Clash of the Titans

March 15th, 2015: Immediately after the public announcement by the Justice League: Avengers, Power Girl & Supergirl confront each other. The pair get into an angry confrontation resulting in Supergirl getting her butt soundly kicked. Booster Gold stops the pair from causing any serious damage and takes a legendary Selfie!

Earth, Space & The Moon

Metropolis and then a lighthouse and then the sky and then outer space and then the moon.



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Moments after the big ceremony at the Hall of Justice.

It had been hard for Kara to avoid the strange woman who had been staring at her, clearly intent on some kind of confrontation.

She had already announced her intentions to the other Avengers and upon spotting Power Girl she calls out, "Hey, I'm not sure what your problem is but let's talk about it far away from the city."

If her instincts were right, this was about to get punchy. She takes off, flying up high into the skies above Metropolis.

If any women were /strange/ around here, it would be the 'princess' of the House of El.

o/~ Power Girl o/~ could never be anything but nice and normal. Setting her expression into a fierce sort of mask as soon as she steps from the hall where they had had their little party and ceremony and everything. "I'm okay with that. The only person that I really wanna see in trouble right now is you, cupcake," says Karen.

Ducking low, Karen bunches her muscles and launches into the sky. The point that she would choose would be a few miles away from town. Over a kinda mountainey thing, overlooking the sea. Cliffs. Complete with a lighthouse. Karen hovers over that lighthouse, crossing her arms over herself.

She wanted to see her in trouble?

Kara didn't quite get this strange woman but it was becoming pretty clear after the flying that they had similar powers or histories perhaps. She wasn't quite sure what this woman wanted, EXCEPT her to be in trouble, "Don't call me cupcake, that's rude."

Regarding Power Girl for a moment she asks, "So, what's your problem with me? I don't even know you." Her hands resting on her hips as she stares at the other woman.

Although he was concerned at the way Power Girl and Supergirl had looked at each other, and Kara's comments over the communicator, Booster Gold did not follow the two out—he still had some business to deal with and it distracted him fairly significantly. But now that he has a moment away, he is flying into the sky and looking around, trying to spot them with little success. Via his communicator, he says, "Kara, where did you go? What's the problem? Is there another Zod issue?"

'That's rude'. Karen kinda crinkles her nose up further at that. "And you know what's ruder, princess cupcake?" says Karen, squaring her jaw. "Standing in front of a television camera, talking like you know what's right for all of us," says Karen, a little snapping of her cape fluttering with her quick motion.

"What do you even /remember/ of Krypton? Of your house? You look like you're barely fifteen, if that," says Karen, kinda giving a flickering up and down glance of the other woman. She was…. pretty tiny, compared to what she was used to. The buzzing in her ear - caught with super-senses - draws her eyes to her ear.

But they soon arrive.

Setting her hands upon her hips, Karen lifts her chin up, trying to put a little intimidation into her stance as she folds her arms in front of herself. A snort leaves her. "And what's a Zod problem?"

Kara had not expected this white costumed woman to be listening to her earpiece, nor did she expect Booster to follow her. Now that was a teammate, someone who tried to come and have your back even when you said you had it under control. Kara was a crappy liar, she rarely had it under control she just tried to make it look that way.

"Uh, she can hear you by the way. Might be a Zod problem yep." Kara replies to Booster, giving him priority over the HUGELY insulting woman.

"Well, I'm just living up to the example set by my parents and my friends." Kara points a finger accusingly at Power Girl, "I'm Eighteen for the record and I remember a lot about Krypton."

She had a really bad track record with Kryptonians, "A Zod problem is code for Kryptonian with an attitude. So just who are you and what do you want with me?"

Getting a response helps; Booster can run that through his on-board electronics to help him locate Kara, and now he's flying that way as fast as he can go. "Well…" he says, through the communicator, "Well, I'm too far away to hear you guys so I can't hear her. My concern is avoiding anything that might crack the planet." The last thing he wants to see is some kind of accidental extinction event. "You two are just talking things out in a friendly way, right?"

Okay, Kara was going to ignore her, and give some earpiece guy priority? Karen's eyes glow a sharp red, and her heat vision lances out towards the source of the transmission. Now she will probably /miss/ but, still, if she could fry the communicator - or give it a friendly little smoulder, it's all good, right?

Kara points, and Karen drifts closer to the other woman, closing the distance a little bit.

"The example set by your parents - how did you put it in your speech? They always did the right thing? Worked to give hope to everyone?" Karen seemed a little sharp in her tone. "I was /hoping/ you would say you didn't remember anything at all, because that seems like a very ignorant thing to say," says Karen.

Lifting up a finger, she points at Kara now. And even, and /even/, tries to poke her in the nose with the extended finger.

"I'm saying what you said about the House of El is all a lie." A pause. "And you're a liar." Another pause. "Who is lying. Right now."

"Yeah, it's very friendly Jon." Kara replies to Jon as she glances over her shoulder towards the approaching man, not too far away from her and Karen now. Then a heat blast almost strikes her brand new earpiece, "OWWW! HEY!!!!!!"

Kara is starting to look very angry now, it was a rare sight for the young woman but not unheard of.

All of the prior insults had been Strike One.

The attack on her earpiece had been Strike Two.

Talking about her family though? That was Strike Three multiplied by a million.

"HOW DARE YOU!!!!!!!!!!" Kara screams with sonic force towards Power Girl, sonic vibrations filling the air between them.

There is no hesitation from Kara, the sonic wave still vibrating out from her throat she flies towards Power Girl despite the small gap and aims a punch that will send her skywards if it hits.

Booster Gold detects a commercial airliner approaching the area the two women were duking it out in. That could be dangerous, for the airliner.

"Uh…" Booster winces at the feedback that happens when Kara's earpiece gets fried. "Kara, what the heck!" he exclaims, cupping his hands around his mouth as he flies towards the pair. His intention is to try to get between them to stop a fight, but it's a little late for that now. In any case, he has to make sure the passing plane does not get clipped or eyebeamed by accident, so he diverts his flightpath. Even as he swoops by he shouts, "Why can't you talk this out!" and then he is off to shield the aircraft, if it needs it.

'OWWW! HEY!' "Yeah, you should listen when someone is talking to you, /princess/!" says Karen, squaring her jaw. "You know, if you weren't so little, I wouldn't have waited to punch you right in your…"

That was about when Kara uses her sonic scream. There's a point where super-hearing just wasn't the best of things. Bringing up both her hands in a reflex, Peej closes one eye, kinda grimacing. "HEY NOW YOU WANNA TALK?! YOU DON'T NEED TO SHOUT, HUH?!"

And there was the punch. The punch that snaps Karen's head back with a sickening snap, lifting her off of the ground and sending her tumbling towards the sky. That was… quite possibly the hardest she had ever been punched. When her upward momentum is canceled by her flight, she twists in the air, glaring down at Kara. Bringing up her glove, she drags it across her mouth.

"I think your parents should have spanked you more, brat," she says, curling her hands into fists. She could see that Booster was in the air, but right now? Karen was diving down towards Kara - cocking her arm back. When she gets near, she's going to try to ram into her a bit, before shooting a straight punch across the jaw against the blonde … uh… other blonde one.

Kara's head cocked to the side as Power Girl hit it and she tasted blood from her lip, even Zod hadn't hit her that hard before. Were those stars she was seeing? The young Kryptonian woman shook her head only to get hit again by the much larger woman.

"<Take it back! Don't you dare insult my family!>" Kara screamed at the other woman in Kryptonian as she positioned herself under the much stronger Power Girl.

She takes another hit to the jaw drawing close to Power Girl and grappling her at the mid-section attempting to shoot them both up through the atmosphere and into outer-space!

Booster could see the airplane flying directly towards the grappling women, passengers not yet aware of the danger this could present. The pilot and co-pilot looked to each other before the pilot spoke up, "Oh my god, I used to have such a crush on her." He's staring through binoculars, "That's power girl! I haven't seen her heroing in years!"

"Hi!" Booster Gold lands on the nose of the aircraft, crouched down with one hand on its surface to help him keep his balance. The other is waving at the pilots through the cockpit window. After a moment of contact with the craft, he is able to speak to them through their flight radio. "Don't mind me. I'm just here to make sure you get through the area safely. They're having a…" He looks over at the angry blonde Kryptonians. "Disagreement."

Grappled by the tiny young pipsqueak, Karen brings up her hand to Kara's hair, takes a handful and /twists/ before tugging on it. Meanwhile, her other hand - so tempted to scratch Kara's face, instead balls into a fist and drives into the younger woman's side, again and again.

Airplanes weren't even a factor in her world.

Even if admirers from times gone by weren't exactly… well, seeing the best side of her right now.

"Your Kryptonian /SUCKS/," she says. It was actually pretty okay. "It's MOH, not MOHJ like you have a mouthful of marbles!" she says, punching again. And again. "And I won't take it back! The House of El are a bunch of lying, terrible globsharks!"

Kara was growing angrier by the second as the woman continued to insult every aspect of her existence. Where did she get off insulting her Kryptonian? Kara had lived on Krypton her entire life!

"<No! Your Kryptonian sucks or you would be speaking it!>" With how angry Kara was it was the absolute best comeback she could figure out in regard to the insult about her Kryptonian.

Suddenly she realized the pair were high above the clouds, passing through the different layers of the atmosphere as their titanic battle carried them higher and higher.

"<My Father and Mother were heroes. Who are you? ANSWER ME!!!!!!!>" She grabbed Power Girl's hair and started to pull on it. Kara would never admit it, but she was starting to really feel the pain the much stronger woman was laying on her.

The International Space Station had several astronaughts onboard who were watching the pair of extremely tiny objects move up from Earth and into space with great interest.

Booster's work wasn't done though. A vital communications satellite was directly in the path of Power Girl & Supergirl.

"Later, dudes! Have a good flight!" Booster points finger-guns at the pilots and then flies off of the plane, following the fighting women. "Kara!" Booster tries his communicator again, because as they move up through the atmosphere, shouting is no longer a real option. He can go much faster once he reaches low orbit, at least. He is also pretty sure that they'll both regret it later if they end up causing collateral damage. The forcefield around him expands as he gets near the satellite, forming a protective bubble about it as well as himself as he says, "If you're going to do this, take it out of orbit! You can still hurt someone up here!"

"I can speak AMAZING Kryptonian! You just don't want your ear guy to listen to all the crazy things you are saying!" says Karen, raising her voice to shout right back at Kara. "HEY EAR GUY! HOW ABOUT THIS!" <"KARA HAS TOE FUNGUS, AND WARTS ON HER BACK!">

A beat further, and she snarls at the other. "How's /that/ for Kryptonian, I…" A pause. "OWOWOW!" Karen yanks on Kara's hair more. "STOP." Yank. "PULLING." YANK. "MY." YANK! "HAIR!"



Deciding to be the bigger person (in more ways than one, ahem), Karen releases Kara's hair, and decides to bring her knee up to try to knee Kara in the gut, before whipping her hand across the younger woman's cheek. It was…

The various attacks were hurting her a lot too. But she didn't want to admit it.

"Hard to talk right now Jon! Angry Giant Lady! OWWW MY HAIR!! OWW!" It's the best Kara can manage in response to Jon even as her hair is finally let go by Power Girl. That was her mistake!

OOMPH! Kara takes a knee to the gut, crying back at the other woman, "<I do not have toe fungus and warts!>"

"<Stop calling me> CUPCAKE!" For Jon it might be an odd word to hear thrown in with all the random alien gibberish, but apparently on Krypton there was no word for Cupcake as delicious as they were.

Kara keeps her hand firmly grasped in Power Girl's hair not letting go even as she takes the slap to the cheek, "<Wrong. My parents betrayed no one. They were betrayed by their own people.>"

Suddenly Kara is using her hold on Power Girl's hair to spin her around abruptly before repositioning herself to wrap her legs around the other woman's neck in a tight chokehold, "<Bet you don't know Kryptonian Martial Arts> Giganta!"

"Isn't that Power Girl? Why are you fighting with Power Girl?" Booster is baffled, staying by the satellite until it seems like the fighting pair have moved beyond striking distance of it. "Can she still hear me? Why are you guys fighting? Does everyone from Krypton hate each other?" He finally allows the satellite to go on its way without his additional protection.

"CUPCAKE! CUPCAKE! OWWWWW! CUPCAKE!" Yeah, Karen was going to be the bigger person here. "And pardon /me/, I thought you said you DIDN'T HAVE TOE FUNGUS AND WARTS! WE WOULDN'T WANT EAR GUY TO HEAR THAT, HUH?! IN ENGLISH!" A handful of moments more, and Karen scowls at what Kara says.

<"They betrayed /my/ parents,"> says Karen. Which might be a generalization. The House of El was more than just a couple small families, after all. The grip on her hair that spins her around - Karen winces at the grasp of that. Kryptonian Martial Arts?! But she was such from a peaceful branch of the family.

"What is… URK!" Giganta, huh? Karen had a scalding response to that that was cut off by the sticks that Kara was jabbing into her throat. Oh, those were legs?! OK!

Karen's hands come up to one of those legs, and she pulls on it, making just enough room to gasp a breath through… you know, being strangled was a pretty novel experience for her.

Kara almost thought she had Power Girl, she was going to stop her from saying any other stupid insults once and for all, "<Ooooh not so talkative when you can't breathe!>" The young Kryptonian tightens her grip on the other woman with her legs and pulls her hair up.

Talk of betrayal is making Kara more and more annoyed and she takes a moment to tell Booster, "Power Girl? She doesn't seem very powerful. You may as well come over and put her in a containment bubbl—"

Kara doesn't get to finish her sentence as her leg as whipped off of Power Girl and she loses her hold, "<You're fast for a Kandorian Monkey Ogre!>"

"Why are you both so angry!" Booster finally catches up and tries to interpose himself between the two Kryptonians, arms extended and hands up as he tries to keep them apart. "C'mon! What's the point, here? Are you trying to kill each other? Because that's uncool, stop trying ot kill each other!"

Well, it was a well-documented fact that not being able to breathe stopped most people from talking, and Karen was no different. "URK! UGH! PFFF!" Karen's hand was tugging at the stick around her throat, and idly, she notices Booster sticking his hand in her face. Karen kinda… swats at him. Not overmuch but… okay it was kinda hard but she was being strangled by an angry person, okay?

Karen breaks free, renewed with a sudden vigor - or maybe she simply got lucky."/MONKEY OGRE/?!" she cries, her voice choking with the nigh-strangulation, her hands lifting up as she gasps for breath. "You've done it now! We'll see who's not very powerful!"

"I'm not…" Okay, those words sounded like they were gasping. Probably because they were. Karen grabs Karen's ankle, the woman spinning in an axis as she swings her around with more and more strength, her eyes shimmering as she looks towards the moon. "/Trying/ to KILL HER! SHE STARTED IT! HER AND HER FAMILY!" screams Karen.

If Booster gets swatted by a twirling Kara too, so be it.

But Karen was so gonna throw that bish at the moon.

Karen probably didn't notice it, but Kara was crying; whether from pain or grief of her family being insulted repeatedly was debateable. When Booster is swatted at by Karen she lets go and interposes herself to take the hit, "Jon, look out!" There is concern in her voice for her teammate, she didn't want him injured AGAIN.

Then Kara is spinning.

Round and round she goes.

It might have almost been fun if she could actually breathe or move. In an instant, she knew this so called 'Power Girl' was actually pretty Powerful.

She starts to black out from the centrifugal force, whispering, "<Rao help me.>"

The last sight she sees as she blacks out is the rapidly approaching sight of the Moon before she impacts on the surface leaving a crater in the already pockmarked surface. At least she hadn't hit Booster.

If Power Girl was going to finish her off or wanted to talk, now was the chance. Kara had been defeated .

Karen's swat spins Booster out of the way, but at least that keeps him from getting clobbered by Kara when she gets used as a hammer for a hammerthrow. It takes him a moment to overcome his own momentum, just in time to see Supergirl get flung moon-wards. He gives Power Girl a very disapproving look and then flies for the moon, himself.

Karen breathes out a couple of long breaths, bringing up her hands to massage the bridge of her nose. That was half to… chase the headache from being battered so much away, and half to kinda reorient herself in space. Karen peeks one eye open, just in time to see the disapproving look from Booster. "/What/?" she tells him. "/She/ started it! I just finished it!" she grouses at him.

Tilting forward, Karen starts to rocket towards the moon herself, her eyes narrowed with a bit of tension.

Karen lands upon the moon, nearish Kara's landing point. And the fancy new crater that she had made, her cape floating in the zero-gee. "Look. It wasn't like I was gonna /leave/ you up here," she says, her voice a bit harsh. "You hit like a zandarian moon dragon, for being so scrawny," she says, reaching down a hand to offer Kara - keeping a wary eye on Booster all the while.

"Kah-Ran - House of L," she says. To the Earth ear, it would sound very much the same. To the Kryptonian, very different.

"So get up, cupcake - we can get back to Earth."

Kara shook her head a few times as she woke up to the sight of Karen. She had been dreaming, overhearing an argument between her mother and father when she awoke to Karen speaking and extending a hand.

She took the offered hand and surprisingly hugged the much larger woman tightly, "I'm so sorry Kah-ran! Whatever happened with our family, it has nothing to do with us. I'm so sorry for everything!"

"Let's be friends? Please?"

Kara peered up at the larger woman, eyes watering, "We're family!" How could Karen resist?

Booster is puffing a little bit by the time he lands on the surface of the moon. He does not usually fly this fast or this far, or for that matter, so far from the Earth. When Karen eyes him, he says, "Hey, I'm just here to make sure Kara is okay. I never knew Krypton had so much… you know, so much tension going on. When I met Superman he was just a regular dude!"

Okay. Karen's face was wobbly when the younger woman hugs her like that. A bit of a sigh, and the more Amazonian woman arms wrap around Kara as she hugs her in return. Perhaps with a little more force than necessary. "I'm still pretty mad at you," she admits.

"Your parents hurt my parents a lot, and that hurt me too," she states, her jaw clenching tightly. "And then you pulled my hair," a beat. "… a lot." Another few moments, her jaw clenching and unclenching. "I don't know if we can be friends, but I'm sorry for throwing you into the moon," she says. "But you deserved everything else. Monkey Ogre? Really?"

Looking up towards Booster then, Karen gives him a little bit of a nod. "Eh. He is, I guess. Lotta drama on Earth already, right?" she asks Booster.

Kara slumped her shoulders looking absolutely crushed.

She kicked a little Moon rock back and forth, finally replying like she was about to cry, "I'm sorry."

Kara was still looking up at Karen like a lost puppy dog, "Please?" Yes, that please was her asking to be friends again. She looks over at Booster like he could help convince Karen otherwise.

"Geez, so much drama," Booster agrees, relaxing a little now that it seems the two women are not going to be punching each other anymore. "Look, you guys are from a world that doesn't exist now, and that's horrible and tragic." He spreads his hands. "I'd bet that's probably pretty lonely." Turning, he gestures at the Earth, shining blue and white overhead. "Even if you live here, now, it might be nice to talk to someone who can really understand where you've come from, you know?"

Karen starts to lift off from the moon, her expression - not cold, but not warm either. Neutral. Fervently neutral.

"Look. I gotta get back," she says, after listening to both their pieces. Booster's logical one, and Kara's heartstring tugging. "If you can fly, Kara, I'm not gonna wait up," she says.

A beat though.

"I'm sorry too," she says, turning in midair, and levelling off towards Earth - taking off with Power Speed as her cape flutters in the spacewind.

Kara smiles at Booster when he offers his support with a logical argument, "Thanks Jon, you're the best teammate ever." She would have hugged him but Karen was flying off, "I can keep up!"

The young Kryptonian races off after the older, stronger one and she's tugging at Karen's cape as their flying through cape, "Pleeeeease, stop being such a monkey ogre. The only other Kryptonian friend you could have is Zod and in case you forgot, he's a mass murderer here and on Krypton."

She stops tugging at the cape, there was nothing else she could do if Power Girl didn't want to be friends.

Kara stopped flying and looked back at the stars pointing towards Krypton's own star, "It's so far away."

Booster lingers for a moment on the moon, remarking, "Man. So weird to see this without any buildings anywhere." On his communicator, to make sure Kara hears him he says, "I'll head back to Earth in a few, there's some stuff I want to do real quick, first." He then goes to find the American flag, so he can get some awesome selfies beside it with the Earth looming in the background.

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