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March 15th, 2015: A magical disturbance at Starrware Labs owned by Karen Starr aka Power Girl is investigated by Fenris, Supergirl, Booster Gold, Zatanna and Misfit! Involves talking monkeys and a Leprechaun!

Starrware Labs, NYC

Some place owned by Karen Starr!



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New York City, Starrware Labs.

Who would have suspected that Karen Starr aka Power Girl's new startup company would have had their offices located directly on a leyline? Likely not Karen, since it's entirely possible the architects of the building had done this purposely.

While the hard working CEO is working on the latest set of reports from her lab about the talking monkeys project she hears talking in the next room. There was nobody else working, that was odd.

"Hey man, got a banana?"

"A banana? I could use a cigarette."

Laughter is heard in the next room.


Those gifted the Ley Pendulums by Fenris are alerted to some kind of magical disturbance in New York City.

Kara at the JL:A Lakehouse turns to Booster when her pendant starts vibrating and says, "Of course! We've got a big thing in a few hours and now this!" She grins, "Actually, want to see something cool?"

Kara extends her hand to Booster, "Take my hand Jon."

"Uh…" Booster Gold has been witness to more than a few things in the past week that could, by some standards, be considered 'cool'. In one case, so cool as to be near absolute zero, and he suffered some mild frostbite as a result of that. "What are we doing, exactly?" Even as he questions Kara, he reaches out to take her hand, anyway. What's the worst thing that could happen?

Zee's in the library at Shadowcrest, feels the disturbance as much through her magic as she does through the pendulum. Putting the book she's reading aside, the young magician murmurs ~~ gnikroW sehtolC ~~ and she's instantly dressed in her stage costume, complete with a diamond encsrusted collar at her throat.

Placing her hand on the emerald pendulum at her hip, Zee concentrates. She'll use the leylines to travel and conserve her magic for when she really needs it.

Another long night at Starrware Labs. "You know, I really need a secretary or something. No…" Karen kinda narrows her eyes down at the paperwork. It had a variety of numbers and statements on it, the woman pulling her glasses (that she didn't really need, but they were traditional) off of her face, setting them aside and rubbing the bridge of her nose. "…an accountant."

This late at night, with no active experiments, many of her researchers had found their way home, when…

Well, Karen had super-hearing. So the voices from the other room do catch her attention. A banana? Karen's eyes flicker to her desk. There were the remains of her lunch there - and a full bunch of bananas was a part of that. (Well, it wasn't a full bunch anymore). Reaching out a hand to pluck off one of the remaining bananas, Karen stands up slowly, and creeps over towards the door - exaggeratedly putting heel to toe, heel to toe - the pumps she was wearing with her business suit-skirt made that motion a little rough.

She gently opens the door, and peers towards the other side of the portal.

Charlie is suited up at least, though her goggles are set to magnifying the work in her hands. She is leaned over the enchanting table. Finally she straightens. "Hey… I think this one looks good…" she offers it to The Old Wolf. Another of the stones with those seemingly random chaos runes. Someone is practicing enchanting magic. What could go wrong right?

Then Charlie pauses and twists a bit, digging around frantically to pull out the pendulum with the ruby stone from her pocket. "Hey… I think we have a problem Fenris…"

Fenris looks up at about the same time from Charlie's work. Which is very good. She does seem to have a knack for it. "Yes, I think you're right." He could open a Way to get them there but instead he grins and extends a hand to Misfit. "Care to take us there?"

As Karen is peering through the door into the other room, she sees about a dozen chimpanzees in business suits smoking cigars, one of them is standing on the table flapping his arms up in the air the cigar flying out of his hands and directly towards the small opening in the door Karen was peering through.

The Monkey yells out, "I still want a banana."

Another voice could be heard in the back of the room, "Laddies, ye'll have all the bananes ye want in a bit. Jes' step with yer monkey business."

Fenris, Misfit, Zatanna, Kara and Booster suddenly appear behind Karen as their Ley Pendulums help them travel to the source of danger quickly.

Kara let's go of Booster's hand and smiles, "What we were doing is teleporting. Now the better question is, where are we?" She waves to the others when they arrive.

Booster puts his hand to his stomach once they appear, and from the expression on his face, he is more than a little queasy. Fortunately for everyone involved, he does not get any more nauseated than this. He quickly forgets his discomfort, as he looks through the door—which is to say, as he has the benefit of being able to literally look 'through' many solid things, he does not have to move anyone aside. He then wonders aloud, "Are those non-Terran visitors?" Chimpanzees may as well be aliens to him.

Teleporting through leylines is different to Zee's magical teleport and the young magician looks momentarily disoriented as she appears with the group. Waving to the others, she exclaims "Oh hey, Ms Starr, fancy meeting you here… " Blinking a little, Zee turns in a circle "Do you feel that, Fenris? Something magical's at play here."

Business suits?! They were talking! They were talking!! Yes, Karen thought she had only acquired the license for exactly one test chimpanzee named Bobo, but maybe one of her underlings decided to bring a bunch more in. She could fill out the paperwork later! Starrware Labs was saved!

Throwing open the door, Karen lifts up her hand and waves, her smile brilliant and bright on her features. "Hello, friends - and Bobo!" she calls out, "I'm Karen and this is…"

It was about that time that more people were randomly in her labs. Twisting around, Karen's eyes pop open, and her right hand clenches into a fist - her eyes flickering from person to person when… she pauses. "Just /who/ are you guys and what are you doing in my laboratory?!" she says. Karen didn't tend to have too violent of a fright reflex. There were advantages in the confidence that came with being able to crush a car between your elbows.

Spotting Zee, Karen seems to relax a touch though, "Hey again!" she enthuses. "But no, no, nothing magical - just one of the experiments we are running here!"

Charlie reaches out and grips his hand "Leylines though not bouncing.. I like you too much." she winks, reaches up with her free hand to pull her goggles down, then uses the Pendalum to pull the two of them through the Leyline.

Appearing there Charlie grins "Hey gang." to the others, though well she doesn't recognize Karen. "Hi… and no this is definitely magical sorry…" in her batgirl-misfit outfit holding Fenris's hand, which she lets go of finally. Could be time for butt kicking.

Fenris glances about and nods. Charlie's getting good at that too. "Well something is at any rate." He murmurs. Not sure it's the… monkies. It is something though. He sniffs the air. Hrm. Why is that scent so familiar?

The Old Wolf finally looks back between Kara and Karen. Odd. Similar and yet not similar. Well, time for that later. "Hope we're not interrupting anything horribly important but we'd hate for something unfortunate to happen here."

One of the monkeys glares at Karen, "Who are you callin' Bobo Lady? We're in the middle of some serious Monkey Business. Go get us some bananas, would you doll?"

He hops down off the table and closes the door. Seriously.

Kara smiles at Karen, "Oh, hello again Ms. Starr. "

Kara leans over and whispers to Fenris, not realizing the other woman has super hearing, "Fenris, I think she might be the cause of the disturbances. This is the third time I've seen her at one." It didn't help that Kara was glancing at Karen while she spoke.

A chair could be heard thrown against the door that was just closed followed by the monkeys laughing.

"Er. Are we trespassing?" Booster's eyebrows arch up behind his visor, when he looks to Karen. "Wow. I'm sorry. I'm Booster Gold, star of stage and screen. Well, not stage," he admits. "Hi." He offers a handshake to Karen. "Hi, Zee, hi, Fenris. I don't think we've met," Booster says, to Charlie. "But hi, anyhow."

"Hey Booster" Zee listens as Kara whispers to Fenris and shakes her head "I don't believe so, Kara…" she's distracted though. "I'm sorry, Ms Starr, there's magic at work here" Zee starts as the chair hits the door. "Let me see…"

~~ wohS sU ehT ecruoS fO ehT ecnabrutsiD ~~

Deliberately phrased with the use of the word ''us'', Zee puts intent into the spell as well … show her and those with her what's causing this.

Karen pauses a moment, lifting up her banana menancingly. "Hey, listen," she says. "You're on my property, and this is such a breakthrough! We can talk about what you want, what your experiences have been like, it's…! I gotta call your…" The door shuts, the banana that Karen had been waving caught in the doorjamb.

What Kara says causes Karen to snap her eyes that way, and Karen purses her lips down at the smaller (much smaller) blonde (So tiny). "/Well/," she says, "While you guys /are/ trespassing, it sounds like… uh… there's some kinda problem around here?" she says, jerking away from the door as the chair slams against it. Taking Booster's hand, Karen had a (very) firm handshake, before she says, "Karen Starr, CEO of Starrware ~Solutions~," she says, saying that last word with gusto. "These are our labs." Another moment. "…so what's wrong?"

Charlie cracks up at the talking monkeys, door slamming, chair throwing antics. She just seems to be chipper and grins at Booster "Misfit." she indicates her bat-M "Member of the Titans, Fenris's Magical Disaster Squad, and Gothamite." she shifts the pointing from emblem to her misfity take on a batcowl. Her attention then bounces over to Zee then looks around to see what she may see. "We tend to trespass a lot fighting crime and saving the world.. occupational hazard… nice to meet you Ms. Starr…"

Fenris is already glancing around. "Zee there's a spirit in here. Can you manage an abjuration? It's not malicious. It just needs to go take it's play elsewhere. Preferably not right on a ley line where it's tricks can be more powerful." Gotcha, you little bugger. If Zee can't manage it, he can do an abjuration himself. But it might be loud. Which is part of why he's asking the other mage to do it. "Misfit… Kara… Booster… I'm not sure what the monkeys will do when she does. Keep an eye out, please."

He turns back to Karen with a chuckle. "You mean aside from the fact that there are monkeys in business suits?"

Inside of the room with the monkeys something breaking could be heard, it was probably expensive.

The sound of more laughter and howling followed it.

When Zee casts her spell the source of the disturbance is outlined for everyone, showing up through the wall in a silhouette. It's a little fellow in what appears to be a top hat, was it a leprechaun?

Kara stares back up at the much larger blonde, hands on her hips while she points her head ever upwards so she can stare up at her, "Well, yeah. Be glad we're here!" She smiles at Fenris and Zee, trusting their instincts.

She moves towards the door and calls out, "I'll open it on the count of 3."

Kara pauses, "Are you supposed to count up or down? Like 3 2 1 or 1 2 3? Nevermind." The young woman just opened the door.

The group of monkeys in their business suits, smoking their cigars stopped and looked out at the group of you. They looked slightly surprised to see all of the costumed heroes and began laughing hysterically, "Take a look at these guys! It's Halloween!"

The source of the disturbance, the little leprechaun type fellow peers at the group of you and says, "Ye all be trespassin' on a private affair."

He pulls out a little sword from a scabbard at his belt and says, "If it's me gold yer after, I won't be goin' down without a fight!"

The truth is that Booster Gold is only vaguely aware of simians as Terran creatures, and he really has no idea who the little guy spurring them on might be. But Karen has already noted that this is an abnormal situation, and now the short dude has drawn a weapon and made a threat. Thus, Booster lifts his arm so it is pointing at the leprechaun and he cheerfully says, "Oh, if you're concerned about gold…" A glittering golden bolt of stun energy fires from the back of his hand, towards the diminutive being.

Nodding to Fenris, Zee frowns a little "I believe so… " Seeing Kara's intention, Zee speaks quickly "No wait… Ka…." too late, the blonde has opened the door already.

Stepping back from the group, leaving room between herself and the door to the conference room, Zee concentrates on what her last spell has shown her.

~~ hsinaB ehT llamS wolleF oT siH emoH enalP ~~

Honestly, Misfit mostly just watches to see how this plays out. Because really this is quite entertaining and doesn't seem yet like it needs intervention. "Magic Disaster Squad.. GO!" she does try out a battlecry though. Helpful.

Fenris steps in behind Zee. He is not a costumed superhero. And feels quite predatory. Wrong, by some lights. He looks over at the leprichaun. "Go. Home." He growls as Zee's spell takes effect. Hopefully those monkies don't go… ape.

The golden bolt fired by Booster slams into the creature, stunning it for a moment before a portal opens up around it and sucks the leprechaun back inside. Zatanna had managed to banish it to the plane which it called home, hopefully it would not be back to cause problems.

Kara's pendant alerts her to a small little magical pendant hidden under the table which she picks up and hands to Fenris.

After Kara picks the pendant up all of the monkeys disappear and the area returns to normal. She smiles at the others, grabbing Booster by the hand, "It was nice to see you all but there's a big Justice League thing happening in a bit! We've gotta Boost!" She giggled before teleporting her and Booster away with the sapphire Ley pendulum hanging around her neck.

Misfit glances at her wrist. "Man that was like record time… we kick butt." this is to the group, even with those gone. "Well time to go I guess… lucky for you we don't bill like the Ghostbusters." to Karen with a wink and a grin. She will teleport herself and Fenris back out if he seems inclined.

"Aw, he was small and just under the wrong impression," Booster remarks with sympathy, after having willfully shot the leprechaun in the face. It will probably be fine once it wakes up in its own realm, though. This time, when Kara takes his hand, he breathes in slowly and exhales and says, "Okay, I'm ready this time. See you, dudes," before Kara teleports them away.

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