Signalling The Blue

March 14, 2015: Rowan uses the buoys that Babs created to signal the Blue and meets someone new.

The Carribean, somewhere



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Those signal buoy's by Babs were just the thing. Perfect reconstrucions of the old military signal relays Rowan remembered from his own world. He knows the signals to send too.

So here's a question. You have an entire civilization under the sea. How do you hide what it's doing from the people who live above if you use sound waves to communicate over long distances?

Well part of the answer is, you don't always use sound waves. After all the speed of sound isn't as good as the speed of light and if something has to get somewhere now, other methods are better. But the other part of the answer is, you disguise the sound. The ocean is a noisy place after all. All manner of things live in it and the very ground beneath it bubbles and churns. If you know how to replicate those sounds it's a simple matter to use 'natural' ocean noises as a carrier wave for other data.

After all, people hear whale songs all the time, but how often do they see the whale singing it?

Rowan dropped a few of the buoys in the open sea in the carribean away from any islands and turned them on. Now he's waiting for the response he's fairly sure is coming. The signal itself is a simple military identification, but without knowing what those are on this world he's sure it'll be wrong. Which should at least prompt someone to come and see who is using their methods and why.

Elsewhere in the Carribean

What might be an old signal for Rowan, is actually a current signal for the Blue community in this time line. The appearance of the signal at certain locations in the Carribean has caused great debate in how to handle it. Suggestions range from ignoring it through to sending an armed task force to investigate however, eventually agreement was reached and enacted.

Speeding through the water, at depth, is a figure. Dark hair streaming behind, the figure is approaching one of those buoys that Rowan has dropped and stop as they draw near.

As the figure comes to a full stop, they're form changes nearly disappearing, they've transformed into water. Floating, maintaining the depth they were swimming at, the watery form surveys the ocean around them and slowly moves towards the buoy, obviously scouting the area before revealing themselves.

The buoy is definitely emitting the Blue military signal. But it's also definitely of surfacer construction. And then a shadow passes over it. Something's in the air, flying, circling, watching the buoy too. A large reptilian creature of some kind. No sign of anyone else. Damn odd, really.

As the shadow passes overhead, the watery form looks up. If it were possible, there would be a slight frown on the forms face. "This is Ulani. Surfacer device located, it is the source of the signal. Proceeding to investigate." The form seems to speak to nothing, but closer inspection will note some form of high tech device on the figures right hand ear.

Moving towards the surface of the ocean, the water around the 'hand' of the figure swirls and short blade, similar to a Gladus appears. Within moments, the figure itself shifts again and reveals a dark haired, green eyed woman, just before she breaks the surface.

Whatever, or whoever, is waiting may be surprised to see a females head break the surface near the buoy and look around.

The Dragon, for that's what it is, drops lower. When it gets within 100 feet of the surface it shrinks, changing into a muddy haried young man who drops down onto the water and peers at the woman. "Hello."

The woman peers back at the dragon become man, moving back to put more room between. Tilting her head at the muddy haired man, who is on the water, a small frown crosses her brow and is then replaced by a polite smile. "Hello. Is this you device?" indicating the buoy.

The water based gladus is held under the water, in case it's required.

"Yes." He says, dropping beneath the plane of the water and swimming regularly. "My name is Rowan. I am Blue. More or less. I had this built to get your attention." Beat. "Well, not yours specifically."

"You are Blue?" Ulani frowns at the man in confusion and then appears to remember her manners "Hello Rowan, I am Ulani, envoy of the Blue. You certainly captured our attention." Glancing at the buoy and then back at the Blue "Now that you have it, what will you do with it?"

She seems to maintain her position with ease, expending little energy to stay floating in the middle of the ocean without drifting with the currents.

"I am Blue yes." Rowan smiles. "I am… not from these waters. I came through a portal from a world where our people are at war. I wish to… speak with our people. Find them. These waters are different. I no longer know where things are. Also… there's another Blue I've found. One who knows not her own people. She needs the same."

Interesting. The Blue Envoy takes her time to study Rowan, what she can any way given they were bobbing in the ocean. "Another world, our people at war and a lost Blue who does not know her people. Sounds like fishtales we tell our young." Ulani schools her face to impassivity, it's not that she disbelieves him but it is a lot to take in "This sounds like a long story, why don't you start at the beginning?"

"That is a tale longer than I think either of us want to sit for but I shall try. I am a warrior. You saw what I can become. I come from a world not unlike this one, one where the surface is ablaze with war and our people and our surfacer allies fight a great evil. The oceans too, have become battlegrounds. While fighting our enemy I was caught in a portal and sent here. I've been here for months, trying to find a way to contact the Blue here, but have only recently been able to. While here I have met another Blue. Aspen. She was raised on the surface and does not remember her people, but she is unmistakeably one of us."

Releasing the Gladus that was held underwater, Ulani folds her arms across her chest. An unusual action, given she's in the middle of the ocean. "We've heard tales of the dimensionally displaced Blue warrior. That would mean you are he." Glancing back to the buoy, the Envoy considers "That was a clever idea, how did you decide on the frequency to use?" pausing a moment, Ulani considers "This Aspen, we will come to her in a minute."

Rowan shrugs. "War is a great motivator for developments. This technology is old for my people. We had to develop ways of communicating that were faster and not able to be listened in on. I know the codes. I thought you might recognize it."

That gets a small smile from the Envoy "Very innovative of you." Canting her head slightly, Ulani "To have known the codes you must have been highly trusted." An observation really, not a question. "And this Aspen, you say she was raised on the surface and now seeks to return to her people?"

"Seeks? No. Her life is up here on the surface. But she wants to learn about our people. Her people. And after what happened with the Atlanteans, I think she needs to learn, and I think she deserves that chance." Rowan shrugs and smiles a little. "I was a highly trained soldier. The nature of my missions were always dangerous and classified. I knew a great many secrets."

"The Atlanteans." Ulani's face blanks at the mention of the recent strife. "I can see why you would think that, but we would need to hear that from the young woman herself." And they would need to do some checking as well.

With a slight incline of her head, Ulani asks of the Dragon Blue "So, you've made contact. What do you think should happen next?" A test, perhaps, to garner his intent?

"I'd like, ultimately, to come visit an actual city. But if you need to go through… security proceedures first I understand. The Blue are my people. I mean them no harm. And I have nothing to hide." Rowan says quietly. "What do you think?"

Rowan is considered by the Envoy for a very, very long moment. "Let me ask you a question first. As a soldier who conducted dangerous and classified missons, what would you do if our situations were reversed?" The Blue Envoy moves then, almost like she leans against something except… it's water there's nothing there.

"I'd expect you to be cautious." Rowan answers honestly. "However I'd also expect you to want to know how I knew how to spoof your communication grid… and what else I might know how to do."

"Naturally" Ulani smiles at the honesty in Rowans answers. "We will need take precautions, Rowan. No one knows of our cities and we wish to keep it that way." Then she actually grins "And you have a most intriguing bargaining position. Your knowledge of war and our systems."

Sighing slightly, Ulani looks apologetic, "I will need to take your request back to my people. How may we contact you?"

"I live in New York. On the Harbor. Ask people where the dragon suns. I'll find you there." Rowan smiles and grows wings, taking off into a hover. Is that acceptable?

Ulani begins to submerge into the water "It is acceptable, Warrior. It will take us a number of tides to make a decision, but I will seek you there." Raising a hand in a salute to the now Dragon, the Envoy smiles one last time "A pleasure, Dragon Blue, you will see me again." And then she is gone, beneath the surface, speeding her way back to report to her superiors.

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