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March 15, 2015: Zee ventures into Gotham to let off steam, The Fox shows up, and a fanciful discussion occurs.

China Town - Gotham



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Shadowcrest resides somewhere near the outskirts Gotham and since Zee's been staying there lately, it's less unusual to see her in Gotham at night.

Tonight is one of those nights.

Jes is out, somewhere, probably doing Coyote things. Zee has recovered from the exhaustion caused by warding off the death curse of the hardsuits and had a few adventures since then, but tonight, she's felt the need to walk and has headed into Chinatown to see if there are any entertainments happening.

After so much work, she's felt the need to dress up and is wearing tight black leather trousers, cherry red crop top and black denim jacket completed with high heel, knee high boots and the diamond encrusted collar at her throat.

Currently she's standing on the street outside the Vauxhall Concert Hall, looking pensively up at the doors.

There's a clip, clop approaching which resolves into a man on an elk. a familiar one. "Something wrong there?" A familiar voice calls out. It's the Fox. Well, naturally. It is Chinatown after all.

Of course it's The Fox. Zee sighs as she turns to regard him, one hand on her hip "Everything is fine Fox, I was just thinking…" How nice it might be to actually go to a performance there… "How have you been, Fox?" Zee always tries to be polite.

"Go to one, or perform one? I'm okay." The druid gestures to the elk. "Up for a ride? I'm on patrol but it's been quiet. I could do with some company if you don't mind?"

Zee turns an amused glance on The Fox "Both, truth be told. You know me well, Fox." The raven haired woman smiles broadly "Tonight though, it was about taking time out and going to one."

The request for company has the smile turning into a delighted beam and Zee steps towards Stomper. "Anytime, Fox, but I get to sit in front…."

The Fox gestures. she's more than welcome to ride up front. He'll wait for her to climb up. "Mmmmm, well which one did you want to see? They run a lot of shows."

Zee does climb up and settles in front of The Fox, leaning back against him a little. The question has her turning her head to look up at him "Any of them? All of them? There's a good comedy showing now that I might like to see." Raising a shoulder, Zee sighs a little "But really, it's about doing something normal. I'm being a little fanciful, I suppose."

"Fanciful is good. You need it when you're in this line of work." The Fox grins. "I deal with the horrible often enough. Tell me someting fanciful."

Zee blows out a breath and settles more firmly against The Fox "Lots of horrible to go around I think. Dad must have sheltered me from so much…" the raven haired woman sighs "Something fanciful… let me think." It takes Zee a few minutes to think of something and glancing up at The Fox, she smirks a little "How's this one … there was once a beautiful Magician who met a dashing young man in a masquerade mask and they lived happily ever after?"

The Fox chuckles behind her. It's odd how he guides the elk. There's no reigns involved. He can't have them anyway. He has to use weapons from up here. No instead he guides with his knees. Stomper seems pretty well trained. "Is this one of those 'based on a true story' stories?"

Zee hadn't really thought on how guided Stomper … she'd always just assumed it happens and not questioned it. After, it's a kinda magic…. and 'dressage'.

"It might be, Fox." Zee laughs along "only time can tell, really. You did ask for fanciful" Zee glances up and behind "and I rather fancy that story myself."

"I don't know how much a fan of 'happily ever after' I am." The Fox says as they continue patrolling. He's talking, but also keeping watch on the streets below as they mount the roofs. "It always seems like an ending. 'There's nothing more worth saying here'. I like my stories to keep telling themselves."

That has Zee regarding The Fox over her shoulder looking at him with interest. "You asked for fanciful" she reminds him with a grin before becoming serious "If you want 'based on a true story' how about 'they lived happily because the next adventure they could do together came along'? Not quite as poetic…."

"Adventures often aren't." The Fox smirks. "But at least for now they're necessary. I can't put down my mask and blades now. Not with things almost worse than ever before here in Gotham." He shrugs, a bit sadly, a bit tiredly. "It's my city. I'm born and raised here. If I won't do something for it, who will?"

"You asked for fanciful… not real life" Zee notes before tilting her head against his shoulder "Tired Fox? Maybe I should try Jericho's tactic on you and steal you away to Shadowcrest for a night so you can sleep it all off." Zee sounds …. resigned …. "In my fancies, you would beat all the baddies and come home to me each morning…." Did she really just say that?

She did just say that and the elk stops. So does the druid (naturally). He blinks and looks at the back of Zee's head. "Um… I would?" Perhaps Zee is a bit tired. "That's… a rather interesting fancy." And quite direct. Very, very direct.

Zee might be tired… but he did ask what she fancied… The elk stopping suddenly, causes the young woman to be thrown forward a little before she rights herself and frowns back at the Druid "You did ask…" she mutters obviously flustered, she's determined that direct is the way to be with the Druid. "You don't like the idea of beating the baddies each night?"

"I do that more or less anyway." The Fox chuckles as they trot on. "The second part though. That's what made it interesting. Coming home to you, mmmm?" That's definitely an interesting thing to fancy.

Zee grimaces a little, she'd hope to gloss over that, and looks at where they're heading. Shrugging, the young magi worries her bottom lip "Interesting… well at least you're not running and screaming. And you did ask for something fanciful… with no timeframe on it." she sighs "I've told you before, Fox. I like you."

"I like you doesn't always mean 'I want to be in your house when you come home in the morning.'" The Fox points out with another chuckle. They're headed toward the Narrows, where things will likely get a bit dicey. "I don't assume these things."

"I didn't say in your house…" Zee pouts a little, starting to pay attention to their surroundings "It could be coming to my place. I do live in Gotham, you know." The young woman sighs a little more "I know it doesn't mean that automatically." Wow, she's defensive. "But I like you enough to know that it could lead there."

The druid turns the Elk a little, keeping the same general course, but headed around an open park. Best to stick to the rooftops. "Mmmm. Is that why you find me so often?" He muses. "I suppose it could at that."

"I've always said I like you, Fox, from the time we met" Zee speaks quietly as she watches the park below, eyes narrowing as she watches a figure run across it, keeping to the shadows "And remember, I did say I wanted to help you… that's my motivation. It doesn't hurt that I like being in your company either." Kane should notice how tense she is, not particularly like Zee at all "You've not said how you feel…"

"I'm not sure how I do." At least Kane is honest. "I find you pleasant to be with. I wouldn't offer to take you places if I didn't. You're bright, friendly, helpful. You didn't hit me in the face with a mallet. Always a big plus." He grins. "But I don't think anyone's paid me that kind of attention before."

Zee sighs, yes, at least he's honest, it's not quite what she wanted to hear though. "I'm sure someone else will, give it time Fox." Zee grins a little as she focusses on the malleting and looks down again at the Park "Well, I suppose it's good you find me pleasant company" she murmurs.

"I don't let unpleasant company lean back on me on my own Elk." The Fox grins. "It's not easy, what with the secret identity. THere's always secrets being kept, whether it's someone from the daylight side or someone from the night time side."

Zee leans back a little and then sits up some, still keeping some weight against Kane. "I suppose. But by that admission, you'd let anyone 'pleasant' do so." She's back to teasing, that's a good thing. "We can fix the secret identity thing… you can share day and night secrets with me then." Twisting around to look at him, Zee smirks a little "You can ask me about anything you know."

As she turns back, Zee looks down at the park "Have you been watching that figure down there?"

The Fox nods. "Keeping an eye on it yes. Not sure what to make of it quite yet." He murmurs. "And how do you propose to fix the Secret Identity thing?" The point of it being that it's a secret. Naturally. He smirks a little. "Have you seen anyone else riding up here?"

Watching the park a moment longer, keep quiet as she does, Zee then twists around once more with a grin "Take the mask off, just for me of course. That fixes the issue for you and I nicely then and it doesn't matter how many people ride up here." She's tempted to, but she won't yet.

"That's a big step." The Fox responds, thoughtfully, smiling a little at Zee's grin. "Anonymity is armor for people like me." Thinks. "Tell you what… I'm not going to say no… but I am going to say not yet. But… if you really want to know who I am…"

He draws a sword and flips it hilt over, giving it to Zee. It's well made and there is, as often there is, a maker's mark near the tang. "That will tell you everything you should need to know to find out."

She could just use her magic to find out… but this… is a sign of trust. "And when I work it out, you want me to come find you to return it?" Zee cants her head as she takes the hilt of the sword. "I don't know lot about swords, Fox… it might take me a while… sure you can do without it for that long?" teasing again.

"Quite sure." The Fox grins. "Quiiiiite sure. Now, come on. I need to investigate the narrows and I could use some backup. Are you game?"

Zee grins "You know, I like a challenge Fox… I'll work the sword out and come find you" Possibly sooner than he thinks. "Of course, I'm game. I'll be your backup, let's go" and turning to face front again, Zee settles back against The Fox. Raising the sword, she calls "Tally Ho!" the little minx.

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