Bounty Hunting

March 18th, 2015: A group of heroes face down some Bounty Hunters!


Downtown Metropolis



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Downtown Metropolis, Early Evening.

A homeless man on a downtown street corner shook his mug at the group of futuristic men who had suddenly appeared in an alleyway adjacent to him, "Alms for the poor?"

The leader of the men, a group of intergalactic bounty hunters looked down at the homeless man with pity and shook his head, "All of this greatness and yet they cannot find a man such as yourself a home." He reached into his pouch and dropped a large gold bar into the man's cup, "Take this, it is a small sum compared to what I am about to earn."

The Bounty Hunter smiled and asked the man, "Tell me, how do I find Kara Zor-El? The so called 'Supergirl'?"

A cough from the homeless man is the first response the bounty hunter gets before he replies, "She usually comes when there's some kind of trouble. Before her, it was Superman but nobody knows where he went."

A nod was given to the homeless man and the Bounty Hunter motioned to his squad, "No civilian casualties. No collateral damage. Earth is a primitive world, we've no need to cause these people trouble. Our target is the Kryptonian."

Stepping out into the street, the lead Bounty Hunter known as Zax raised a high powered rifle into the air before leaping onto a car caught in traffic, "Metropolis, bring me Supergirl! Bring me Kara Zor-El!" Shots were fired into the air by Zax and 911 calls were made by concerned citizens who began to flee the area.

Cameron gets two channels of communication piped into her earpiece. The first is from MetFireResc, calling in available units to help with injuries caused in the mad exodous from the area. The second is a re-broadcast over the Justice League channel. She HAD been anticipating heading up to New York in the next few hours to drop by VDI and get the final adjustments done on an actual 'super' outfit. Shots fired, though, and someone seeking a team-mate have made her drop those plans as she heads in the direction offered by citizens calling in the situation.
She punches it, and should be at the location momentarily, though she is flying above the tops of nearby skyscrapers.

"Columbia, inbound, sitrep?" It's a response to the two channels she's listening to. The tone has her easily identifiable terseness to it as she looks around for the offending parties.

Tim Drake doesn't come to Metropolis often. There's not much need. The heroes of Metropolis handle their city quite efficiently, and the Bats deal with their villains in Gotham in their own way. However, he's in the city today. It's Spring Break at Gotham University, and while many of his classmates have headed off to Florida and Texas and Cancun, Timothy Drake, who's probably richer than all of them combined, could probably afford to buy Cancun, is in Metropolis.

There's a conference on ethical business standards in the city. Sue him — Drake Industries has a reputation to uphold when he takes over.

He begins to overhear chatter about something going on in the city as the conference winds to a close for the day. He's supposed to hop a train for Gotham — the commuter express — but he finds himself heading away from the train station. It's not like he doesn't have his equipment on him, albeit collapsed down into innocent looking pieces that he can explain away. When he plugs his communicator into his ear and hears the words 'Metropolis! Bring me Kara Zor-El!' he decides it's about time to find a place to change. Hello, Downtown Public Restrooms.

"Hey." Booster Gold descends from the sky as he addresses the bounty hunter who is shouting demands. "Don't fire that into the air, you don't know where those shots will end up. You could hurt someone." He turns his head to look at Skeets, who tends to have some kind of video camera running as he adds, "That is an important safety tip." His attention returns to Zax, as Skeets flies up and back to stay out of the way. Booster floats there, folding his arms as he says, "The traffic situation here is already pretty bad. What are you trying to achieve with this kind of stunt, anyway?"

Okay, so. It turns out that one of the potential investors she had in her company didn't quite like the talking chimpanzee monkey idea. That's fine, that's normal. Grodd probably would disagree, but Grodd wasn't throwing money at her company.

But they loved an idea she had regarding moisture vaporators and generally generating pure, drinklable, clean water from thin air cheaply.

And sadly, that meant that Karen Starr had to get supplies for one of her fussier scientists. "What do you mean, you'll sell these coils for two hundred each! That's /double/ the quoted price!" she says, pounding her fist against the counter of a supplier. 'That was a sale lady! It ended yesterday!'

Karen's eyebrow twitches. It was at that point that a gunshot sounds in the distance, picked up by her keen Power Hearing. And Karen stands up straight. "Well," she says, pointing at the poor clerk. "I'm gonna check around, and if you guys are still the best deal, I'll be back," she says, narrowing one eye and wagging her finger at the man.

And then she was off! Off to round a corner, and into an alleyway, pulling off her fancy and smart business outfit to reveal what she wore below. And back at Zax… a blonde-and-white streak hopes to impact him, basically shoulder checking him…! o/~ Power Girl o/~ was on the scene!

"Oho!" she cries as she goes. "I dunno whatcha want with Princess Cupcake, but I can do you one better!" Glancing briefly over towards Booster, Karen kinda snorts at the man, the brilliant smile on her features kinda dimming. "Hey. She send you instead of comin' herself?"

The majority of civilians have fled from their cars by now, trying to get to safety in what might be an impending superhero battle of some kind; they were getting used to this sort of thing especially after Atlantis tried to invade.

Zax regarded Booster and nodded his head with a degree of respect, "It was fired on a low power energy burst, it dispersed in the air. Only for intimidation friend."

He extends a hand to the floating man and says, "I am Zax. These are my brothers. We are Bounty Hunters and we hunt only the most dangerous and violent of quarry."

Within his HUD he was running recognition on the transmission they had watched, "I see that this Kryptonian is known to you. Then you must know, she is dangerous—-"

Power Girl impacts Zax out of nowhere, knocking the man off of the car but instead of falling to the ground he lands on his feet unarmed; a shimmering energy field surrounding him.

Another Bounty Hunter, Jax called out, "Brother, another Kryptonian. It was as you said, they will attack anyone without provocation. Permission to engage?"

Zax held up his hand and said, "HOLD BROTHERS!" He pointed a finger threateningly at Power Girl, "We ask that you come with us peacefully. We have a place where one like you can live without threat of harming others."

"The deal has been finalized and it seems that the markets approve us expanding our business into Metropolis, even if it is a only a few office buildings and warehouses" says Ariella Reynolds, Chief Operations Officer of Umoja International as she hands Morien a folder. "I am glad you finally follow my suggestion to expand our business this fiscal year, but what changed your mind.

Morien looks up from the folder and watches the late breaking news with Zax firing his rilfe in the air, then offers a casual glance to Ariella, "I guess I am learning the benefits of teamwork."

Morien takes the folder with him, "If you excuse me, I need to get back to my suite. I think I left the iron on in my room.

Morien hurries back to his room, so he change into his costume.

GAME: Kara has set the pose order to Kara Cameron Tim Booster PowerGirl Morien

A blur of orange hair streaks downwards as Cameron descends on the location. She quickly finds Booster because he's easy to pick out of a crowd… and wait… that blonde woman looks familiar… that Faire thing the other day? She shakes her head and lands near the edge of the grouping, watching the civilians departing.

"Put the guns down, please."

She eyeballs Karen thoughtfully then watches the new folks in town — Don't make her get out her can of whupass.

No, she's not Kryptonian.

It's fortunate for everybody that Robin's able to store his day clothes, along with his laptop and other sundries, behind the acoustic tiles in the ceiling, and escape the building through a window. Fortunate mostly for Robin, who now doesn't have to explain why Tim Drake entered the bathroom and Robin left it. Of course, to an awful lot of people in Gotham Robin is a myth, so what does that make him in Metropolis, where their heroes are creatures of the day?

He does not imagine that his bo will do much good against these alien bounty hunters, but he has it in his hand all the same as he makes his way to the scene of the pending battle. Rather than join the array of heroes who have come to the absent Supergirl's defense, as is his usual tactic he secrets himself in the shadows (has anybody else noticed that there is a dearth of shadows in Metropolis) and assesses the situation silently, ready to move in when he sees the proper opening.

Booster tends to prefer the diplomatic approach when possible. "I'm Booster Gold, one of the guardians of this planet." Even though he is clearly disapproving of the idea that they are hunting Kara, there are a lot of people nearby who have not been evacuated, yet. He is moving in to shake Zax's hand when Power Girl knocks him aside. Booster actually looks surprised at this, his hand still outstretched as he blinks in bafflement.

Recovering his poise, Booster says to Karen, "She doesn't send me to do anything. Supergirl hardly needs my protection, she's tougher and stronger than I am." He lands lightly on the car, where Zax had been standing a moment before. Addressing the bounty hunters, he admits, "We are having an issue with a Kryptonian, but Kara isn't the one who is the problem." He looks over at Power Girl and points at her as he adds, in the face of the immediate evidence, "Neither is she."

o/~ Power Girl o/~ finishes her swoop on the alien bounty hunter, and gives him the world's largest grin. Finishing her swoop around, Peej lands upon her feet, standing up straight and tall with her hands folded in front of herself. "I think I was living peacefully /right here/, until you and your soldiers decided to come here firing guns all over the place," she says.

Peej looks to Cameron at that point, her eyes widening in recognition - but she had met her as Karen. Clearing her throat, she kinda gives a gesture towards the other woman. "She has the right idea. I'd put the guns down before we make you put the guns down," threatens Peej, her voice darkening a bit. "Me, her, and maybe even this guy," she says, gesturing towards Booster.

Robin was so amazing Peej didn't even see him in the shadows there.

Leaning over a bit, Karen kinda lowers her voice, whispering in the direction of Booster (it was a stage whisper kinda so p. much everyone could hear) "…were you gonna shake his /hand/?"

It takes awhile for Ozymandias to get into his costume and weapons, and once everything is on, he has to do a quick double check too. He opens the balcony suite window and peers around the area for any witnesses, and begins to make his way to the scene.

Ozymandias turns on his coms link as he approaches the area to listen for any updates.

Zax doesn't seem impressed by being told to put down his weapons, "Unfortunately, it seems we are at an impasse friends." He looks between Cameron and Booster, stating, "I do not expect you to take my word though, you would not be a defender of this world if you were swayed so easily."

The Bounty Hunters all salute the heroes and Shax, another one of the hunters announces to the heroes, "I hereby warn you, for interfering in Guild Matters, you have approximately 60 seconds to vacate the area or we will attack you with non-lethal force."

Three of the Bounty Hunters seem to have their attention focussed towards Power Girl.

Zax is staring off at Booster, an almost playful smile on his lips, "I would not hold it against you if you struck the first blow in defense of your friends."

Shax cracks his neck and winks at Cameron stating boldly, "I didn't have a father and my mother never taught me don't hit a lady."

Jax on the other hand, he's waving up at Robin where he's hidden. A cheerful grin on his face, he tapped his helmet as if explaining to Robin; hey bro I have scanners and stuff.

Supergirl was still nowhere to be seen.

The statuesque orange-haired woman watches the situation, counting the number of bounty hunters, their main weapons of choice, and how they react. Professionals. Apparently from Somewhere Else. "You're in violation of Metropolis criminal law. Please leave."

She does not take a swing at the bounty hunters, and she's honestly hoping that Booster doesn't take the first crack at them. Right now, if the visitors are given a reason to act in self-defense… well, this will be a lot muddier to deal with.

"Mom'd say you'd been a properly raised man, then."

That… seemed a bit biting from Cameron… was that a dig on Shax, somehow.

She braces for an incoming attack.

One hand visibly appears from the shadows where Robin is hiding. He waves back at Jax, and within the waving hand is a metal sphere. Jax may or may not recognize the sphere. It's of Earth manufacture, after all. Probably these alien bounty hunters have something similar in their inventories, and they likely use them in similar situations to this, when they are on the other side. Robin does nothing but display said sphere, and then his hand withdraws back into the shadows, threat made.

It's a low-radius EMP grenade. Enjoy your scanners while you've got 'em. 'Bro.'

"Yes, Power Girl, because we're in an area with a lot of civilians and these guys are willing to talk," Booster Gold patiently replies to Karen, not condescending at all, but definitely a little exasperated. He turns back to the bounty hunters then, hands spread. "Look. Several of us here are extremely tough, and if you attack we'll do everything we can to protect the … not-tough people still in this area. Can you tell us who posted this bounty? It may have been a mistake!"

At the tone of the other hero, Power Girl kinda looks Booster's way, her chin dipped down, and the woman gazing out of the tops of her eyes at the future hero. It said 'really?' in not so much words, but ~presence~. "You know, I think we…" Power Girl begins to say, gesturing towards herself and Cameron. "…got this. These alien guys want Kryptonians, and they're gonna get one," she says, kinda driving her fist into the palm of her other hand, her nose scrunching up a bit.

"And I dunno if you noticed, but… they were shooting guns around and stuff. And like Columbia said… they're in violation of Metropolis Law. They coulda done this in the middle of the desert, and they chose to do it here. Why?"

Karen levels her gaze on Jax. "Cuz they like scaring and threatening people to get their job done. Two can play at that game," she says. "In fact, you guys seem like you're ready to go. What are you waiting for?" she says to the bounty hunters at large.

Upon arriving on the scene, Ozymandias takes a few moments to peer at the bounty hunters and the heroes standing against them. Ozymandias decides quickly that he should probably helped to shepherd as many civilians away from the area. Ozymandias notifies the police to set up a ten block perimeter to keep civilians from entering the area.

Ozymandias directs the people out of the area via the safest route.

Jax nods his head at Robin, waving his hands in a 'bring it' motion. Maybe he had EMP shielding.

Shax shrugs his shoulders at Cameron, "Was that supposed to be an insult lady?"

Zax counts down, "10, 9, 8-" It's as if he's just waiting for one of you to make a move, he obviously and clearly doesn't want a fight though.

Where he came from a 'Bounty Hunter' may have been the word for hero, a group who hunted dangerous 'villains' and got paid to do it. He recognized you were all similar.

Kara finally shows herself in a brand new costume and floats down from a high up building, she had been there listening.

Her hands are held up submissively to the bounty hunters and she calls out, "WAIT! Nobody fight. I'll go with you." She points to Power Girl, "Just let her go ok. I'm the bad one."

The Bounty Hunters all look between each other, conferring silently on their headsets, "Deal." They had to report Power Girl to the appropriate galactic authorities to authorize a bounty on her anyways.

One by one the bounty hunters turn their attention from the rest of you, aiming their weapons towards Kara and firing on her with six rapid fire stun blasts calibrated to a specific frequency that would harm Kryptonians.

Kara Zor-El fell to the ground against a near-by car and the Bounty Hunters began to move in to secure her for transport, Zax informing Booster, "Thank you for your cooperation Mister Gold. It is much appreciated."

Shax will get a bit of a shrug as Kara enters the scene and stands down. Seemed too good to be true… and it was.

"Shots. Engaging." That's what goes over the comms. While the bounty hunters were distracted in hosing down Kara — who had SURRENDERED — with weapons fire Cameron shook her head and launched herself into the air to drop the mother of all elbows on Shax. Unlike some other folks who love to announce their attacks and give away their positions, Columbia's assault is relatively quiet save the movement of air.

If she connects and has a reasonable result, she will crack her neck. "Subdual force is not authorized when a subject surrenders in good faith."

That is probably the biggest mouthful of legalese she's ever uttered. Hardly the stuff of legends or smack talk, though.

Never mind that Kara had just surrendered, nor the fact that these guys, apart from the whole thing where they're trying to capture one of Earth's heroes and won't explain why, in general seem pretty decent — something about this whole situation utterly stinks as far as Robin's concerned. And he would have insisted on talking things out further before Kara went with them, if they hadn't started to shoot an unarmed woman. An unarmed powered up Kryptonian woman, to be sure, but unarmed nonetheless.

A grenade flies, but when it explodes over the bounty hunters it doesn't release an electromagnetic pulse after all — that might have messed with Booster's shielding and whatever else people around him have. Rather, this one rains down quick-hardening foam. It may not trap them for long, or trap all of them, but should give a few of the hunters a few moments where they have to busy themselves getting unstuck. He hopes.

"Whoah, whoah…" Booster Gold exclaims, when the bounty hunters zap Kara. Apparently, he can move extremely fast when he wants to, at least when he is flying. He lands in a crouch by Kara's unconscious body and a golden translucent sphere appears around them as he says, "You can't just shoot someone who's surrendering to you! Not to mention, we have a right to know who sent you and why!" He stands up now, although the sphere remains, gleaming. In Interlac, he adds, <"This planet may not be active in the galactic overview, but we know our rights, here!">

o/~ Power Girl o/~ narrows her eyes when Kara not only shows up, but surrenders. It was more the way she described herself like that, her lips pursing a little bit. "No deal," says Karen, chopping her hand through the air in front of herself. "Cupcake, I can't just let you…" This was right before the shots ring out like that, Karen's eyes widening as she takes a step back.

Okay, apparently their zap guns can affect Kryptonians. That's good to know.

Robin's grenade explodes, with that foam flying out and about. That was good, right? Karen would dash forward, balling up a fist and smashing it into the nearest bounty hunter. Preferably his jaw.

Shax flies back impacting against a Mercedez Benz and crushes the bumper, the car alarm going off immediately, "Mother of Skarnaran Fire Dog, you hit hard woman!" He seems exhilarated by the prospect of a battle and slings his rifle on his back.

Using rocket propelled boots he jumps off the ground and attempts to slam directly into Cameron, a sucker punch at the ready when he's in range.

The foam grenade from Robin manages to catch Jax and two of his brothers, the men held in place even as they writhe to escape it. Apparently such a simple weapon proved a true weakness to these men, they were used to far more high tech prey.

Zax doesn't seem amused, "You idiot! We were securing her for transport. Was this your plan all along? Act peaceful so you could ambush us!"

An energy field surrounds Zax pushing away Boosters own golden bubble and he aims his rifle at the other man, the intensity of the rifle dialled up. He fires at Booster without hesitation now.

The last of the unnamed bounty hunters is sent flying into a building by Karen, the man activating his rocket thrusters at the last second to avoid any serious damage, he calls out alarmed, "Damnit woman! Don't you have any regard for your own cities?"

Columbia has trained to hold back, to not use her full strength against folks that would splatter under that sort of impact. When her opponent not only survives her elbow-drop but gets back up to tussle, she nods grimly. And yes, that guy just called her a bitch with fancy alienspeak. Even if she *could* back down from this, there's no way she's going to do it now…

When he comes whipping at her with rocket boots with a nice punch her response is to tuck, duck, and roll for a dozen yards before springing back up, hopefully letting the airborne jumper collide with the ground in a dramatic demonstration of the force known as 'gravity'.

Robin, meanwhile, is now approaching the foam-encased bounty hunters. "You people seem reasonable," he says, voice low and gravelly, completely different from the voice he uses in his civilian guise, or even the voice he uses among his friends and allies of the costumed set. "Supergirl is a hero on this world. We want to know why you've come for her." He's addressing Zax directly. "Tell me, and maybe we can fix things here. We didn't attack until you put down a woman who was already surrendering — a woman who has given US no reason to see the sort of danger you seem to think she is."

He maneuvers himself between the bounty hunters. If one of their siblings manages to deal with Columbia or Power Girl or Booster, he'll have Zax and his friends as a wall between him and them.

Booster Gold scoops Kara up, because holding her allows him to bring his bubble in much closer. "Securing someone who's surrendered by blasting them unconscious is uncool, and you know it." He seems pretty calm, standing there with the young woman in his arms, his forcefield rippling and sparkling as it takes the blasts. Rather than ricochet off, the field just seems to absorb or nullify what gets thrown at it. So far, anyway.

"This isn't an ambush. This is just what happens when you don't give people enough answers to fair questions." Booster Gold does not seem inclined to return attacks upon Zax, he just stands there keeping himself and Kara shielded. "There is a Kryptonian who is dangerous and who's been attacking the people of this world and destroying their cities. His name is Zod."

Feeling that satisfying crunch of fist against alien, o/~ Power Girl o/~ releases a bit of a snort as the alien (a little bit weird for her to be calling anyone that) points out the flaw in her plan. Clenching her jaw a little bit, Karen flicks her eyes from him towards Cameron, then Robin, then back again.

Ducking low, Karen launches herself into the air - hoping to tackle the flying bounty hunter now, and kinda wrap him up into a monkey ogrish sort of hug. /If/ she can get him like that, she would kinda spin, using the dude as a shield against the others.

"You gotta point," she admits.

Finally finishes escorting people away from the area, and making sure that a perimeter is set up by the police. Upon his return, he quickly judges the different combatants, and decides that the best course of action is probably just to try to keep everyone cover to see who needs help.

Ozymandias watches as Booster is still trying for a peaceful solution to this solution. Ozymandias thinks that there is no reason to get too extreme unless they keep pushing the issue.

Shax flies past Colombia, like his brother avoiding any collateral damage to the city instead of impacting against the building he hits his rocket thrusters upwards. His gun now aimed at the woman, his temper was getting the better of him.

Or so it seemed.

Booster whose attention was focussed on recovering Kara finds himself zapped by a high powered blast that momentarily overpowers his shields and sends him flying; the unconscious Kryptonian falling out of Booster's hands.

Kara stirs a little when she falls and Shax yells out, "I'M DONE PLAYIN' AROUND!"

Karen makes short work of Max, the man held firmly in her grip after being tackled, he squirms like a kid calling out, "Let me out of this!"

Zax raises a hand for the fighting to stop and he looks between the gathered heroes, "Enough.!" He looks directly at Robin, "You have a point oddly dressed boy. We've come for her because Kryptonians have a reputation for destruction on a galactic scale where I come from. We considered it a blessing from the gods when their world was destroyed. This may be a misunderstanding. It may not be."

He narrows his eyes at Booster Gold, "Be warned Mister Gold, the next time we return. Whether it be for these two." He waves his hand at Power Girl and Supergirl, "Or this ZOD you have mentioned, you should be prepared. I admire the bravery all of you have shown and I find it hard to believe that any of you would protect the type of being we were sent here to recover. You may consider us your allies perhaps in time."

Zax signals his brothers and says, "Let us depart." The group of men teleport out of existence.

Kara is stirring on the sidewalk, rubbing her forehead.

Columbia sees Booster go flying and dives to try and catch the much more socially adept time - traveller. Whether or not he actually needs the assist is beside the point, she just wants to make sure that he doesn't splunch on the ground in case he got knocked out. Given a relative single-minded focus she has on making sure her team-mate isn't in dire straits, she only picks up some of the warning.

When the hostilities break off, she'll let out a sigh of relief. In comparison to her normal sort of outing her clothing came through largely intact AND it looks like there is very little in the way of property damage or injuries.

"Anyone hurt?"

"I can't speak to the reputation of Kryptonians off our planet," Robin tells Zax, "but I can speak to the reputation of these two. Should you ever need their help — even after this — they will cross the galaxy to come to your aid." It's pretty much the way of Kryptonians, so far as he's seen.

And then the men are gone. And there is, thankfully, very little damage to the city. He glances at Columbia, briefly, then moves toward Kara, crouching to offer her a hand up. "You alright?" he asks.

A major downside of Booster's forcefield is that it does not root him in place. When Columbia catches him, he briefly puts his hand on her shoulder and says, "Thank you," but he seems fine. If he is sore from some of the energy he has had to absorb, he is not letting it show in his expression or posture. He can gripe about it later, when he's not in public. Straightening up, he turns and says to Zax, "Dude, if you come back here to go after Zod, I will help you. Gladly."

Karen gives Max a little extra squeeze. More for the trouble that they had given her so far. A beat then, and Karen lets him go, kinda giving him a toss away from her. Clenching her jaw a bit, Karen crosses her arms - and kinda starts to drift down towards the ground again proper, catching the tail end of Zax's story.

Bringing up a blue-gloved hand, Karen runs it through her short blonde hair, blowing out a long breath. "You know what - just save us all the trouble and don't come back," says Karen. "And we'll call it even," she says, turning her eyes towards Columbia at first. "I'm just fine, thanks for asking," she says with a wink to the other woman, shaking out her hands with the excess nervous energy.

Eyes flick towards Robin, and she looks the human over, a little sideways smirk touching her lips. "Thanks there, uh… I didn't get your name," she says. All smirks vanish when he moves to help Kara up, though.

After the men teleport away, Ozymandias uses his coms to update the police and other emergency personnel that the threat has basically vanished. Since the other heroes seem to have this situation in hand, Ozymandias fires a grappling hook in the air towards a nearby building, and makes his way from the area.

Booster receives no response from Zax as he teleports away but he swears he saw a nod and a smile. Whatever the issue had been today, those six had not been villains.

People who had been watching from buildings and alleyways begin to move back to their vehicles, one man whose mercedez benz was damaged crying out loudly, "MY INSURANCE BETTER COVER THIS!" Then he looks to Cameron, "Hey, uh, I think I um, sprained my ankle. Can I get your number?" What a jerk.

When Ozymandias alerts the police it's all ok they divert themselves to other threats, they took him rather seriously since he was a member of the Justice League: Avengers.

A young lady with a tablet in her hand approaches Power Girl and asks, "Power Girl! Power Girl! Can I get you to answer a few questions? Is it true you're planning to return to costumed heroing? Also if you're returning, mind telling us where you've been? I've been writing a blog about you since college." Karen may even recognize her as an old classmate!

Kara takes the offered hand from Robin so she can sit up. When she notices precisely who it is helping her up though, her face brightens and she smiles as she looks into his eyes, "Robin, you came all the way to Metropolis to help me?" It was a surprise to her, since he had been hiding unlike the others.

Booster will get a nod and release when it appears he's good to go.

Cameron will examine the jerkish fellow's alleged injury, and if it is genuine speed it up on its way. If it is bogus, well, there are many socially acceptable ways to handle that with a minimum of fuss. When the patient asks her for a number, though, he's given the public relations number for the Justice League.

Don't usually get skeezy sorts on normal calls.

"Okay, if folks are good I've got an appointment to make… Boost, you got this?"

Provided no one else needs her attention, northeasterly she flies….

"Actually, I was in town already," Robin explains. "I had business to attend to." A business conference to attend. That's pretty much the truth, right? A glance toward Power Girl. "Robin. You're welcome." He does offer a hint of a smile, but as a Gotham vigilante smiles are to be doled out exceedingly sparingly, and almost never in public.

"Yeah, I think it's all cool now," Booster assures Cameron. He nods to Robin, greeting him with a friendly, "Hey, dude. Kara, you're okay?" She seems unhurt, so he turns and remarks to Karen in a conversational manner, "You seem very angry. Is this like…" he gestures with both hands, a vague rolling movement. "Just your thing, or what?"

Just a little hint of a smile. It's okay, Karen will take it. Robin gets a wink too, and a thumbsup, the cheesiest grin in the universe doled his way. "Right then!" o/~ Power Girl o/~ steps away at that point, and kinda glances skyward, as if preparing to take off, when…

When the young woman arrives. A blink, "Oh my gosh, Marcie?" she says. A beat, and she flushes a red colour. "Well! I'd love to answer your questions, ma'am, but sadly, duty calls!" she says with a cheeky salute, a brilliant smile touching her features. A pause though.

"But you can tell your blog, and all your friends, that ~Power Girl~ is back in town… howzat?" she says, her tone of voice chirpy.

Cameron is glanced to next, the medic given a nod before the paparazzi move in in earnest. Although Booster draws her attention with what he says, "Whoa, angry?" she says, glancing from the blogger to him and back again. "… well, maybe a skosh." she says, holding her thumb and forefinger up a little bit apart from each other, Booster given a grin then. "Tell Cupcake hi for me, alright?" she says, nevermind that Kara was RIGHT THERE. She was waking up, which meant it was time for Power Girl to… fly away o/~

Cameron would definitely be getting a call from the skeezy guy at the JL:A Headquarters later, he might even turn into a stalker. She might have to deal with it in the future. OH NO!

Marcie looks surprised Power Girl recognizes her and lets off a little snort when she laughs, "Oh my god, that is so cool you remember me." She's rushing off to a coffee shop with wifi, she needed to get this out to the world! POWER GIRL WAS BACK!

When Robin explains why he was here, Kara replies, "OH. That makes more sense…"

She tries to hide her disappointment as she stood up, biting her lower lip a little before telling the young Gotham vigilante, "Thanks for saving me and I guess you're not allowed to smile, are you?"

She gives Booster a thumbs up in response to his question.

Kara had to tease Robin while she had the chance, he usually just disappeared all mysteriously, "Batman probably wouldn't like that. If you smiled." She blushes a little, whether from the joke, Robin or Monkey Ogre Power Girl calling her cupcake is debateable.

"Allowed to," Robin replies, "but it's frowned upon." Smiles are frowned upon? Robin, yes, just cracked a joke. Not that one could tell from the nearly deadpan expression. Really, he's a lot more smiley than Batman — it's just, usually he allows that part of his personality to shine forth when he's with the Titans, or not just out on the street or whatever. Certainly it's more acceptable in Metropolis than in Gotham.

"To be fair, you had a lot of people show up to help you out," he observes, waving toward Booster and then realizing that everybody else has left, pretty much. "Well. Power Girl and Columbia -were- here,"

he adds.

Booster seems focused on making sure any damaged vehicles are moved aside so traffic flow can resume. He has no issues with waiting around to talk to the police, or better yet, any media who want to lurk around trying to get a big story. He seems to be one of the few heroes around who actively enjoys this.

The media are snapping photos of the magnificent Booster Gold and haven't yet turned their attention to any others remaining in the area.

"Booster! Booster! Is it true that you're dating Wonder Woman?" A member of the paparazzi calls out to him.

Kara had noticed the others, but she expected to see them given it was Metropolis and all. She does laugh, reaching up to cover her mouth when Robin makes a joke, or at least she thought it was.

"I should um, let you get back to your business or whatever. There's probably a kitten in a tree I should find to save." Kara starts to inch away slowly preparing to fly off before she gets any stupid questions like Booster, "Cya Robin."

"Later, Supergirl," Robin replies as he eases back into what shadows he can find here in Metropolis — and from there makes his way back to the restroom where he left his conference clothes. His dad's going to wonder why he caught the late train.

Booster briefly cups his hand close to his mouth so he can quietly say over his communicator, "Aw, Kara has a crush." He turns to give the questioning paparazzo a look with an arched brow, although it is not unfriendly. "Who told you that? No, I could never be as lucky as that. We're teammates, and hopefully we'll become good friends, because I think she's one of the greatest heroes of our time." He waves and turns away as he says, "Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to talk to the authorities so we can get everything cleared up as quickly as possible." With that, he heads for the police officers and firefighters who showed up to the scene.

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