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March 16, 2015: After receiving the Tiger, Partisan catches up with Aspect and discusses HYDRAs next moves

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Jericho hasn't done this in a while. He's sitting in his car, the one Partisan gave him (now patched up. He did the work himself). He's sipping a coffee and watching a storefront. His target? The Partisan. He ordinarily doesn't do this kind of thing but he does have some news. And he's doing some hacking while he waits. Because a guy has to have a few hobbies, right?

She's been out all damned day, and well she's been all over the god damned city. She slips out've the place with a roll of the shoulders, before lifting a hand to fold down the collar of that leather jacket of hers. She tosses a heavy bag into the trunk of her Mustang, before pausing to get a cigarette lit. She's dropped by six bike shops, the gun store, picked up some stuff to make some fresh Kerambits, got her hair cut and well thats about it. So far. Dark blue jeans, boots and a cafer's jacket. Hair left tied back in a lazy ponytail, talk about a complete makeover right?

The kerambits he figured. Tiger, tigers claws. It makes sense right? The rest of it. It's almost like watching a different person. The mannerisms are… off. Some are vaguely familiar in form but a lot is different. After a moment Jericho gets out of the car and approaches. "Hey Ludie." He calls out, deliberately obtrusive.

Partisan doesnt turn at first, not until she's got a cigarette lit up. "Sup Jerry?"Her shoulders are slouched, the whole demeanor is just decidedly more casual and relaxed. Stuffing her hands in her jacket pockets as she parks a hip against the fender of that vintage fastback mustang, she used to drive that thing all the time who knows where or even why she had it hidden away in the first place. Its utterly unchanged since the last time it was out and about, so there is that. "I was just gonna go grab dinner."

"New look?" Jericho cants his head slightly and then offers out a file folder with about a dozen printouts in it. "Been tracking chatter over the 'net. HYDRA thinks they've taken you down for good." He sounds mildly amused about the whole thing, really. "They're making plans to coopt your support networks. Oh, also, I am apparently 'uniquely vulnerable' now."

Partisan just smiles and offers a shrug "Sure let me destroy like three quarters of your soul, and stitch some random homicidal psychopath into it's place. See if your taste in fashion changes."Accepting the folder to begin leafing through the folder, her face twisting in obvious amusement "They're going to go coopt my support networks, the same ones filled with third world freedom fighters, special forces, spies and intelligence experts? Sure that'll go swell for them, I put out some feelers to let folks know I was not infact dead."Offering the folder towards Jericho. "Find me one of them, we're going to upload something onto the net. I figure a statement would be wise here."

"Mmmmm, if you like." Jericho has a line on a few potential targets. "Although there might be an opportunity here. If they really think your dead, we might be able to lure them into overcommitting on something. Draw out more of their network than we're usually able to. It's your name, I'll leave it up to you."

Partisan pauses at that, before just nodding. "I'll use the counter ambush for propaganda purposes, Videotape the enguagement and drop it online for folks to watch. We'll need to throw up some graffiti to get a buzz going, can you stir the pot online? Maybe get the proper news talking about it?"

"How big a splash are you looking to make?" Jericho's expertise is largely in keeping the media quiet and ignorant but he definitely has some practice in the controlled release of information. "We talking 'item of interest' or 'headline news'?" He glances at a few readouts and closes one of them. Nothing more to be found on that node.

Partisan smirks "I don't think headline news is going to be warranted, but I'd say go wild. We're only going to be able to pull the whole "Partisan Dies" gag once, right? I mean this is especially never going to work after this little snit."

"I can get the net and news outlets talking, sure." The hacker nods. "Better, I can get the defense and intelligence communities going too." If they're going to do this, they're really going to do it. "I suppose that does mean I'll have to hold off on wiping out that base in Columbia." He pauses, thinking. "Mmmm. Well, I can get to work on that. Meantime, how are you feeling?"

Partisan shrugs "Got high, got laid, got a motorcycle, got a new gun. Not in that order, but you get the picture. I still sort've want to chew the eyes out've somone's face and skullfuck them to death, but you know I'm ok. Cats are a little more, at ease I guess?"Pausing to exchange cigarettes before finally offering a sigh. "It's refreshing I guess, like I get a second chance at being me. Not at all unpleasant, but maybe I'm just an optimist now."

"That'll take some getting used to." Jericho grins a bit. "I take it the tiger is a bit more… laid back about you being you? The wolf always seemed rather intense." He liked the wolf, but the wolf was about mainly one thing. Hard to blame her but it was what it was.

Partisan shrugs "Well Wolves are all about structure, whos in charge of who. The Tiger is more like, whatever. She likes our cause, we mesh well and she's pretty chill."Puffing away at her cigarette. "I'm combat effective, I'll be alright there just give me a little more space than usual. There are going to be some instincts I need to get familar with, but I'm pretty comfortable already. Having a body I'm familar with was a big factor there, I think otherwise it'd have been a very long back to the battlefield."

"Glad to hear it. Hopefully the luck holds. You do seem to run through them when I'm around." Jericho murmurs. "Sure. Wider space can do. Cats are solo hunters, makes sense I guess." He was wondering how well they'd be able to work together after this.

Partisan shrugs "She's more, pouncy than chasey if that makes sense? I just need a few times out to try and mesh up and figure out where she's at, It's not the solo hunting thing it's the unknown factor. I don't want to get in the middle of something only to discover she's creeped out by team mates creeping up her flanks, you know? I'm still me, we just need to give her a little time to get used to how this shit works. She's never been in the middle of a firefight, but she's not stupid. She gets team work is important, but these are intellectual decisions and we're talking about instinctual responses."

"Makes sense to me, I suppose." Jericho nods thinking. Most of combat is instinct. That's why you drill for it. To make what's in your head come out in your muscle memory when it counts. "Alright. We'll work a bit looser. When I put this out though I expect to get a visit sooner or later. They're really confused about how many friends I have and think you were several of them."

Partisan raises a brow "A visit, from who?"Pitching that cigarette aside and chaining up a third. "The fuck is confused about what, the police going to pull you in for hanging out with jailbait hundred year olds again or what?"She looked young sure, but well hardly -that- young.

Jericho smirks a bit. "No no. HYDRA knows I hang out some friends I've made recently. I've seen their files on me, some of them. They've conflated a certain other blonde with you. Think you're the same person. So they hear you're 'dead' they'll figure it's their chance to take me out or take me in. Not that they're shy about taking shots at me but I'm about to be walking ambush bait."

Partisan just smiles "So we'll bait a hook like what, tomarrow or the next night? Let'em try to play the game, so I can school them on camera. Bonus points if it's in a public place, lots of witnesses. We're looking to make an impact here, if Hydra thinks I can't be killed how does that change their playbook? That means that even if they got you, they can't stop me and they have likely the basics out. If they kill you, I take the gloves off and I quit playing by Sheild's rules."

"I'm not exactly looking for that one, but I'm glad you'd do that for me." Jericho grins. "Tomorrow or then next them. Some place they can feel comfortable, but will still get their message across." He thinks for a moment. "Mmmm. I'm going to have to sit on that one. You need any kit for this?"

Partisan shakes her head casually, turning to rest a boot against the back tire. "No, I'll be alright there I just need somone to film the mess and help me edit it. Only thing I ever uploaded was that first hit we did together, which by the way has like two million hits and has been reuploaded by like everyone and their brother. I've got the guns and shit I need already, though yaknow for maximum impact maybe I'll do the whole fight topless. Should up the hits right?"

Jericho quirks an eyebrow. "Well that'll get hits even without the guns." He says with a chuckle. "Though it might be a bit light on protection." He's sure people would watch it. People will watch anything strange, unusual or tantalizing. "Still carrying that LMG in the back of the trunk there? Could just drape yourself with ammo belts." He teases.

Partisan offers a grin and a thumbs up "Now your talkin, see thats the shit. Anyway, I need to go buy a motorcycle so you toddle off and stay out've trouble alright? Also, you keep me in the loop if Zee gets herself into any shit alright? I doubt she'll ask if she actually needs the help, makes it all the more important to make sure she gets it alright?"

"I'm keeping an eye on her." Jericho smiles. "I've got a few ways to do it and just the imp for the job. Have fun shopping Part." Beat. "Good to see you back on your feet."

Partisan shrugs "I'm like one of God's own prototypes. A high-powered werething of some kind never even considered for mass production. Too weird to live, and too rare to die."wink-wink, before she slips into the driver seat of that mustang and cranks over the big block hiding inside. "You can't kill a cause, only people."

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