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March 15, 2015 : By chance, Barry meets up with his old pal Reese who is back in town.


New York City? That really chaps my hide!



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Fresh off the boat, Reese was! Sort of. She just managed to get to one place or another with a few dollars in her pocket and Max.. gone. She was sure he was back on the boat somewhere, not her boat, but the tug boat she occasionally finds herself on with a mix of weird people who are slightly looney or criminally insane. At least they feed her though!

It has been a few weeks since she's touched down in New York, the bell ringing nearly hurting her ears but she endures with a swift tapping and swish of her walking stick to quickly get as far away from that noise as possible. It would have been nice if she had a cosmic escort, just so she could penny pinch like the old woman in a young womans body like she was, but she didn't. She had people to see, things to do. And it may or may not involve her going straight for the temple to have words with a very, very old friend. Mean words, that is.

But, she was hungry, alas. There was no smell but the salt and rotten fish in the air, nothing to direct her to some place where she can eat. So, she just walks along, hoping to run into something while listening to the crashing of the waters she arrived from.

Barry is new to this part of New York. Staten Island doesn't have the best reputation, but it does have some of the best prices in the metro area. Given that commuting isn't a big deal for him, and that he doesn't need to worry about parking at all, living a bit out of Manhattan doesn't seem like such a big deal. Besides, his new roommate has been pretty cool thus far.

Cisco's apartment is everything you'd imagine. Beads separating the rooms, lavalamp in the corner, etc.

So far, the two friends have gotten along well, but now two days in, Barry is wandering the streets, which seem more like Philadelphia or Baltimore than New York to him.

"Reese?" Barry asks quizzically as he nearly runs into the woman.

"Ugh." Okay, it was the smell. It wasn't making her hungry anymore, in fact, it was starting to make her sick. Her senses were naturally amplified due to being blind, and she hasn't been in the Suicide Slums for a long time to get used to the smell. She had to get the heck out of there.

She turns, whipping her stick around and stopping, the sound of her name causing her face to scrunch up rather nastily. That was, until it hits her. "Barry!" She heard the direction, but was unsure of the closeness. The city was loud after all. "Where are you?" She even holds out a hand, Reese barely liked holding hands but hey! If it'll find him quicker, the better.

Barry reaches out his hand to guide Reese, all the while looking at her with a face of concern. "Hey, last time I saw you things got pretty thick. You alright?" Imperceptibly he begins to look at her clothing and her face to see if anything might be wrong with her clothes or if she's been mistreated in any way.

Reese looked fine. Her hair was actually combed and flung over her shoulder, long as it was, knotted off at the end with a little bow just because. Her clothes were fine as well, not the best, all second hand, and she didn't smell like wet garbage either, for once. Her face was fine, everything was fine, save for the weird look she gives him, along with a brief shake and a continued hold of his hand.

"Yeah." She wasn't used to that. "I'm fine. And.. I know it's was bad last time but.. I've been doing okay." There was a little pause there. "I.. kind of wanted to find you to see how /you/ were doing. Make sure you were okay after all of that."

"Yeah," Barry says with a nod as he looks out among the people out on the streets. "Things are alright. I finally found a place over on Staten Island with a friend of mine. I don't have much to move since most of my things were destroyed in the original visit by those friends. Renter's insurance, for the win." Barry chuckles but the smile fades, "They still after you?"

Reese's brows raise, urging him to walk with her as they talk. It was the smell, really. "Did you? Which friend is this? Another girlfriend?" Reese sure was nosy! But that didn't matter, he was alright. "I don't know if they are, to be honest." She shrugs her shoulder, folding up the cane so that she could use Barry as her very own eyes. "I think a day or so afterwards, I left town. Figured if I put myself far in between you and everyone else, no one would have to suffer any of that badness I got going on. I mean, your entire place was just.. gone. Messed up. Mostly because of me, and I'm sorry for that."

"Is what it is, I'm not too worried about it," Barry responds. "And the new place is with my friend named Cisco, he's pretty cool. Laid back. Pretty funny." Barry hops back to the original topic, "What about you? Can you take these people if they corner you?"

Reese shrugs it off then. She wasn't going to worry about it. "If you ever find yourself without a place to stay, just be homeless like me. It's actually pretty enlightening once you get the hang of it. Though, you work, so there's really no reason for you to be homeless." She admits. Being homeless in the summer, piece of cake. Winter? Hell.

She quiets as he asks her the question, a slight frown dropping upon her lips as she gives a shake of her head. "If I tell you how long ago since I've last had a real, true blue fight, you'd probably shit your pants. But.. no. I can't. I can hit someone with my stick if they're close enough but.. anything else.. no."

"I like my bed and my covers too much to be homeless, Reese," Barry says with a grin. He gets a bit more somber as she admits that she's overmatched. "Well, you know where to find me. You don't have to do this on your own."

"Oh.. you're breaking my heart.." It was her turn to laugh a little, but that was quelled down by his offer. She really didn't know where to find him, she never carried a phone, all she had was a stick and her dog.

She stops walking for the moment, drawing out the stick so that she could let go of his hand. "Write down your number and your address. Then I will. I don't suppose you have any.. weird.. beeper thingy I can shake and rattle so you could find me instead…" She pauses. ".. it's a joke. Sorry."

"Sure," Barry flips his little man purse thing he always brings with him and grabs a pen and a piece of paper, scrawling quickly. "That's alright. It's better than most of my jokes. Here." He puts the piece of paper into her hand.

There was a weird look she gives him as he writes everything down, surely she was messing with him, but she would have Hal read it to her later so she could commit it to memory. "You know I can't read this, right?" She says, waving the piece of paper around, then shoves it into her pocket. "But there's something I wanted to ask you, since you're here. You're.. technically a scientist by trade right? Working theories and finding facts and other ways to manipulate facts and what not?" She reaches out for his arm to guide him into walking with her again, which would seem a little odd, considering the role reversal. "I was wondering if there's a way to take.. my magic on the offensive instead of just.. you know, healing people."

Hal Jordan lands a few blocks away, since he kind of always keeps track of Reese. It's not a paranoid boyfriend thing, it's a "horrible demons trying to eat my girlfriend's soul" thing. He tries to make it seem at least somewhat casual, though, coming around the corner with a pair of sunglasses and bomber jacket, looking every bit the pilot he is. "Why, Reese! Barry! I'm shocked…SHOCKED…to find you two here…what…what does this mean, I…what about the children?" he says, putting a hand over his face and then unable to quite help a laugh.

Of course, then he sees the more serious expression on Reese's face and sighs. He's good at stepping in it, "Sorry. Hey, you," he says, leaning in and kissing Reese's temple and nodding to the other man, "Barry, good to see you again."

"I was gonna have him read it to you," Barry says giving a smile and an upwards nod toward Hal. "Same to you. Thanks for taking care of Reese. Sounds like things are still pretty hot. If you need me for anything, here's my number. Glad to see you guys are back in town."

She jerks as she hears Hal's voice, her brows raising in mild surprise even though she shouldn't. She doesn't let go of Barry's arm, but that serious expression she carried has her face wrinkling into a fit of mild laughter. "That's not funny.." She states, even though she was trying not to laugh, drawing away from Barry to accept the kiss upon her temple, then reaches into her pocket to offer Hal Barry's number and address for safe keeping.

"Suuure you were.." She teases Barry, both hands upon her stick now to lean her chin upon it to rest. She was glad to see them both getting along, but it was a no brainer that they would. "I was asking Barry some science-y crap. But I think you saved me from a very long explanation that I probably won't be able to understand."

Hal Jordan makes a small wince, "Science, ouch. Yeah, I was not a science guy. Or a math guy. Or English…um, I was really good at gym," he grins. He's not quite as dull as he likes to pretend, you don't become a fighter pilot without some brains, but it's also true that he was usually in the dark when the science people in the superhero realm started going on. One of the benefits of the ring was that it didn't ask how to do things - it just did them.

He takes the number, putting it carefully into his pocket. "Thanks," he says. "Well, I'm sure Barry agrees with me that we're gonna get your problem solved. Just a matter of time."

"Definitely," Barry says, echoing Hal's sentiment. "But as far as your powers go, Reese, I'm not sure I know anything that can fix that sort of thing. That's a bit outside of my purview."

"I wasn't anything." At least she can read if she wanted to. And she's probably graduated high school over one thousand times. It's anyones guess with her, really.

"I know you're going to get the problem solved, but.." She just leaves it alone for now, shrugging her shoulders briefly. "I'm hungry. Barry, you want to come with us to get something to eat? Hal's paying. I think he's secretly rich and doesn't want anyone to know that because he thinks we're all going to start asking for hand-outs." The mention of her magic, well.. it was just let go. She was sure he knew that she thought it was going to be alright.

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