Cupcakes & Arrows

March 15th, 2015: Kara, Kate & Clint have a chat at the Lakehouse. Kara is upset and Clint teases her.

JL:A Lakehouse

The JL:A Lakehouse



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Overcast, cloudy, windy, but not anywhere near freezing temperatures, thankfully. Just grey. Doesn't mean there isn't life around, however. The groundskeeper is outside doing his 'thing', getting ready for the inevitable burst of weather known as Spring.

Second day in a row now for Clint's wandering in late morning, or is it early afternoon -back- to the frat-house, er… lakehouse. This time, rather than flopped on the couch, the 'still dressed in last night's festivities' outfit, though the tie hangs untied, Clint is leaning on the counter in the amazingly sparkling clean and shiny kitchen, -staring- at the 12-cup coffee pot as it burbles its life giving liquid through its pipes.

Maybe it's youth, but Kate seems to come out of these things a little better than Clint. It's not that she didn't have more than her share of drinks last night. She definitely had more than her share. But she's not looking quite so rough this morning as Clint is. Of course, while Clint went for coffee, she went for a shower. As she comes back downstairs, she's in yoga pants and a tank top, wet hair piled into a bun. There's still fading bruising on her back, but she's moving much better.


The last few drops of coffee doesn't manage to make it to the pot, rather it sizzles against the hot plate as Mr Impatient pulls the carafe to pour the coffee into a 'hasn't been cleaned for at least a week' mug. It's a favorite mug! It's only once he's got the steaming caffeine in hand that he turns slowly around, leaning on the counter. The moment Kate makes it into sight, Clint takes a quick swallow to lower the level in the cup before signing carefully (with mug in hand!), 'Damn you.'

Kate snorts at that sign, smirking back at him as she replies. « Not my fault you can't keep up, old man. Besides, that was, like, three whole hours of not thinking about the fact that people almost started fistfights while we were introducing ourselves to the world. » She goes to the cabinet to pull out a mug for herself, filling it partway before going to the pantry for sugar and the fridge for creamer.

Kara comes downstairs in her bathrobe and slippers looking like she had the headache of a lifetime. She stares at the man and woman who are using sign language before saying, "When I'm told the team is going public, you should all really be more specific. I thought we all had to reveal our identities" She seems to be greatly regretting it, maybe because of Power Girl beating the SNOT out of her.

The party boat was fun, and Clint lifts a mug as a smirk plays on his face at the memory, shifting just a little to get out of her way. Only a little.

Open bar. Music. Really -hot- girls in those mini-dresses… and Kate. The moment that next swallow is taken, the hands move slowly and carefully, or at least the one with the hot beverage does as he replies, 'Yeah, way to go.'

Kara's announcement to the pair gets Clint's attention, and for a long moment, he doesn't respond. One second, two… just to make sure he got it right; lip reading is an art and sometimes, things are missed. "I've always been public with mine."

Kate turns at Kara's words, concern crossing her features. "I'm sorry, Kara," she says first. "I didn't realize it wasn't clear it was a choice, and I didn't think you'd want to hide." She does look truly sorry, embarrassed, as she goes to the pantry for another mug. "You want some coffee?" It always works with Clint, at least. "What happened with that woman?"

Kara slumps down on the couch and looks very pouty, "She's a Kryptonian like me. Power Girl is her name and apparently she's a hero like all of us BUT she hates me." The young woman sighs again looking around for Streaky but nope he was gone, "I got thrown into the moon by her after she beat me up…"

Clint's missing half this conversation, and he's looking from Kate to the now retreating Kara. Brows rise before he exhales and he points out, just in case, "Kara, I don't know what you're— moon?" What?

The archer is still recovering from last night's festivities, so he's not the sharpest tool in the shed at the moment. He's lost half the conversatio by not being able to read Kara's lips until he begins to move through the room. Looking to Kate, brows are up in question. "What'm I missing?"

Kate summarizes, fingers flickering. « No one told Kara we didn't have to say who we were, and that woman who stormed out apparently got pissed because she's also Kryptonian, and the fight seems to have ended on the moon. » She takes a sip of her coffee, looking to Kara with a worried frown. "You know, Kara, if you hadn't told me about what happened to your planet, I'd be starting to worry that your people were thinking about setting up shop here. Why did she beat you up?"

Kara sighs loudly, "She's from the bad part of my family but I don't see why she blames me. It's not like I have ANYTHING to do with what happened between our fathers. I don't even know what happened." She looks very sad, "She didn't even want to be friends."

'Fight ended on the moon,' Clint repeats one handed. "The moon?" He repeats it once more for good measure. "The moon."

He wanders out to the living room, but not without casting a quick glance back at the coffee pot. Mind changed, Clint's back to the kitchen to nab the pot from the burner and take it with him before he re-emerges to go and sit on the edge of an overstuffed chair. "Okay, slowly please?" One more glance is given to Kate, just to fill in the pieces. God help him when there's more in the room. He doesn't want to always rely on those aids now, reminding him of something lost.

"Well, the bad part of your family part doesn't sound super promising," Kate points out as she settles onto the couch next to Kara, reaching out to wrap an arm around her shoulders. "How about you start at the beginning? Tell us what was going on with your family, and what you heard from this woman. Maybe we can come up with some sort of…I don't know, but we sure don't need another Zod."

"Our fathers are brothers or something, my dad never spoke about it so I'm not sure. She seemed to know more than me. She kept calling me.. UGH.." Kara frowns, "Princess Cupcake." She didn't seem to like this name at all.

"She calmed down after beating me up and said sorry and stuff, so maybe she'll come around. I barely even want to think about it." Kara lies back on the couch closing her eyes.

"Everyone's got those relatives. Seriously." Like, his brother. Or Kate's father. Only, Kate's dad couldn't kill him. Trickshot, on the other hand, well…

Kate's positioning on the couch makes it easier for Clint to actually follow the conversation now, and he falls from the arm of the chair into the seat proper before tugging off the black tie that lingers untied around his neck and tossing it onto the coffee table, next to the carafe; once he refills his mug, that is. A touch of a smirk rises, and the amusement is seen easily behind blue eyes as they gleam. He simply can't help himself. He can't. First, he signs at Kate, 'Princess Cupcake?' before voicing it. "Princess Cupcake? That's…" and a laugh is barked. "Awesome. No, really." A hand rises and he tries to apologize, he does, but it's just either not coming, or nowhere near sounding truly apologetic.

Kate reaches for one of the couch pillows, winging it at Clint with a smirk. "Not helping," she informs the other archer, giving Kara a squeeze. "We'll figure it out. I'd guess it's probably a pretty big surprise to find not only another survivor, but someone from your own family, right? You all seem to think you're the only one until you find someone else."

Kara looks at Clint and just stands up, glaring laser beams at him almost, "JERK!" She gives Kate a quick hug and says, "Thanks Kate. Have fun with Jerkface." Kara runs upstairs, boy she was emotional today.

Clint's smirk grows to a shit-eating grin as he catches the pillow in his free hand. He has to put it down in order to sign at Kate, 'What? It's funny.'

Of course, Kara's not finding it quite so amusing, and the pillow comes up as a makeshift shield for those laser beam eye-glare she's got. "Ow. Jerk? Jerkface?" He calls out, "That hurts!" Yeah… okay. Next on the agenda, how can he get Kate to bake cupcakes?

Kate rolls her eyes at Clint, sighing. "Dummy," she murmurs, standing up and leaning in to drop a kiss on the top of his head. "I'm gonna go see if there's anything I can do to help Kara. You need a shower and some sleep, before you make any more genius decisions," she teases with a smirk.

Clint watches as Kate rises and rolls his head forward with a soft, airy chuckle. "You can't tell me it's not funny." Lifting his head at the kiss, the smile grow again, and it shifts lopsidedly. "Yeah, probably should. Look human for at least a couple hours today." The rise from the chair begins and his hands speak for him once again, « If it helps, tell her I like cupcakes? And Princess ones are the ones that rule. ».

"Oh my god, you're the worst," Kate groans at Clints signing, though she can't quite hide the faintest flicker of a smile. "I'm not saying that. Until she feels better. I've already been thrown into a building by one Kryptonian this week, thanks." And then she's jogging up the stairs after Kara.

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