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March 15, 2015: Occultists in a cemetary in Gotham. The Titans and Kane are there, Supergirl turns up and things happen….




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"No seriously, they were alien bugs the size of an NFL player," Gar says to Vorpal. "That's why I had the burn on my shoulder."

Skeptical cat had been skeptical, thinking that Gar was possibly going for pity, since the burn had healed up mostly by the time he'd gotten home. Shapeshifting: better than recuperation. Except when it isn't.

The two are moving over the roofs of a section of Gotham not normally famous for having a heavy Bat-Presence. Not down on the ground. That's a pain. All the muggings and the paparazzi and the litter is just nasty in places. Gar pulls up short … "Pst. There. Past the gothic church. No, the other one. See that?"

There's a sick green glow flickering up from what has to be a small cemetery attached to the church.

"Wanna bet that's not a sanctioned religious service?"

The cheshire follows Gar over the rooftops, a smirk on his face. "Right, and how come I don't get to give you the lecture/stern looks that you give me when I get injured?" Truth be told, Vorpal was doing better. It had been a while since he had to report an injury. "I'm going to keep tally, this one's free…"

Gothic churches in Gotham are kind of prevalent. If you didn't know better, you could say that they spring from the ground like weeds. "But you could've called me over the comm to help, you know. I could have made some armor for you-" because the boyfriend thing means that every now and again, there's a desire to be protective.

The green glow has a funny feel to it. The cheshire keeps his eyes on the cemetery and sighs, "Cultists. I bet it's cultists. It's always cultists, isn't it, love? I hate fighting people in robes. Knock them down the wrong way and you get flashed."

Zee needs food… she hasn't had chance to stock the cupboards fully in Shadowcrest and well, dinner is in order, so she's headed into Chinatown. Approaching the takeaway, she gets a magical alarm, something akin to a shiver going down her spine.

Abandoning her plans for dinner, Zee lets her senses guide her… following them to the same church Vorpal and Gar are heading to. With a slight sigh, the Mistress of Magic, speaks:

~~ gnikroW sehtolC ~~

And her street clothes are replaced by her stage costume, completed with the diamond encrusted collar at her throat and an Emerald pendulum hanging at her hip.

There's a sound of flapping wings overhead. Vorpal and Gar aren't the only ones who noticed something amiss near the old graveyard. Kane is peering down from a fair distance up astride a glowing hawk. "Well, Glimfeather, that doesn't look too good, does it?" He murmurs to the 'spirit animal'. The creature just makes a rather dissatisfied sound in it's throat. Nothing looks good from up here. It's Gotham.

The young Kryptonian woman known as Kara Zor-El was presently flying high above the streets of Gotham on what she liked to call a 'friendly patrol visit'. Once and awhile she would fly over Batman's city and keep an eye out for things that seemed more unusual than typical Gotham crime and give a hand.

Kara smiled to herself, maybe she would see Robin out on patrol again!

The glowing green light from the cemetery definitely catches her attention and she begins flying towards it, "That looks normal."

Watching his teammates gathering from not far away, however unseen, Robin utters a silent sigh. Batman is not going to be pleased about this. Admittedly, he's rarely pleased about anything, but about this in particular…

"I'm here," he says into his communicator, not showing himself but knowing that the others will hear this — some because they're Titans and some because they're Kryptonian and some because they also work with Oracle. Handy, that. "And just so everybody's aware, we've got a pretty broad spectrum of the community here. Batman is going to be SO ticked." Pause. "Not that that's anything unusual."

Gar doesn't become a hawk after sunset in Gotham. It's like saying "Shoot me, please!"

No, he's a green bat. A tiny green bat like the hundreds of other tiny green black bats everywhere. He flits over to see what's going on. (TOTALLY not infringing on the Bat-thing.)

"Copy," Gar says in a small squeaky but whispery voice. He comes back to the roof of the church whose cemetery is being desecrated. Because desecration it is; a woman is suspended in midair in a column of sickly yellow-green flame, while around her six red-robed cultists and a goat in a yellow and green robe are chanting words that cause flashes and flares of light. Two of them are in more ornate robes, but the goat is wearing the truly decorative ones. The floating woman appears to be screaming, but there's no sound; she's apparently a normal businesswoman, from the looks of things.

From a tree nearby, one of two guards in black and red robes has fired a crossbow at the green bat, missing wildly. Apparently, from the absence of any other living things around, their spell drives away normal animals. Would've been good to know…

"You know what I think of Batman, Robs." Vorpal's opinion of the Bat is known far and wide. Before he moved into the Castle, Gotham was his home- and no man was going to tell him where he was and wasn't allowed to patrol. "But right now… we've got bigger fish to fry," he mutters into his comm, ripping softly into invisibility as he perches on top of the tallest spire to get a better luck a Gar goes in for a close reconnaissance.

"We've got an endangered civilian and several bogies. She looks like she's trapped in some sort of spell… I could try and see if I can disrupt it with a Chaos Wave, but I'll have to get close to her to release it… so, teamwork time?"

"It's Zee." The raven haired woman speaks into her comms unit, for a crouched position from behind a headstone, having seen the crossbows go off. No comment on Batman's approval or otherwise, she lives in Gotham for the time being and she'll protect it. "I'm at the west end of the church, ready to go when you are. I'll take out whatever's at the end."

No bright and bubbly Zee tonight, it's all busy for the young magi.

The Fox doesn't comment through the comms about Batman. The guy's an enigma, but the territoriality can stuff it so far as he's concerned. If they want him to stop they can bloody well beat him out of his work. And that might prove more difficult than anyone wants to try, really.

The druid drops down from a fair height off the hawk close to Zee and rises, bringing that shotgun of his to bear. "This is the Fox, I'm on the ground." is the sum of his communications.

Kara swoops down near the cemetery, having heard Robin trying to communicate with the others. She's admittedly surprised to see the scene occurring in the cemetery and she calls out to the group of cultists and their leader, "Do you have the proper permits to be conducting necromantic rituals after 11pm? I'm pretty sure that's a local by-law."

Her eyes glow red and she begins to shoot laser eye beams around the cultists holding the goat prisoner so she can swoop in and rescue him.

The others can hear Kara crying out, "Don't worry Goatie, I'll save you!!!!" She wondered though, why was the goat dressed in robes to?

All these heroes with no respect for Batman's rules. What's the world coming to? Robin is going to have to have a serious talk with somebody. He's really not sure who. For the moment, though, there is an apparent ritual sacrifice going down, with goats. And magic, no less.

"I think we've lost the element of surprise," he observes with a sigh. "Supergirl… never mind." Already he's swinging into action, crossing the distance between his building and the church. "Teamwork is go. Be careful with the goat, Supergirl. It might be a demon or something." Ewe just can't trust goats.

The goat … looks up at Kara and its evil, square-pupiled eyes flash with red light of their own, hellish devil-lasers forming a lovely crossed spiral of magical light that seeks to draw the mind of this lovely, naive young waif, begui-ui-uiling her like a lamb to the slaughter. Because this is a JUDAS goat. Yes. The question is, will she fall asleep, to be tossed into the soul-rending fires with the other victim, or will she become confused and fight off the intruders? The goat cannot admit that she might somehow resist. Nobody can resist the goat.

Gar's jaw drops, as he squeaks in surprise at the sudden Kryptonian. Then he's darting down at the guy who just shot at him, becoming a snake and wrapping around his neck. The other dark-robed man with the other other crossbow fires a dart at the incoming Robin. They're poisoned, of course, with pain/weakness venom. Because it's not enough that these guys are about ripping out souls and replacing them with the souls of their own elders. Nope. Gotta be pain as well.

The element of surprise is not lost- it has simply changed its shape. It is now a blue-red-and-yellow Kryptonian, a fact that Vorpal uses to his own advantage, especially as the Judas Goat begins its beguilement.

"Don't get shot, love." Vorpal says into his comm as he concentrates, "Zee, I'm going to try to sow some confusion, see if you can break the spell that's holding the sacrifice. If we can spirit her away to safety we can focus on taking the cult down."

With Kara soaking up the attention of the cult, and the Boy Wonder drawing fire, the Cheshire is free to act.

A Rabbit Hole opens up, depositing the invisible hero in the midst of the disaster.

And that's when the music begins.

~I'm just a Holy Fool, oh baby he's so cruel
But I'm still in love with Judas, baby~

It is as if the 1980s has vomited all over the cemetery, but not without first going through Tim Burton's auxiliary wardrobe department. The dancers and singers who are gyrating their hips and diverse other parts of their anatomies at the cultists do not seem bothered in the least about the possibility of getting stabbed or killed. But then, why should they be worried? With the lasers, the unexpected fog (is that a disco ball?) and the fact that skeletons are clawing their way out of some graves in order to literally dance on their own graves to the tune… it's clear that something has gone fundamentally wrong with the universe, and it's not the doing of the cultists.

Smiling and shaking her head as Kara enters the fray and then Robin, Zee straightens and starts towards the church as she listens. "Hello Fox!" Zee can't resist teasing the Fox a little "acknowledged Vorpal." Only moving close enough to see the goat and six other cultists… she can do this, she's been doing it a lot lately. Making sure she's still in shadow, and as out of the way as she can get, the raven haired woman draws in a deep breath, focusing on the 7 figures ahead.

~~ tuP ehT stsitluC oT peelS ~~

Will and intent are channeled into Zee's spell and the energy created seems to warp around the 7 robed figures, wrapping itself around them. The casting though, has left Zee vulnerable.

The Fox can't see Vorpal. Hear him yes, but not see it. "Zee do you need any… oh hell." There's a Kryptonian in front of him rather abruptly and… no, something's not right here. That goat should be bleeding out by now for a sacrifice like this. The druid pulls out his red seeing crystal (he had to make a new one after he gave one to Batgirl) and… oh… oh that's bad.

The shotgun comes back up, one handed and twin lightning bolts lance from the barrel right at the goat. Who needs wands? Eat your heart out Harry Potter.

Poor Kara.

She would have called out to everyone and said hi but she stares entranced into the beguiling eyes of the goat with her own bright blue eyes and says confused, "Hey wait, what are you-"

Kara is suddenly cut-off mid sentence as the spell takes effect and she states cheerfully, "The Goat is good. The Goat is Great. We surrender our will as of this date."

The young woman smiles brightly, exclaiming, "I love the goat!"

Then Kara spots Robin, maybe he wanted to play. The Goat had told her they all wanted to play a fun game.

She rips a tree out from the ground and dances to the music before tossing it towards Robin, exclaiming, "Catch Robin!" Despite the fact that she was magically enthralled, she had not lost her cheerful demeanour.

Then she spots Zatanna and her glowing Goat controlled eyes lock with the other woman's eyes as she flies towards the vulnerable magician, trying to enthrall her into the cult of the Goat as well.

She tries to grapple Zatanna in a very tight hug, staring directly into her eyes, reciting with a smile, "Repeat after me Zee. The Goat is good… The Goat is Great…"

Really, Robin loves this. Absolutely loves this. He is not feeling like Eeyore at all.

He twists aside so that the poison bolt is caught on his cape, but can't do much about the oncoming tree except to lift his feet higher, jerking himself upward so that he passes through its branches — and getting an awful lot of scratches in the process — instead of getting its trunk in his chest. "We've got three magic types present. Somebody PLEASE fix Supergirl. If you don't mind."

For his part, he saw what happened to Supergirl — if not the details, at least that she locked eyes with a goat. A GOAT. He knew they weren't trustworthy animals.

'Tim,' he tells himself inwardly, 'you're starting to sound like Damian.'

Seeing that the Fox is dealing with the goat, he whips off a half dozen throwing Rs, sending them every which way to take out the trigger hands of the cultists.

And, the momentum of this sacrifice is ENTIRELY screwed up. The goat emits a petulant bleat of frustration, and tries a second laser blast, this time a 'go to sleep damn you all!' effect, but for it to work, you have to (1) be looking at it, (2) be close enough that it dominates your field of vision, and (3) not expect it. Two cultists fall asleep due to their own leader's spell, because, well, honestly? They were shocked out of their magical discipline by being felt up by two of the suddenly-appearing dancers. And one of those was a skeleton. Which even for these cultists is too much to take.

The goat stumbles, then, as Zee's own sleep spell strikes it square between the horns, and another two red-robed cultists fall to her spell. This leaves three red-robes awake and attacking, swinging their enchanted sticks in the direction of anyone they can see, throwing cursebolts of nasty green clinging fire that might hit someone, or might not. And then, each of them receives a personal autograph from Robin in the back of their hands, but are they grateful? No, they are not. They try to flee, while a staggering goat in green and yellow robes trying to come up with the words for the spell of recall, and one snake-strangled man tied in his own black robes is left gasping for breath, and the spell holding the sacrifice bursts, with sick green fire fading away.

The woman falls from her levitational 'straints and lands on her bottom, then scrambles to her feet and runs screaming for the church. Clearly she believes there's a safe haven there somewhere. If she can get someone to open the door.

Meanwhile back at the other branch, a swarm of stinging bees — bumblebees, green ones — has engulfed the other black-robed cultist. There's a last !thwok! sound from inside the screaming and bees, as he fires his crossbow in a random direction.

Twin bolts of lightning strike from the skies and the goatly archmage is NOT prepared. Such a blast would normally cause significant harm to a human. To a small, light goat, it's barbecue time, and he's the star.

Oh, and he also gets the last crossbow bolt in the ass.

Too Much To Take is basically Vorpal's codename. That's how most people describe him, anyways- is it a wonder that he ended up the partner of the one member of the Teen Titans previous team who was described that exact same way by most of his teammates? Seeing that his team-mates and associates have the cultists under control, the Cheshire does the Rabbit Hole thing to intercept the woman- but appears to hear in the guise of Superman because there is no need to freak the poor lady out by having purple puss in boots encounter her.

(Actually, Vorpal tends to be barefoot, but just pretend he wears boots, goddamnit)

"It's ok, ma'am, you're safe. Just come this way and I will lead you out of here." Why doesn't he just fly her out? Well, he'll say something along the lines of not wanting to shock someone who just went through a lot. That's something Superman would say, right?

"I think I might…." Zee's response is cut off as Kara tries to grapple her into a tight hug. Zee wrestling with a Kryptonian and winning was never going to be a thing.

After struggling a little, "Yes Kara, the goat is……" Zee exerts a force of will to not complete that statement, relaxes into Supergirls embrace and closes her eyes as proof against the compulsion. She remembers reading, quite recently, in one of her father journals about Superman and the effects magic seemed to have on him. "I'm so sorry, Kara." is all she says before speaks again

~~ dneS araK oT peelS ~~

The Fox snaps his shotgun open. Rather than shells the empty chambers release puffs of purplish smoke and dust. From a bandolier he selects two more crystals and shoves them in, snapping it shut again. He saw the blonde in the eye catching outfit tackle Zee and has a fairly good idea what just happened to her. Hopefully getting zotted will keep the goat down. But better safe than sorry he always says. He's walking forward now. Best way to end this is probably to end the Magus in Goats Clothing. The best way to do that?

He levels the weapon again and presses the trigger. This time instead of lightning, twin jets of fire streak from the barrels toward the recently abused goat-mage.

Goat Flambe anyone?

Kara was thinking about how great the Goat was; together, they were going to frolic through fields holding hands and sing songs she really hoped Zee could be there to.

She's hugging Zee tightly, so tight the other woman is probably having a hard time breathing. Kara looks very confused when Zee says sorry, "Don't be sorry Zee. The Goat loves a-"

Kara yawns and then suddenly she's falling asleep, still holding Zee as they plummet to the ground. The young woman slams into the ground on her side, saving Zee from harm as she falls asleep.

Zee is squished in a tight cuddle like she's a stuffed animal and Kara mutters in her sleep, "..but mom I don't want to go to school today and learn advanced quantum physics, it's so boring…"

A goat.

Robin is not at all pleased about this. Whoever these people are, this probably isn't the last he'll see of them. It never is in Gotham. And now Supergirl is asleep, the goat is roasted, and by now the GCPD is probably on their way. Or will be soon, because Alfred will be placing the call any moment now.

"I think it's time for me to go home," he mutters to himself before he starts ziptying cultists.

The smell of burning archmage goat hair is delightful. Really. Changeling stops being bees because of it, coalescing back into a human form long enough to look around. OK, that's not really Superman, because not flying, gotta be Vorpal. And that's … Kara, right? And this is a (trip) cultist that's trying to run away, and Gar zip-ties him, because great-minds-think-alike, and then bounds off after another one as a tiger, because Rob's already got the last one.

"Hey!" he says, as he returns as a humanoid tiger seven feet talk, dragging the last cultist by her hood. "Why are you burninating the goat?"

This aimed at Kane. Because, really, he'd defeated him, burning him seems like, well, it would seem like barbecue but he clearly didn't take the guts out or anything.

Robin is correct: the flashing red and blue lights are beginning to come near.

"But Boy Wonder, the party has just started!" Vorpal says. He dropped the lady off and 'flew away'- which you can do when you have powers of illusion. He emerges from a Rabbit Hole, grinning, "And there's so many friends I haven't seen in a while. Like Kay Zee Ell over there having a slumber party with Zee." Oooh, he's going to tease Zee with this for a while. "And then there's Robin Hood over there," he nods to the Fox, "We should wrap up here, wake Kara up, and go have a few celebratory drinks for having Ba-a-a-a-a-anished evil tonight. What do you say, Tony? Who's with me?" he asks Gar. As if that would mitigate that horrible pun.

Or erase the memory of the last time the team had an outing to a nightclub and Vorpal had anything to drink.

Zee should totally be used to this. Jericho and Illyana calling her Kitten and now Kara using her as a Teddybear… she's never seen herself as cute and cuddly, but obviously others do.

Letting out a big sigh, Zee wriggles a little, nope Kara's holding tight. "A little help here, would be nice" Zee speaks into the comms unit "A supergirl cuddle is not all that's it's cracked up to be."

And then "Hey Kara, you don't have to go to school today… it's a day off, we're all going out to party… come on, wake up, we're loosing time." Let's appeal to Kara's party girl.

"Counterspelling!" The Fox calls back. "Goat's a shape shifted Magi. Being on fire is bad for concentration!" It's totally an arcane defense technique. Don't look at him like that.

Seeing that the others have things in hand the druid walks back over to where Zee is being Kara-snuggled and just… grins a bit. "I'd offer to help but she looks like she's got you pretty good there." Still… mmm, let's see. What might help here. Perhaps giving Zee preternatural agility? Wriggle away, Zee. Or just cast a spell that makes her let go.

All the same the Fox reaches for one of his charms and crushes it, blessing Zee with the grace born of a Hunterheart.

Kara squeezes a little tighter on Zee, a bit of drool falling from her mouth; totally the fault of the Zee for putting her to sleep!

When she's woken up, she looks startled for a moment before she smells the barbeque, it didn't smell bad at all. She hears the word party and perks up a bit almost grabbing hold of Zee's hair like a towel before she realizes she's clutching Zee like her favourite teddy, "OH MY ZOD! Sorry Zee!" She lets go of poor Zee immediately!

She scrambles to her feet, noticing all of the action is over before waving to Vorpal, Gar and the mysterious Kane she's never met, "Did I save the goat? He was so cute in his little robes.."

Then she notices Robin is also gone and she starts to pout as she asks obvious disappointment in her voice, "Awww, where did Robin go?" Stupid mysterious Robin.

Well, except, the goat wasn't a shape-shifted magus. He was a possessor, who got stuck in a goat while the cultists waited for his next host body to mature. And now, he's … well. Giving up the goat. There's a flash of green fire, a wail of anguish, and the crystal held in the tiny goat-hat he wore, is now cracked.

The cultists, when the police question them, will generally not know what happened. Some of them, it seems, have been missing for months, one for years.

Sadly, without a police telepath to probe their minds, nobody will learn their secret. But that's all right, at least as far as they're concerned.

The police arrive, and take statements, and investigate the cultists. Gar fills in paperwork while Vorpal finds the victim so they can confirm the story. And Zee will eventually heal up from the hugs. Robin, being Batman's apprentice, was gone before anyone noticed. Because Bats.

The other heroes no doubt manage to escape. It's a knack. But hey! At least the victim was saved.

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