Turning Cyborg

March 15, 2015: Aspect calls May and Simmons to consult on Nyx's interesting problem

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Jericho narrowly avoided the arrival of Emergency Services summoned by Eugene at the ruined AIM labs. Nyx's behavior that night was, really worrying and he decided that if he could convince the young woman, he was going to take her to meet May and whichever of Fitz or Simmons that she could round up. The hacker with his glowing amber batwings is currently making a beeline straight for New York. Nyx is faster than he, but he's pretty quick so it won't be long at all before he's there.

Nyx is following Jericho's lead on this one, the hacker seems pretty disturbed about something after all. Her brilliant white energy wings, contained particle beam energy really in the shape of wings, the ouside reflection of the energy giving her thrust somehow, bent at an angle behind her. She could outfly him probably, but he knows where they are landing.

Melinda May received the hastily sent message from Trent and snagged Simmons on her way toward the motor pool. It seemed urgent enough that she is walking at full speed, which means that the biochem might have to jog to keep up. The message contained coordinates, but that was it. Suffice it to say, she's not going to show up unprepared. She's already signed out a pistol specially fitted to fire those dendrotoxin darts that Simmons and Fitz have been creating, and as they get into the car, she hands the weapon to the scientist. "Let's hope you won't need it." And then they're off.

Simmons is jogging after May, field bag in hand and her labcoat still on, safety goggles hooked on the left breast pocket. Slipping into the car, the scientist takes the pistol, gingerly and then buckles her seatbelt. "What can you tell me, Agent May." Simmons chatters a little, when nervous.

Jericho's note had been fairly laconic. Mostly he didn't want to give too much away on channels that might be monitored. He mentioned only that he was coming to a favored rendevous spot of his with a young woman in tow who seemed to have some kind of semi-hostile cyber-ware on her. Certainly, something that seemed capable of coopting her. Which was disturbing on several levels.

"Down there." Jericho calls out and begins to descend. "I promise, I'll explain everything once help arrives." And with that he alights onto the sidewalk outside a little cafe. It's mostly empty at this hour, which is why this is even remotely safe for him. Nyx? She's the Angel of Metropolis, so he's not thinking she'll have any issues unless HYDRA showss up again.

Samantha, aka Nyx, loves flying. She isn't taxed out so she enjoys herself flipping this way and that, spirals around Jericho showing off a bit really like only a teenager can. When he calls out and descends she tilts her own wings and lands fast, but not hard, touching down deftly and with a snap of light the wings are gone, her shoulders and back bare in the pretty much sports bra she is wearing. "Not sure why we need help but okay."

"Not much. Jericho likely didn't want to say over an unsecure signal. May drives them to their destination with the ease of familiarity. She finds a parking space surprisingly close to the aforementioned cafe, then leads Simmons to where she can already see Jericho standing with a young woman who is clearly underdressed for NYC in March.

Following along behind May, Simmons has managed to put the pistol (safety on) in her labcoat pocket and snagged her field bag from the car. Seeing Jericho, wings and all, and the young woman, Simmons opens her mouth to say something and then closes it again, settling for a "Sure thing, Agent May."

Jericho gestures for Nyx to get comfortable. "Cold at all?" All too soon May and Simmons arrive. By that point Jericho's gotten himself a coffee - straight and black, he'll need it - and whatever Nyx wants. "Hey you two. I'd like you to meet Nyx. She's been doing some good work, and I think she may have a small problem." He's gathered already that she doesn't remember what happened. He wonders, in fact, how much she does remembers at all. "Make yourselves comfortable. You're going to want to be sitting down."

Hot chocolate, that would be what Nyx asked for. She doesn't really need the caffiene, or much sleep these days, but she still likes sipping hot chocolate. She is also pretty internet famous or well infamous. All those how not to fight crime and destroy Christmas youtube bloopers. Jamison railing at her antics. Also the postivie Angel of Metropolis press.

When Nyx spots May though she smiles, a bit reserved "Oh hey Agent… um… right.. May I think.. maybe?" she met this Agent after the whole blowing up the Jumbotron in Time Square incident.

Melinda May enters the cafe just ahead of Simmons, and her eyes narrow at Trent slightly when she sees that after sending out a 'this could be urgent' message he's sitting there sipping on coffee as if it were just another day. But, that's the extent of her reaction. She approaches the table and gives each of the pair already seated a nod before making sure Simmons is seated before claiming a chair for herself.

Simmons is starting to read 'May', it's an advanced linguists course and it's been slow going. Noting the narrowing of the eyes, Simmons quickly slips into the seat and places her bag on the floor.

The labcoat gets some looks from the other patrons but the scientist doesn't notice as she repositions her pistol in the pocket so it's not so obvious.

"Hello Nyx, pleased to meet you. I'm Dr Jemma Simmons." Looking over to Jericho and then back to the young woman, giving her a visual assessment, Simmons questions "Small problem, Jericho?" See, Nyx's wings? Not a problem.

Jericho returns the look and as soon as everyone is settled he lifts an arm up. He doesn't bother to provide narration. He just replays the events that took place not half an hour ago. He and a group of independents are striking what looks like a HYDRA lab. In the middle of it Nyx grabs Jericho and his HUD goes nuts, as does the recording but it's evident that she's somehow ripping bits of circuit trace out of him and absorbing them somehow. Then she's tackled to the ground and seems to come out of some kind of fuge after announcing that the repairs are complete. When the recording is done he lowers his arm and looks at the other. "Questions? I'm sure there are."

Samantha, aka Nyx there, teenager sips her hot chocolate and then leans in when the replay starts to go. She blinks several times "Uh…" she squints "What the hell was that….are you messing with me Jericho?" she looks between all three of you with a visible bit of alarm now at what she saw. "That.. doesn't look good…" she manages shakey.

Melinda May watches the footage, silently, her eyebrows furrowing slightly at a couple of places in the playback. It's clear that Nyx doesn't remember that, so she looks at Jericho. "What do you remember of that?"

"Now isn't that interesting…" Leaving May to speak to Jericho, Simmons turns to the young woman "Are you saying you don't remember any of that?" She's already reaching for her field kit, she's going to do a quick check up, right here in the coffee shop.

"I remember she ripped about six inches of trace out of me and it hurt like hell. I also remember she had some kind of AI battling my systems. If I had to guess, it took her over." He glances over to Nyx. "Yeah, not good. Not your fault per se, but not good. Which is why I called May and Simmons here." Jericho trusts them and he doesn't trust lightly.

Six inches, or even more due to him not being fully with it due to all the pain. So difficult to say. She definitely took her pound of flesh, or well metal. Meanwhile though Nyx is peering at Simmons. "Um well… no.. I mean I remember going into the Hydra facility with Jericho and ripping some mechs apart…" she sips her hot chocolate slowly and peers at the others worried. "Doc Wilson at Starks ran a lot of tests already… I mean yeah I have a problem but he hasn't got back to me with all the results yet.. but.. I'm not really all human anymore.." she looks like she hates saying it.

Melinda May lets Simmons chat with Nyx while she asks Jericho quietly, "What sort of AI? Anything you can remember having encountered before?" If he says no, she'll be even less pleased than she is already. Because there have just been way too many unknowns lately. She HATES surprises.

"Mmmmm" Simmons opens her bag and listens as Nyx speaks "Did he now, well after seeing that video I want to take a quick look at you myself." As an aside to May, Simmons murmurs "Can we try to get those results from Dr Wilson?"

Turning her attention back to Nyx, Simmons indicates for her to put down her drink and conducts a basic, routine, physical examination. Dilation and alertness test, temperature and blood pressure, simply routine things that don't look too out of place in a cafe.

"Not all human? That's not such a bad thing." The biochem speaks quietly as she works "Tell me what you know of the results from Dr Wilson, please."

Then a thought occurs to her and she glances across to Jericho "Do you need any medical attention?"

Jericho shakes his head. "Not sure yet. Still doing a full systems check." He feels Nyx's pain on the 'not human anymore' front. He was at once both more and less than human when he accepted the augmentation surgery and now that it's fully fused with him he is arguably something else entirely now. And this is setting aside his more… esoteric changes.

"Twice, May, but I think both from different sources. There are some pretty advanced AI's operating out there. Never seen anything that quite matches her profile though." He murmurs. Eight and Eliza and, well, Maxwell are all fairly advanced though all in different ways.

Melinda May nods slightly to Jericho. "Then you might want to consult with Oracle on this. Computers are more her speed than mine." And besides, if she takes Nyx in to SHIELD, there's always that chance that they'll lock her in a cage to 'study' her. And May has long since made it clear how strongly she disagrees with that tactic.

Samantha submits to the basic checkup. Her pupils dilate, precisely, and the blood pressure well it doesn't work, it literally doesn't compress the skin enough for a good reading. Tempature is spot on 98.6 as well.

OF course all of those, except Maxwell are terrestrial and at the edge of human capabilities not beyond. As for Oracle well this thing already took an attempted bite out of her systems and caused her to bail the last time.

Sam ums at the question. "Well.. yeah I mean. Large portions of me has been replaced with artificial structures. It looks like skin but it isn't. Very dense and artificial. Also he said my lasers are really particle beams… which wikipedia said was like excited nuetrons moving at lightspeed or something… I didn't get all the sciencey stuff." she fidgets "I mean.. really it came from the silver goop from the meteor egg thing…. I really should go back and get the results from Doc Wilson or Ms Potts…"

The blood pressure test failing, gets a raised eyebrow from Simmons. "So I can see… " pursing her lips, Simmons sits back gesturing for Nyx that she's finished. "From the results that I could get… well, Nyx said it herself… I think she's " she frowns "there's no delicate way to say this… a machine. Or something approximating it. The results of those tests were too exact given what I believe she's been through."

"Cyborg is the word you're looking for." Jericho grimaces, not wanting to call Nyx a machine when she may still be significantly biologically human, and in any case still thinks and acts like one for the most part. "I'm one too, you know."

May's suggestion gets a nod. "If she's open to it. I have contacts in X-Red that might be able to help too. A technomancer and a guy on Oracle's level for computer languages." Not a hacker so much as a guy with a gift for cryptography.

"Nyx have you ever… blacked out before? Lost time?" He pauses and sighs. "Oh, May, I should mention that HYDRA tried to snatch her."

HYDRA. Again. May can't even find it in herself to be surprised anymore. "I'm sensing a pattern here, Trent. And I don't like it. I'll send a request for the test results from Stark Industries and if possible, I want to be there when the X-Red person or Oracle tries to take a look-see."

Nyx frowns at the machine comment starting to protest then Jericho breaks in and she nods softly "That is what Doc Wilson said… cyborg.. he said he hadn't seen anything like it though.. which well um.. meteor so I guess that maybe makes sense.." she sighs "I've met a lot of the X-men Red.. one of them is like my best friend.. but they referred me to Stark but sure okay. What's an Oracle?" she finally asks looking between people. "No black outs.. well that I remember.. but I didn't remember grabbing you either Jericho so .. like.. well… you know right."
The teen girl looks at her hands thoughtfully. "Sorry I like hurt you Jericho… I didn't mean too." she flexes her hands frowning. "What do you think was happening?" Sam looks up to everyone again.

Simmons looks suitably chastened "Cyborg than." Mays comments have Jemma looking to her "Fitz might be interested in looking as well, Agent May." but Simmons knows it would be off the books.

May is also aware that Jericho would probably strongly object to just about anyone being taken in for 'study' but Nyx's question brings a better reason to mind for keeping her out of SHIELD facilities. "Don't worry about it Nyx. Once I realized it wasn't you…" He trails off, thinking. "I'm not entirely sure, Nyx, but given the what you said about repairs and the way you were tearing things up in there…" He glances now meaningfully to May and Simmons. "I think you were looking for parts after having sustained damage. That explains why you went after my tech but not the others in the room. Not advanced enough." Jericho's thankful for that 'lower tech' though. Prevented a huge, destructive fight. "Whatever it is, normally keeps you in charge for some reason, but your implants were damaged and it overrode you. That's a guess at any rate. Who knows, but it fits what we know."

May gets another nod and a thoughtful look. "Best to keep her away from SHIELD tech anyway, I think. She had my back and I don't think she's a danger but if she gets hijacked and your folks get jumpy…" Just… no. "I'll see if I can arrange for you to be present. Maybe Fitz or Simmons could make a field trip."

Sam thinks about that glumly "That General Zod . Dark Superman guy blew a hole clean through my left shoulder… I could see through it .. it was messy and …. well disgusting really…." she shakes her head "I couldn't even touch the Kryptonian .. which was pretty scary. I'm pretty sure he could have just ripped me apart but he flew off instead. It healed over really quick but I had to have a sling it hurt like hell…"

Melinda May nods her agreement with Jericho about keeping Nyx away from SHIELD tech, just to be on the safe side. "A field trip sounds like the best option." She'd offer the Bus, but the giant bird is one huge chunk of technology so that is likely not a good idea.

Simmons regards Nyx thoughtfully and then looks between Jericho and May "That would seem feasible, a self repairing unit so to speak. It really is rather fascinating." She can imagine how Fitz would respond to that. "I'm happy enough to do a field trip, but tech is more Fitzs' thing than mine."

"Yours is Biochem." Jericho nods. "But Nyx is still, you know, alive, hence…" Hence her presence. He takes a deep breath and lets it out. "Nyx, you said you have contacts with Red. Are you staying with them? Once we get things going I'll come find you, though I'd prefer not to hunt through the net for you."

There's a pause. "Are you going to need me to run interference for this?"

"If not run interference, at least coordinate everyone. I have enough paperwork to do already every time I leave the Triskelion." Especially in a hurry like she did today. Maybe she can stare Simmons into helping. Of course, that might be cruel and unusual.

May doesn't have to stare Simmons into helping, May does an awful lot to help the biochemist, paperwork whilst tedious, is a way of repaying that. "I'll help with the paperwork, Agent May. But if Jericho can help make that less, then that would be a good thing." Fixing Jericho with a small look, Simmons frowns "And I know Nyx is alive and would like to keep her that way, as well." she sighs "I don't mean to seem cold, but an analytical approach, making sure we have the best working on this, will go an awfully long way."

Samantha eyes Simmons "My normal doctor is a technology medical doctor… I'm still alive in here.. like he said.. hopefully.. and hey I am pro all the experts so this Fitz person sounds great too.. and Doc Wilson and heck whoever…" as far as she is concerned, without all those Stark scans who is to say. I mean her skin feels living, but its just so.. dense and durable. Wierdness. "Oh um.. no I don't they mostly all seem to be a mutant team you know… Bobby is like my best friend and all but no.. . Ms. Potts pays the rent on my apartment in the Bronx. I can give you a phone to reach me."

"Local then. That makes things easier." Jericho nods. He'll take the contact info and put it where he puts all such things. It's rather shocking the amount of data that's stuffed into his head. "Alright, I'll coordinate this with Nyx. It's her body we're talking about, after all." So she'll have a say in it so far as he's concerned.

"I get it, Simmons. I know you're just trying to do your job." What he doesn't say, and hopes Simmons gets is that he's not upset with her so much as trying to not hurt Sam's feelings over the matter of whether she is or isn't human or even still 'alive'. And he's not one to throw stones. He doesn't like to think about how human he is. He still thinks of himself as such but… who's to say?

"Be careful. HYDRA clearly knows something on this. I'll be in and out taking care of a few things but I'll be in touch." That last to everyone present.

Melinda May nods to Jericho, then looks at Nyx. "If things get out of hand, call me. I won't take you in to the Triskelion, but I can at least get you somewhere safe."

A sigh from the young woman and a nod "Well the only extra crazy stuff lately has been the Kryptonian and the Hydra stuff… otherwise my crime fighting is pretty much..well standard newspapers." Samantha mmms "God I hate the Bugle…" she looks to Simmons and then cocks her head to May. "So.. everyone seems skittish but why is the Triskelion so bad?"

Jericho chuckles. "Well, I'm not exactly known to be an upstanding citizen." It's true that a lot of the things you might dig up about him are false and a lot of the other things are a result of fighting HYDRA but he's still a powerful force operating off grid, which tends to make people look squinty eyed at him. "And SHIELD is very much about understanding and controlling things. Don't get me wrong, they do good work, but they have hair triggers and I'd hate to have them decide that you needed study. Or that you were a threat that didn't fit in their threat matrix. The Tri is their headquarters. That's where they're the most bold. I've been working with May for a while now and even I don't like going there except when necessary."

Melinda May can only nod in agreement with Jericho. "At least until you fully understand your abilities." Really, though, if May is suggesting not approaching SHIELD's main headquarters, there's got to be a reason for it. "Right now, for example. You were never here. Trent wanted to share intel about HYDRA with me. Namely that he knows of another person targetted by them."

Samantha pushes her chair back and picks her hot chocolate back up. She scribbles a phone number down for Jericho and passes it over. Later Jericho can easily find the girl it is attached too, the apartment in the bronx. Samantha Twining, facebook from high school, yearbook photos, last job as a fast food cook, horrible grades in high school and barely graduated on time. Her identity with all the footage isn't that hard to cross reference either. Probelematic.

For right now though Nyx nods "Okay… I'm going to get going and.. think about this…. thanks for all the help and sorry again Jericho."

"Hey, I called, you came. Don't worry about it." Jericho's worried about a number of things, but what she did isn't one of them. Why she did it, now that's another matter. His systems seem to be intact. Thankfully. "Take care Nyx. I'll be seeing you."

"May, I'm going to want to talk to you about a particular HYDRA operative I've seen in the last few weeks. But that can wait. Thanks for coming out. You too Simmons."

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