Justice Donuts

March 15, 2015: Mimic visits the Hall of Justice and meets several of the JL:A. There are donuts along with coffee.

Hall of Justice, Metropolis



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Mimic's not sure who in SHIELD sent him the invitation to show up at the JL:A's media event yesterday but it doesn't really matter. It served its purpose, intentional or not, to remind him that he had intended to get involved. Not that it was low priority but there's always something going on that needs to be dealt with. Or recovered from.

It's what brings him to the Hall of Justice today, BLINKing in to a spot about thirty feet off the ground outside and then flying down to the doors so he can walk in. "Hi." he tells the guard manning the desk. "Could you let someone know I'd like to speak to them? Name's Mimic."

Kate doesn't actually like the Hall of Justice. In her mind, it's too sterile. But it's also sort of an institution, and being there is a part of being a member of the league. So she's here, trying to get familiar with the place, when the word comes up from the desk. In yoga pants, a tank top, and a borrowed hoodie, she hardly looks like a hero. But then, that's how she usually is. "Hi," she calls ahead of herself as she comes down the hall, smile flashing. "Mimic, right?"

Booster Gold has been trying to cope with the computer systems available in the Hall; despite being beyond state of the art for the era, they are still a far cry from what he is used to. He has been having some trouble trying to learn how to interface with them. As he walks into the lobby from somewhere in the back, he is speaking to a small floating golden ovoid. "No, I don't think it would be unethical to improve things. That's like giving someone a gift."

"Yes, sir," says the ovoid, who is Skeets. "That is a point of view. And while I agree that upgrades should be made, I would refrain from assisting you in this until you get permission to do so."

"Ugh, permission." Booster kind of waves Skeets off, then points a finger-gun gesture at Kate as he says, "Kate." And then towards Calvin, whom he addresses as, "Dude."

Waiting patiently, Mimic looks around the Hall, giving a smile or simple nod to the tourists who meet his gaze depending on their expression and body language. Not seeing where she came in from, Kate's taken to be another tourist at first until he recognizes the face from the day before. "Hi. Hawkeye, right? And Booster Gold." he adds, the latter being a lot easier to rcognize. "Nice to meet you both."

"Kate," she says with a wry smile, stepping forward to offer a hand. "Hey, Booster. Did you work out the data analysis thing?" She may not know how most of it's done, but she gets the general idea of what's needed. "Welcome to the Hall of Justice, Mimic," she adds to the mutant, gesturing around herself. "We're, uh. Kind of still settling in. But I think there's coffee in one of the conference rooms, if you want?"

"Well… I mean I've started it. But the computers in this era are so slow and there's no like…" Booster gestures with one hand between his head and some nebulous space before him. "I'm having to learn how to use a keyboard. It's a whole thing." He does seem a little unhappy about this, but drops that expression in favor of a smile as he says to Calvin, "Mimic, eh? Nice to meet you."

"I never turn down coffee before midnight. And not always then." Mimic answers, giving Kate a smile before nodding to Booster. "Culture shock's a bitch." he agrees. "So, I'd been meaning to hook up with you guys for a while but…" He shrugs. "You know how it is. This seems like a good time for it."

"Can you deal with people on a team without trying to punch them or being a complete dick?" Kate asks, even as she turns to start down the hall toward a conference room. "Because, personally, I'm thinking that should absolutely be a requirement for any new team members. It's a good baseline, right?" she asks, looking back to Booster with the question.

"Seriously. I flew to the moon last night," Booster remarks, gnomically. "And that's true, that's totally true," he agrees, when Mimic makes his comment about culture shock. "I'm still getting to know what people can do, so what's your deal, Mimic? I mean that code name… good code name, by the way… gives me a general idea…"

"That doesn't include wanting to, right?" Mimic asks. "Cause I'd totally break that rule at least weekly. But if it's just limited to actual beat downs, I'm good. Outside of sparring sessions, of course. The X-Men also frown on beating up team mates." He follows Kate down the hall as she takes the lead. "Gives everyone a general idea." he agrees, nodding to Booster. "Sometimes I wonder if advertising is such a good idea, you know? What your enemy doesn't know is always something in your favor. But too late to change now. It's nicely broken in and worn in all the right places."

"Wanting to is totally fine," Kate smirks back at Mimic. "It's the acting on it that shows the impulse control skills of a toddler." She pushes open a door to a conference room, peering in to check for refreshments. "Ha! I thought so. Coffee and donuts. Win." At Booster's comment, though, she quirks a brow. "Was it team party on the moon night and no one told me, or did you go out with Kara last night? She seemed…really upset this morning."

"I dunno. I think it's not all that bad if your enemy knows what you can do," Booster opines, looking thoughtful as he walks with the others. "We're all more than our powers or abilities. If they make assumptions on that, you can just subvert 'em." Kate's question causes Booster to rub the back of his neck. "Oh… I wouldn't call it a party, no. Kara got into a fight and landed on the moon."

"Donuts too? You sure know how to treat a guy." Mimic tells Kate. "I know what you mean about toddlers though. We kind of insist on people being at least into puberty." Which certainly explains all the X-Men drama: hormones. "That's certainly true." he tells Booster. "And they'll know anyway from the second encounter on. I'll never turn down an advantage though, especially on a first meeting." He quirks a brow on hearing about Supergirl. "Did the Hulk punch her?"

Now that Kara was a FULL Shiny Member of the JL:A she had been taking advantage of all of the cool and unused stuff that they had lying around in the Hall of Justice. You would be amazed at some of the stuff a prior generation of superheroes would leave behind.

A full armored metal figure clanks into the room you are all in and a very diminutive female voice calls out, "Why was this sulky spirit not invited for donuts?"

It was no sulky spirit, it was Kara wearing some archaic yet advanced looking suit of armor she found in a storage area.

"The sulky spirit flew out her window when I went to talk to her about her field trip to the moon," Kate calls back to Armor-Kara, though a smile quirks when she turns around to see the sight. "Wow. Talk about gilding the lily, Kara. There seems to be a rash of unhappy Kryptonians," she tries to summarize for Mimic. "Which is a problem, because they can do things like punch people to the moon. On the up side, Kara didn't get into it in front of the cameras, so there's that."

"They have a good reason for being unhappy," Booster says to Kate, giving her a light nudge with his elbow. He then tells Mimic, "No, it wasn't the Hulk. It was Power Girl. Kara, this is Mimic," He says to the armored figure. "Mimic, Supergirl."

So JLA drama. Just like being at home. "They say even bad publicity is good publicity. I've never bought it. Nice to meet you, Supergirl. That look definitely becomes you. Who's for coffee and donuts?" Mimic asks as a plate floats up from a stack and a donut moves over to meet it. At the same time, the coffee pot starts pouring into a cup. That should help answer Booster's prior question.

Kara clanks over to where the coffee and donuts are and grumbles at Kate, "Clint was a jerk. He thought Power Girl calling me Princess Cupcake was funny."

She lifts the armor's helmet up off of her head and puts it down on the table, lips in a full pout still, "Nice to meet you Mimic. "

She stares at the donut he had, great the last one of her favourite kind.

"Clint is a jerk," Kate agrees. "I'm pretty sure there's a club devoted to Clint being a jerk to women. Usually after he sleeps with them, though, so…you're ahead of the curve?" She manages a faint smile, picking up a donut for herself and hopping up onto the edge of the table to watch Calvin's display. "And I get the Kryptonians being unhappy," she adds to Booster. "I just would prefer if they wouldn't take it out on everyone else. Right up there with the Atlanteans. Attacking people is a shitty way to deal with anger." She takes a bite of her donut, pensive. "We really need to hire a psychologist to keep on call."

"Coffee, I'll gladly accept," says Booster. "But I'll have to pass on the donuts, I have a modeling job next week and cameras are cruel." Trying to address Kara's upset, he tells her in all seriousness, "I did some research on cupcakes and apparently they're popular and a lot of people love them, so I'm not sure it's an actual insult." Leaning against the counter, he says to Mimic, "I haven't had much contact with the X-Men. Just a few people, really."

Mimic teaches kids; he recognizes that woebegone look. The plate with Kara's favorite donut floats over to her as he gets another for himself. "Actually, attacking people is a very good way of dealing with anger. You just need to choose the right people." The cup of coffee moves over to Booster and another gets poured. "No surprise there. Many of us are leery about publicity. But there's also many of us who think that secrecy only breeds distrust, the Red Team being a good example. Kate? Supergirl? Coffee?"

Kara sighs when Kate goes on about Clint, "Then why do you date him? Is that an attractive quality for Earth men?" She seems legitimately confused, Clint had really hurt her feelings!

Then the young woman brightens a little, "Jon, so you think she loves me? Since we're family?"

Another sigh even as she plucks the donut up from the plate and she shakes her head to Mimic's offer, "I'm fine." A nibble is taken of the donut, wondering where Power Girl was.

"Clint's-" Kate takes a deep breath, letting it out slowly and rubbing a hand at her brow. "I'm sorry he hurt your feelings, Kara. Clint's not always the smartest person. He doesn't always think about things before he acts. But he is a good person. A good person in a way that's hard-won. He believes in doing the right thing, when the right thing really counts. He's selfless. And I love him. That's why I date him. Because he makes mistakes, but he will always try to make them right."

She takes a bit of her donut, looking back to Mimic. "We're still working on teamwork, obviously. We're working on who we're supposed to be. I'm not sure how quickly we'll be recruiting. If it were up to me, we'd be putting a hold on things until the people we have could work together. But I don't make the decisions. Except for coffee. I will definitely take some coffee."

"Dunno, Kara. Family doesn't automatically mean 'love'," Booster tells Supergirl, as he takes the floating cup of coffee from the air. "Thank you," he says to Mimic, before he continues, "Maybe now that you guys had a chance to express your feelings, you'll be able to make peace with each other. You two have a lot in common, and I guess leftover baggage is part of that." Booster returns his attention to Mimic and says, "Dude, it's understandable if some of them don't want attention or publicity. There's the irrational anti-Mutant sentiment going on in some populations. It's stupid nonsense, but just because it's stupid nonsense, doesn't mean it isn't legitimately dangerous."

The coffee cup floats over to Kate as another gets poured. Mimic looks glances at Supergirl, Booster and then Kate. The refugee Kryptonian, the refugee time traveler and the… what? "Perhaps you need people who are more used to working in teams." he suggests. "It's not a skill people are born with." He nods at what Booster says. "No question that it's dangerous. But knowing a mutant is probably the best way to get someone to change their opinion. Fear and ignorance doesn't easily stand up to that."

Kara doesn't seem to feel much like talking and she picks up the helmet from the clunky suit of armor and nibbles her donut, "Have fun. Nice to meet you again Mimic." The young woman starts to clank and rattle in the old armor as she exits the room wondering what else she can find to mess with.

"Kara, can we…" But the other girl is clanking off, and Kate sighs as she takes the floating coffee cup. "Thanks. So despite the circus we've been making of ourselves, you want to be part of the League?" she asks Mimic, tucking one leg beneath herself. "Aren't you with the X-Men?"

"Yeah, I agree with you, Mimic. But I also understand people who don't want to be open about it, if they think it'll put them or their friends and family in danger," says Booster, blowing on his coffee to cool it off. He watches Kara go, then says to Kate, "I think she just needs a little time, that… situation was kind of hard on her. Emotionally, I mean."

"And I intend to continue to be." Mimic answers. "If that's a problem, so be it. But this will give me the opportunity to help people on a larger scale than just being with the X-Men. We don't do a lot of international work, for instance. Some, when mutants are involved, but not a lot." Though more than anyone knows and the kind of things its best they not know about. "It's hard to lose your home and everything you've ever known." he says quietly, also looking after Kara. "I don't know how long it's been for her since it happened but it's never long enough."

Nap, shower and shave and Clint Barton is a happy man once again. He's got his green rubber band around his right wrist, but obviously he's far from NYC at the moment. This, right here, is the closest thing to 'office' that he has in terms of the JL:A, and there are a few administrative things that he probably should look at.

On a Sunday night.

(Why not? Kate's not home to harass! Or anyone else.)

The marble floors echo his footsteps, and the receptionist greets him with a smile and a wave before adding, "You may want to head to the lounge too, Hawkeye."


Okay, distinctly not used to being greeted much less having meaningful words spoken, so after the initial surprise, he nods his head a little dumbly before, "Sure. Okay. Thanks."

Kate watches after Kara with a small frown, hugging one arm around herself. It's clear she's not entirely comfortable just leaving it be. "I hate that I can't help," she admits to Booster and Mimic. And that, more than anything, defines exactly why she's here, and what she's doing on this team. "I don't know what the policy's going to be when it comes to being on other teams as well, honestly. It would be smart for us to be willing to work with people on it, though."

"A little overlap isn't a bad idea, I think," says Booster, who is starting to look bright and cheerful again. "We can't handle everything and we can't pretend to be specialists for situations we know nothing about, right? We're here to help everyone, but doing stuff isn't always enough. Eh," He shrugs and admits, "Sorry, I think I've gotten pretty good at this language, at least until I enter conversations where I have to express stuff that gets complicated."

"Well, that's one of the things I'm here to find out about." Mimic notes, pausing to take a bite of donut and washing it down with some coffee. "But working with both teams would open possiblities not otherwise available. And I don't forsee any conflicts of interest. We are, after all, ont he sme side. Despite what certain tabloids and otherwise well meaning reporters say."

The door to the lounge opens, and the first thing he catches is the smell of freshly brewed coffee. Okay, and the gathering. Clint's missed Kara's departure, two ships in the night, and he pauses once the door closes. "Should I be worried?"

A smile and a nod is given to Booster, complete with, "Heya, Boost," and before he's at the coffee pot, he is required by contract to give Kate a kiss, at least on the top of her head before he continues for the caffeine. "Hey," is shot towards Calvin. "All the paperwork for first born in in order to get past reception? Or didn't they tell you that yet?"

Team. Aroo? Conflicts of interest? "What's up?" Coffee. Questions. Coffee. Coffee.

"Hey, Clint," Kate greets the other archer, smile flickering at the kiss. "This is Mimic. He's with the X-Men, but he's interested in possibly joining us as well. Mimic, this is Clint. The one who apparently really hurt Kara's feelings by laughing at the Princess Cupcake thing and is going to owe her a heartfelt apology later." That last part is probably meant for Clint. "And I tend to agree, Booster. Part of why SHIELD didn't set right with me, honestly. If you want something done right, sometimes that means calling in the right person for the job, and you can't always guarantee that's going to be someone you already have."

"Thank you," Booster says to Kate, as if relieved to hear her thoughts on SHIELD. He extends his index finger of the hand holding the coffee cup to point Mimic's way. "That's the other thing, the anti-Mutant mindset needs to get stomped down. I've been studying up on it and I guess some people think the X-Men are only there for Mutants, which isn't true. That dumb mindset might uh…" he snaps his fingers a few times. "You know, make people think the JLA is only there for not-Mutants. Sorry, I could make this sound more sensible if everyone understood Interlac or something." He nods to Clint then, and greets him with, "Hawkdude."

Mimic looks over as the door opens again and Clint walks in. "Hawkeye." he greets. "Yes, Booster. That's another reason I'm interested. Exposure. Not for me personally but for mutants in general." He shakes his head at the frustration the man expressed. "You made yourself clear. But I could learn your language without too much problem if you like. I could help the others do so as well. You'd need to agree to open yourself to telepathy though."

"Hey, it was funny," Clint's passed and at the coffee pot. "I'm pretty sure worse things could have been thought of other than the moral equivalent of 'poopy head' to her. Princess Cupcake?" A mug is spotted and pulled down before the carafe is grabbed and poured.

"Calling in, what? The whole point of a team is to work as a team, right? SHIELD has people on the payroll for stuff for a reason. I'm hoping we can get ourselves covered in most areas, too. And work together. As a team. If we can't, we're no better than any other group out there." Clint's obviously not one who likes a lot of outside consultation. "I like to know who's out there for me. I'm more than happy to believe a teammate has my six, but someone just in? Nooo."

Wandering back to the gathering, Clint nods at Mimic in greeting, extending a right hand for a shake, "Hey."

"Maybe it was funny and stupid to you, Clint, but apparently it hurt her feelings." Kate sounds tired, which probably explains the long drink of coffee. "And we're definitely here for mutants, too. I know people on the Red Team. They're good people. So are the Titans. The League can be the league, but all of us, everyone out there who's fighting the good fight? We need to be able to work together."

"Really?" Booster's eyebrows arch up as Mimic makes this offer. "I'll… have to consider that. Although frankly, Interlac isn't a bad language to learn. It's not very useful on Earth right now but I know it's already in use on several exoTerran worlds." He then notes to the others, "I'm a great team player. I used to play football." That does go some way towards explaining his physique. "Hawkeye, don't be too rough on Kara. It was some kind of leftover feud from their planet and it was clearly kind of emotional and horrible."

"Hey." Mimic returns, clasping Hawkeye's hand even as he asks "Something wrong with the other groups out there?" Yup, he can see Kate's point now. "I've learned languages this way before too so it's not theoretical. And you have my word I'll stick to just the language centers of your brain." he assures Booster. "It's unethical to pry into someone's mind just for fun."

Hawkeye clasps Mimic's hand in greeting and gives a brief squeeze before retrieving it once again.

"I never said 'stupid', I said 'funny'." There's a decided difference, and even Clint knows -that- particular mine field. (Married before!)

"I don't have a problem with teams working together, no. Everyone has strengths. Mutants might be good at one thing, or a bunch of things, and we're good at another. Team work. With teams. But I think there's been too much onesie, twosie pick-up and it doesn't lead to working really well as a team because you can't -predict- what the other will do." Which makes running back-up near impossible. "Then, it becomes 'what's the point of actually having a team when you can just subcontract everything?"

Clint exhales and shakes his head, "Princess. Cupcake." He holds a hand up and waves it lightly in the air. "Right, right. Feud. Name calling. I was young once too."

Though, Clint looks at Mimic again, and it's a long, lingering one. "Tele- oh."

"You know what works great for me? Trusting people who've agreed to work with me. Good old blind faith." Kate hops off the table, going to refill her coffee. "But knowing people's capabilities is important, too. We should probably run some group training exercises, now that I think about it. Burn off some of this emotional energy, get to know each other better. Get used to working together."

"I'm on Kate's side in this," Booster notes, cheerfully. He extends a hand to Mimic, saying, "It's all cool, dude. I know a couple of languages, though… frankly, Interlac is going to be the only one that's generally useful to you, so I'll try to focus on that."

"I don't think anyone was suggesting that there was no point in learning to be a team." Mimic suggests. "But that's for you all to hash out. You're right though in saying that mutants are good for a bunch of things. I'm sure the same applies to baseline humans." He nods seriously as he makes this declaration. Booster's offer of a hand gets a smile. "Let's wait until we even know if there'll be a point to my learning your language. If so, then we can go ahead and I can pass it on to anyone interested. Though that's a bit more difficult and takes more time."

"Yeah, lost that blind faith a little while ago," Clint watches as Kate goes to get a refill. "I'm in the second category. I need to know people's capabilities, especially if they're on the team. 'Now' isn't the time for those sort of secrets. I'm more than happy to tell a teammate what I can and can't do, or what I will and won't do. Subcontractor, not so much."

The suggestion about group training excercises, however, gets a chuff of air and a nod of approval. "Absolutely. Group training exercises as well as individual challenges." Flying. Whales. "That includes me."

Baseline humans. That'd be him. "So no one is measuring worth there," just to be clear. "And baseline humans are pretty remarkable in the things we come up with." And out with.

"But… I need to grab a few things at the desk." Clint looks to Kate, brows up in question, "Pub crawl for last night, or are we good and staying in?"

"See you guys later. Boost, see you back at the house. Mimic, be good."

"I think staying in tonight sounds nice," Kate smiles faintly to Clint. "I could do the pub crawl thing, but…it's been a crazy weekend, you know? It wouldn't hurt to rest up some." She takes a sip of her renewed coffee, nodding to Booster and Mimic alike. "Baseline humans. Excellent cannon fodder," she winks at Mimic as she drops into a chair, propping her feet up on the conference table.

"Okay…" Booster waves his free hand a little and sets his coffee cup down. "I'm still figuring this all out." He idly counts on his fingers. "A baseline human is someone whose mutations don't express themselves in … a remarkable manner?" Booster seems to think about this, and shrugs as if he feels this is a definition that works. "I'm sorry if this sounds dumb, but when I'm from, this isn't a thing. I'm still trying to wrap my head around it."

"No." Mimic shakes his head, looking over to Booster. "A baseline human… Well, let's try it this way. A baseline human wouldn't have any power at all, basically. Skills and training don't count. While a mutant has an actual gene that causes a mutation and it will be found in every mutant. There are other people with powers but they don't carry the X-Gene but other genes. I'm not a scientist so this is as technical as it gets for me. But also…" And now he glances at Kate, "Not every mutant has a power that's of any use. Some just look different like one I know who's basically aquatic. She can also breath underwater which is nice but of limited use. Another man looks as human as anyone but can turn his fingernails different colors. So grouping us all together is pretty meaningless."

"That's pretty much it," Kate nods to Mimic's explanation. "There are a lot of different sources of power. I'm pretty sure mutants with the X-gene are the most common at this point. There are people with extra-terrestrial origins, like Kara. Some people draw their powers from magic. There are a few different races that tend to have powers. Some of those tend to be considered gods. Sometimes people get them from objects that grant powers. I usually file that under magic. And then you get people who get powers from being exposed to something. Those are usually referred to as mutates." Apparently Kate's made something of a study on the subject. "Mimic's right, a lot of what comes from the x-gene doesn't mean anything. It's just a benign, empty mutation, like changing the color of your fingernails. Those aren't usually the people who try to go into the hero business."

"Hm. Yeah." Booster is rubbing his chin and looking thoughtful. "Frankly it's pretty different in my era." He smiles faintly and shrugs again. "There aren't any superheroes or supervillains. Power-expression of any kind is unlawful and vigilante action is way unlawful. Fingernail guy would probably get ignored, but if you could fly you'd probably get into trouble." He picks up his coffee cup again. "If the future didn't kind of suck, I'd have stayed there!"

"I know you say you come from the future but it's possible you slipped realities as well." Mimic suggests. "So your future might not be part of this timeline. Do they put those with powers in camps? Or scan foetuses for abnormalities and then abort those with the wrong genes? Not that it really matters, I'm just curious." Since he's been to realities like that. "But yes, the Fanastic Four would be mutates as an example."

"Wow, you guys sound like you come from great places," Kate notes, dry, as she takes another sip of her coffee. And yet, she's watching both of them, intent. "There are people here who feel the same way about powers and vigilantes alike, Booster. That's part of why this matters so much, the Justice League. We have to be proof that we're not something to be exterminated."

"Naw. It's the right one," Booster assures Mimic, cheerfully. "Let's just say I'm really, really good when it comes to navigating timelines. But," he adds, more seriously, "Due to time having a semi-fractal nature, as well as it having a chaotic nature with an orderly expression, it can be challenging. Anyway, they do scan foetuses, yes, but they don't terminate them. They don't terminate anyone who suddenly shows powers either, they uh…" He looks upwards for a long and silent moment.

Booster finally says, "They'd call it "correction". They avoid killing anyone for that because there was a massive dip in world population, er will be, sometime between now and 500 years from now." He lifts his cup for another sip. "Dunno what causes it, though. That's something the archaeologists were still figuring out." He winks at Kate, then. "Who knows, maybe we'll keep all of it from happening."

"Actually, my reality is much nicer than this one." Mimic says, since Kate's guessed his not at all dirty little secret. "Those with powers were treated like royalty and there was no anti-mutant prejudice to speak of. We had our problems but that wasn't one of them." He nods at what Booster says. "Well, hopefully we can try to keep it from happening. Though if we did, I'm fairly certain the timeline would just split off into its own reality and it would continue as normal in that one. That's not a reason to not try though."

"I'm definitely in favor of not having that particular future," Kate says, raising her mug in salute to the others. "God, that's…mildly terrifying, when you stop and actually say it. We're here to actually build a future. For…millions of people. No pressure, guys."

"Yeah, that's often what happens," Booster agrees with a nod to Mimic. "But it never hurts to try. Sometimes you might have to just settle for the least horrible thing. From what I know, it probably happens in the 21st century, but you can still draw a question mark on that." He smiles at Kate and suggests, "Billions is more accurate."

"Trust me when I say this reality, here and now, is not too bad a place to be." Mimic assures Kate. "Hopefully, we can build a future that is also not too bad a place to be. But that will be for future generations to decide. We can only give them a foundation."

"I'll settle for helping people now," Kate admits, letting out a heavy breath. "That's the biggest reason I joined the league here. I've never been one for teams. Too much commitment, too much…long term trust. A few months back, though, I watched a friend-" She pauses, frowning as she chooses her words. "I watched a friend get pushed from his home. He didn't really fit with the people who tried to help him. And then I watched one of those cape-killers run him through. I'm not letting that happen to anyone else. Not if I can stop it."

"I'm sorry, Kate," Booster says, quietly. "I understand, though. I'm…" He pauses, in thought. "I'm interested in making sure that people get the help they need, no matter what the situation is. Its wrong that some people are persecuted just because of the circumstances of their birth. They need understanding, not disregard and violence." He tips his cup back to drink the last of his coffee. "I hope we get to work together, Mimic. You clearly know what's up." Booster looks at the walls, gesturing vaguely with his coffee cup as if he expected them to do something. When nothing happens he just walks to the sink. "I need to peek in on that data analysis I'm doing before I work out."

"I know what it's like to lose someone." Mimic says softly. "It really sucks. " What else can you say? "I like to think so." he tells Booster. It was nice meeting you. But before you go, I'm just curious about something… What's the situation with gays in your time?"

Kate quirks a brow at Cal's question, then lifts a hand to wiggle it from side to side. "Not as good as it should be," she answers honestly. "Better in Europe than America, better in America than the third world, but not what it should be. Most decent people and younger people aren't going to have much of a problem. Older people and assholes may. Unfortunately, sometimes there's no way to know who's a complete asshole until they open their mouth. It's not illegal in the US, but same-sex marriage is only legal in some states."

"What?" Booster actually has to think for a moment, but Kate's remarks fill him in. "Oh… yeah, that's right. That's a thing in this era too, I always forget because it's so weird. Nah, man, its a non-issue. It's just normal in my era, like you're into who you're into." He shakes his head with mild exasperation. "This era has some cool stuff going on like… food and animals and superheroes… but if two guys hug, someone faints." He grins and points a finger-gun at Kate and then Mimic, winking and saying, "Catch you dudes later."

Mimic blinks at Kate and then grins. "I meant him." he explains. "I've been here for a while and keep track of current events. Plus Booster is the only time traveler. Here." He's visibly pleased at Booster's answer. "Well, that's promising. I'm glad to hear we finally managed that. Unless you're a gay mutant, of course and then you're screwed for other reasons." Just can't win. "Take care, Booster."

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