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March 16, 2015: Out for a walk in Gotham, Zee, Jesana, Kendrin and Kell all meet up.

Cobble Hill - Gotham

The place to be in Gotham if you care anything about the entertainment business or Fashion is Cobble Hill. Some of the most ritzy businesses and houses can be found in and around Cobble Hill. Some of Gotham's best shopping neighborhoods can be found here and it's not just clothing, florists, small cafes, high priced jewellery stores, car dealerships, expensive mini-malls and at night, the gentleman's clubs all wind down one street that becomes an exclusive upper class Red-Light District (much more pricey than East End, the 'true' Red-Light District of Gotham). Though the ever ongoing fad in Cobble Hill is cash one can find the squalid as with anywhere in Gotham, usually these come in the form of cheap knock-offs and corner cutting to get the more expensive real deals.



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It's taken a little self healing energy but the blistering from expending the magic she used to bind Partisan to the tiger has gone, leaving Zee feeling a touch weary but no more worse for wear.

Late afternoon, Zee's decided that getting out for a walk and stretching her legs would be in order and Zee has, of course, invited Jes to join her.

The walk has bought them through Cobble Hill, the feel of the area is a little more reassuring to the young magician, and she kind of needs it today.

Wearing black leather pants, a hot pink short top, black denim jacket and heavy knee high boots with a high heel, Zee sports the the diamond encrusted collar at her throat and an emerald pendulum at her left hip.

Jes is wearing black jeans, brown leather sandals, a black leather jacket and faded grey tshirt that says "Off The Res" on the front. She has some sort of large pendant necklace hidden beneath her shirt and a what looks to be a leather dog collar around her neck. The tag is also hidden. She seems very absorbed with watching her companion. Jes hasn't said anything yet and as they walk she seems to be struggling to keep from grabbing her friend in a hug, or touching her shoulder or arm. Once or twice she moves as if she wants to just scoop Zee up and carry her home.
The native american woman seems frazzled and stressed and there is a wildness to her expression and in her mismatched eyes that has people moving to avoid them. Which is probably a good thing, Jes is looking a bit close to the edge at the moment.

Kendrin's sole concession to the increased warmth, as winter slowly gives way to spring, is that her long leather coat is open and her ferretish friend sits up on her shoulder rather than wrapping himself around her neck. Otherwise… she's still kinda got that cosplayer look about her, rocking that not-quite-post-apoc leather-and-canvas look. She, however, strolls slowly along the street, actively gawking at the tall buildings and upscale architecture. Sure, the alleyways are filthy, but the contrast between this area and most of the others she's seen in this city is… striking.

For all her apparent inattention, however, she has not lost a whit of situational awareness. Her attention is drawn to the magician and her friend more because Jesana has a nervous quality about her that reminds her of a skitish deer ready to bolt.

Zee glances at Jes and lets out a sigh, wrapping an arm around the younger womans shoulder she gives her a quick hug and then lets her go "Jes, it's what I do. I'm sorry I worried you, but she needed help and Jericho asked." Zee winces a little, knowing that Jes doesn't trust Jericho particularly. "I really couldn't do otherwise."

Glancing at the 'cos-player', Zee's eyes crinkle as she smiles at the ferretish friend sitting on the shoulder and she offers a slight nod in greeting. The attention, mild as it is, doesn't seem to worry Zee, perhaps she's used to people looking.

Jes is usually very aware of their surroundings. Today she's not much away of anything but Zee. The interesting architecture and other people aren't enough to pull her eyes from her friend. She growls at Jericho's name and clenches her fists. Seeing Zee wince she sighs and ducks her head. "Sorry. I..I know. But couldve..and it was bad magic! I could smell it. I know it hurt you. I know how scared you were. And I couldn't do anything!" Blinking, Jes quiets and turns to see what caused Zee's smile. Her nostrils flare as she catches sight of the ferrety thing and she licks her lips, but seems to realize and shakes herself a bit. "Are you sure this is okay? People are going to think your weird with me like this. I'll..I'll go if you want." The last comes out in a strangled tone.

A large truck rumbles by on the street, spewing a cloud of black smoke. The ferret sneezes at the acrid scent, rising up. The grey patches of fur on his side peel off and, for just a moment, he has a pair of wings spreading behind him to balance. The cosplayer merely tilts her head away from the movement, avoiding the animal's appendage as if it were a habitual gesture. The winged ferretcat settles back down on her shoulder, yawning, displaying razor sharp teeth, before beginning to clean his whiskers. The woman chuckles softly and reaches up to scritch his ear, heedless of the stares that's garnered her. Instead, she acknowledges Zee's smile with a simple nod of her brown head, glancing once more to the skittish woman beside her.

"All magic used wrongly is bad magic and can hurt. The spell required some dark components and yes, I was terrified when I started. It… was … a big spell." Zee murmurs to Jes "The hurt, came from drawing so much power. It's happened before when I've channeled too much. It's like building muscles, if you lift something too heavy, you'll hurt yourself."

Giving her friend another quick hug "I know you wanted to be there, Jes but there really wasn't anything anyone could do to help me. It was all up to me." And Jes may have been a distraction… Zee would have worried that Jes could have been hurt if things went wrong.

Seeing Jes' response to the ferret like creature, followed up by the strangled question, Zee looks at the Coyote curiously "Stay please. I like your company."

As the ferret like being exposes its wings, Zee links an arm through Jes', lightly restraining her if necessary. The nod from Kendrin gets a slightly wider smile "That's an interesting pet, you have there." Although, Zee's not sure that it is a pet. In the magical community creatures can be many things to a practioner.

Jes relaxes so immediately when Zee links arms with her and tells her to stay that it's obviously noticeable. Her tense jittery posture fades, she closes her eyes and leans towards her friends neck. After a slow deep breath she straightens and looks over to the woman and her pet. Mismatched eyes are much more human looking, and the small smile she manages isn't feral. Mostly.

Kendrin's head cants faintly at the skittish woman's behavior, something about it reminding her of a feral animal, despite her more civilized mien. She says nothing, however, being inclined to silence when unsure. To Zee, however, she inclines her head graciously. "Kell," she says, gesturing to him. "His name is Kell." He preens, puffing out his chest and eyeing the pair of them, nose sniffing overtime as he catches Jesana's scent. His dark eyes swirl slowly with color. "He is a friend." Her accent is strange, not American, certainly. And her speech feels precise.

The accent and precise speech gets an interested look from Zee then she smiles broadly and bows her head towards Kell. "Pleased to meet you Kell, my name is Zee" A friend, not a pet… interesting. Looking back to Kendrin "It's good to have friends that understand us. It's a lovely afternoon for walk, isn't it?"

Noticing Jes has relaxed a little, Zee loosens her grip and murmurs quietly "Feeling a little better?" expecting that Jes will introduce herself.

Jes answers first, in a near whisper. "Yes, thank you." "My name is Jesana. It's a pleasure to meet you, and your friend." She nods to Kell. Since the other woman named him a friend Jes is no longer staring at him like he's dinner. The wings he grew may also have helped with that. Jes straightens and holds her hand out to shake. When she's not on edge, she's very civilized and well mannered.

Kendrin has been slow to acclimate to the idea of a handshake. Consequently, when Jesana extends her hand, it takes the outworlder a moment before she reaches out to reciprocate — grasping the other woman about the forearm in something of a warrior's grip. "And, you," she replies simply. Releasing the human coyote's arm, she smiles politely. "Lovely, yes. Not so cold as it was." When she arrived, she wasn't sure she hadn't dropped into an ice age.

Jes looks between them and chuckles. "I don't think either of you would like winter in Montanna or Canada. It hasn't been so bad here. Or in New York. The warmer weather will be a nice change though. Jes doesn't seem bothered by the warrior's clasp, she'd shifted her hand to do the same when she realized that's what Kendrin was going for. Calmer now, Jes doesn't seem so much a wild animal. She does still do small things that seem strange for a human. Her nostrils flare often, and she tilts her head as if listening to something particular, not just the conversation or the noise of the street and people around them.

Given Kendrin's own slightly exotic appearance and mien — she's got ears that look like they belong on a Vulcan and eyes that are just a little different than normal: They tend to reflect light like a cat — Jesana's habits are curious merely because they are notably different than 99 of the people Kendrin's met so far on this world… hero and villain population notwithstanding. (Indeed, she's almost come to classify 'hyperalertness' as a characteristic endemic to those vigilantes and their adversaries. But, then, she is something of a naturalist. Classification is a subconscious habit.)

"I have been to colder places," she admits with a casual shrug. "But I am told such excessive cold is unusual here." If that's not a mark of 'not from around here', nothing else is.

Zee looks pleased to see Jes relaxed and interacting with the other woman, and somewhat relieved. "I was travelling just before winter and coming back here was a bit of a shock." Zee shrugs a little, going on tour to different parts of the world can make acclimatization difficult.

A curious, interested smile crosses Zee's face and she cants her head "We didn't get your name and I would hazard that you're not from around here either." From Gotham, from this version of Earth or this dimension, who can say what Zee really means.

Jes can tell the woman is something, Other. Her eyes and scent are wrong, well not wrong but different. Since meeting Zee though, Jes has seen and met so many strange and different people and things that she isn't really bothered by this. The day in Metropolis had really strained her mood for a few days but coyotes are adaptable, very adaptable. It had been the human in her that had trouble with what she'd seen. Now, its just becoming normal. "If you aren't from here then becareful. Some of the people in this city are…" Jes hesitates and goes with something more polite after glancing at Zee. "dangerous." More like totally batshit insane and Alll of them but, Zee lives her and Jes kinda does too. Gotham clearly isn't the coyote's favorite place though.

"So I have discovered," Kendrin replies to Jesana, a casual smile on her face — a glint in her eye. Kell lets out a *pfft!* sound and chuffs at his companion, who's smile turns fondly amused. "Kell says he is unafraid," she translates. Still, as her attention returns to Zee, she inclines her head slightly, again, in a somewhat formal fashion. "We have none been formally introduced, I think." A beat. "Save for Kell. I am called Kendrin." She reserves her first name for those she has chosen to call friend. No one on this planet has yet reached that point. But, then, she's not been here that long.

"Very true." Zee's eyes sparkle with amusement "I'm Zee, well Zatanna, but most people call me Zee. I prefer it that way." Zatanna, is so formal and Zee just isn't. Formal that is. At Jes' warning and Kells response, Zee shrugs a little "It can be dangerous in Gotham, but if you're aware of it, things are normally alright." Another small shrug "Being afraid and exercising caution, I'm finding, are two very different beasts." and lately Zee doesn't exercise enough caution, maybe it's the other company she's keeping.

Kendrins understanding Kell is clearly accepted but Zee still cants her head in question "He can understand what we're saying. That is a good trick to have."

Jes eyes Zee but doesn't say anything. She isn't happy at all with some of Zee's choices in companionship but she's Zee's friend, not her keeper. Her eyes focus on Kell for a moment. She can definitely see the sentinence there now that she's looking for it. No, not a pet or animal at all. "I'm still not drinking the water here." Jes mummurs.

"Kell is more skilled with understanding languages than I," Kendrin replies. And if Zee knew how short a time she's been here, she'd be truly impressed by that statement. And, most of the time, Kendrin's pretty good at caution. Kell, not so much — though the woman has learned that if the little flyer does start exercising restraint, it's probably time to get the hell out of Dodge. "Zee," Kendrin says by way of acknowledging the magicienne, now. "Well met." At Jesana's comment, however, she actually grimaces, albeit good-naturedly. "I find the water, here, nearly as distasteful as the air." Pollution. Not a thing she grew up with. Not like the pollution here, anyway.

"Pleased to meet you, Kendrin." Zee is impressed at the comment and it has her interested. When Jes admits to not drinking the water "Do you want me to organise a filter, Jes? It will help some… I know the water qualities not the best." What can one say about the pollution? It's one reason the Atlanteans are so annoyed at the surfacers. "A skill for linguistics then, Kendrin? May I ask what it is you do?" Whether or not Kendrins from ''around here'', there's always a story to be told.

Jes shakes her head at Zee with a smile. She's been buying bottled spring water. She had also nodded at Kendrin's comment about the air. That had been an adjustment when she'd arrived in the city too. "You get used to the air pr-Hey! Watch out!" Jes cuts off and glowers, gently tugging Zee out of the way of..well, no one. Or at least no one that the other two woman or Kell are likely to be seeing. Jes however continues glaring at someone and makes a crude gesture. "What the hell, asshole."

Kendrin's brow arches in askance and her head cants at Jesaea's sudden outburst. Kell ruffles on her shoulder, peering at the 'crazywoman'. Both look to where Jesaea was looking, but, seeing nothing can only regard her for a moment before sweeping it aside as another one of those 'weird alien' moments they experience so often. "I watch. I learn," Kendrin says in answer to Zee's question. Well. It is what she does. She doesn't think to give an 'occupation'. And, even if she did, the answer would be just as out of place. She glances back between Jesaea and the empty space, however. "What did you see?" she asks, now. Because, you know, if it's a threat… she'd like to know.

Zee stumbles a little as Jes tugs her out of the way and she glances around "What do you see, Jes?" A raised eyebrow that says something like ''another secret?'' Turning her attention back to Kendrin, Zee smiles "A student of life, then. Me, I'm a magician." Which is technically true, just these days, the young woman seems to be doing more crimefighting than not.

Jes turns back around her expression changes from anger to confusion and then realization at the other women's expressions and questions. Clearly she hadn't realized they weren't seeing the same thing. "You..I..oh." She looks around, but really can't come up with a believeable explanation and sighs. "It was nothing. A ghost. Some of them can appear as they were when alive, sometimes."

Again, Kendrin's brow arches. Her concern doesn't quite go away. "Spirits can be as harmful as the living," she notes. "Sometimes more so." And she's not a 'practitioner', as Zee might say. But, then, there are things in her life called Ashereith that suck the life out of people with a touch. So, well… yeah. There are more things in heav'n and earth, etc…

Kendrin gets a nod "That's correct" Zee regards her friend carefully "Have any tried to harm you, or people around you?" There is a distinct level of concern "We should speak, Jes and soon." Frowning slightly, Zee looks at Kendrin "You seem familiar with that side of things…" A leading question.

Jes winces. This was so not the way she'd planned to start this particular conversation. "Its okay. Ghosts and spirits are different. Ghosts are more like, fragments, memories of who and what they were. Harmless. Spirits can be dangerous, sometimes, but he wasn't one." If it had been she'd never have mistook it for a human. Jes smiles a bit at her friend's curiousity. She's interested in Kendrin too but wouldn't have asked her any questions.

Kendrin gives a half-shrug, Kell weighing down her other shoulder. "I have been many places and seen many things," she says. "I am no magician, but I have seen technology that approaches magic, and magic that approaches technology." Indeed, some of that technology, in fact, sits innocuously on her forearm. Her expression changes to a somewhat pensive expression. "I must ask, since I am discovering this world is more open to outside forces than it likes to believe… are inter-dimensional crossings common?" Or is she just a fluke. How much does she have to worry about the Ashereith hunters tracking her down, here?

Zee nods emphatically "Yes, There's a saying that suitably advanced technology can appear as magic to some." Zee glances at Jes. That's what Corvinus had said as well. Sighing a little, Zee gives a small shake of her head "I'm not sure. Inter-dimensional crossings aren't common, but they aren't unheard of either." Biting her lip again, the raven haired woman is thoughtful "I can't think of any off the top of my head, but I'm sure I can find some examples." Canting her head, Zee smiles a bit "Are you from another dimension?" Fascinating.

Jes listens and then smiles at Kendrin. "If anyone can find out, It'd be Zee. She's good at stuff like this." She gives her friend a quick one armed hug. "I don't know very much, but I've not scented anyone like you before." Jes says as she looks back at Kendrin.

Kendrin glances between the two women, evaluating. Kell peers at them, too, and then chuffs at her equitably. She smiles a small smile once more. "I do not know if it is another dimension or merely another world," she says. "I arrived… unexpectedly." And without a space ship. "But, I am adjusting. I am merely concerned that my coming does not represent a larger threat."

At the hug and Jes comment, Zee smiles warmly at her friend "We'll talk about you and your spirits and ghosts." That's a promise "I want to make sure you're safe…" the words are murmurmed to the Coyote. Kendrins assessment receives a knowing smile "Whatever you're comfortable in sharing." Zee's not quite as cautious and perhaps she should be "Dimension or world, o.k… wait… why would your coming represent a larget threat?" pausing, with a small frown "Like a tear in the barrier type treat or others like you coming through?" The young magician holds all the questions about where Kendrin is from till later.

Jes smiles and kisses the side of Zee's head before releasing her. She'll answer everything Zee asks as best as she can. And maybe point out she should try to be a little more careful. Her eyes return to Kendrin, a hint of worry on her face. More danger? Well, thats becoming normal too, really. "Maybe Fenris would know?" She seems to perk up a bit while thinking about the God-Wolf.

Kendrin shakes her head. "I doubt any more of my people will come through. I am many, many worlds away from my homeland." And she suspects herself to be the last of her kind. Or, at least, the last of her kind that remains free. Her expression remains serious. "However, there are… creatures out there that hunt me. They have not arrived on every world I have been to, but they do eventually seem to find the ones that are prone to an easy breeching of the barriers. And where they come, death follows." A beat. Her head cants. "Fenris? I have met Fenris." And, apparently, both lived to tell about it and come through unscathed. That makes her one of the good guys, doesn't it?

Jes' show of affection has Zee nodding, she knows they'll discuss this new revelation. Dropping her head for a few moments, Zee thinks before raising her eyes to the other woman "I…." the raven haired woman blows out a breath "That must be an awful feeling, knowing things are hunting you." Like HYDRA is hunting her and Jes. "How concerned are you that this may happen here? I mean if you've seen it before, can you tell how strong the barrier is?" Zee's going to offer to help the displaced woman…

Jes perking up a bit at the mention of Fenris has Zee wondering and storing that for later, as well "You've met Fenris? If anyone could advise on interdimensional stuff, it's him."

Jes looks…more than a little shocked by Kendrin's revelation. "You..know..Fenris?" She blinks. Then looks at Zee with both worry and apology. "Zee, if she a friend of his then I have to help her if I can." The coyote's eyes narrow as something else occurs to her, but she shakes her head, now isn't the time. And then she moves forward ever so slightly. If Kendrin isn't a friend to the Wolf-God…this may turn dangerous.

Kendrin has lived with the Ashereith on her back for so long, she's nearly forgotten what it was like before she became a Runner, instead of simply Prey. "The Ashereith have hunted my people for hundreds of years. I am simply more skilled at avoiding them than most of my kin." A beat. "I can sense when they are near. But, they can also sense me." She lifts her head as if scenting the wind. "I have not yet sensed them in this world."

She nods, however, at the question about the Great Wolf — though she met him as a man. "I have met him. Shortly after I arrived. He came to discern whether or no I was a threat." A small smile. "I believe I passed his inspection." Because, really, he could have eaten her for lunch. And still had room for dessert. "He was most obliging at translating between those that found me and myself." She's not sure she'd call them 'friends', however. But, they aren't enemies, and that's close enough in her world.

Jes' assertion and then stepping forward has Zee touching the young Coyotes arm "Settle, Jes. I'm sure we will help her" Zee looks Kendrin in the eyes "If she'll permit us too, that is." A small amused smile graces her lips. Even if she doesn't, Zee has information to work on.

"Ashereith" Zee murmurs the word, committing it to memory "I believe you passed Fenris' inspection too… if he translated." Fenris wouldn't put anyone in danger that way.

It's starting to get dark, the afternoon shadows lengthening to dusk and then into night, the women have been speaking a while. Zee looks up and around, sighing as she does "I'm assuming you have somewhere to stay, Kendrin?" A valid question, where does a dimensionally displaced person find lodgings in a new world? Whilst Zee wouldn't invite the woman to Shadowcrest immediately, she has some options available to her.

Jes steps back and relaxes. Not a friend, but not an enemy either. She gives Zee a grateful but worried look. "Yes. If we can help, please let us." Jes looks back to Kendrin and Kell with a small smile. She really doesn't want to put Zee in more danger but she doesn't have the resources or knowledge that her magician friend does. And she's far from strong on her own, just yet. Also, Zee is Zee and would likely help anyway without Jes's sudden desire to do so.

Kendrin is… perhaps 'surprised' is as good a word as any to describe her reaction to Jesana's commitment to help. Even the others that have helped her, so far, have done so with a wary eye out… and she can't blame them. So, she smiles and gives the young woman a formal halfbow that is somewhat Asian in its feel, a gesture of thanks. "I do," she says in answer to Zee's question about having a place to stay. Indeed, she's left her bedroll there, finally — after weeks of hauling it around with her. It's a measure of trust that she's left anything there behind. "Thank you." She nods, once more. "I would be grateful for the help, if you know of some way that might possibly help me regain my homeland. The longer I stay here, the greater the chances the Ashereith will find me."

And really, she wants to get back and find out what happened to her sister and the rest of their people — find out if any are yet free and can fight, or if they've all been enslaved or, well, eaten.

Zee watches Jes carefully, a speculative look on her face, just something else for her to tuck away till later.

Kendrins bow draws another warm smile, Zee responding the womans formality "I'm not entirely certain we can, but I have a lot of resources at my disposal and know people who might be able to help."

With a flourish of her hand, Zee draws a business card from out of nowhere and hands it to Kendrin "Here's how you can contact me. Ummm do you have a phone or something? Is there a way we can get in touch with you?"

Jes turns her head and sneezes. She should have saw that bit of magic coming. She shakes her head with a small smile. "Sorry. I'm glad you have a place to stay. I'm not sure if we'll be able to find a way to get you back, but we'll try..and if we can't, well, you won't be all alone here now." Jes knows how much a difference it makes to know such a thing.

"I have access to communications, yes," Kendrin assures them, taking the card with only a mild blink at the… sleight of hand? Or puff of magic. Take your pick. Magical, she is not. Psychically gifted, after a fashion, yes. Magic, not so much. She purses her lips as she thinks. "There is a number I was given, to the house in which I stay. I shall give it to you." She lifts her left hand and waves her hand over her forearm. A holographic display using unrecognizable glyphs appears above a small emitter. She wiggles her fingers through the glyphs and, ultimately, a thin sheet of polymer about the same size as Zee's business card extrudes from a slot near the wrist. On it is the burner number she was given for the safehouse. Oracle may kill her later.

Or maybe get her a proper phone.

Kendrin hands it to the magicienne.

Zee just stares as the business card is produced from thin air "What was it I said about sufficiently advance tech appearing as magic…." The young magician grins "That is neat." She's not really a techno-geek, or whatever you call them, but like most people her age, she appreciates technology. Accepting the paper (?) from Kendrin, Zee nods "I'll be in touch. I'ld… " glancing to Jes "…we'd, like to know more and see how we can help. I may be introducing you to some of my other friends, as well… if that's ok." It seems that Zee is preparing to start heading back.

Jes watches as well, her nostrils flaring. She seems fascinated by what, to her, looks and seems like magic but doesn't at all scent of it. It takes her a moment to realize Zee is readying to go. "Oh, yeah. Zee knows a lot of people. Some of them are strange at first but Most of them are good people." She gives Zee a little look. "I have a phone too but I dont know the number and I've not always got it with me. So Zee is better if you want to get ahold of us." Jes says to Kendrin.

Kendrin nods. Allies are helpful. She can deal with that. And, if she's learned nothing else in Gotham, she's learned that allies are almost essential to survival in a city as lawless as this. (It's no wonder she's decided to stay, actually. Lots of work for someone with a penchant for righting perceived wrongs.) She smiles to Jesana, and nods again. "That is fine. It is probably better I try to contact you, in any case. My hostess is…" Her head cants as she considers the right word. "Reclusive," she decides. "She greatly values her privacy." A beat. "Still. The number should work. Just do not be surprised if the voice on the other end sounds… mechanical."

That has Zee's eyebrows raising and she nods slowly as comprehension about who Kendrins ''hostess'' may be. "Let us know when is good to catch up again."

Looking over to Jes, Zee gestures with her head "Let's start heading back…" Zee might want to head out to meet a certain druid tonight….

"A pleasure to meet you, Kendrin. And you too, Kell. I'm looking forward to hearing from you soon."

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