that she's 'more'. I told her she never had to be 'more', but I guess she was trying to figure out how to measure up." And Clint's never had that problem, noooooo. Nope. Never. Ever.

"But, that's gonna bring me to the question." The 'boop' on the nose brings a chuckle from him, but there is that touch of seriousness that still lingers behind his expression. "It's about the JL:A. There are a couple of slots open, and… I kinda want you on the leadership council for it." No, well, okay. It's a proposal of some sort…


"More, how?" Kate quirks a brow, head tilting slightly. "This has to do with how she got better from your bedside death vigil, doesn't it?" That's not the sort of question she actually expects to be answers, but it's one she has to ask. Just to make the point that she can connect the dots if she wants. "If she's going to be on the team, Clint, she's got to work on her issues," she grimaces. "I mean that. Not to be a bitch, but she can be a bitch, and it's got everything to do with what's inside her head. And if she's gotten a bump, then she needs it even more. She's gonna have to come to terms with some things." Which is when the rest of his statement sinks in, and she flushes a bit. "I…I don't know, Clint. Do you think anyone'll listen to me?"


"Think Captain America with boobs." If Kate is expected to work with Bobbi, she's got to know who she's working with! Now, with the mess behind them and the dust is settling, Clint's opinion on 'need to know' is 'Yeah, we need to know.'. "She does get that we're together, and she got why I didn't take her up on her offer to sleep on her couch if I needed to be poured anywhere." Still, he's not willing to have that -other- talk right now, the one about 'what to do if-'.

Here, Clint actually rolls his eyes. "Who -doesn't- listen to you, Katie? Besides, in this group of superheroes, we need another -normal- person. Someone who isn't souped up, someone who isn't an alien, and not someone who has lived thousands of years and is so far removed from what is going on. Someone who -gets it-."


"I'm not even talking about you, Clint," Kate smirks, shaking her head. "Though if that's where she's at, then maybe Steve can help her adjust. Better than the rest of SHIELD, at least. I'm just saying, she gets her panties in a twist real easy. If we're public, good example heroes, there can't be sulking and panty-twisting." She sets her chin back on her arms, considering him for a long moment. "I may have sort of said that to Wonder Woman and the Green Lantern the other night," she admits.

She and Clint are on the couch in the living room. Both. Clint's lying down, with Kate lying on top of him, arms crossed over his chest and chin on her arms.

It's totally cool, though, everyone's dressed. Except HawkPuppy, who would look silly in flannel pajamas.


"That's what I'm hoping. Steve's definitely a person to talk to. I'd love for her to spend more time with 'Tash, too." Just in case Kate didn't know about 'Widow, there's a hint. Clint exhales and chuckles softly, "They'll listen to you, Katie, because they respect you. Even if you don't believe it, they're not looking at you as if you're a kid. Or that you're with me. You're doing this all on your own merit. Which is why I think you'd be awesome at it." There's a pause before he finishes, "And you know everyone. Everywhere. Like, in the world."


"I do know everyone," Kate agrees with a crooked smile. "You know I won't turn it down. I'd…really like to help be on the leadership council. It's a little bit scary," she admits more seriously. "If I'm helping run things, I can't just cut and run if I decide it isn't working for me." Clint should know all about that feeling, right?


"No, because you don't run from a challenge." Or a project. "It's not a little bit scary, it's a lot scary," Clint admits. "But you're a natural for it. And if you're helping run it, yeah. No cutting and running." He does know all about those feelings. A lopsided smile quirks, and the humor is easily found under the tones. "Unless it's with me. Then, we'll go find a spot somewhere in Hawaii again, but this time, no inviting ex's along."

Shifting his position slightly beneath Katie, he looks first into her eyes, then lips. "I'm actually going to wear a suit tonight."


Kate grins at the talk of a suit. "I'm going to have to trade out the dress I was planning on wearing, now that you mention it. The backless thing really isn't going to work right now." Sighing, she turns her head to rest her cheek against her arms. "Just for the record, the fact that I'm not pitching a fit about your ex-wife joining the team should be so, so many points in my favor."


Clint rumbles softly in complaint, "I like the backless thing."

He draws his arms around in a squeeze, and the grin grows a little more. "Best girlfriend ever." It's an honest expression, too. "If anything happens, I'll write something up and have it notarized that you have more points than I do." Clint's voice lowers and he adds, "One of the reasons I…" and he pauses before, "..why you love me so much."


Kate smirks at the correction, rolling her eyes. "That, and you're pretty. And you've got all the cool toys. I mean, the cool toys are a really big part," she teases, wincing slightly at the hug. "No backless when my back looks like a watercolor," she chuckles. "I'll just have to go for legs tonight instead."


The pair are lying on the couch, Kate resting atop Clint, arms crossed against his chest, chin on her hands. (Yes, both fully dressed!) HawkPuppy is off doing puppy things that will only come to light the moment someone wants to put their boots on. Just sayin'.

Pulling his head up, Clint brushes a kiss on Kate's lips at the wince in apology. "Cool toys are really important. You know the rule. Any one of the three and I'm happy."

He's willing to concede the point of the bruises, and he adds, "Yeah. I'd end up looking like the world's worst boyfriend. Legs work. I like legs too. You've got good legs."


There is a crash from upstairs and a loud banging noise before the supercat Streaky can be seen rushing off with whatever outfit Kara was working on, the Cat holding part of the costume in his mouth as he streaks through the living room in a blur living up to his name.

Suddenly, Kara is there grabbing Streaky mid-air, the poor kitty letting out a loud "MEOWWWWWWWWWWWW" as he's struggling to escape Kara.

Noticing Clint and Kate she pulls the costume out of Streaky's mouth and grins, "Hey lovebirds. I was trying to make something nice for tonight but Streaky has other plans."


"It's all the stairs to get up high," Kate smirks at Clint. "I'm not even joking about that. It really is the stairs. I need one of those things like Daredevil has, with the shooting up and the wire pulling back up, because the stairs are killing me." As Kara shows up, she props herself up onto one elbow with a crooked smile. "Hey, Kara. New costume? Not costume!" she adds quickly. "New ceremonial battle armor," she grins.


Loud crash? Clint doesn't have his hearing aids in. When he's home, they're out. One of the many reasons why 'home' is really somewhere for him to feel 'off'. The crash is missed, but the motion isn't, when it reaches above the couch back. The moment the cat flies by, HawkPuppy joins the chase, but the moment Streaky is caught, 'Puppy whines at Kara. Loudly. Big brown eyes look up at her and the whiiiiine begins. Complete with tail wag.

The elbow digs a little into ribs, but Clint is still effectively pinned in place. He has to turn his head to catch what Kate's saying in response before he adds his own greeting. "Hey. Making clothes? You don't have anything- I'm sure Kate has a backless something you can wear."


Kara holds up what seems to be some fabric she was working on, "Well, it might be if Streaky stops being a pest. I was trying to make a matching cape for him but something tells me he won't want to come."

Streaky is let go of by Kara and he immediately rushes over to Hawkpuppy, meowing loudly at him. Surprisingly enough, Streaky loved HawkPuppy; they were partners in crime in the sense that he could help use Hawkpuppy to take away some of the blame.


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